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This page lists appearances of Vicki Pallister in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel, comic story and audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as information in Lance Parkin's AHistory which allow us to make observations on placement of stories, such as Doctor Who Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks Databank, the Big Finish forums, The Whoniverse and the Divergent Universe forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Additionally there are statements on the back of Virgin Missing Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures novels that state between which TV stories the novel takes place between. These can be used to narrow the field, and should be viewed as the only placing for these novels.


Adventures with Barbara and Ian[]

Vicki joins the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara in the Doctor's TARDIS. After leaving Dido, the TARDIS falls from a cliff, leading directly into The Romans.
Romans Cutaway, along with Byzantium!, is set after the TARDIS materialises and falls off the cliff at the end of The Rescue. Romans Cutaway is set shortly before the crew settle down in Rome at the start of The Romans.
While awaiting the TARDIS's recovery, the Doctor accidently inspires Nero to burn down Rome.
According to Vicki, the TARDIS crew have just left Rome, and are still wearing their Roman clothes when they arrive in London, setting this immediately after The Romans
The Doctor is trying to make the shortest journey possible away from Rome, setting this directly after The Romans. Ian and Barbara have been traveling in the TARDIS for two years, and Ian proposes that he and Barbara should marry each other if they ever return home.
The TARDIS crew are forced to land on Vortis by the Animus.
Ian mentions the recent travels to Vortis, Rome, Byzantium, and China.
Set between The Web Planet and The Crusade. [1]
Sequel story to The Web Planet. After helping Thomas Huxley fight off the Animus and the Zarbi, Ian, Barbara and Vicki are kidnapped Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Ian, Barbara and Vicki from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
Ending leads directly into The Space Museum.
Vicki refers to the events of The Crusade.
Ian recalls the events of The Crusade.
Despite the events of Room for Improvement, the Doctor claims that the 23rd century is the furthest Ian and Barbara have visited Earth in the future. Vicki recalls the events of The Space Museum.
Barbara has a feeling she and Ian will find a way home soon, setting this shortly before The Chase.
Ian introduces himself as "Sir Ian of Jaffa", setting this after The Crusade. The Doctor decides to begin working on the Time-Space Visualiser.
The Doctor is still working on the Time-Space Visualiser he picked up during The Space Museum.
The Doctor meets and frees spaceship pilot Steven Taylor from the Mechanoids. Ian and Barbara use a Dalek time machine to return to their home time period.

Joined by Steven[]

Set immediately after The Chase, with the Doctor and Vicki finding Steven in the TARDIS shortly after saying goodbye to Ian and Barbara. The Doctor invites Steven to remain aboard, and the trio battles with the First Monk for the first time in 1066 Northumbria.
Vicki and Steven are still wearing their outfits from The Time Meddler.
Steven mutters that his last meal was in 1066, and is still getting used to time travel etiquette, setting this shortly after The Time Meddler.
Vicki mentions that Steven has only recently joined the TARDIS crew.
The Doctor is switched with his fifth incarnation by the Monk. Steven has not yet been given a TARDIS key, setting this before The Empire of Glass.
The Doctor mentions that everywhere the TARDIS arrives can't be a fun fair, alluding to the events of Frostfire.
The Doctor is experimenting with the component he stole from the Monk's TARDIS in The Time Meddler.
Set immediately after The Three Doctors, with the Doctor being returned from the Omega crisis with his memory of the events wiped. Vicki recalls the recent events of The Time Meddler.
Steven has only recently started traveling with the Doctor and Vicki, setting this shortly after The Time Meddler.
Authorial intent places this directly after The Dalek Occupation of Winter.[2]
Authorial intent places this directly after An Ideal World.[2]
Authorial intent places this directly after Entanglement.[2]
Time briefly becomes distorted.
The Doctor, Steven and Vicki briefly encounter an apparition of a Charley Pollard from an alternate timeline.
Time briefly becomes distorted.
Vicki thinks to herself that she's not a child anymore.
Vicki injures her ankle, leading directly into The Myth Makers.
The Doctor tells the brain-creature that Vicki and Steven have faced Daleks, Vikings and Chumblies.
Vicki is still recovering from her ankle injury, setting this shortly after Galaxy 4. She leaves the TARDIS to stay in Ancient Greece with Troilus, and the Doctor and Steven are joined by Katarina. Ending leads directly into The Daleks' Master Plan.

After the Doctor[]