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This page lists appearances of UNIT in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

Note that the placing of UNIT stories is especially complicated due to the UNIT dating controversy.

20th century Edit

Origin Edit

The Third Doctor years Edit

Liz Shaw Edit

The Doctor has regenerated from his previous incarnation. Upon recovering, he assists UNIT in combating the Nestene Consciousness's Auton invasion and is asked by Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart to become UNIT's scientific advisor with Dr. Liz Shaw, and he accepts in return for a car.
Liz is examining the leftovers of the Auton invasion, setting this shortly after Spearhead from Space.
The Doctor has not yet had an adventure on Earth without the Brigadier since his exile began.
The Doctor and Liz go to Stegmoor to investigate reports of a crashed Voord spaceship, but find nothing. (AUDIO: Beachhead)
The Doctor encounters the Silurians for the first time, but, to his dismay, they are killed and their city destroyed on the Brigadier's orders.
The outcome of Doctor Who and the Silurians is still fresh on the Doctor's mind.
RAF Lieutenant Mike Yates is asked to join UNIT, with a promotion from lieutenant to captain.
The Doctor is still unhappy about the outcome of Doctor Who and the Silurians. Liz mentions Captain Yates, setting this after Vengeance of the Stones.
Set a few weeks after Doctor Who and the Silurians.
The Doctor has yet to forgive the Brigadier for the outcome of Doctor Who and the Silurians. Corporal Benton has only recently been promoted to Sergeant.
Liz has been working with UNIT for "a few months", and her complaints about her job here are similar to those that the Brigadier cites as her reason for leaving. The TARDIS console has also been removed from within the ship, as it was in The Ambassadors of Death.
This is the second time the Doctor has visited a zoo, setting this after The Arkwood Experiments.
The Brigadier finds it doubtful that the Doctor can get the TARDIS to work, setting this before Inferno.
Concludes shortly before Inferno.
In an attempt to get his TARDIS working, the Doctor is transported to a different dimension, where the Earth is destroyed as a result of the Inferno Project. Returning to his own dimension before the destruction, the Doctor is able to prevent the Inferno Project from destroying it.
Set immediately after Inferno.
It is summer.
Sergeant Mike Yates sees inside the TARDIS for the first time, and the Doctor mentions visiting the parallel universe from Inferno.
Liz decides to leave UNIT.
Liz announces her intentions to leave UNIT.
Liz officially leaves UNIT, Yates is promoted to from sergeant to captain, and the Doctor is in a new laboratory.
Liz has just recently left UNIT.
Set after Doctor Who and the Silurians.
Liz is called back to UNIT, and has been absent long enough for the Doctor to admit missing her company.
The Master is at large, setting this after Prisoners of the Sun.
Liz has decided to tell the Doctor about her decision to officially leave UNIT, setting this after the Doctor found out from the Brigadier during Prisoner of the Sun.
Set shortly before Terror of the Autons. The Doctor reprimands Sergeant Benton outside Jack Canning's office when he sees him dressed up like him.
After Prisoners of the Sun as the Master is active, unbeknown to the Brigadier.

Jo Grant Edit

Jo Grant joins UNIT as the Doctor's new assistant, just in time for UNIT's first open battle with the Master. The Doctor steals a dematerialisation circuit from the Master's TARDIS, stranding his new enemy on Earth with him.
Though the audio's blurb places it between The Dæmons and Day of the Daleks, Jo is still quite new to UNIT, and is unaware of the true nature of the TARDIS, setting this before The Claws of Axos.
The Master reclaims his dematerialisation circuit, and promptly leaves in his TARDIS.
The Master has a working TARDIS, setting this after The Mind of Evil.
The Doctor hasn't seen the Master since Deadly Reunion.
Set during Jo's first year at UNIT. The Doctor doesn't have the TARDIS working yet, and UNIT considerers the Master a threat to Earth safety, setting this between The Mind of Evil and Colony in Space.
From a deal with the Master, the Doctor is able to restore his TARDIS back to working order, only to discover the Time Lords have programmed it to always return him to 20th century Earth.
The Mega received advice from the Master, setting this after he got his TARDIS working in The Mind of Evil. The Nuton Power Complex is referenced, setting this after The Claws of Axos.
After his failed escape attempt upon his defeat in Devil's End, the Master is arrested by UNIT.
Set after the Master's arrest in The Dæmons.
The events of Freedom are mentioned.
Set between The Dæmons and Day of the Daleks.[source needed]
Set sometime after The Dæmons, and not long before The Face of the Enemy, as the Master is being held in Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre
The Doctor refers to the events of Day of the Daleks.
Set between The Dæmons and The Sea Devils, as the Master is still in prison. The Brigadier mentions the Daleks, setting this after Day of the Daleks.
Set shortly after The Curse of Peladon.
The Master changes the internal configuration of the Doctor's TARDIS, setting this after The Curse of Peladon, and before The Sea Devils, as the Master is sent to Fortress Island.
The Master is said to be locked up on a secure island, setting this shortly before The Sea Devils.
Set after The Sea Devils, as the Doctor is making a device to track the Master and Jo has encountered the Daleks.
Set after The Mutants, as Jo hasn't been in the TARDIS very often, the Master is free and the Doctor is anticipating being freed from his exile soon.
Authorial intent places this between Day of the Daleks and The Time Monster.[source needed]
The Doctor is still in exile, and refers to the events of Colony in Space and The Mutants.
The events of The Mutants are mentioned.
Set three years after Spearhead from Space. The Doctor lists his work for the Time Lords, with The Mutants being the last one he mentions. This is also where UNIT acquires the manor house seen in The Three Doctors.
Jo recalls the events of The Sea Devils. Jo and Liz meet for the first time, and the Doctor and Liz last saw each other in The Sentinels of the New Dawn.
The Doctor and Liz spend some time together and reference her departure from UNIT, setting this after Primord. Supposedly set in January 1971.
Jo recalls her recent encounter with Liz, setting this shortly after Primord.
Jo recalls the Daleks and Ogrons, setting this after Day of the Daleks. Likewise, the Doctor confesses that sheep have never filled him with dread before, setting this before Verdigris.
Jo comments on the TARDIS's new interior design, which the Doctor dismisses as a "redecoration".
The Doctor investigates a mysterious infantryman's jacket. (AUDIO: Tales from the Vault)
Ending leads directly into The Three Doctors.
The Doctor's knowledge of time travel is restored to him as a reward for defeating Omega. However, he doesn't leave immediately, as he needs to fix up the TARDIS further.
The Scorchies song mentions the Gell guards, setting this after The Three Doctors. The Doctor is still working on the TARDIS.
In the first artificial scenario, the Brigadier refers to the Doctor recently being released from his exile on Earth by the Time Lords, setting this shortly after The Three Doctors.
The Doctor admits to Jo that he has come to find comfort in Earth since his exile was lifted, and that he reason he keeps returning is to see his friends there. Some of his abilities that were previously blocked by the Time Lords are still returning, setting this shortly after The Three Doctors.
The Doctor's exile has been rescinded recently by the Time Lords, setting this shortly after The Three Doctors. Jo and Mike plan to take trips into history for their dates, and Mike has accompanied the Doctor and Jo to other planets before, but is treating time travel as a new experience.
Jo is familiar with the Doctor entering comas, setting this after Planet of the Daleks.
The Doctor is attempting to take Jo and Mike to Karfel, leading into of Timelash.
Jo demonstrates her growing environmental awareness, setting this after Come Friendly Bombs....
Set between Planet of the Daleks and The Green Death.[source needed]
Jo leaves UNIT, and the Doctor's company, to marry ecologist Professor Clifford Jones.
Benton refers to the events of The Green Death.
The Brig encounters the Fifth Doctor while the Third is having a break from UNIT.
Set before The Time Warrior.

Sarah Jane Smith Edit

Conflicting dates provided by UNIT's dating protocol. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)
The Doctor is driving the "Whomobile", setting this after Invasion of the Dinosaurs. The Doctor and Sarah have been absent from UNIT long enough for it to have been infiltrated by the Remoraxians. Liz, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier are kidnapped Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
Set seven weeks after Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
Sarah mentions her vacation in Sicily, setting this after The Ghosts of N-Space.
Set shortly before Planet of the Spiders.
The Doctor senses that he will soon regenerate.
As witnessed by the Brigadier and Sarah Jane, the Doctor regenerates into his next incarnation.

The Fourth Doctor years Edit

Follows Planet of the Spiders. The Fourth Doctor leaves with Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan.
The Brigadier still works for UNIT. Supposedly set in 1979. Sequel to The Android Invasion.
The Seventh Doctor implants the idea of the Brigadier retiring. Supposedly set in 1976.

Post-Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Edit

Colonel Crichton is now leading UNIT and he is described as the Brigadier's direct successor.
Klein recognises the Doctor, but only based on the fact he arrived in his TARDIS. She indicates that it's two years since he worked for UNIT.
Since the Seventh Doctor visited Klein in The Architects of History, he has been keeping an eye on her, causing Klein to think that he's stalking her. The Brigadier has retired, and Klein says she was promoted to Scientific advisor "a few years back" after the Fourth Doctor retired from UNIT. Major Wyland-Jones becomes head of UNIT.
Wyland-Jones is still head of UNIT while Winifred Bambera has yet to rise to any notoriety within the ranks of UNIT.
In the novelisation, Brigadier Crichton is leading UNIT and Winifred Bambera is a Captain.
Winifred Bambera is now leading UNIT.
Set in 1997. The Brigadier is promoted to the rank of General.

21st century Edit

2000s Edit

Five years prior to her death in 2008, Toshiko Sato is arrested by UNIT but freed by Jack Harkness, who offers her a place at Torchwood Three.
The Ninth Doctor identifies a group of alien experts from the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.
First contact with the Toclafane is hosted on the UNIT aircraft carrier Valiant, designed by Harold Saxon.
UNIT command radio the Valiant after the President of the United States is assassinated.
Sarah Jane Smith arranges for UNIT to clean up Coldfire Construction after defeating the Slitheen.
UNIT is now known as the Unified Intelligence Taskforce.
Josh Carter is a Second Lieutenant and Martha still works with UNIT. Malcolm Taylor is mentioned.
Martha is working at UNIT base in Hereford, which is destroyed. Reference is made to the events of Journey's End, and Ianto is still alive, setting this before Children of Earth: Day One.

Science Leads Edit

Having defeated a Cyberman incursion in the Arctic, the Eleventh Doctor predicts that UNIT will clean up.
Captain Matheson tells Warrant Office Sato about the Terravore incursion in the London Underground in 2010.
As noted by Jack Harkness, UNIT seals off the Blessing after "the Miracle" is negated.
Kate Stewart meets the Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, for the first time. The Brigadier has already passed away, setting this after December 2011.
Charlie Sato refers to the Thames Mead Massacre in London in 2012.

Shindi's injury Edit

According to Big Finish, Extinction is between The Power of Three and The Day of the Doctor. Josh Carter is a new recruit in Vanguard, placing this definitively as the start of the UTNS timeline. Shindi is injured fighting the Autons.
Osgood imagines the Eleventh Doctor visiting the Tower of London after allowing her mind to wander while showing Jay the thought projector, however it is left unclear as to whether or not she has met him.
Osgood recalls fighting Autons in the Gobi Desert, setting this after UNIT: Extinction.
Atkins is guarding the Black Archive.
The Antarctic winter won't end for another three weeks.
Shindi has recovered from his injury but is still using a wheelchair. Kate is doing extra weapons training following her encounter with Cerberus in UNIT: Shutdown. Shindi mentions that Osgood was away in Antarctica while he was recovering from his injury.
Set one month after Square One.
In Memory Alone is set several months after the end of House of Silents. Sam Bishop claims that "Osgoods can't be duplicated", setting this before The Day of the Doctor. Shindi is no longer using a wheelchair.

Fighting the Silurians Edit

Osgood believes that meeting Three Doctors at once would be a once in a lifetime experience, setting this before The Day of the Doctor.
UNIT has control of Lyme Industries weather station, setting this after Ice Station Alpha.

Dealing With the Auctioneers Edit

Jacqui McGee is now an established ally to UNIT, following the events of In Memory Alone. UNIT learn that a group known as the Auctioneers are selling alien technology on the black market.
Set during Halloween.
The travel capsule was recovered from the auctioneer base in Vienna, setting this shortly after The Sontaran Project.
UNIT has been tracking the Auctioneers for months now since the events of Encounters and Shindi makes reference to the Shakri cubes.
Colonel Shindi is unfamiliar with the sight of flying Cybermen, while Osgood is thrilled to have survived meeting The Master, suggesting this takes place before Death in Heaven. The Master leaves UNIT with a parting gift, leading directly into Host of the Wirrn.
The Master's parting gift is revealed to be a Wirrn egg, which he took from the Auctioneers.
Lady Christina de Souza catches the attention of UNIT and Sam Bishop is sent to investigate her.
After being called by Lady Christina de Souza, Sam Bishop cleans up after the Amber.
Sam is leading the clean-up operation following the events of The Sontaran Project and refers to the fall of the Auctioneers, setting this after Cyber-Reality
Sam Bishop recalls his previous encounter with Lady Christina in Portrait of a Lady. Sam and Jacqui McGee are familiar with one another.

Further threats Edit

Osgood mentions the Sontaran incident, setting this after The Sontaran Project. The year is given as "20 odd years" after 1999, setting this story sometime around 2019.
Sam mentions that they have survived Daleks and Cybermen, setting this after both Encounters and Cyber-Reality.
Osgood and Jo are close friends, setting this after UNIT: Assembled. 1972 is 40 years in the past. Osgood creates a crude chronon wave tracker and the Doctor later perfects this device, and leaves it for UNIT should they ever need to use it again, setting this before The Power of River Song.
UNIT knows little about River Song and Kate Stewart meets her for the first time, setting this before Day of the Doctor where UNIT know more about River and possess a picture of Kate and River together. UNIT has a fully functioning chronon wave tracker, setting this after The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. Upon arriving in the past, Osgood notes that none of the car number plates go beyond 1973. She also mentions that she is "40-odd years" in the past, setting this story around 2013. However Kate also mentions that 2091 is 70 years in the future suggesting a 2021 setting. River says that 2091 is "nearly 80 years" in the future, and Osgood also mentions this, indicating an early 2010s setting.

The Two Osgoods Edit

Osgood and Kate meet the Eleventh Doctor as well as the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor. Preventing the discovery of a Zygon incursion from erupting into war, the three Doctors force UNIT and the Zygons to make a truce which will become Operation Double. Befriending her Zygon copy, there are now two Osgoods. According to the novelisation, Atkins was killed by the Zygon Kate Stewart.
Set in 2014. Osgood is away investigating a UFO sighting, but has recently started wearing bow ties instead of her scarf and has yet to meet the Twelfth Doctor.
Kate has her first encounter with the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, the latter of whom murders the Zygon Osgood.
The Doctor claims they have arrived in Summer 2015. Authorial intent places this between Last Christmas and The Magician's Apprentice
By this point, Kate is more than comfortable wielding a gun. The Zygon group Truth or Consequences attempt to break the ceasefire until the Twelfth Doctor convinces them to stand down. Their leader, Bonnie, joins and assumes the form of the surviving Osgood, who still refuses to disclose whether or not she is herself human or Zygon until the time comes when it does not matter.
Two Osgoods are present, placing this after the events of The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Invasion
Set after The Zygon Inversion.
Jacqui McGee recalls The Silence. UNIT has already lost one Osgood. The Zygon Osgood labels herself as replaceable whereas the other Osgood isn't, indicating that the first Zygon Osgood was the one killed in Death in Heaven.
Kate and Osgood meet the Doctor, now based at St Luke's University with companions Nardole and Bill Potts.
Kate is familiar with Bill Potts, placing this after The Lost Dimension.
Set in 2020, with the two Osgoods self-isolating. They are aware of the Thirteenth Doctor, and exchange texts with her. One Osgood refers to being a Zygon, while the other claims that she can’t relate indicating that she is the human.

Uncertain Future Edit

On 1 January 2019, the Thirteenth Doctor learns that UNIT has had their funding temporarily suspended, (TV: Resolution) a fact which Jim later told the Eighth Doctor in 2020. (AUDIO: Lost Property)
Despite wearing UNIT uniform, and surrounded by UNIT insignia and designs, Sergeant Robert Dudley introduces himself as "formerly of UNIT".
Doctor Errol Courtney says he's recording from "former UNIT Black Site". The lab is "woefully understaffed" due to "cutbacks".
Sergeant Dudley enters the Time Fracture.
However, by 2026, their funding had seemingly been restored, as they are active in London once again. (AUDIO: Project: Destiny)

Post-21st century Edit

Unplaced Edit

In 1979, General Reginald Hemmings leads UNIT during The Brigadier's absence in Oslo.
Charlie Sato hunts down a sonic screwdriver lost by the Eleventh Doctor in Leadworth, setting this after 2008.
Ruth Matheson recalls the events of The Turn of the Screw.
The Doctor claims that Brigadier Bambera can prove his credentials, setting this after Battlefield.
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