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  • John is unable to smoke his pipe in the pub, but Diane can smoke in the restaurant.
Different places have different rules, and some choose to enforce them more vigorously.
The reason it's not referred to is because, due to Cardiff being a good few hours away, by the time Torchwood would be halfway to London, the Tenth Doctor would have dealt with the Racnoss. Realistically, the producers couldn't refer to the Christmas Special without spoiling it for the viewers.
  • During his 'emotional speech' with Diane, Owen mentions that although he has had 'many girls' he has never fallen in love before, thus totally forgetting his fiance (TV:Fragments)
He may have been just lying or exaggerating, or somehow repressed the memories.
If it is a discontinuity, it should be listed in the later story.
His engagement could have simply more about "going through the motions of adult life" and his experience with Diane showed him (what he thought was) true love. Many people struggle to identify when they really feel true love. Owen's recent past has been extremely cynical due to his fiance's death - making it even more difficult for him.
In a world with the likes of Retcon and Adam Smith, who's to know what his memories are at this point.
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