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These Things Take Time was the sixth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Monsters. It was written by Samantha Baker. It featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.


The Doctor, Ace and Hex land on Armstrong's Colony. The Doctor leaves Ace and Hex a tracker that will allow them to find their way back to the TARDIS and heads off on his own. Ace and Hex race off.

They turn up in a market and haggle a bit. Ace tells Hex that this isn't the 15th century, but rather the distant future, and that however much it looks like Earth, they are actually on a human colony.

Hex finds himself running and can't remember why. The Doctor suddenly appears and takes them to the estate of Baron Denton de Kay Leigh. Denton welcomes them and explains to the Doctor that he has been the victim of several bandit raids, and he sent for the Doctor to receive his help. Denton calls for his servant girl to bring them refreshments, but she is nowhere to be found.

Suddenly Hex hears static and finds himself in an angry crowd which is about to execute Ace. She shouts for him to remember the girl Venetia, then Hex hears an axe thud.

Hex is back at Denton's estate, and explains to the Doctor what just happened. The two leave Ace with Denton while they talk, and when they return, Denton goes off to look for the servant. The Doctor wants Ace and Hex to go back to the TARDIS, but Ace confesses that the tracker was stolen. This is news to Hex. Denton returns, complaining that the servant girl has gone missing, and mentions her name — Venetia. The Doctor sends Ace and Hex back to the TARDIS without the tracker.

As they walk, Ace starts to repeat the conversation they had in the market. A girl, who they correctly guess to be Venetia, bumps into them, apologises, and leaves. Ace realises she has stolen the tracker, which confuses Hex, as Ace has already confessed to being robbed. They take off after Venetia.

Hex is back with the Doctor again, who urges him to remember the tracker.

Hex experiences more static and is in the crowd again. Not only Ace, but also the Doctor, are about to be executed. The Doctor shouts to Hex to destroy the tracker.

Ace and Hex catch up with Venetia. Hex grabs her and gets the tracker from her. He grabs a rock, and Ace thinks he means to hit Venetia with it, but he uses it to destroy the tracker.

In the TARDIS, Hex relates everything to the Doctor and Ace. Ace is confused, as they haven't been to Armstrong's Colony yet. The Doctor explains that Hex has memories of a now-defunct timeline. The tracker caused several possible realities. They decide, for their own safety, to ignore Denton's call for help.



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