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This page lists the orders of the Time Lord Victorious meta-narrative, basing its information from the Time Lord Victorious website.

Universe Timeline[]

Road to Time Lord Victorious[]

In the original timeline, the Kotturuh spread death through the universe in the Dark Times, leading to the present day in which death is common.
As revealed in various stories, most notably The Guide to the Dark Times, these stories show the result of the Kotturuh's spread of death during the Dark Times. Other television stories indicated within Time Lord Victorious to have been impacted the Kotturuh's gift of death include The Dæmons, Pyramids of Mars, The Hand of Fear, City of Death, Enlightenment, and The Timeless Children.
In the original timeline, the Kotturuh exist into the Doctor's era, which is intended to be shown in Lesser Evils. (DWM 556) This is further confirmed in AUDIO: The Enemy of My Enemy.
These television stories are included in The Road to the Dark Times boxset because they show growing hostilities between the Daleks and Time Lords, which will lead into the Daleks' actions in Time Lord Victorious. Planet of the Daleks also shows the Daleks' use of suspended animation.
Having not yet declared war with the Time Lords, the Daleks establish the Restoration Empire after TV: Remembrance of the Daleks.
Brian the Ood is active as an assassin.
After the Doctor lives through the Time War, a young Tenth Doctor has several time-breaking encounters with the Thirteenth Doctor which lead to the Tenth Doctor being pulled into the Time Fracture timeline created by his future self. After the events of COMIC: Defender of the Daleks, the Tenth Doctor is returned to normal history.
An older Tenth Doctor gets involved in events on Mars and changes human history by saving the life of Adelaide Brooke.

Time Fracture in the Doctor's Era[]


The Time Lord victorious is wrong! - Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars - BBC

The entire breakdown of history from the Time Fracture occurs within this scene. (PROSE: What the TARDIS thought of "Time Lord Victorious")

As Adelaide Brooke walks out of the TARDIS onto Davies Street during The Waters of Mars, her presence forms a Time Fracture which instantly spreads through time. The TARDIS quickly forms a plan for the Doctor's future which will be enacted in PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead, and the sheer immensity of what the Tenth Doctor will do to the Kotturuh travels backwards in a tangle of cause and effect to affect the chaos caused by the Time Fracture.
The Time Fracture scatters paradoxical objects throughout time, which result in the resurrection of Different and Same.
The end of Time Lord Victorious wraps around to its beginning, with the Trailer reaching the Daleks. The Dalek Restoration Empire decides to invade the Archive of Islos, which was founded in the Dark Times in AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox.
After failing to get the help of a younger Tenth Doctor, the Daleks decide to use the Eighth Doctor.
The Eighth Doctor continues investigating changes in time and meets Brian the Ood. Brian is thrown into the Time Vortex, and the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS witnesses and influences his fall through time in "What the TARDIS thought of 'Time Lord Victorious'". The Eighth Doctor is intercepted by the Dalek Time Squad.
The Wraxians have made the Devolver from Kotturuh crystals which survived past the Dark Times. After dealing with them, the Doctor and the Dalek Time Squad travel to the Dark Times.
The Master visits Wrax after the events of The Enemy of My Enemy and repurposes the weapon which the Daleks had sought to obtain.
The TARDIS finishes manipulating the chaos caused by the Time Fracture, and ensures that the Tenth, Ninth, and Eighth Doctors all fall through the Time Fracture into the Dark Times.

In the Dark Times[]

The Ninth Doctor arrives in the Dark Times. This story apparently occurs concurrently with the Tenth Doctor's arrival in the Dark Times.
The Tenth Doctor arrives in the Dark Times directly after The Waters of Mars. He determines that he will kill the Kotturuh and thus end death, but before he can do the deed the Ninth and Tenth Doctor arrive to stop him.
The Tenth Doctor and Brian visit Magnox and are followed by the Kotturuh.
Several weeks after the battle of Mordeela, the Doctors convene. The Kotturuh crisis is resolved. For the Eighth Doctor and Daleks, this novel leads directly into Mutually Assured Destruction.
As a result of the extinction of the Kotturuh, the events of AUDIO: The Enemy of My Enemy occur.
The Ninth Doctor meets up with Rose and they leave the Dark Times.
The Eleventh Doctor visits the Dark Times to check up on the outcomes of his previous incarnation's actions.

Fate of the Time Squad[]

The Dalek Time Squad and the Eighth Doctor leave the Dark Times, and all of the Daleks save the Dalek Prime Strategist apparently die. However, a Dalek Drone also somehow survives, leading to:
The Dalek Drone is discovered in the rock of a mining planet. It has a warning about the Doctor.
This warning reaches the Daleks at the beginning of Time Lord Victorious in PROSE: The Last Message.
The Dalek is taken aboard Starship Future in the 30th century. The ending leads directly to the next story.
The Dalek Drone is destroyed with the help of the Thirteenth Doctor.


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