This page lists appearances of the War in Heaven in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed as much as possible, but still with exceptions, that Time Lords meet in the same order. These cases will be noted. In many cases there are sequences of stories from different Time Lords' perspectives, where individual stories can not be compared.

Limiting factors[]

The Book of the War provides several guidelines for constructing a timeline. The Second Wave began terrorising Faction Paradox in year 6 of the War, and the Fourth Wave, with biodiverse elements like Robert Scarratt, began in year 17. Humanoid 103-form timeships can only appear after year 10, and Cwejen were first created in year 29.

Any story with the Eleven-Day Empire must take place before AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire. Any story with Mictlan must take place before PROSE: The Taking of Planet 5, and any story with the War King must take place before AUDIO: Body Politic. Any story set during the War must be before COMIC: Political Animals.


Before the War[]

The enemy is planning for the War.
Grandfather Paradox is released from prison.
The Grandfather loses his arm.
The Eighth Doctor first encounters the War.
Faction Paradox has plans for the Doctor.
The Doctor's timeline is disrupted.
A facet of the War is breaking out in the Obverse.
The Doctor is looking for a way back into the Obverse when he again intersects the War.
The Doctor meets the Klade and makes Last Contact. Screaming, he is pulled into a portal.
A renegade captured by the enemy is dosed with praxis and foresees the Event.
The Doctor has met the enemy, but the TARDIS wiped his knowledge of the event.

Romana's Gallifrey[]

The Etra Prime incident is identified as a precursor to the War in The Ancestor Cell.
Romana regenerates into her third incarnation.
The precogs and the Matrix are beginning to predict that Gallifrey will be destroyed. Omega returns.
Romana III has realised that War is coming.
Romana III commissions a new generation of Battle TARDISes.
Romana's agents find Compassion and bring her to Gallifrey.
Romana has built the Nine Gallifreys. The War has not yet reached Romana's Gallifrey. Faction Paradox attacks from the future, and the Doctor destroys the planet.
The Doctor's timeline is shattered and he's recuperating in the Eleven-Day Empire. Ceol evicts him.
The Doctor spends a hundred years on Earth, disconnected from the War.

The War King's Homeworld[]

The Master has returned to Gallifrey and is an advisor to the Lord President. The Doctor solves the Omega crisis.
The War begins in the Cataclysm.
Faction Paradox's armies clash against the Great Houses and the Enemy on Mercy.
The Faction is being devastated by the Second Wave (6th year of the War)
Ordifica is destroyed by the High Council (6th year of the War)
Lethe is temporally devastated by the War.
The Fourth Wave (y17) exists. The Eleven-Day Empire is still intact.
Cwejen don't exist yet; Cwej regenerates. (Shortly before the Cwejen's formation in y29.)
Krakatoa erupts.
Sherlock Holmes is erased from history.
41st year of the War. Krakatoa's eruption awakened Octavia's witchblood.
46th year of the War.
Scarratt recalls the war between alternate Romes and alternate Germanys.
Arbitrary positioning. A humanoid timeship appears.
Nominally. 48th year of the War.
Mad Norwegian convention places each book before its predecessor.
50th year of the War. Mictlan still exists. Justine is being moved from Dronid to Earth.
Justine fails her first mission.
Justine is upset she failed her first mission. The Eleven-Day Empire is destroyed. Lolita has her baby.
Justine tries to reestablish the Faction in the 1780s. Lolita is Queen Charlotte. Compassion is being manifested in the body of Mary Culver.
Iris mentions the destruction of the Eleven-Day Empire.
Mictlan is destroyed. The War King is still alive.
Justine is still trying to reestablish the Faction in the 1780s.
The War King is killed.
Horus says Lolita won't be a concern anymore.
Lolita becomes President of the United States and announces her plan to drill into Earth's caldera.
Faction Paradox gets a new home.
Burton initiates his past self into the Faction.

After the War[]

The War is over. Catherine the Great gives George III a woolly mammoth.
The Klade is confused that the Doctor does not recognize them from Last Contact.
The Doctor emerges from his 100-year exile on Earth.
George III's mammoth is mentioned again. The Master visits the Doctor.
Early 19th century. Catherine's gift of a mammoth to George III is mentioned.
There are very few Time Lords left, and their role in reality is being replaced.
The Eighth Doctor is planning to restore Gallifrey. The Minister of Chance is one of the four surviving elementals.
The Tenth Doctor destroys a weapon from the War.
The Tenth Doctor becomes the Time Lord Victorious and rules the universe as the Emperor.
In the far future, the Emperor rules the universe from the Needle.