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  • When he departs the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords, it is daytime and Jack is near the entrance to the Torchwood Hub. Yet when he reunites with his team, it is night. Wouldn't he have rejoined his teammates earlier?
Perhaps they were off chasing the blowfish guy and, lacking transportation of his own, it took Jack awhile to track them down. It's also been suggested that, for reasons unknown, Jack did not immediately rejoin the team. Perhaps he wanted to see his daughter, Alice and her son before joining the team again.
The Master states in The Sound of Drums that he's sent the Torchwood team to the Himalayas. So Jack will have to wait a few days at least for their return.
  • Since Gwen was frequently depicted in series 1 as the junior member of the team, why would she have taken over as leader instead of a more experienced member such as Owen or Tosh?
Perhaps they didn't want the job. The website also states that her ability to co-ordinate activity has led to her being recognised as the team's deputy leader.' Maybe she had the more natural leadership qualities as she later shows in Exit Wounds. Also, Gwen was hired as Suzie's replacement, and Suzie was introduced as second in command in episode 1 of series 1. This is also explained in the novel Consequences.
Indeed, plus, we see in Captain Jack Harkness that, when Owen attempted to declare leadership, Ianto challenged that assumption. Perhaps, while those two could not decide who was leader between them (Owen's experience against Ianto's private bond with Jack) they could all get behind Gwen, making her the natural leader.
  • If all the events of the episode from the moment John Hart first arrives in Cardiff are negated from the timeline, how can the versions of the Torchwood team who experience those events still continue to exist afterwards? Wouldn't they reset along with the rest of the timeline, and thus not remember any of it? Instead, when the timeline resets itself, they are all in exactly the same positions they were when the previous timeline ceased to exist.
They were shifted back in time, already with the memories of the events. This tends to happen a lot in the DW universe.
But then shouldn't the earlier version of John and the mugger and his victim be on the roof as well?
  • If Gwen ended up assuming position of second-in-command at Torchwood, why was Owen the one telling the team to take up their positions to deal with the Blowfish?
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