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This page lists appearances of the the Master as first seen in COMIC: Outrun in the order in which he experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.


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At some point in the Last Great Time War, the "War" Master regenerated into the body of a small child. He also makes a pact with the War Doctor. (COMIC: The Organ Grinder)
The Doctor and the Master aren't aware of who coined the term "Exterminhate", setting this before they met the Volatix Cabal.
The Doctor and the Master land on the Overcast homeworld.
Alice Obiefune arrives in the Master's TARDIS from the future. Ending leads into Kill God.
The Master attempts to flee the War in his future TARDIS, only to realise too late that he is causing a paradox, leading directly into Fast Asleep.
Being at the centre of the paradox causes the "Child" Master to revert back into his "War" incarnation, erasing himself from the timeline.

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