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This page is for discussing the ways in which Adam doesn't fit well with other DWU narratives. You can also talk about the plot holes that render its own, internal narrative confusing.

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  • Rhys notices that there's an unfamiliar person among the Torchwood members who come to the flat to defend Gwen; but Rhys doesn't get a Retcon dose like the others, so logically, he's liable to remember Adam.
  • Yeah, and then he could be like, "um...why did you freak out and pull a knife on me the other day? Also, who was that one guy who was likely caught on a traffic cam or something?"
It's hard to determine discontinuity in this episode because of uncertainty about how Adam actually does his thing. However it seems likely that he actively has to implant himself in a persons mind to live and survive there which he never did with Rhys. This matter is actually the strangest aspect of continuity is the episode, how Adam has some sort of physical form but can't properly exist unless he implants himself in someone's memory.
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