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  • At the end, Jack administers retcon to everyone at the wedding reception, to make them forget the alien encounter (not to mention Gwen's sudden pregnancy). Wouldn't this result in them, therefore, forgetting the wedding of Gwen and Rhys? Made even more complicated is the fact Gwen and Rhys are themselves offered retcon, so they too might have forgotten the wedding.

Even if retcon allows false memories to be implanted, it's somewhat more difficult to rectify the fact one of the wedding guests in fact died.

Perhaps the false memory omitted the man, who would turn up dead in another venue, as per established Torchwood cover-up policy. It is explained in the Torchwood Archives book that Torchwood took the dead man and made his death look like suicide.

Perhaps retcon allows for the implantation of false memories; this is in fact implied by Jack's statement about there being a long evening ahead after the retcon goes into effect.
Or possibly, they'd wake up, think they had too much to drink at the reception and have foggy memories, Rhys and Gwen show them the lovely wedding photos and everyone assumes they had a great time.
  • Early on in the episode, when Banana Boat is sleeping on the couch, he has the same magazine on his chest as seen in Out of Time with the 'children's TV Presenter' on the cover. If this episode is set almost a year after it, why does he have it? They would no longer be publishing it and it is doubtful that he kept it.
Why wouldn't he have it? People leave old magazines laying around for much longer than a year all the time - especially bachelors, and especially when there is an attractive woman featured in the magazine.
Not all humans have grasped the existence of aliens, with several organisations trying to cover them up and the situation is a bit different imagine someone telling you that the child they are carrying is an alien - they've not been integrated into society yet.
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