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This page lists appearances of the Torchwood Institute and Torchwood Three in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.


Limiting factors[edit source]

Any story with Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Tosh working for Torchwood Three must be between TV: Everything Changes and TV: Exit Wounds. Jack takes a leave of absence from this team between TV: End of Days and TV: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Any story where Owen is dead, but still mobile, must be set after TV: Dead Man Walking and before TV: Exit Wounds. Any story where Gwen is married to Rhys must be after TV: Something Borrowed. Any story where Owen and Tosh are dead must be after TV: Exit Wounds, while any story where Ianto is dead must be set after TV: Children of Earth: Day Four.

Overview[edit source]

The adventures of Torchwood Three and the related Torchwood team in America that was formed after the destruction of the Hub can be categorised as these original to Torchwood television lineups:

Timeline[edit source]

Beginnings[edit source]

Queen Victoria founds the Torchwood Institute in 1879.
John Hart imprisons Jack at Flat Holm, 1887. He creates an alternate timeline which is ultimately undone by Jack.
Set in 1889. A group of Torchwood operatives attempt to capture the Tenth Doctor in London.
Set in 1893.
On 25 December 1897, Archie begins the Torchwood Archive. He has been working with Torchwood for six months. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1898.
Set on Christmas Eve.
After being killed in a bar fight, Jack is discovered following his resurrection by Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd. They recruit Jack into Torchwood Three while he waits for the Doctor to turn back up in Cardiff. (TV: Fragments)
Set in 17 May 1899. Jack is temporarily seconded to Torchwood One.
Later the same day as The Victorian Age and after completing her annual tour of Torchwood, Queen Victoria records a 20th anniversary speech of the Torchwood Institute. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

The 20th Century[edit source]

In 1900, Nicholas I causes the creation of the Committee. He gifts Object 1 to Victoria who enters it into the Torchwood Archive. Later that year, she gives it to Jack to dispose of, who takes it to Cardiff where he plans to wait for the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 1901, Alice Guppy and Charles Gaskell discover a future Jack buried alive. He instructs them to put him in cryogenic suspension for 107 years. (TV: Exit Wounds)
Set on 10 March 1908. Archie uses the knowledge sponge to record information on various objects recovered by Torchwood. He recalls the events of The Victorian Age. Archie retires from Torchwood One and forms Torchwood Two. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 1909 while travelling through Lahore, Jack witnesses a troop of fifteen men killed by the Fairies after they accidentally ran over a Chosen One the previous week. (TV: Small Worlds)
In 1914, Jack discovers that the Red Key has been mutating humans in Cardiff, thus creating the Weevils. He throws the Red Key into the rift in hope that it would stop the Weevils from spreading. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Torchwood India sends Object 1 to Jack in 1924. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack meets Angelo Colasanto in 1927 New York City. They develop a romantic relationship and Angelo becomes Jack's companion. However after a betrayal of trust, Jack leaves Angelo behind. (TV: Immortal Sins)
Set on 7 August 1941.
In 1945, LeDuc investigates Project Hermod on behalf of Torchwood.
On a mission for the Committee, Norton Folgate uses a pharadyne projector to travel forwards in time to 2016 from 1953 as a hologram. He recovers Object One.
In 1953, Norton Folgate is interrogated by a group of mobsters. He plants Object One on the Mandrake Association, on a mission for the Committee. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Norton and Andy recall the events of Goodbye Piccadilly.
In 1961, Archie celebrates his 100th birthday while still archiving at Torchwood Two. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set in 1965, Jack is walking with a woman and Clement McDonald when he discovers a de-aged Scott Thrower, whom he decided will be the twelfth child to give to the 456, leading into the Children of Earth flashbacks.
In 1965 Jack gives twelve children to the The 456 in exchange for an antidote to a mutated strain of Indonesian influenza. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four)
Set in the 1970s.
Set on 26 July 1987.
On 31 December 1999, Alex Hopkins is shown the 456 and The Miracle by The Red Key and then murders his team, leading directly into the Fragments flashback. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) Alex hands Torchwood Three over to Jack and subsequently kills himself, unwilling to face the threats to come in the 21st century. (TV: Fragments)

The Fall of Torchwood One[edit source]

In 2004, Ianto Jones joins Torchwood One. (AUDIO: Blind Summit)
Rupert Howarth, a mentor of Ianto Jones and head of biochemical research at Torchwood One, burns down his laboratory and fakes his own death after being threatened by pharmaceutical companies. (COMIC: The Legacy of Torchwood One!)
In 2004, Suzie Costello calls Yvonne Hartman to inform her about the Ovid sex dolls. Suzie and Jack plan to get rid of Object 1 by passing it on to Torchwood One. Yvonne speaks to Ianto, setting this after the Blind Summit flashback. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 2004, Toshiko Sato is imprisoned by UNIT after stealing plans for a Sonic modulator and building one herself. Jack Harkness rescues her and offers her a job at Torchwood Three, which she accepts. (TV: Fragments)
Set on 26 March 2005. Torchwood Three consists of Jack Harkness, Suzie Costello and Toshiko Sato. Rajesh Singh is monitoring the Void Ship and Ianto is working for Torchwood One.
Set in 2005, a few months after One Rule.
Set in 2006.
Set in 2006.
Set in 2006.
Circa March 2006, Owen Harper attends the funeral of his fiancée, Katie Russell. Jack Harkness attends the funeral and recruits Owen into Torchwood Three. (TV: Fragments)
Set in March 2006. Toshiko Sato covers for Owen Harper during his second week of work and performs an alien autopsy. Set in March 2006.
In 2006, Jack and Suzie rescue Simon Peters from the Rift, however they are too late to save his wife, Elwyn. Suzie decides not to retcon Simon, calling it an experiment. (PROSE: We All Go Through)
Set between Aliens of London and Boom Town so between March and September 2006.
Set six months after Aliens of London, making it roughly September 2006. Margaret Blaine is the mayor of Cardiff. Idris Hopper meets Jack Harkness for the first time.
In November 2006, a month after the events of Boom Town, Jack takes Idris Hopper out on a date. He retcons Idris to forget about him and the Doctor. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)
Set in 29 November 2006.
Set 25 December 2006.
Ianto has worked at Torchwood One for three years, setting this in 2007.
The Ghost Shifts have started, setting this in 2007 and after Infamy of the Zaross.
The Ghost shifts have already started, setting this shortly before Army of Ghosts. A journalist investigates the history of Torchwood, only to be apprehended by them before he can reveal their existence to the public.
The Tenth Doctor investigates the Ghost shifts caused by Torchwood One. The Void Ship opens to reveal the Daleks inside. Ending leads directly into Doomsday.
A Newsreader reports on the Cyberman Invasion as it happens, but is quickly cut off by a Dalek attack.
Most of Torchwood One is wiped out during the Battle of Canary Wharf including Yvonne Hartman, who is converted into a Cyberman.
Ianto Jones searches for Lisa Hallett in the wreckage of Torchwood One. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive) He finds her partially cyber-converted and pulls her from the wreckage. (TV: Cyberwoman)

The Rise of Torchwood Three[edit source]

After the Battle of Canary Wharf, Ianto Jones seeks out a new job at Torchwood Three. Initially he is rejected by Jack, but after Ianto helps to capture a rogue Pterodactyl, Jack welcomes him into the team. (TV: Fragments, AUDIO: Coffee)
Set after Ianto joins Torchwood, but before Gwen Cooper is recruited in Everything Changes.
It has been 18 months since Katie's funeral and as long since Owen joined Torchwood.
Gwen is recruited.
Gwen's first day on the job.
At Baps, David tells Ianto about the people "shagging in nightclub bogs, bursting into flames".
Gwen is still inexperienced with weapons. Set 66 years after 1941.
Set in Cardiff, 2007. Gwen has recently joined Torchwood. (AUDIO: Army of One)
Rhys mentions a co-worker called Lucy who has been on a diet recently, foreshadowing Slow Decay. Gwen has been working for Torchwood for a few weeks now and has experience with weapons, setting this after Ghost Machine.
Set in October 2007.
Ianto keeps something secret in the hub.
Ianto tells Kathy that he has to stay open later tonight to welcome a Japanese visitor. This is a reference to the next story, Cyberwoman.
Ianto first enters the ferret the night after Lisa dies. A few days later Jack takes Ianto out to hunt Weevils. Later when Ianto returns to the Ferret, he is given advice by Mandy. The next day, Jack is contacted by Estelle Cole and takes Gwen with him instead of Ianto, leading directly into Small Worlds. (AUDIO: Broken)
Ianto visits Baps after the fallout of Cyberwoman. He orders four coffees, suggesting he is not on good terms with the others.
Jack and Ianto fight Scorchies at the Millennium Centre. Ianto opens up to Jack about his life before the battle of Canary Wharf and how the loss of Lisa has affected him. This leads to him being invited on a mission to the Brecon Beacons for a few days, leading into Countrycide. (AUDIO: Broken)
Horrified by what he witnessed in Countrycide, Ianto attempts suicide before being talked down by Mandy. He returns to work the following day. (AUDIO: Broken)
Ianto visits the Ferret on the night that Jack killed Mary. Jack enters the Ferret on the same night investigating rift activity. (AUDIO: Broken)
Tosh has recently discovered what her friends really think of her and recently had a bad relationship, setting this shortly after Greeks Bearing Gifts.
Set three months after Everything Changes.
The events of Cyberwoman are recent and Ianto is in a relationship with Jack.
The events of Cyberwoman are still fresh on Ianto's mind.
Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Tosh are all present in the hub. Jack and Ianto are in a relationship.
Set 14 years after 1992, can be attributed to rounding.
Jack investigates George Wilson and his connection to the Committee. Jack leaves Cardiff to investigate the Committee further. He leaves a message for the team, explaining his absence and notes that the team has dealt with issues without him before.
One week after The Conspiracy, Gwen Cooper visits a conspiracy theorist possessed by the Committee. Jack is still away investigating the Conspiracy. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack is currently missing and investigating the Conspiracy, setting this between The Conspiracy and Uncanny Valley. Ianto feels as though he has had a tough time winning the trust of his colleagues back following the events of Cyberwoman.
Eve Trent confesses to her involvement with the Committee to Jack, imploring him to stop the Committee. She also asks that he looks after her dog before the Committee find and kill her. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack decides to return to Torchwood Three.
In 2007, Ivan Putin, a member of the KVI is tasked by Maxim Ivanov with informing five Russian billionaires that their girlfriends are Ovid sex dolls. Neil Redmond has passed away, setting this after Uncanney Valley. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Set between 18 December and 26 December 2007.
Jack is kidnapped while he and Gwen are on patrol.
Owen is visibly upset by the events of Out of Time in this story. He calls off his affair with Gwen.
Neil Redmond was investigated by the KVI, setting this shortly after Uncanny Valley. Toshiko is working on the Time lock. Anna Volokova says she was born in 1930, with Tosh then exclaiming that she must be 78 years old suggesting 2008 setting. Maxim Ivanov is killed.
A week after her visit to Russia, Tosh has reversed the effects of the Bad Penny. She tosses it into another dimension. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Jack and Ianto are in a relationship, setting this after Broken. The team don’t know that Jack is immortal yet, setting this before Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
David and Kathy call in Ianto to show him a cybernetically augmented caveman that has appeared out of nowhere, leading up to the events of End of Days.
Continues where Captain Jack Harkness left off. Jack disappears from Torchwood.
As Abaddon roams through Cardiff, David is allowing people to shelter in Baps. Cursing the absense of Torchwood, he claims Harold Saxon will put a stop to it all.

Jack's disappearance[edit source]

Set shortly after End of Days with the team arguing over who will take charge in Jack's absence.
Set on Valentine's Day. Jack is currently missing and the events of The Last Beacon were several months ago.
Ianto claims that he was sent to Tibet. David asks him about the sudden disappearance of Harold Saxon. David also mentions a friend of his claims a "fish keeps stealing his sportscars", leading up to the events of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

Torchwood Three grows closer[edit source]

Gwen has started taking charge more in Jack's absence, in comparison to Captain Jack Harkness, where Owen was said to be second-in-command. Gwen is now engaged to Rhys.
Torchwood deals with an attack by Cell 114, and are made aware that other sleeper agents are on Earth.
Owen sees Jack die and resurrect, setting this after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The comic was released between the airing of Sleeper and To the Last Man.
Occurs on 20 June, 114 years after 1894. Gwen has her first and only encounter with Tommy Brockless, who is annually defrosted for the last time. Thus, she has been at Torchwood for no longer than exactly one year.
Tosh recalls To the Last Man but Rhys does not yet know about Torchwood, setting this before Meat.
Set in 2008. To the Last Man is referenced and Rhys does not appear to be aware of Torchwood, setting this before Meat.
Set between Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Reset.
Rhys finally learns the truth about Torchwood.
Set 4 July 2008. Rhys knows about Torchwood, setting this after Meat. However Owen is still alive, setting this before Reset.
In 2008, Anne Hartman mourns Yvonne on the anniversary of her death. (AUDIO: The Rockery )
Set after Zone 10 but months before Exit Wounds.
Set in August 2008. 22 months have passed since Jack last encountered Idris Hopper. Rhys is aware of the existence of Torchwood, setting this after Meat. However Owen is still alive, setting this before Reset. Owen recalls the emails he exchanged with Archie in The Torchwood Archive.
Jack gives Gwen two plane tickets to Paris, setting this shortly before Adam
Gwen has just returned from a trip to Paris with Rhys.
Rhys knows about Torchwood, setting this after Meat. However, Owen has not died yet, setting this before Reset.
Owen has not died yet, setting this before Reset.
Rhys knows about Torchwood, setting this after Meat. However, Owen has not died yet, setting this before Reset. Gwen and Rhys are getting married in a few weeks time, setting this before Something Borrowed.

Owen's death and resurrection[edit source]

Owen is killed, then resurrected, but with no life signs.
Set three days after Reset.
Gwen is engaged, setting this between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Something Borrowed.
The team know that Jack is immortal, setting this after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Owen is undead, setting this after A Day in the Death. Gwen is about to get married, setting this before Something Borrowed.
Set on 31 October 2008.
Begins on 31 October and continues into early November. Owen is undead, setting this after A Day in the Death. However Gwen and Rhys are finalising plans for their wedding, setting this before Something Borrowed.
Gwen and Rhys get married.
Set on Gwen's first day back at work following her honeymoon with Rhys.
Gwen and Rhys have just returned from their honeymoon and two weeks have passed since Something Borrowed. Toshiko is working on the Time lock. Gwen has been with Torchwood for roughly a year. Two years have passed since Owen joined Torchwood, while a couple of months have passed since Reset. It is mentioned several times that it is September, however this conflicts with several other dates given.
Set in 2009. [disputed statement] Owen is undead, setting this after A Day in the Death. The team know that people can be taken away by the rift, setting this after Adrift.
The Bad Penny arrives through the rift again at Torchwood Three. It is then stored in The Torchwood Archive by lanto Jones. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Owen and Andy work together representing Torchwood and the police respectively to investigate a cold case with suspected alien involvement. Owen and Andy develop a friendship over the course of the story. Owen knows that people can be taken away by the rift, setting this after Adrift.
Gwen mentions the Nostrovite, placing this story after Something Borrowed. The team haven't been able to trust Jack recently, setting this after Adrift.
Owen and Andy are friends, setting this after Corpse Day.
At least 21 months after the battle of Canary Wharf, according to Ianto's flashback.
Continues where Fragments left off. Owen and Tosh die. In 1901, Jack asks to be frozen for 107 years so that he'd wake up in what he'd consider 'the present', setting this in 2008.
Months after their previous encounter and after hearing about a series of explosions in Cardiff, Stephen Heinz calls Tosh to check up on her and reveal his feelings for her. He gets no response. (AUDIO: torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor)
David and Kathy from Baps are caught up in one of John's explosions, Kathy mentions the nuclear meltdown. In the aftermath, Ianto visits Baps and accidentally orders five bacon baps before correcting it to three. (AUDIO: Coffee)

Coping without Tosh and Owen[edit source]

Jack gets pregnant very soon after Exit Wounds. Jack and Ianto are left to run Torchwood alone while Gwen is holidaying in Tenerife.
Martha meets Jack for the first time since Owen and Tosh's funeral. In the real world, The Large Hadron Collider was switched on, on the 10 September 2008 which was also the date this story was released. However no dialogue in the story supports this placement and it conflicts with other dates given.
Andy is still a PC. 1909 was “nearly one hundred years ago, setting this around 2008.
Jack, Gwen and Ianto celebrate New Year's Eve together. This story conflicts Fragments being set in 2009.
Its still early in the new year.
Two months have passed since the events of Voyage of the Damned, setting this in February 2009. Jack is reunited with The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones.
Torchwood meet Nina Rogers.
Dave mentions the sky being on fire, describing the events of The Poison Sky, and the "ships in the sky" referencing The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. David is reeling from the fallout of the recent Dalek invasion and refuses to open his cafe.

After the Dalek invasion[edit source]

Gwen attempts to send a message to Owen and Tosh in the afterlife. She recalls the events of The Stolen Earth and Lost Souls. (AUDIO: In the Shadows)
The door to the Hub has been repaired since sustaining damage in the Dalek attack. Torchwood Three have a boat called the Sea Queen. It is destroyed by the end of the story.
Preview to Risk Assessment.
Set in 2009. Torchwood Three have replaced the Sea Queen with the Sea Queen II.
Nina Rogers recalls the Dalek Invasion. She is 21 years old and Ianto is still alive, setting this at some point between July and September 2009.
Ianto has done Opera, setting this after Into the Silence.
Takes place 140 years after 1869 setting this in 2009.
Simon Peters feeds Jack and Ianto to the Rift, erasing them from history. This creates an alternate timeline where Gwen has been running Torchwood alone for years. With the help of Andy and Rhys, she investigates recent disappearances in Cardiff, leading her to Simon's gathering at the Millennium Stadium. Nina Rogers is present and believes that Gwen looks familiar. Simon feeds his followers to the Rift, and Gwen remembers Torchwood. Three days later, Gwen lures Simon to Flat Holm and kills him, before taking Retcon to forget. She returns to Cardiff where Jack and Ianto appear in the Hub, having escaped the pocket dimension using Jack's Vortex manipulator.
Rhys makes a delivery for the Committee. He keeps receiving deliveries of fridge parts, setting this shortly before Ghost Train. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Norton Folgate is aware that Ianto will die soon.
Jack is watched by The Committee while he plays with his dog, Untitled. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
In 2009, Andy goes on a date and attempts to brag about Torchwood. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
A long time has passed since Reset, and quite some time has also passed since Exit Wounds. Jack and Ianto are referenced, setting this before Children of Earth. Martha missed a Torchwood Christmas Party that she was invited to after Tosh and Owen's deaths.
The events of Dissected are referred to.

The 456 Return[edit source]

Set in September 2009.
David and Kathy realise that the children speaking in unison is happening worldwide, they ring Ianto to ensure he is aware of the situation. Moments later, the Torchwood base explodes near their shop. Kathy works out that "someone blew up Torchwood". They hope Ianto survived. They are watching as a body is taken from the ruins. (AUDIO: Coffee)
Ianto is killed after The 456 Flood Thames House with a virus that kills everyone inside the building.
Andy Davidson enters Baps and informs them that Ianto saved the world. (AUDIO: Coffee)

Torchwood disbanded[edit source]

Jack and Gwen attend Ianto's funeral.
Set one month after the 456 incident, in October 2009. Suzie is briefly resurrected for a second time.
Six months have passed since Ianto died, setting this in March 2010. Jack decides to leave Earth.
In March 2010, six months after the 456 incident, Jack leaves Earth. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Five)
Set shortly after Ianto's death.[1]
The Doctor sets Jack up with Midshipman Alonso Frame. Ending leads directly into One Enchanted Evening.
Jack and Alonso are separated after the space station they are on is attacked.
Begins around March 2010 with Gwen seven months pregnant, and continues through to about May of the same year, with the birth of Anwen Williams.
Set nine months after Children of Earth, placing this around June 2010.

Miracle Day[edit source]

Jack returns to Earth.
Set on the first day of The Miracle.
Jack and Gwen are taken to America. According to the date on Rex's phone, it is 22 March 2011.
Jack and Gwen return to the UK, along with Esther after End of the Road. The New World through End of the Road flow into one another.
Takes place a two months after End of the Road.
Continues where The Gathering left off. Esther's funeral takes place a few weeks after the main story. According to a date on Rex's phone, it is September 2011.
Post-Miracle, Holly kept a bag of Jack's blood.
Gwen and Rhys are still in America following Miracle Day. Gwen gives Sarah Drummond a small fortune.
Gwen and Rhys are still in America.
Jack visits Cotter Paluni's World and has a vision of Gwen dying.
Set shortly after Red Skies with Jack returning to Cardiff to check on Gwen following his vision. Gwen and Rhys have returned to Swansea. The events of Fallout were weeks ago.
The Miracle ended a few months ago. Andy recalls the events of Fallout while Gwen and Rhys still live in Swansea. Jack joins the crew of the Ice Maiden.

Torchwood returns[edit source]

Gwen hasn’t seen Jack for five years. The Miracle is mentioned. Gwen decides to set up Torchwood operations in Cardiff again.
Roughly 10 years have passed since Day One, but Torchwood has been forgotten in the space of four years.
Set in 2016. Almost 10 years have passed since Gwen Cooper joined Torchwood and she has recently started trying to set up operations in Cardiff again.
Set during the winter. Gwen and Rhys have a place to store aliens, suggesting that they now have use of the Hub, placing this after More Than This.
Gwen is acting-head of Torchwood Three, while Jack is serving with the crew of the Ice Maiden. Ending leads directly into Station Zero.
Ending leads directly into The Culling.
Jack and Gwen part ways once again after defeating the Vervoids.
Gwen runs Torchwood. Mary Cooper is alive.
Rhys mentions Roger Pugh from More Than This.
Gwen gets a phone call from Rhys, and she mentions Anwen.
Gwen keeps in contact with Rhys over the phone and mentions Anwen, setting this after Gwen decides to start running Torchwood alone following Forgotten Lives.

Aliens Among Us[edit source]

Having been "dumped" by the crew of the Ice Maiden, Jack has returned to duty at Torchwood Cardiff.
Gwen murders a suspicious Mary Cooper.
Gwen and Rhys attend Mary's funeral. Torchwood meet Orr for the first time. Changes Everything was a few weeks ago.
After helping Torchwood investigate a new hotel, Orr joins the team permanently.
Orr has only just joined the team. Rhys believes that Gwen hasn’t been herself for weeks, since before Mary died.
In 2017, Mr Colchester investigates the Committee. He is working for Gwen Cooper and briefly speaks with Orr. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
Bilis Manger says that he is going to see some old friends, suggesting this takes place just before A Kill to a View.
Colchester encounters Bilis Manger.
Anwen Williams is seven years old, setting this after June 2017.
Ending leads directly into Poker Face.
A few months have passed since Changes Everything. Poker Face was a few days ago.

God Among Us[edit source]

Set a few weeks after Herald of the Dawn. The Mayor of Cardiff has gone missing, setting this after Future Pain. Brent Hayden is still around, setting this before The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood. Flight 405 went missing in 1957 and has been circling Cardiff for 60 years, setting this around 2017. Proper Grub is advertised on the radio.
Set a few weeks after Herald of the Dawn.
Gwen has quit Torchwood, and she’s trying to live a normal life with Rhys, however Torchwood is still running and has a team that can be called in to deal with alien threats.
Ending leads directly into Night Watch.
Set weeks after Future Pain. Ending leads directly into Flight 405.
The Empty Hand took place the previous year. Set weeks after Flight 405.
Set around two months after Eye of the Storm.
Colchester died "A few months ago".
The Hub is destroyed again, and Torchwood go on the run from The Committee.

Resumed operations[edit source]

Andy is on a mission for Torchwood.
Andy recalls the events of Goodbye Piccadilly. Andy travels back to the 1950s using a vortex manipulator after picking up a time disturbance relating to Norton on the Torchwood computer. He is "sort-of" working for Torchwood and claims to have a lot of experience with time travel.
Set in 2020. Torchwood operative Tania Bell works undercover at 107 Baker Street.
Andy arrives in London to check up on Tania and her mission to keep the Eighth Doctor out of harms way.
Yvonne Hartman sends a message to the people of the United Kingdom, as head of Torchwood, urging them to self isolate.

Far Future[edit source]

McMillen sends Captain Walker on an expedition to Krop Tor.
Following Walker's death, Curt searches through his belongings and discovers a notebook filled with satanic writing and is subsequently possessed by The Beast.
In 4221, Zachary Cross Flane, representative of the Torchwood Archive leads Sanctuary Base 6 following the death of Captain Walker. Ending leads directly into The Satan Pit. Zachary Cross Flane escapes Krop Tor with the surviving members of Sanctuary Base 6.
After being abandoned for centuries, Jeremiah Bash Henderson visits the Torchwood Archive.

Unplaced[edit source]

Set in March, and Owen appears to be alive. However the whole team have never been together during the month of march.

Big Finish[edit source]

Archie takes a call from Owen Harper in the 21st Century. Owen is trying to make sense of some emails that Archie sent him. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)
To Bilis' disbelief, Torchwood do not interfere in this story, meaning he is familiar with them, setting this after his meeting with them in Captain Jack Harkness. Bilis says he repairs clocks, referring to Captain Jack Harkness. Bilis has been trapped by The Committee.
Set after Sleeper, Jack and Ianto spend a period of some weeks undercover to destroy the last of Cell 114.
Numerous generic scenes with no tie-ins with pre-existing episodes.
Jack teams up with Jo Grant to defeat BOSS, but allow Proper Grub to continue operations.

We All Go Through[edit source]

537 days to the Glory. Gwen dreams about Jack and Ianto, but no longer knows who they are. Meanwhile Simon brings Elwyn back through the Rift, however she dies shortly after.
502 days to the Glory. Gwen witnesses Simon preaching in the streets, however no one listens to him.
444 days prior to the Glory, Gwen, Jack, Tosh and Owen attempt to talk a man called Bryn out of suicide. Owen is known as "King of the Weevils", setting this between A Day in the Death and Exit Wounds.
336 days to the Glory. Gwen and Jack recover Elwyn's body from Simon's house.
193 days to the Glory. Simon preaches the coming of the Glory to his followers while Gwen dreams of herself, Jack and Ianto discovering a spike in Rift activity in Cardiff.

Footnotes[edit source]

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