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This page lists appearances of the Master played by Anthony Ainley in the order in which he experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

After the Thirteenth Master stole the body of Tremas, this new Master adopted a rather distinct persona. The process is sometimes referred to as a regeneration of sorts, even if Beevers still exists "underneath" as demonstrated by Dust Breeding. The full timeline of the Thirteenth Master can be found here.


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First exploits[]

The Decayed Master successfully steals the body of Tremas.
Set almost immediately after The Keeper of Traken. The Master's thwarted plan to hold the universe at ransom results in the Fourth Doctor regenerating.
The Master recalls recently attempting to harness the Block Transfer Computation and acquires a series of new disguises, setting this between Logopolis and Castrovalva.
Set almost immediately after Logopolis, with the Master trying to trap the Fifth Doctor in Castrovalva, only to end up trapped in there himself.
Set immediately after the Master abducts Adric during Castrovalva: Part One.
Set during Castrovalva: Part Two, before the Doctor is brought to the city.
The Master is still trapped in Castrovalva.
The Master manages to escape from Castrovalva, but damages his TARDIS in the process. (TV: Time-Flight)
The Master is depicted as still wearing the clothes of his "Portreeve" disguise from Castrovalva.
The Master attempts to use the Xeraphin gestalt to repair the damage done to his TARDIS during his escape from Castrovalva, but is foiled by the Doctor and left trapped on Xeriphas.
The Master uses Kamelion, an android he found on Xeriphas, in an attempt to prevent the signing of the Magna Carta, but is thwarted when the Doctor takes Kamelion from him.

After the Game of Rassilon[]

The Master is summoned to Gallifrey by Borusa to assist the four trapped incarnations of the Doctor, but his help is denied and he attempts to kill the Doctors instead. After being subdued, the Master is sent away by the Matrix Rassilon.
The Master has been exiled and stripped of his Trakenite body by the Time Lords for his failure in The Five Doctors, but he is able to regain it by siphoning energy from his past incarnations.
After he is shrunk by his own Tissue Compression Eliminator, the Master tries to use the Numismaton Gas of Sarn to restore himself, but is apparently disintegrated by the Doctor.
Follows on from Planet of Fire, with the Master using the Fountain of Youth to restore his burned body.

Interfering in history[]

Set concurrently with TV: The Caves of Androzani, with the Master using his link with Kamelion to sabotage the Fifth Doctor's regeneration, only to be thwarted by Nyssa.
The Master calls Saturday Superstore to threaten the Sixth Doctor and challenge him to a battle, leading into The Mark of the Rani. He refers to the Doctor's "latest guise", implying he has yet to face the Doctor's sixth incarnation.
The Master is still being asked how he survived the events of Planet of Fire.
The Master fails to prevent the death of Christopher Marlowe.
The Master, appearing with no sign of the Cheetah virus, meets the Seventh Doctor and Ace, who foil his attempt to interfere with Julius Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon.

Forging alliances[]

Follows on directly from The Abominable Showmen.
The Master assists the Sixth Doctor in his trial against the Valeyard. The Master is captured by the Time Lords.
Set between The Ultimate Foe and Survival.[1] The Master claims to have been exiled on Alexis by the Time Lords, having had his TARDIS impounded, suggesting a setting shortly after his capture in The Ultimate Foe.
The Master recalls the events of The Ultimate Foe.

Further schemes[]

The Master has been trapped on Earth since his TARDIS' time-matter adjustment valve was stolen by the Doctor in their previous encounter.
The Master encounters the Sixth Doctor and Peri under the guise of "Professor Stream". The Big Finish website lists The Hollows of Time as a part of their "Master Collection".[2]
The Master is threatened by the Valeyard into leaving the Doctor alone.
The Master meets with his "UNIT enemy" incarnation, the "Saxon" Master and Missy, the latter of whom presents her child to the Masters.

Alliance with Adam Mitchell[]

The Master wears his cloak from Destiny of the Doctors, but has his youthful appearance and is unaffected by the Cheetah virus.
Follows on from Cat and Mouse, and leads directly into Endgame.

Deadlier campaigns[]

The Master is wearing his clothes from Survival.

The Cheetah World gambit[]

The Master arrives on the Cheetah World, and takes control of the Cheetah People. (TV: Survival)
The Master is wearing his clothes from Survival, and is working with the Cheetah People, but does not appear to be infected with the Cheetah virus.
As a Cheetah virus begins corrupting his systems, the Master has a final showdown with the Seventh Doctor, which ends with him being trapped on the exploding Cheetah World.
Set immediately after Survival. According to this account, the Master was transported into the Doctor's TARDIS when the Cheetah Planet exploded, with its destruction curing him of the Cheetah virus.

After Cheetah World[]

The Master has escaped Cheetah World, but is still infected with the Cheetah virus and loses control of himself under stress.
The Master is trying to acquire a new body to escape the Cheetah virus, which will kill his Trakenite body within a year's time.
Under unkown circumstances, the Master was able to best the Cheetah virus, and would no longer be inflicted by the disease.
The Master has a black goatee and is trying to steal another body, due to being in his final incarnation.
The Master is no longer infected with the Cheetah virus, and has a much older appearance, with greying hair. After his plan to trap the seven incarnations of the Doctor in the Determinant is foiled by the Graak, the Master is captured by an unknown enemy.


According to one account, immediately after escaping Cheetah World with his Kitling, Shadow, the Master is transmigrated to Earth, but a release of Artron energy knocks him back thirty-two years in time. Arriving in 1957 America, he makes contact with the Tzun Confederacy and arranges a deal between them. They retrieve his TARDIS from the planet Antari Three, and provide him with Nanites that cured him of the Cheetah virus and supposedly give him a new regenerative cycle. Shortly after his body is repaired, the Master is shot by Ace and regenerates into a new body.
According to another account, the Master, driven insane by the stress of the Cheetah World, swallows a Deathworm Morphant as part of a plot intended to kill the Doctor. He then travels to Skaro in order to goad the Daleks into killing him, sending his TARDIS into the space-time continuum to keep it safe until he can recover it, supposedly leading directly into Doctor Who. By this account, the Master's last encounter with the Doctor was in Survival.
According to a third account, the Master lost his Trakenite body after the Warp Core destroyed it, reducing him back to his decaying form.

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