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  • Toshiko says she's never met a cell she couldn't break out of - this doesn't appear to be the case in Fragments.
It is possible that, as this is series one and Fragments was in series two, the writer of the episode did not yet know of this fact. The cast themselves knew nothing about the characters' pasts until they received the script for Fragments, Or Toshiko may have been going from the time she began working for Torchwood.
It's fairly common for people to over-state or approximate their abilities. Speaking from an in-universe perspective, Tosh was presumably disregarding or forgetting the time she was held by UNIT.
Maybe she's become much more skilled at breaking out in the 4 years since her UNIT imprisonment. More importantly, in a world with the likes of Retcon and Adam Smith, who's to know what her memories are at this point. Not to mention the possibility she's simply trying to motivate Ianto.
  • During the team's game of "who did you snog last" Ianto says that the last person he kissed was Lisa but in actuality, it was Jack.
Ianto may have not wanted to admit that, or was simply too dazed over his injury to realise that Jack had kissed him.
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