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This page lists appearances of the Twelfth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, they're published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]


Any story featuring Clara Oswald must come after TV: Deep Breath and before TV: Face the Raven. Any story featuring Nardole must come after the flashback in TV: Extremis and before TV: World Enough and Time. Any story featuring Bill Potts must come after TV: The Pilot and before TV: World Enough and Time.


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Early experiences[]

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
Immediately after his regeneration, the Doctor decides to "take matters into [his] own hands" upon discovering that he still isn't ginger.
Follows directly on from The Time of the Doctor. After fending off Clockwork Droids with the Paternoster Gang in Victorian London, Clara sends the Doctor for coffee in 2010s Glasgow. As he settles into his new body, the Doctor refurbishes the TARDIS console room, such as changing the blue neon piping in the time rotor to amber, and begins to further ponder who gave Clara the TARDIS phone number. According to Strax, Clara is 27-years-old.
During Deep Breath, after the Half-Face Man falls to his death, the Doctor stops to wonder if he remembered to cancel the milk before he left Gallifrey.
The Doctor helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, travels to the War Room to coordinate disaster relief for Gallifrey. He is alone, has short hair, and his console room is glowing blue, suggesting this takes place after he left Clara, and before he redecorated the TARDIS, during Deep Breath.
The Doctor is getting coffee at the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station for Clara, setting this immediately after Deep Breath.
En route to deliver coffee to Clara, the Doctor saves Journey Blue from the Daleks, and is asked to venture into a broken Dalek to see if they can be redeemed. The Doctor picks up Clara from Coal Hill School, three weeks later from her perspective and after she meets Danny Pink, to help him, as he is unsure if he is still a "good man". After the Dalek sees hatred in him, the Doctor returns Clara to Coal Hill, both still unsure if he is "good", but convinced he is trying to be.
The Doctor is contemplating what he would be like as a Dalek, setting this immediately after Into the Dalek.
The Doctor is alone.

New adventures with Clara[]

Clara resumes her ongoing travels with the Doctor.
Clara questions the Doctor's new "no add-ons" approach to his new persona, setting this early in their travels.
The Doctor attempts to lift his 2000 Year Diary, as Clara watches.
Clara asks the Doctor about the significance of his new blackboard, setting this early in their travels.
The Doctor and Clara share chips together.
The Doctor mentions the chips that he and Clara recently shared in Untitled, and the TARDIS gets a scratch.
The Doctor has just removed the scratch on the TARDIS, setting this immediately after Planet of the Diners.
The Doctor is still assessing what kind of person he has become.
The Doctor entertains the idea of letting Clara decide their next destination, setting this before Robot of Sherwood. Clara also worries that the Doctor is mistaking her for Jenny Flint, setting this shortly after Deep Breath.
Deciding to let Clara decide their next destination, the Doctor ends up meeting Robin Hood in 1190 Sherwood Forest.
The Twelfth Doctor is dragged into a Multi-Doctor Event during his fight with the Sheriff in Robot of Sherwood.
Set during Robot of Sherwood, before the archery contest.
Clara wants to meet more "legendary characters", setting this after Robot of Sherwood.
Clara is friendly with Danny, but does not call him her boyfriend, setting this before their date in Listen.
Immediate prequel to Listen.
Clara goes on her first date with Danny.
The Doctor is picking Clara up from Coal Hill School.
Though he is using a blue-emitter sonic screwdriver, authorial intent places this early in the Twelfth Doctor's life.[1] Indeed, he expresses the distaste for soldiers he had in Series 8. The Doctor is alone.
The Doctor is picking Clara up for some adventures while she prepares for another date with Danny.
The Doctor and Clara are left to the mercy of sand piranhas while chained to posts on a desert planet. (TV: The Caretaker)
Clara describes Danny as her "potential boyfriend", setting this before The Caretaker.
Clara recalls the events of Robot of Sherwood.
The Doctor picks up Clara from her flat, and the two rendezvous with fish people. (TV: The Caretaker)
The Doctor and Clara outrun soldiers to get to the TARDIS. (TV: The Caretaker)
The Doctor was dropping Clara off at Coal Hill School.
While facing a Skovox Blitzer at Coal Hill School, the Doctor meets Danny Pink and learns he's Clara's boyfriend after the two get off on the wrong foot due to Danny's military service. The Doctor takes Courtney Woods on a brief trip in the TARDIS to dispose of the Skovox Blitzer.
Authorial intent places this between The Caretaker and Kill the Moon.[2] The Doctor is traveling alone.
Set between The Caretaker and Mummy on the Orient Express,[3] with Danny knowing that Clara is travelling in the TARDIS, setting this before Kill the Moon. The Doctor takes Danny on a trip in the TARDIS and they come to a mutual understanding of each other, though the Doctor loses his memory of their bonding.
Enough time has passed since The Caretaker for Courtney to have increased her disruptive behaviour. After taking Courtney to the Moon leads to a dilemma about ending an unborn life that the Doctor leaves her to sort out, Clara falls out with the Doctor, and tells him to leave her alone.
Set during Kill the Moon.

Time away from Clara[]

The Doctor is alone.
The Doctor is alone with a grumpy demeanour.
The Doctor has several adventures with Gertie, before dropping her off in 1986 and promising to return. (COMIC: Super Gran)

Resumed travels with Clara[]

Several weeks after Kill the Moon, Clara and the Doctor meet up to have a last adventure together on the Orient Express spacecraft, which leads to them making up after the Doctor proves himself by saving Maisie Pitt from the Foretold. Inspired by a talk she had with Maisie, Clara begins lying to Danny about no longer travelling in the TARDIS and having ended it with the Doctor. All stories with Clara acting more like the Doctor take place after this one.
Clara is considering what kind of companion she is, probably because of her recent fall out with the Doctor in Kill the Moon.
After the TARDIS exterior shrinks with him still inside, the Doctor has Clara carry the shrunken TARDIS in her handbag while they and Rigsy deal with the Boneless. During his predicament, the Doctor learns that Clara has been lying to him and Danny after the events of Mummy on the Orient Express. After the TARDIS is returned to normal, the Doctor begins to suspect that Clara has started to act like him.
The Doctor and Clara attempt to take a trip to Antarctica, but accidentally arrive on the surface of the Sun. The Doctor comes to a definite conclusion to his theory of Clara starting to think like him, setting this shorty after Flatline.
Clara recalls the TARDIS landing on the Sun instead of Antarctica, setting this after The Eye of Torment.
According to Clara, the events of Time of the Doctor were "ages ago", and she mentions "carrying [the Doctor] around next to [her] hairbrush and keys last week", setting this shortly after Flatline.
The Doctor is picking Clara up from Coal Hill School.
The Doctor and Clara foil a plot by Zorgo the Terrible. (COMIC: Zorgo the Terrible)
The Doctor and Clara meet Diana Winter for the first time, who summoned them using a Gallifreyan calling card. The Doctor and Clara help Diana find her pet cat. The Doctor doesn't know how Diana's family got the calling card. (AUDIO: The Gods of Winter)
Clara says she would do anything to reclaim someone she lost, setting this before Dark Water.
Set before Dark Water, with cryptic references to Clara betraying the Doctor's trust.
Set during Four Doctors.
Set during Four Doctors.
The Doctor is picking Clara up from Coal Hill School.
Authorial intent places this towards the end of Series 8.[4]
Several months have passed since Mummy on the Orient Express, and the Doctor is alone when Maebh Arden finds him. When the world is overrun by trees, Danny discovers Clara is still travelling with the Doctor after assuming they hadn't been speaking for three months. Once the crisis is averted, Danny tells Clara to go home and "think about it" before telling him the truth.
After travelling alone for a while, the Doctor learns that Danny was killed in a hit and run when Clara called him to explain everything to do with her travels. Deciding to help Clara find closure, the Doctor takes her to the 3W Institute and learns that the Master, now in a female body and calling herself "Missy", is preparing to invade London with the Cybermen, leading directly into Death in Heaven.
Missy, who is revealed to be the one who gave Clara the Doctor's phone number, is captured by UNIT as the Cybermen take flight, and the Doctor is made "President of Earth" in the face of the Cybermen rising from the graves. Missy kills one of the Osgoods, while Danny, having fought off the cyber-conversion, sacrifices himself to stop the Cybermen, and Missy is apparently killed by a cyber-resurrected Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart after giving the Doctor the coordinates to Gallifrey. Not finding Gallifrey, the Doctor lies about it to Clara, and the two part ways again, though with the Doctor assured that, rather than being "a good man", he is "an idiot" that goes around helping others.

Second chance with Clara[]

With Clara still on his mind, the Doctor is visited in his TARDIS by Santa Claus. (TV: Death in Heaven)
The Doctor collects Clara during her own encounter with Santa, and realises that the two are being attacked by Dream crabs. Encouraged by a dream of her growing old alone, Clara returns to the TARDIS after she and the Doctor tell each other the truth about Gallifrey and Danny being lost to them.
Set during the events of Last Christmas.
The Doctor and Clara celebrate Christmas in the TARDIS.
The Doctor throws Clara a surprise birthday party with duplicates of herself, including the Elderly Clara from Last Christmas. As Clara was born in November, it is likely the Doctor is celebrating the birthday he missed between Death in Heaven and Last Christmas. The year is 2015.
The Doctor and Clara admire some dogs, not realising that they were almost trapped in a time eddy by Zorgo. (COMIC: Zorgo the Terrible)
The Doctor and Clara steal the portrait of Lady Josephine, which takes on a life of her own due to animae particles. The Doctor takes the painting, calling herself Josie Day, to his old cottage to meet the Eighth Doctor.
The Doctor tells Clara that it has been ten years, by Earth standards, since he returned from the Time War and met Rose Tyler, setting the present day as March 2015.
The Doctor and Davros have a "flame war" over the internet.
The Doctor and Clara visit Blackpool in 1894.
The Doctor and Clara watch a tennis match between a Weeping Angel and a Silent.
Clara wonders if the Doctor will ever encounter another parallel universe.
The Doctor and Clara are summoned by Diana Winter for a second time, forty years after their previous meeting. Clara recalls Danny's death, setting this after Last Christmas.
The Doctor checks on his eighth incarnation and Josie with Clara. The Doctor has shorter hair and is hiding his softer side from Clara behind a grumpy demeanour, setting this before The Hyperion Empire.
The Doctor is alone.
Though she is absent, the Doctor is currently traveling with Clara. He attends a conference for Doctor Who fans to save them from the Foretold and answer their questions. He is using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor was travelling alone when he ran into Hitch. Clara is travelling with the Doctor after Danny's death, setting this after Last Christmas.
The Doctor and Clara meet Jess Collins at the Highgate Cemetery in 1972. Clara is sporting her hairstyle from Series 8, suggesting a setting before The Magician's Apprentice.
The Doctor and Clara are summoned by Harrison Winter to the 25th century using the Gallifreyan calling card.
The Doctor meets Zorgo again, and has to deal with his time dragon, leading directly into Super Gran.
Zorgo's time dragon takes the Doctor and Clara to the Doctor's old friend, Gertie, and she and her grandson, Charlie Baker, take a brief trip to Mars in the TARDIS.
Devika mentions the events of Kill the Moon.
Clara mentions the events of In the Forest of the Night.
The Doctor is still travelling with Clara and has previously been "President of Earth", setting this after Last Christmas.
The Doctor uses his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is now wearing his clothes from Last Christmas.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from Last Christmas, and wields his sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is depicted with the clothes he wore in Last Christmas.
Travelling alone in the clothes he wore in Last Christmas, the Doctor reunites with Bernice Summerfield.
The Doctor is alone.
The Doctor is picking Clara up from her flat.
The Doctor recalls the events of Royal Blood, and is depicted with the clothes he wore in Last Christmas.
The Doctor is travelling alone, and is described as having a "thunderclap" of grey hair. Though he displays a hostile attitude, he still attempts to save Perinne from his fate.

Misadventures in the Lego universe[]

Like many others in the multiverse, the Doctor is transported into the Lego universe after receiving a portal kit in N-Space. (NOTVALID: Doc Brown Returns in Lego Dimensions) While an avatar of Clara is present, (NOTVALID: LEGO Dimensions) the Doctor is otherwise depicted as traveling alone. (NOTVALID: The Dalek Extermination of Earth)
The Doctor rescues Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle from the Daleks after answering their distress call, and then travels back into their timeline to save them from the vortex and give them his number, causing a bootstrap paradox. He then aids them in defeating Lord Vortech. While his avatar is wearing his Series 8 outfit, the Doctor has his Series 9 personality and is using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver, implying a setting shortly before The Magician's Apprentice.
The Doctor discovers a Dalek invasion of Earth led by Davros.

Hiding from Davros[]

Travelling alone, the Doctor lands on Skaro during the Thousand Year War, and sees a boy that needs saving from Handmines. However, when he learns the boy is Davros, the Doctor leaves him to die, deeply traumatising him when the adult Davros sends Colony Sarff to find hin. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)
Set during The Magician's Apprentice. The Doctor is hiding on Karn, and gives Ohila a confession dial to send to Missy as he prepares to face his end, leading into The Doctor's Meditation.
Set during The Magician's Apprentice. The Doctor is hiding in a castle in 1138 Essex.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Magician's Apprentice, and reflecting on his past, hinting that this is set during The Doctor's Meditation.
The Doctor is found by Clara, Missy and Colony Sarff and taken to see a dying Davros on Skaro, where he sees the Daleks exterminate Missy and Clara, leading directly into The Witch's Familiar.
After rejuvenating Davros with some regeneration energy, the Doctor and Missy foil his plan to create Dalek-Time Lord hybrids, and the Doctor leaves with Clara to save the young Davros to make him learn mercy. The Doctor has replaced his sonic screwdriver with sonic sunglasses.

Continued adventures with Clara[]

The Doctor visits Davros again, who asks him to play the spoons for him.
The Doctor picks up Clara from Coal Hill School.
Encountering ghosts on a mining facility, the Doctor decides to go back in time to find the source of the paranormal activity, leading directly into Before the Flood.
The Doctor defeats the Fisher King, and makes arrangements for the ghosts to be dealt with by UNIT.

Events on Karaoke[]

Ending leads directly into The Meddling of Clara's Song.
Ending leads directly into The Abominable Showmen.
As The Magician's Apprentice made it clear Clara had not seen Missy since the events of Death in Heaven, The Abominable Showmen has to be set after the events of The Witch's Familiar. Ending leads directly into The Five Masters.
Ending leads directly into One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday.
Follows on from One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday.

Final adventures with Clara[]

The Doctor uses his sonic sunglasses and is now wearing his Season 9 clothes.
The Doctor uses Mire technology to render a young Viking girl, Ashildr, immortal and unable to age.
Set during The Girl Who Died.
The Doctor is alone and using his sonic sunglasses.
The Doctor is alone, with his silhouette depicting the clothes he wore throughout Series 8, though he is much friendlier than he was in that season.
Travelling alone, the Doctor finds Ashildr in 1651 and, after facing the Leonians together, the two come to an understanding. When the Doctor picks Clara up from 2015, he sees Ashildr in the background of a photo Clara shows him.
The Doctor is travelling alone when he receives an alert from the surviving Osgood. The Doctor learns that rebel cells of Zygons are threatening the treaty, and that Clara has been replaced by the leading Zygon, leading directly into The Zygon Inversion.
The Doctor talks the Zygon rebel leader, Bonnie, down from her destructive cause, and Bonnie decides to take the deceased Osgood's place to ensure the treaty endures.
The Doctor uses the alias "Dr. Basil Disco", setting this after The Zygon Inversion. He is travelling alone.
The Doctor comes to pick Clara up from her flat. The Doctor reclaims the spare sonic screwdriver he gave Clara in The Fractures, and resumes using it regularly. It is September 2015 in Clara's time. The presence of two Osgoods sets this after The Zygon Inversion.
The Doctor uses his green-emitter sonic screwdriver, and hugs Clara as he did in The Girl Who Died.
The Doctor uses his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor uses his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is alone and using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is travelling alone and using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is travelling alone and using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is alone and using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is alone, and uses a sonic screwdriver while visiting the year 2015.
The Doctor is alone.
The Doctor was travelling alone when Clara phoned him, and is using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver. It is Halloween Night in Clara's time.
The Doctor uses his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is alone, as Clara is attending an end-of-term Christmas party, and is illustrated using his green-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor and some friends celebrate Christmas.
The Doctor is alone and using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is alone, and uses the cue cards from Under the Lake.
The Doctor is alone and using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor uses his blue-tipped sonic screwdriver for the first time and is travelling alone. He mentions the cue cards he used in Under the Lake.
The Doctor is alone and using a sonic screwdriver.
A few months after Halloween, Clara opens an IT suite in Danny's memory, telling the Doctor that doing so has given her closure over his death. (COMIC: Witch Hunt)
The Doctor is using his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver.

Losing Clara[]

Reuniting with Rigsy to combat Ashildr, Clara is killed by a Quantum Shade and the Doctor is sent away to an unknown location, leading directly into Heaven Sent.
Set during the first few years of the Doctor's time in the confession dial. Also features events concurrent to Heaven Sent.
After spending four-billion-years trapped in a cycle of death inside his confession dial, the Doctor returns to Gallifrey, leading directly into Hell Bent.
The Doctor dethrones Rassilon and uses his powers of presidency to save Clara from the Quantum Shade using a extraction chamber. However, he forces himself to lose his memories of Clara when he realises how far went to get her back, even forcing the General to regenerate. Now unable to remember Clara at all, the Doctor has to travel alone.

Moving on[]

The recent events of Hell Bent are alluded to, and the Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Magician's Apprentice.
The Doctor has recently lost a companion, implying that this is set shortly after Hell Bent.

Reunited with Gabby Gonzalez[]

The Doctor has long hair and is wearing his clothes from Last Christmas. He warns his tenth incarnation about anomalies in time.
Guided by the Moment, the Doctor rescues Gabby Gonzalez from the Time Vortex. The Moment claims that the Doctor has "had a bad time recently", suggesting a setting not long after Hell Bent. The Doctor is still claiming not to be a hugger, despite accepting them, setting this before The Stockbridge Showdown.
Set concurrently with The Good Companion, expanding on the conversation that the Doctor and Gabby had immediately after he rescued her.

Travelling alone[]

Wearing his clothes from The Doctor's Meditation, the Doctor celebrates Christmas with Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Dot Branning, John Luther, Mary Berry, Graham Norton, Will.i.am, Tess Daly, Claudia Winkleman and Sprout Boy.
The Doctor is alone, using his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver, and now identifies himself as a hugger, setting this after The Good Companion.
The Doctor is alone and using his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver.
Sequel to Hell Bent, with the recap synopsis calling the events of Heaven Sent as still being recent.
When the Eleventh Doctor mentions Clara, the Twelfth Doctor repeats her name with a hint of unfamiliarity, suggesting a setting between Hell Bent and The Pestilent Heart.

Brief travels with Hattie[]

The Doctor decides to give Hattie Munroe a brief trip in the TARDIS.
After investigating a haunted house, the Doctor returns Hattie to the Twist.

Living with the Collins family[]

The TARDIS breaks, forcing the Doctor to live with the Collins family in 1972. When questioned by Jess about their encounter in The Highgate Horror, the Doctor has no idea who Clara is, despite recognising her name in Hell Bent. Before bumping into Jess, the Doctor had intended to see a musical festival, as he was in The Twist, implying the two adventures happen close to each other.
The Doctor is settling in with the Collins family, getting acquainted with each member, setting this shortly after The Pestilent Heart. The Doctor decides to take Jess to the National Gallery, leading directly into Bloodsport.
The Doctor is celebrating Christmas with the Collins family and their neighbours.
After they help him defeat the Master, the Doctor leaves the Collins family in his repaired TARDIS, believing he has outstayed his welcome due to the damage caused by the Master, such as the murder of their neighbour, Gabriel Gayle. The Doctor claims to be "four billion years old", suggesting this is set not long after Heaven Sent and before the Doctor resumes saying he is "two-thousand-years-old".

A return to travelling[]

The Doctor is travelling alone and recalls the events of The Witch's Familiar. The Doctor learns that Coal Hill School is undergoing construction to be rebuilt as the Coal Hill Academy, setting this before For Tonight We Might Die.
The Doctor is now wearing his original attire.
The Doctor is alone and using his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor promises to protect Kiron, (COMIC: The Promise) and possess for The Hay Wain painting. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell)
The Doctor rescues Kiron from a Howler. (COMIC: The Promise)
The Doctor saves the prince of Rhodia and his Quill servant from the Shadow Kin, and leaves them on Earth in September 2016. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)
The Doctor learns Kiron has become a tyrant and revokes his protection.
The Doctor is contacted by "Miss Quill" to save Coal Hill Academy in October 2016 from the Shadow Kin, during which he gives Ram Singh a new leg and is drawn to the list of missing Coal Hill staff and students, seemingly recognising Clara's name.
While traveling alone, the Doctor receives a call from Eddie Redmayne, asking him if he has seen Pudsey.
The Doctor has been imprisoned at the Maximum security facility with his other selves.
The Doctor attends a Christmas dinner with his other selves. He is wearing his black waistcoat and is playing an electric guitar.

Returning Jata home[]

After rescuing him from enslavement, the Doctor decides to take Jata home using the TARDIS.
The Doctor knows he was friends with a school teacher from the 21st century, indicating that this is set after For Tonight We Might Die.
Jata would eventually stop travelling with the Doctor, though under unknown circumstances.

Temporary companions[]

The Doctor meets Julie d'Aubigny in 1695 Paris, and she shows interest in joining him in the TARDIS.
Though obscured, Clara appears when the Mindmorphs attack the Doctor's brain, setting this after The Pestilent Heart.
The Doctor reunites with Hattie for a one-off adventure.
Due to being released ahead of schedule, the individual comic, published as an "interlude" story, was said to be the Doctor's last adventure before Beneath the Waves, and included a tagline of being the Doctor's last solo adventure. When reprinted for the graphic novel, it was moved to after Beneath the Waves, with the tagline cut. For the purposes of this timeline theory, it will be placed in its intended placement of after Beneath the Waves.
The Doctor takes Osgood on her first trip in the TARDIS, setting this after The Zygon Inversion. He has both his sonic sunglasses and a sonic screwdriver.

The adventure with Brandon and Alex[]

The Doctor encounters a rogue Weeping Angel in Rickman, and defeats it with the help of siblings Alex and Brandon Yow. He decides to investigate a book written about the Angels in the 16th century, and allows Alex and Brandon to accompany him, leading directly into The Lost Planet.
Alex and Brandon explore the TARDIS while the Doctor tries to pin-point when in the 16th century the book they are investigating was written. The Doctor sets the TARDIS coordinates for London 1558, leading directly into The Lost Magic.
The Doctor is using his blue-tipped sonic screwdriver. The Doctor sets the TARDIS coordinates for Karn to meet up with Ohila and the Sisterhood of Karn, leading directly into The Lost Flame.
The Doctor, Alex and Brandon discover that a member of the Sisterhood, Medinia, had taught John Dee how to control Weeping Angels and other secrets beyond his time. Alex decides to travel the universe helping the sick with Medinia, while the Doctor takes Brandon home.

Using micro:bit[]

The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor is traveling alone.

Solo adventures[]

The Doctor meets Grant Gordon in New York City during the 1990s, and Grant accidentally swallows the Hazandra gemstone, granting him superpowers. The Doctor continues to check in on Grant throughout his childhood and teenage years, making note of his attraction to Lucy Fletcher. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)
The Doctor is using his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor is spending Christmas with his other selves.
The Twelfth Doctor unites with his other incarnations to help a group of people seal the Time Fracture.

Night on Darillium[]

The Doctor meets up with River and says a final goodbye at the Singing Towers of Darillium and spends one Darillium night on the planet with her, which is the equivalent of twenty-four years on Earth time. He also meets Nardole, who is assisting River in her scheme.
The Doctor is with River on Darillium.
The Doctor and River stop members of the Slitheen family from stealing crystals from the Singing Towers. (NOTVALID: A Night on Darillium)
The Doctor and River have been on Darillium for twelve years, which is 9:34pm on Darillium time. They decide to start rebuilding Nardole.
River saves the life of the Revered 34th King of Sypraxium III when he is poisoned during one of her dinner dates with the Doctor. (NOTVALID: A Night on Darillium)
As the night ends, the Doctor and River depart from Darillium separately after a final, though brief, goodbye.
The Doctor and River receive a long bill after their night on Darillium.

Travels with Nardole[]

Nardole follows the Doctor from Darillium under instruction from River Song. The Doctor swears an oath to guard Missy for a thousand years while she is in a vault. (TV: Extremis)
The Doctor is still haunted by saying goodbye to River. He meets Grant again, who has become known to New York City as "the Ghost". Nardole now travels with the Doctor to help him overcome the grief of his final parting from River Song, implying that the two have not yet settled at St Luke's University and Nardole has not promised to keep the Doctor earthbound.
The Doctor and Nardole are travelling with no mention of the Vault, suggesting a setting before they settled at St Luke's University.

Settling at St Luke's University[]

Through unknown circumstances, the Doctor and Nardole take Missy and the Vault to St Luke's University (TV: The Pilot) in the 1940s, (AUDIO: Regeneration Impossible) possibly 1947. (NOTVALID: Visitors to the Vault) The Doctor gets employed as a teacher to explain his presence. (TV: The Pilot)
The Doctor received James Stevens's call while at St Luke's University.[5] The year is 1996.
The Doctor acquires an old photo of Susan for his office.
Sequel to The Return of Doctor Mysterio. The Doctor has set up the Vault by this point, but is helping the Ghost fight Missy alone, indicating this takes place before The Pilot.
The Doctor and Nardole are keeping Missy locked in the Vault. Missy alludes to the events of The Return of Doctor Mysterio.
Sequel to The Return of Doctor Mysterio.
The Doctor knows that Bill is sneaking into his lectures, and learns that she is the canteen dinner lady, setting this before Regeneration Impossible.
Despite the Doctor giving the time he travelled from as July 2017, he is aware of Bill sneaking into his lectures, setting this shortly before The Pilot, where he started tutoring Bill before Christmas 2016. His misremembering can be attributed to the stress of constantly undergoing false regenerations.

Hijacked by Keira[]

The Doctor is hijacked from St Luke's University and forced to take the TARDIS to Calandra by Time Agent Keira Sanstrom, after Nardole is disassembled by her. The TARDIS becomes trapped in a time fissure between Earth and Calandra, so the Doctor tries to escape back to Bristol.
Set directly after Flight to Calandra. The Doctor and Keira clear up the damage to the timeline that Keira caused escaping from Calandra.
Set directly after Split Second. The Doctor returns Keira to the Time Agency and then returns to St Luke's University, where he presumably rebuilds Nardole, perhaps explaing why he was falling apart at the start of The Pilot.
  • WC: The Twelfth Doctor's been Timejacked!
The Doctor begins recounting the events of Timejacked.

Meeting Bill Potts[]

Set immediately before The Pilot, with the Doctor asking Nardole to bring Bill to his office.
Set concurrently with Quantum Physics Lecture, showing Bill's perspective.
Sometime before Christmas in 2016, the Doctor becomes a personal tutor to Bill Potts at St Luke's University. (TV: The Pilot)
Set during the beginning of The Pilot, showing the Doctor's first official meeting with Bill from Bill's perspective.
Set during The Pilot, when the Doctor goes back in time to take a photo of Bill Potts' mother.
In early 2017, the Doctor is forced to reveal the TARDIS to Bill to save her after her crush, Heather, is taken over by a sentient oil puddle. Despite initially wanting to wipe her mind, the Doctor instead invites Bill to join him aboard the TARDIS.
Set during The Pilot, when the Doctor and Bill are maneuvering through the Dalek-Movellan War.
Follows on directly from The Pilot, with Nardole advising against the Doctor travelling with Bill when he should be guarding the Vault. Escaping Nardole, the Doctor and Bill face Emojibots at Gliese 581d, and then end up on a frozen river, leading directly into Thin Ice.
Finding themselves on the River Thames during a Frost fair, the Doctor and Bill free a trapped sea serpent. Bill learns the basics of time travel, and that the Doctor has killed in the past. Upon returning to St Luke's University, the Doctor tricks Nardole into letting him and Bill travel together, though Nardole remains adamant that he at least will still keep Missy in the Vault.
Set during Thin Ice.

Early adventures with Bill[]

The Doctor has taken Bill on as his companion, setting this after The Pilot. Nardole is still disgruntled, implying a setting shortly after Thin Ice.
Bill mentions the recent events of Smile and Thin Ice.
Bill mentions the events of Diamond Dogs. The Doctor and Bill have only just started travelling together and Bill doesn't know Nardole very well.
The Doctor helps Bill move into a new house, but the house is destroyed by Dryads. Bill learns that the Doctor is a Time Lord and hears the term "regeneration" for the first time, but the Doctor does not explain it to her.
Bill has only just started travelling with the Doctor. He mentions regeneration in front of her, but it is left ambiguous if she actually knows what it is.
Nardole refuses to let the Doctor and Bill leave in the TARDIS, setting this before Oxygen.
The Doctor and Bill return to St Luke's University from a space related adventure. Harry's involvement with Nardole sets this after Knock Knock.

Threats from the Dreamspace[]

The Doctor and Bill visit Saturn's moon, Titan, in outer space. The Doctor is reunited with Rudy Zoom for the first time since The Eye of Torment, and Bill visits the Dreamspace for the first time. Bill implies that she has only just started travelling with the Doctor. After banishing Sythorr back to the Dreamspace, the Doctor is warned that "the unknown soldier is stirring."
After an adventure at the Indian Territory of 1880, the Doctor finds that the TARDIS has been vandalised and goes looking for answers, leading directly into Matildus. Bill recalls her previous visit to the Dreamspace in The Soul Garden.
Failing to get the answers he was looking for in the Renath Archive, the Doctor decides to consult Alan Turing, leading directly into The Phantom Piper.
Visiting Athenia to get advice from Turing's Galatean duplicate, the Doctor and Bill find out about the hostilities between the humans and Galateans that Chiyoko is dealing with. When Turing decodes the vandalism with Block Transfer Computation, the Phantom Piper is able to escape the Dreamspace. After defeating the Piper, the Doctor is confronted by Fey Truscott-Sade, who warns him to "gather his forces" for "the Absence".
Follows on from The Phantom Piper, with the Doctor and Bill following Fey's trail. The Doctor claims Bill "doesn't know him well", implying this is still set early in their travels.

More adventures with Bill[]

The Doctor and Bill attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Going blind[]

According to Nardole, the Doctor has not been in outer space for a long time. Deciding to answer a distress call from a space station, Chasm Forge, with Bill and Nardole, the Doctor is rendered permanently blind when Bill's spacesuit malfunctions in the vacuum and he gives her his helmet.
While sitting outside the Vault, the Doctor receives an e-mail from a virtual copy of himself, warning him of an upcoming invasion by the Monks. Bill has moved back in with her foster mother.
After he thwarts the Monks attempt to enslave the world by saving it from a virus, the Doctor finds himself trapped with the virus, and only escapes when Bill negotiates with the Monks to restore his sight, saving the Doctor at the cost of the Earth, leading directly into The Lie of the Land.
Six months after The Pyramid at the End of the World, the Doctor, Nardole and Bill lead a resistance against the Monks, and Bill is able to force them off the planet. During the resisting, Bill is introduced to Missy inside the Vault, and it is implied she knows about regeneration, as she does not question it when she sees the Doctor fake one.

Travels with Bill and Nardole[]

It is nearly the summer holidays, setting this as late as June 2017. Bill knows about Missy, setting this after The Lie of the Land.
Nardole is joining the Doctor and Bill on an adventure, and the Doctor has his eyesight, setting this after The Lie of the Land. The Doctor gives Bill a TARDIS key.
Nardole is joining the Doctor and Bill on an adventure, and the Doctor has his eyesight, setting this after The Lie of the Land.
Bill has a TARDIS key, setting this after Plague City.
The Doctor mentions that Nardole has taken the TARDIS on a trip from 2017 to 1974, suggesting a setting after The Lie of the Land, when Nardole began getting more lax at guarding the Vault.
Taking Bill and Nardole on a day trip to NASA, the Doctor finds the words "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" written on the surface of Mars, and heads to 1881 Mars to find out why. After the TARDIS leaves with Nardole, the Doctor introduces Bill to the Ice Warriors, and sets up their relationship with Alpha Centauri. When Nardole returns, he reveals it was Missy who flew the TARDIS for him.
The Doctor, Bill and Nardole face a mysterious cloud that primarily takes on the appearance of Ice Queen Iraxxa, implying a setting after Empress of Mars.
Bill recognises the Ice Warriors from the events of Empress of Mars.
Set between The Wolves of Winter and The Great Shopping Bill.[source needed] Bill is properly informed about regeneration.
The Doctor has not yet allowed Missy back into the TARDIS, setting this before The Eaters of Light.
Nardole recalls the events of The Great Shopping Bill, which he implies was the last trip he took in the TARDIS. The Doctor has given Missy emergency access to the TARDIS controls, and is considering allowing her to accompany him, Bill and Nardole on adventures in the future.
Set after A Confusion of Angels, though Nardole continues to disapprove of the Doctor and Bill leaving the Vault unguarded. The Doctor briefly uses a blue variation of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

Final adventures[]

Set shortly before World Enough and Time. Bill encounters the Daleks for the first time since The Pilot, setting this before The Dalek Invasion of Time.
The Doctor is traveling with Bill, who reflects on his character, implying that they have been traveling together for some time. The Doctor is chased by a Dalek, that Bill presumably sees as well, which would set this after Harvest of the Daleks.
Nardole still protests that the Doctor is travelling when he should be guarding the Vault. After finding out the cause of the Ninth Legion's disappearance, the Doctor reveals to Bill and Nardole that he has allowed Missy certain freedoms in the TARDIS since Empress of Mars to further her rehabilitation. Bill realises that the TARDIS has been translating different languages for her.
Nardole comes with Bill when she is picked up from St Luke's University, and the Doctor has his eyesight, setting this after The Lie of the Land.
Though he doubts she is ready for it yet, the Doctor reluctantly allows Missy to accompany him, Bill and Nardole on a trip in the TARDIS, and his suspicions are confirmed after she kills several people on the trip. Missy recalls having learned about crying, setting this after The Eaters of Light.
Bill recalls the events of Empress of Mars.
The Doctor sends Missy on a mission to obtain the key to the Key to Time, which she does successfully using his TARDIS. Missy suggests to the Doctor that she woud "make a fabulous Doctor Who", implicitly leading into World Enough and Time.

Last stand on the Mondasian colony ship[]

Deciding to give Missy a test to see her progress, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole take Missy to a colony ship escaping a black hole, where Bill is shot and taken by the Mondasians to be converted into one of the first Cybermen by the Master, who seduces Missy into joining him, leading directly into The Doctor Falls.
Set during World Enough and Time, before the Doctor knocks out Jorj.
Set during World Enough and Time, when the Doctor, Nardole and Missy are taking the lift to Floor 1056.
While escaping the Cybermen with the Master and Missy, the Doctor is fatally electrocuted and saved by Bill, who has managed to retain her humanity. Two weeks after Nardole is able to rescue them, the Doctor is holding off his regeneration, and has Nardole lead the colonist on the ship to a safer area while he and Bill stay behind to face the Cybermen when Missy and the Master flee. Falling in battle, the Doctor later awakens in his TARDIS, but still refuses to regenerate.
The Doctor exits the TARDIS in a snowy landscape as he begins to regenerate, (TV: World Enough and Time) but is able to cancel the regeneration energy, halting the regeneration process, and then finds himself face to face with his first incarnation. (TV: The Doctor Falls)
Set between The Doctor Falls and Twice Upon a Time.
Immediately following The Doctor Falls, the Twelfth Doctor, after facing the Testimony with the First Doctor, is ultimately convinced to regenerate into his next incarnation.
Set during Twice Upon a Time.
The Doctor's coat is worn and singed when he visits Gladys Presley, setting this during Twice Upon a Time.
The Doctor thinks of his past companions, including Clara, setting this shortly before he regenerates in Twice Upon a Time.
Set during the Doctor's regeneration in Twice Upon a Time.

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