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This page lists appearances of Mortimus in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like their TV story counterparts, that each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in[statement unclear]. Due to the fact that he has no respect for the Laws of Time the Monk does not meet the Doctor in the correct order. In arcs involving the Monk, he often fails to appear in certain stories, while being involved "behind the scenes." In these cases, the stories are listed in sequence.

Limiting Factors[]

According to John Dorney, who wrote for and script edited Dalek Universe, the Monk has no linear timeline due to meddling in their own personal timeline and the Last Great Time War.[1][2]

Early life[]

At the age of eight, Mortimus is taken from his family for the selection process into the Time Lord Academy. Staring into the Untempered Schism, Mortimus is driven mad.
Mortimus leaves the Academy shortly after the Doctor is expelled.
Mortimus works for the Celestial Intervention Agency.
Mortimus works as an agent provocateur for the High Council, until "some sort of controversy" results in his dismissal. (PROSE: No Future)

As a renegade[]

Early meddlings[]

Mortimus encounters the Celestial Toymaker.
Mortimus meets Leonardo da Vinci and discusses the principles of powered flight with him, deposites two hundred pounds in a bank in 1968 and then collects the interest two hundred years on, and lands in 1066. (PROSE: The Monk's Diary)
Mortimus, while disguised as a Monk, encounters the First Doctor in 1066 Northumbria while trying to prevent the Normans from winning the Battle of Hastings, and is given the nickname of "the Monk" by Vicki. After thwarting his plan, the Doctor sabotages the dimensional control of the Monk's TARDIS, stranding the Monk in the 11th century.
The Monk allies with the Ice Warriors and has transformed his TARDIS into a police box. He recognizes the Fifth Doctor even though his face has changed, and is blasted into another dimension.
The Monk is pursued by the Sleeze Brothers and the Seventh Doctor until his TARDIS implodes at the Bermuda Triangle.
The Monk meets the First Doctor again on the volcanic planet Tigus, referring to the Monk's escape from 1066, and has his direction controls stolen. Captured by the Daleks in Egypt, the Monk is saved by the Doctor, but gets stuck on an ice planet in his escape due to the stolen directional unit.

Death's Champion[]

Wanting revenge for being trapped on the ice planet, the Monk makes himself a champion to the Eternal Death, and captures the Chronovore Artemis. He also begins using his real name of "Mortimus" again. (PROSE: No Future)
Mortimus creates a world ruled by Silurians after giving Morka the power to kill the Third Doctor.
Mortimus resurrects the Garvond.
Mortimus empowers Huitzilin.
Mortimus restores the Land of Fiction.
Teaming up with the Vardans to get direct revenge on the Seventh Doctor, Mortimus is tricked by Ace intro freeing Artemis, who takes Mortimus away to be punished for imprisoning her.
Mortimus tries to get Antonio Salieri to kill a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but flees before he can see if the plan succeeded.

Grander schemes[]

The Monk takes on Lucie Miller as a companion, and the two go on various adventures until the Monk's TARDIS malfunctions and crash-lands in 1006 Ireland. (AUDIO: The Resurrection of Mars)
The Monk uses a time scoop to the draw in the Eighth Doctor while searching for the Book of Kells to repair his TARDIS.
Following an argument, the Monk leaves Lucie on the Deimos Moonbase in the 23rd century, and takes Tamsin Drew on as a companion as he leaves to form an alliance with the Daleks against the Doctor.
Joining forces with the Dalek Time Controller, the Monk unleashes a virus on the Earth in the 22nd century, and has Tamsin retrieve several artefacts for his personal collection.
Following on from Lucie Miller, Tamsin is killed by the Daleks, and the Monk decides to save the Doctor and Susan Foreman, but is dismissed when the Doctor realises his part in the Dalek invasion.
Wanting revenge on the Doctor for Tamsin's death, the Monk attempts to remove him from history by targeting the Fifth Doctor in 540 Constantinople.

The Meddling Nun[]

Ending leads directly into The Wrong Woman.
In a female body, and unaware of the Time War, the Monk seeks to fix her TARDIS after George Sheldrake stole a component of it, by kidnapping the Tenth Doctor and using a psychic shroud to assume his identity, temporarily convincing Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven that she is the Eleventh Doctor. She is convinced by the Doctor to release him after her theft causes Sheldrake’s machine to break time however refuses to stay and help and escapes in her TARDIS. Due to her personal history changing so much due to her own meddling, she claims not to know what number regeneration she is now in, and believes she may be erasing her own past.

Moustachioed meddling[]

Early schemes[]

The Monk lacks an animosity towards the Seventh Doctor, suggested he has only recently regenerated and abandoned his old grudges.
The Monk becomes head chairmen of the Darkon Corporation, but loses his business to a hostile takeover from the Fourth Doctor.
The Monk allies himself with the Seeth, but his plan is foiled by the Second Doctor.

Vengeful exploits[]

Hearing of his trial and exile to Earth, the Monk visits the Third Doctor to see his new incarnation and get revenge for the events of The Time Meddler. However, his TARDIS is sabotaged by Liz Shaw, with the Doctor commenting that the Monk's TARDIS will break down someday because of it.
Confronting the Third Doctor again, the Monk has his dimensional buffers stolen by the Doctor, stranding him in the 1970s. When talking with the Doctor about his companions, the Monk mentions "brassy birds from Blackpool", a reference to Lucie Miller.
Hiding in 1970s New York City, the Monk forges an alliance with Cardinal Ollistra and the Weeping Angels to construct Gallifreyan structures that would protect them from the destruction of the universe. However, the Monk betrays Ollistra to the Eleven, only to then be betrayed by the Angels, who send him several centuries back in time. The Monk wishes to "start afresh" with the Eighth Doctor, but his request is refused.

After the Time War[]

The Monk has escaped from the Time War and is hiding in Tudor England using Chameleon circuit technology. Missy steals several parts from his TARDIS, causing the Monk to swear vengeance on her.
The Monk plucks Missy from November 1605 into his space station. Ending leads directly into Too Many Masters.
The Monk attempts to take his revenge on Missy for the events of Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated, but they are immediately captured by the Ogrons. They escape in the Monk's TARDIS, with Missy suggesting that this is the beginning of "a horrible friendship".

Post-War incarnation[]

The Monk mentions surviving the Last Great Time War. He has regenerated into a body unfamiliar to the Twelfth Doctor.