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This page lists appearances of The Rani in the order in which she experienced them.


The First Rani[]

At the age of eight, the Rani is taken from her family for the selection process into the Time Lord Academy. Staring into the Untempered Schism, the Rani is driven mad.
The Rani and the Master try to find the First Doctor after he flees from Gallifrey.
The Rani is still in her first incarnation, according to the novelisation of Time and the Rani.
Set during The Mark of the Rani.
The Rani escapes her out of control TARDIS, setting this shortly after The Mark of the Rani.
The Rani causes the Doctor to regenerate into his seventh incarnation.
Directly following on from Time and the Rani, the Rani escapes from the Tetraps.
The Rani tells the Sixth Doctor his regeneration may be "sooner than [he] thinks", setting this after Time and the Rani.
The Rani is still in her first incarnation, and comments on the Tenth Doctor's "new body".

The Second Rani[]

The War[]

Father Kreiner kills the Rani as part of the War, which is later undone by the Eighth Doctor in The Ancestor Cell.