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This page lists appearances of the Master played by Roger Delgado in the order in which he experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

By most accounts, this incarnation of the Master was separate from the Thirteenth Master who first met Goth on Tersurus, (COMIC: Doorway to Hell, AUDIO: The Two Masters, AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil, Master Thief) however, by one account, it was this incarnation who was severely deformed shortly prior to his meeting with Goth. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks)

Limiting factors[]

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Early encounters with the Doctor[]

The Master is wearing the clothes of the incarnation from Terror of the Autons, and is targeting the Second Doctor, setting this after The Dark Path. He uses the alias "Professor Thascalos" and makes a deal with the Archons.

Early times on Earth[]

The Master observes the events of Season 7 from the background, and makes contact with journalist James Stevens. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)
Between the events of Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Ambassadors of Death, the Master uses Cherilyn Dankworth to orchestrate a Unzal incursion to test the effectiveness of UNIT and Earth's defenses against extraterrestrial invasion. (AUDIO: The Unzal Incursion)
The Master hires River Song to help him with testing the waters for his future invasion plans, setting this after The Unzal Incursion. However, River tricks him and sends him back to Gallifrey to be dealt with by the Time Lords.
The Master is freed from Shada by the Time Lords to battle the Third Doctor. (PROSE: Prisoners of the Sun)
The Master infiltrates UNIT HQ and interrogates Liz Shaw, using his hypnotism to make her forget his presence and implant an idea to leave UNIT.

Becoming a threat[]

The Master goes public with his battle with the Doctor and UNIT by teaming up with the Nestenes. The Doctor steals his dematerialisation circuit, preventing the Master from leaving Earth in his TARDIS.
In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Master is caught in a Cyber-conversion machine.
The Master is trapped on Earth, setting this between Terror of the Autons and The Mind of Evil.
The Master reclaims his dematerialisation circuit during his plot with the Keller Machine, allowing him to leave Earth in his TARDIS.
The Master has only just got his TARDIS working, settling this shortly after The Mind of Evil.
The Doctor and the Master recall the events of Deadly Reunion as their last meeting.
After a failed alliance with Axos, the Master is trapped in a time loop by the Doctor.
In village of Devil's End, the Master tries to summon the Dæmon Azal. When his plan fails, the Master is captured by UNIT.
Set during The Dæmons: Episode 4.

In custody[]

Set after the Master's arrest in The Dæmons. He is awaiting trial.
  • PROSE: Court Hearing – Top Secret and Confidential
The Master undergoes a trial, and is able to talk his way out of the death sentence, and show his usefulness as a living prisoner by tricking the Doctor into acknowledging his intelligence in front of the world leaders.
Set between The Dæmons and The Sea Devils, as the Master is still in prison. He is imprisoned at Dulston Heath, a former nuclear power plant.
Set sometime after The Dæmons, and not long before The Face of the Enemy, as the Master is being held in Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre.
The Master is still locked up at Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre.
After switching bodies with the Doctor, the Master makes arrangements to be moved to another holding facility on the coast after his plan to steal the Doctor's TARDIS fails.
The Master builds an alliance with the Sea Devils to escape from Fortress Island.
Set after the Doctor visits the Master in his cell during The Sea Devils.
Set immediately after The Sea Devil, with the Master retrieving his TARDIS from Devil's End.

At large again[]

The Master recalls the recent events of The Sea Devils. He spends over three years imprisoned by the Hyrrokin.
The Master is cornered by UNIT in the Tower of London during an attempt to steal the British Crown Jewels. (AUDIO: Masterful)
Set after Colony in Space. The Master is currently imprisoned in the Stormcage Containment Facility.

Distancing himself from UNIT[]

The Master encounters a new incarnation of the Doctor for the first time.
Though his identity is vague, authorial intent confirms this as the "Roger Delgado Master".[1] The Master uses the phrase "please attend carefully", setting this after The Heralds of Destruction.
Follows directly on from Legacy.
The Master loses his memories and personality, with not even a regeneration being a possibility to solve the problem. Before losing consciousness, he manages to record a message to himself to inform him of his identity.

Final exploits[]

Having had enough of Earth, the Master has arranged a meeting on Skaro, leading into Frontier in Space.
In one account, the Master is severely deformed by his own Tissue Compression Eliminator and left in a moribund state on Tersurus, leading into The Deadly Assassin. (Further details here.)
In another account, the Master regenerates during an encounter with the Twelfth Doctor that occurs immediately after Frontier in Space.

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