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This page lists appearances of the Valeyard in the order in which he experienced them.

Limiting factors[]

Especially clear from The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, the Valeyard's encounters with the Doctor are not necessarily in the same order as the Doctor experienced them, since all but one have featured the Sixth Doctor.

Some stories, like Millennial Rites, feature the Doctor confronting the mental representation of the Valeyard rather than the true one.


Placing the Doctor on trial[]

The Sixth Doctor meets the Valeyard for the first time.
Set during The Trial of a Time Lord, between Mindwarp and Terror of the Vervoids.
The Doctor learns the Valeyard's true nature. The Master and the Valeyard meet for the first time.
The Valeyard is still in the Matrix, having just left the courtroom.

After the trial[]

The Valeyard battles the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

The master plan[]

The Valeyard renews himself within a reality nexus, where he re-encounters the Master.
The Valeyard temporarily replaces the Sixth Doctor, from his future perspective.
The Valeyard steals the psychic extractor.
The Valeyard uses the psychic extractor on several humans.
The Sixth Doctor sacrifices himself to confine the Valeyard to the Matrix.

The Time War[]

The Valeyard returns to the universe in the midst of the Time War.
The Valeyard's existence is stabilised by the Time Lords in return for his involvement in the Time War. (AUDIO: The War Valeyard)
The Valeyard completes his mission for the Time Lords and ends the war, creating a universe where the Daleks never existed. The Valeyard elects to remain in the new reality where he can be the Doctor.