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This page lists appearances of the War Master in the order in which he experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

Limiting factors[]


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Working for the CIA[]

Recounts the closing events of Sins of the Father, from Martine's perspective.
The Master is using his laser screwdriver, and receives a Chameleon Arch from Narvin. The Time War has yet to be formally declared, but tensions are rising between the Time Lords and Daleks.
The Master claims to hail from a time where paradoxes occur "almost daily", though admits there are no "recognisable days anymore", implying that he came from the Time War. He is working for the CIA, suggesting a setting before he started working against the Time Lords.
The Master collects Alice Pritchard, the first of a part of his genetic experiments.
The Master collects Giuseppe Sabatini as part of his genetic experiments.
Authorial intent places this between The Coney Island Chameleon and The Missing Link.[1] The Master is collecting genetic material for experiments, to rival the ones being conducted by the Time Lords and the Daleks.
Follows on from The Missing Link. The Master is still working for the Time Lords, and has spent "years" creating the "ultimate biological weapon" on Xenotopia.

An aborted timeline[]

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At some point in the Time War, the Master regenerated into the body of a small child[2]. (COMIC: The Organ Grinder)
Being at the centre of the paradox causes the "Child" Master to revert back into his "War" incarnation, erasing himself from the timeline.
Now restored to his "War" incarnation, the Master flees the event horizon in his TARDIS. (COMIC: The One)

Avoiding the Time War[]

The Master's TARDIS arrives at UNIT HQ, leading directly into Master of Worlds.
The Master has been hiding from the Time War in another dimension. He aids UNIT in defeating the Cybermen while planning to steal parts to repair his TARDIS. He leaves intending to return to the Time War.

Escapades in the Time War[]

The Master rescues Lyric from the Time War, but leaves her sister to die. (AUDIO: The Scaramancer) He takes Lyric on as a companion, taunting her over her sister's death in order to study her grief. They eventually part ways when they grow bored of each other. (AUDIO: The Cognition Shift)
The Master swaps bodies with the Eighth Doctor.
The Master and the Doctor are returned to their own bodies. The Master is reunited with Lyric, who now calls herself "the Scaramancer".
The Master is Time Scooped by his next incarnation. He notes that he has spent his whole life fighting a war, but hasn't used a Tissue Compression Eliminator in "a while".

The Anti-Genesis codes[]

The Master sets up his plan to steal the Anti-Genesis codes by setting up a mental link with his follower Crazlus, whom he asks to gain a position in the Celestial Intervention Agency. (AUDIO: He Who Wins)
The Master fakes his death to fool the Time Lords, before being revived by Crazlus and stealing the Anti-Genesis codes, leading directly into The Master's Dalek Plan.
Under the guise of "Master Sorvad", the Master takes control of Skaro and Dalek history. Ending leads directly into Shockwave.
Ending leads directly into He Who Wins.
The Master recalls the events of Day of the Master. Having conquered the universe, the Master is convinced that his Dalek allies will betray him by the Unbound Master from a parallel universe. Working with the Dalek Time Strategist, the Master contacts himself shortly after he set up the mental link with Crazlus, whom he has exterminated, reverting the timeline to before From the Flames. In an attempt to escape the Daleks, the Master sets his TARDIS to dematerialise to a random location, though he is separated from it via a transmat beam, leading directly into Beneath the Viscoid.

Recovering his TARDIS[]

After retrieving his TARDIS from Gardezza, the Master is summoned to Gallifrey.
Follows on from Beneath the Viscoid, with the Master arriving on Gallifrey, and referring to having gone to "a great deal of trouble" to recover his TARDIS. Once he throws Leela into the Time Vortex after a mission to recover vital information that might end the Time War, the Master decides to head for Arcking based on intelligence from Finnian Valentine, leading directly into The Good Master.
The Master begins traveling with Cole Jarnish after meeting him on Arcking.

Campaign for the Stagnant Protocol[]

The Master brings Cole to an unnamed planet where Cole intends to make a difference. While Cole begins helping a local village develop, the Master decides to start his own vineyard, something he has always wanted to do. (AUDIO: The Sky Man)
Set during The Sky Man, while the Master is tending to his vineyard and is separated from Cole. The Master attempts to subjugate the Stagnant Protocol, but is out-manipulated by Calantha, who takes control instead. The Master sets a plan in motion to get his revenge, but first intends to pick up a few things.
The Master manipulates Jo Jones into recovering a plague vial for him. The Master plans to return to Calantha after one final stop off to meet another old acquaintance, leading directly into The Orphan.
The Master spends some time with Nyssa in the Stagnant Protocol and retrieves a plague variant from her.
The Master returns to the Stagnant Protocol homeworld. He spends several months in captivity before finally escaping and finalising his plan to take control of the stagnant protocol.
The Master and Cole flee the planet after Cole's plan to cure the villagers of a plague goes wrong, resulting in the creation of a new cybernetic species. (AUDIO: The Sky Man)

Under the Chameleon Arch[]

The Master kills Cole in order to power up the Heavenly Paradigm, a weapon that can end the Time War, only for his use of it to backfire. After watching the Dalek Emperor take control of the Cruciform, the Master flees from the War and the Time Lords, going to the end of the universe, where he uses his Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human baby. He has his TARDIS dematerialise to parts unknown after he exits it.
Hiding at the end of the universe as a human scientist named "Yana", the Master finds himself working on the Utopia Project on Malcassairo with Chantho. (TV: Utopia)
Upon the arrival of the Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness and Martha Jones, Yana is spurred to open the Chameleon Arch and return to his true identity. The Master is shot by Chantho when he kills her, but he is able to commandeer the Doctor's TARDIS before he regenerates.

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