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This page lists appearances of The Master in the order in which they experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.


Timeline Edit

Early life Edit

At the age of eight, the Master stares into the Untempered Schism, and reacts by being driven mad by what he sees.
The Masters meets the First Doctor on his first day at the Academy. (TV: World Enough and Time) They later join the Deca. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)
The Master and the Doctor are bullied by Torvic. After Torvic is killed, the Master becomes Death's Champion.
The Master and the Doctor travel into Gallifrey's past in search of Valdemar.
The Master and the Doctor work on the Consolidator.
The Master goes on an Academy research project while the Doctor is expelled from the Academy. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)
"Magnus" and "Theta Sigma" have a final falling out.
The Master attends a ritual in Arcadia, where he gives Susan Foreman a communication node disguised as a toy. (AUDIO: The Toy)

Fleeing Gallifrey Edit

In one account, the Master flees Gallifrey shortly before the Doctor does after failing to start a rebellion against the High Council.
Immediately after the Doctor and Susan flee Gallifrey, the Master tries to use the communication node to find them.
The Master is still living on Gallifrey and trying to find out why the Doctor has left.

Renegade Time Lord Edit

Immediately after he flees Gallifrey, the Master's TARDIS breaks down and he ends up trapped at the "earliest Segment of Time" on the planet Destination.
The Master encounters the the Seventh Doctor, who notes that the Master is still in his "early days".
The Master is wearing a black Nehru jacket and is wielding a Tissue Compression Eliminator. After being defeated by the Second Doctor, the Master ends up imprisoned awaiting trial, with the Time Lords due to represent him.

Public enemy Edit

Early encounters with the Doctor Edit

Having begun calling himself "Koschei", and depicted as being the incarnation from Terror of the Autons, the Master meets the Second Doctor and, after learning that the Time Lords have been spying on him, gives into his evil temptation, only to end up trapped in a black hole.
The Master is wearing the clothes of the incarnation from Terror of the Autons, and is targeting the Second Doctor, setting this after The Dark Path.

Early times on Earth Edit

The Master is freed from Shada by the Time Lords to battle the Third Doctor.
The Master observes the events of Season 7 from the background, and makes contact with journalist James Stevens. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)
The Master infiltrates UNIT HQ and interrogates Liz Shaw.

Becoming a threat Edit

The Master goes public with his battle with the Doctor and UNIT by teaming up with the Nestenes. The Doctor steals his dematerialisation circuit, preventing the Master from leaving Earth in his TARDIS.
In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Master is caught in a Cyber-conversion machine.
The Master is trapped on Earth, setting this before The Mind of Evil, where he recovers his dematerialisation circuit.
The Master reclaims his dematerialisation circuit during his plot with the Keller Machine, allowing him to leave Earth in his TARDIS.
The Master has only just got his TARDIS working, settling this shortly after The Mind of Evil.
The Doctor and the Master recall the events of Deadly Reunion.
After a failed alliance with Axos, the Master is trapped in a time loop by the Doctor.
In village of Devil's End, the Master tries to summon the Dæmon Azal. When his plan fails, the Master is captured by UNIT.
Set during The Dæmons: Episode 4.

In custody Edit

Set after the Master's arrest in The Dæmons. The Master is awaiting trial.
Set between The Dæmons and The Sea Devils, as the Master is still in prison. He is imprisoned at Dulston Heath, a former nuclear power plant.
Set sometime after The Dæmons, and not long before The Face of the Enemy, as the Master is being held in Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre.
The Master is still locked up at Aylesbury Grange Detention Centre.
After switching bodies with the Doctor, the Master makes arrangements to be moved to another holding facility on the coast after his plan to steal the Doctor's TARDIS fails.
The Master builds an alliance with the Sea Devils to escape from Fortress Island.
Set after the Doctor visits the Master in his cell during The Sea Devils.
Set immediately after The Sea Devil, with the Master retrieving his TARDIS from Devil's End.

At large again Edit

Distancing himself from UNIT Edit

The Master encounters a new incarnation of the Doctor for the first time.
Though his identity is vague, authorial intent confirms this as the "Roger Delgado Master".[1] The Master uses the phrase "please attend carefully", setting this after The Heralds of Destruction.

Final exploits Edit

Having had enough of Earth, the Master has arranged a meeting on Skaro, leading into Frontier in Space.
In one account, the Master is severely deformed by his own Tissue Compression Eliminator and left in a moribund state on Tersurus, leading into The Deadly Assassin.
In another account, the Master regenerates during an encounter with the Twelfth Doctor that occurs immediately after Frontier in Space.

Thirteenth incarnation Edit

Body decayed Edit

The Thirteenth Master is attacked by a future incarnation of himself on Tersurus, and left in a decaying state. The Cult of the Heretic then switch the Masters' bodies. (AUDIO: The Two Masters)
Set during The Two Masters, with the Master in the body of his future incarnation.
The Master hires the Transhuman Sisters of the Unholy Protocol and the Dragonhunters to kill the "Bald Master". After the Seventh Doctor switches the Masters back, the "Decayed Master" is put back on his path to The Deadly Assassin.
The Master allies with Goth to use the Eye of Harmony and the Sash of Rassilon to restore his body, but he is defeated by the Fourth Doctor.

Targeting Jago and Litefoot Edit

Fleeing from Gallifrey after his plot with Goth is foiled, the Master attempts to follow the Doctor's TARDIS through the transduction barrier, but this results in him being stuck in London during the 1890s. (AUDIO: Masterpiece)
The Master successfully hypnotises Inspector Quick.
The Master's plot to drain Jago and Litefoot's energies are thwarted by the Sixth Doctor, and he is forced to flee.

Surviving in the universe Edit

The Master attempts to steal Iris Wildthyme's body.
The Master is captured by the Sild.
Follows on directly from The Abominable Showmen.
The Master spends several hundred years in stasis. He has set a trap for the Doctor and is surprised when River Song turns up instead. He meets River for the first time.

Fighting the Fourth Doctor Edit

Ending leads directly into The Oseidon Adventure.
The Master not yet met Nyssa, setting this before The Keeper of Traken.
Follows on directly from Requiem for the Rocket Men.
The Master's plan to ally himself with the Daleks and the Cybermen is foiled by Romana II.
After failing to become the Keeper of Traken due to the interference of the Fourth Doctor, Adric, and Nyssa, the Master regenerates himself by stealing the body of Tremas.

In Tremas' body Edit

First exploits Edit

Set almost immediately after The Keeper of Traken. The Master's thwarted plan to hold the universe at ransom results in the Fourth Doctor regenerating.
Set immediately after Logopolis, with the Master trying to trap the Fifth Doctor in Castrovalva, only to end up trapped in there himself.
Set immediately after the Master abducts Adric during Castrovalva: Part One.
Set during Castrovalva: Part Two, before the Doctor is brought to the city.
The Master is still trapped in Castrovalva.
The Master has managed to escape from Castrovalva, but has damaged his TARDIS in the process. He attempts to use the Xeraphin gestalt to repair his ship, but is foiled by the Doctor and left trapped on Xeriphas.
The Master uses Kamelion, an android he found on Xeriphas, in an attempt to prevent the signing of the Magna Carta, but is thwarted when the Doctor takes Kamelion from him.

Damage to his body Edit

The Master is summoned to Gallifrey by Borusa to assist the four trapped incarnations of the Doctor, but his help is denied and he attempts to kill the Doctors instead. After being subdued, the Master is sent away by Rassilon.
The Master has been stripped of his Trakenite body by the Time Lords for his failure in The Five Doctors, but he is able to regain it by siphoning energy from his past incarnations.
After he is shrunk by his own Tissue Compression Eliminator, the Master tries to use the Numismaton Gas of Sarn to restore himself, but is apparently disintegrated by the Doctor.
Follows on from Planet of Fire, with the Master using the Fountain of Youth to restore his burned body.

Interfering in history Edit

Set concurrently with TV: The Caves of Androzani, with the Master using his link with Kamelion to sabotage the Fifth Doctor's regeneration, only to be thwarted by Nyssa.
The Master is still being asked how he survived the events of Planet of Fire.

Forging alliances Edit

Follows on directly from The Abominable Showmen.
The Master assists the Sixth Doctor in his trial against the Valeyard.
The Master recalls the events of The Ultimate Foe.

Further schemes Edit

The Master has been trapped on Earth since his TARDIS' time-matter adjustment valve was stolen by the Doctor in their previous encounter.
The Master encounters the Sixth Doctor and Peri under the guise of "Professor Stream". The Big Finish website lists The Hollows of Time as a part of their "Master Collection".[2]

Distancing himself from the Doctor Edit

The Master is threatened by the Valeyard into leaving the Doctor alone.

Alliance with Adam Mitchell Edit

The Master wears his cloak from Destiny of the Doctors, but has his youthful appearance and is unaffected by the Cheetah virus.
Follows on from Cat and Mouse, and leads directly into Endgame.

Deadlier campaigns Edit

The Master is wearing his clothes from Survival.

The Cheetah World gambit Edit

The Master arrives on the Cheetah World, and takes control of the Cheetah People. (TV: Survival)
The Master is wearing his clothes from Survival, and is working with the Cheetah People, but does not appear to be infected with the Cheetah virus.
As a Cheetah virus begins corrupting his systems, the Master has a final showdown with the Seventh Doctor, which ends with him being trapped on the exploding Cheetah World.

After Cheetah World Edit

The Master's last encounter with the Doctor was on Cheetah World. The stress of that encounter drove the Master insane and inspired him to swallow a Deathworm Morphant as part of a plot intended to kill the Doctor.
The Master has escaped Cheetah World, but is still infected with the Cheetah virus.
The Master is trying to acquire a new body to escape the Cheetah virus, which will kill his Trakenite body within a year's time.
Under unkown circumstances, the Master was able to best the Cheetah virus, and would no longer be inflicted by the disease.
The Master has a black goatee and is trying to steal another body, due to being in his final incarnation.
The Master is no longer infected with the Cheetah virus, and has a much older appearance, with greying hair. After his plan to trap the seven incarnations of the Doctor in the Determinant is foiled by the Graak, the Master is captured by an unknown enemy.

A new regeneration Edit

After escaping Cheetah World with his Kitling, Shadow, the Master is transmigrated to Earth, but a release of Artron energy knocks him back thirty-two years in time. Arriving in 1957 America, he makes contact with the Tzun Confederacy and arranges a deal between them. They retrieve his TARDIS from the planet Antari Three, and provide him with a cure for the Cheetah virus, making him a pure Time Lord once again. After his body is repaired, the Master is able to regenerate after being shot by Ace. Recovering from his regeneration, the Master escapes by leaving a booby-trap for the Doctor in a nuclear warhead.
The Master steals the Loom of Rassilon's Mouse to experiment with flesh looming as part of his attempt to create an indestructible clone body from the remains of Anthony Rupert Hemmings.
The Master is eventually reduced to a decayed state once again. (AUDIO: Mastermind)

Reduced to an old body Edit

The Master has been stripped of his Trakenite body by the Warp Core, and is reduced back to his decaying form. After the Seventh Doctor destroys the Warp Core, the Master is flung into time and space.
After living a peaceful life for ten years, the Master is offered a choice by Death.

The Deathworm Morphant Edit

According to one account, the "Tremas" Master travels to Skaro in order to goad the Daleks into killing him, as part of his plan to steal the Doctor's body using a Deathworm Morphant. He sends his TARDIS into the space-time continuum to keep it safe until he can recover it.
According to another account, a different incarnation of the Master was captured by the Daleks in the Valley of the Kings to be placed on trial on Skaro. (AUDIO: Mastermind)
The Master sends a psychic message to the Seventh Doctor before he is executed by the Dalek Prelature, asking him to retrieve his remains and return them to Gallifrey.

In Bruce's body Edit

Having survived his execution on Skaro as a Deathworm Morphant, the Master forces the Doctor's TARDIS to land in 1999 San Francisco, where, after the Doctor is critically injured, the Master possesses the body of Bruce. Bribing Chang Lee, the Master hunts down the Eighth Doctor to steal his body and remaining regenerations. During a final fight with the Doctor in his TARDIS, the Master is sucked into the Eye of Harmony.
After falling into the Eye of Harmony, the Eye attempts to convert the Master into pure energy, but he is able to escape into a spare room in the Doctor's TARDIS, which is then jettisoned into the Time Vortex. (AUDIO: The Lifeboat and the Deathboat)
The Master has been trapped in the Time Vortex for hundreds of years. He escapes in a stasis capsule.
The Master is still in possession of Bruce's body.
Follows on from The Abominable Showmen.
Still in Bruce's body, the Master encounters the Eighth Doctor for the first time since Doctor Who. Missy and the "War Master" plan to wipe his memory and throw him back into the Time Vortex after they give a future version of the "Deathworm Master" a new regeneration cycle.
The Master was eventually drawn back into the Eye of Harmony. (AUDIO: Planet of Dust)

Ghost in the machine Edit

Directly after Doctor Who, the Master leaves one final trap for the Doctor, in the form of a crystalline structure that erases the Doctor's memories. By this account, the Master remains trapped inside the Doctor's TARDIS, where he will stay for the rest of the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures. The Gallifrey Chronicles suggests that this Master is an "echo" of the real Master.
The Master's essence has the appearance of the Master from NOTVALID: Scream of the Shalka.
The Master is still trapped inside the Eye of Harmony.

Fight for the Glory Edit

As his essence is left wandering the Time Vortex after passing through the Eye of Harmony, the Master is saved by Esterath to take part in the fight for the Glory, and is resurrected into the body of a deceased vagrant after Bruce's body decays beyond recovery. The Master's connection to the TARDIS brings him to Wormwood, where he witnesses the Doctor's fight against the Threshold. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)
The Master observes the Doctor combat Donald Stark.
Forming an alliance with Sato Katsura, the Master turns Earth into a dystopia to anger the Doctor into fighting him for the Glory. After besting the Doctor, the Master learns that the real contest was between Sato and the Doctor's companion, Kroton. When Kroton wins, he removes the Master's influence from the TARDIS and place the Master somewhere that he can not escape, implied by later releases to be the Eye of Harmony.

Escaping the Eye of Harmony Edit

The Master escapes the Eye of Harmony by influences the dreams of Edward Grainger.
Set during Forgotten. The Master is prevented from killing the infant Edward, by the Doctor, Violet and the adult Edward. His Deathworm Morphant loses its serpentine appearance, and becomes an "unearthly green glow".
The Master escapes by possessing the body of Violet's fiancée, Richard. (PROSE: Forgotten)
Following on from Forgotten, the Master survives by possessing various bodies until he is imprisoned in the UNIT Vault. Upon hypnotising UNIT officers Ruth Matheson and Charlie Sato, the Master retrieves his TARDIS and escapes from the Vault.

Reaching the end Edit

Set after The Keeper of Traken.[3] The Master has his TARDIS and recalls stealing multiple bodies, setting this after Mastermind.
Dying and at the end of his life, the Master recalls his time trapped in the Eye of Harmony and how he was drawn back in after his escape in Bruce's body, until he found a way to escape permanently, setting this after Mastermind. He is killed by the Ravenous, leading directly into Day of the Master.
The "Deathworm Master" is resurrected by the "Bruce" Master, the "War" Master and Missy, posing as CIA agents, who use CIA technology to grant him a whole new regeneration cycle. He regenerates into a new body, implied to the "Bald" Master.

A new lease of life Edit

Early exploits Edit

The Master is working against the Time Lords.
The Master attacks his thirteenth incarnation on Tersurus. The Cult of the Heretic then switch the Masters' bodies. (AUDIO: The Two Masters)
Set during The Two Masters, with the Master in the body of his "Decayed" incarnation.
The Masters are restored to normal by the Seventh Doctor, who undoes the damage they have done and sends the Master back to his rightful place in history. The "Bald" Master recalls the events of Dominion.

The Eminence experiments Edit

The Master recalls being in San Francisco on 31 December 1999, setting this after Doctor Who. He was anticipating facing the Seventh Doctor, and is surprised see the Eighth Doctor.

Further schemes Edit

In the body of a child Edit

At some point in the Last Great Time War, the Master regenerates into the body of a small child. He also makes a pact with the War Doctor. (COMIC: The Organ Grinder)
The Doctor and the Master aren't aware of who coined the term "Exterminhate", setting this before they met the Volatix Cabal.
The Doctor and the Master land on the Overcast homeworld.
Alice Obiefune arrives in the Master's TARDIS from the future. Ending leads into Kill God.
The Master attempts to flee the War in his future TARDIS, only to realise too late that he is causing a paradox, leading directly into Fast Asleep.
Being at the centre of the paradox causes the Master to regenerate into the incarnation seen in Utopia.

The Master of the Time War Edit

Before the War Edit

Recounts the closing events of Sins of the Father, from Martine's perspective.
The Master is using his laser screwdriver, and receives a Chameleon Arch from Narvin. The Time War has yet to be formally declared, but tensions are rising between the Time Lords and Daleks.

Avoiding the Time War Edit

The Master collects Alice Pritchard, the first of a part of his genetic experiments.
The Master collects Giuseppe Sabatini as part of his genetic experiments.
Authorial intent places this between The Coney Island Chameleon and The Missing Link.[4] The Master is collecting genetic material for experiments, to rival the ones being conducted by the Time Lords and the Daleks.
The Master is hiding from the Time War.
The Master's TARDIS arrives at UNIT HQ, leading directly into Master of Worlds.
The Master has been hiding from the Time War in another dimension. He aids UNIT in defeating the Cybermen while planning to steal parts to repair his TARDIS. He leaves intending to return to the Time War.

Escapades in the Time War Edit

The Master is working for the CIA, and claims to hail from a time where paradoxes occur "almost daily", implied to be the Time War.

Final contributions Edit

The Master sets up his plan to steal the Anti-Genesis codes by setting up a mental link with his follower Crazlus, whom he asks to gain a position in the Celestial Intervention Agency. (AUDIO: He Who Wins)
The Master fakes his death to fool the Time Lords, before being revived by Crazlus and stealing the Anti-Genesis codes, leading directly into The Master's Dalek Plan.
Under the guise of "Master Sorvad", the Master takes control of Skaro and Dalek history. Ending leads directly into Shockwave.
Ending leads directly into He Who Wins.
The Master recalls the events of Day of the Master. Having conquered the universe, the Master is convinced that his Dalek allies will betray him by an exiled Master from a parallel universe. Working with the Dalek Time Strategist, the Master contacts himself shortly after he set up the mental link with Crazlus, whom he has exterminated, reverting the timeline to before From the Flames. In an attempt to escape the Daleks, the Master sets his TARDIS to dematerialise to a random location, though he is separated from it via a transmat beam, leading directly into Beneath the Viscoid.
After retrieving his TARDIS from Gardezza, the Master is summoned to Gallifrey.
Follows on from Beneath the Viscoid, with the Master arriving on Gallifrey, and referring to having gone to "a great deal of trouble" to recover his TARDIS. Once he throws Leela into the Time Vortex after a mission to recover vital information that might end the Time War, the Master decides to head for Arcking based on intelligence from Finnian Valentine, leading directly into The Good Master.
The Master begins traveling with Cole Jarnish after meeting him on Arcking.
The Master had began using Cole in his scheme to end the Time War by allowing Cole to meddle in time as much as possible in order to create more energy from the paradox that he has became.
The Master kills Cole in order to power up the Heavenly Paradigm, a weapon that can end the Time War, only for his use of it to backfire. After watching the Dalek Emperor take control of the Cruciform, the Master flees from the War and the Time Lords, planning to hide using a Chameleon Arch, leading into Utopia.

As "Yana" Edit

Hiding at the end of the universe as a human scientist named "Yana", the Master finds himself working on the Utopia Project on Malcassairo with Chantho. (TV: Utopia)
Upon the arrival of the Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness and Martha Jones, Yana is spurred to open the Chameleon Arch and return to his true identity. The Master is shot by Chantho when he kills her, but he is able to commandeer the Doctor's TARDIS before he regenerates.

As Harold Saxon Edit

Clashing with the Tenth Doctor Edit

Regenerating from his "Yana" body, the Master steals the Doctor's TARDIS.
The Master lands in the early 21st century and, under the alias "Harold Saxon", sets up a political career while converting the Doctor's TARDIS into a paradox machine. By 2007, he marries Lucy Cole, and takes her the end of the universe to breach an alliance with the Toclafane. Serving as Minister of Defence, the Master begins a campaign to become Prime Minister after the downfall of Harriet Jones. (TV: The Sound of Drums) One of the first acts in his campaign is to order the British Army to destroy the Empress of the Racnoss's webstar on Christmas Day 2007. (TV: The Runaway Bride)
The Master hypnotises a school into thinking he is a past student.
"Saxon" funds the rejuvenation experiments of Richard Lazarus, and sends a mysterious man to meet with Francine Jones, Martha's mother, to turn her against the Doctor. (TV: The Lazarus Experiment) He then has an agent monitor a conversation between Francine and Martha through the superphone. (TV: 42)
The Master is captured by the Sild.
"Saxon" sends Torchwood Three on a wild-goose chase to the Himalayas. (TV: The Sound of Drums)
With the pieces in place, the Master wins the 2008 election, unveils the Toclofane to the public, and entraps the Doctor and Jack as he begins his dominion over the world, with only Martha escaping.
Set one year after The Sound of Drums. Before he can begin his New Time Lord Empire, the Master is thwarted by Martha and the Doctor, and shot by Lucy. He refuses to regenerate and dies.
During December 2009, the Master is resurrected by the Disciples of Saxon, only for Lucy to sabotage the process, at the cost of her own life. After a talk with the Doctor, the Master is captured by Joshua Naismith to repair the "Immortality Gate". The Master instead uses the Gate to turn the humans into the "Master Race", and uses his new resources to bring Gallifrey out of the time lock of the Time War. When Rassilon makes to kill him after restoring the human race, the Master fights him back into the Time War to protect the Doctor.

After leaving Gallifrey Edit

Back on Gallifrey after it is saved by the thirteen Doctors, (TV: The Day of the Doctor) the Master forces Rassilon to regenerate, (TV: Hell Bent) and is then restored to health by the Time Lords, before leaving Gallifrey once again. (TV: The Doctor Falls)
The Master still has his blonde hair and stubble. All he is willing to say is "the Drums".
Follows on directly from The Abominable Showmen.
The "Saxon" Master is wearing his clothes from The End of Time, but is clean-shaven.
The Master arrives on a Mondasian colony ship, and takes over the city on Floor 1056 until the Mondasians rebel against him. Unable to escape in his TARDIS due to being too close to a black hole, the Master disguises himself as "Mr. Razor" and hides amongst the people. (TV: The Doctor Falls)
The Master meets Bill Potts, and learns about the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, who is his future incarnation. Ending leads directly into The Doctor Falls.
Set after the prologue of The Doctor Falls.
The Master is fatally injured by Missy, forcing him to regenerate into her, but he seemingly kills her before he makes his way back to his TARDIS.

A female body Edit

The Master successfully regenerates into a female form. (TV: Dark Water)

Early escapades Edit

The Master has only recently regenerated, but has already chosen her new outfit and begun calling herself "the Mistress", though she adopts the name "Missy" near the end of her campaign against the Scoundrels Club.
Missy does not have a vortex manipulator and is instead using her TARDIS, but she is impressed by River's vortex manipulator and considers getting one of her own. Missy learns that the Doctor survived his assassination at Lake Silencio.
After spending some time looking for a replacement power source, Missy jettisons the Eye of Harmony from her TARDIS to gain further freedom from the Time Lords once she finds a usable replacement. She is carrying her vortex manipulator, sonic umbrella, and a TCE, and notes that she hasn't used a TCE in "donkey's years".
Under unknown circumstances, Missy becomes separated from her TARDIS, and starts relying on her vortex manipulator to travel. (AUDIO: Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated)

The Master TARDIS Edit

Missy is exiled to Victorian London by the Wardens for a future crime of hers. She is using her vortex manipulator and becomes the governess for the Davis family when a grandfather clock goes missing from their household, with her receiving the blame for the theft.
Gallifrey has returned, and Missy is without a working TARDIS. She steals a component from the Monk's TARDIS.
Missy recovers the TARDIS she used during the Last Great Time War, but loses her vortex manipulator.
Missy recovers the Master TARDIS from inside a dead space creature, and feeds her TARDIS from the Time War to its Eye of Harmony using the component she stole from the Monk's TARDIS. She has acquired another vortex manipulator.
Missy has recently acquired the Master TARDIS, setting this shortly after The Belly of the Beast. She encounters the Lumiat for the first time. Missy decides to start calling herself a Time Lady after stealing the idea from the Lumiat, setting this before Death in Heaven. She decides to go to Earth, leading directly into Brimstone and Terror.
Missy is reunited with Oliver and Lucy Davis. Her vortex manipulator is now quantum linked to the Master TARDIS, and she uses the TCE, setting this after Lords and Masters.
Missy becomes trapped on Earth in 1605 following her escape from Mr. Cosmo, setting this immediately after Brimstone and Terror. Missy is teleported aboard the Monk's space station, leading directly into Too Many Masters.
The Monk attempts to take his revenge on Missy, but they are immediately captured by the Ogrons, who wish to be recompensed for the events of Frontier in Space. They escape in the Monk's TARDIS, with Missy suggesting that this is the beginning of "a horrible friendship".

3W scheme Edit

Missy creates the 3W Institute in order to create a Cyberman army of the dead as part of her plan to rekindle her friendship with the Doctor. To further her plan, Missy arranges for Clara Oswald to join the Eleventh Doctor, (TV: The Bells of Saint John) and that they remain together when he regenerates into his twelfth incarnation. (TV: Deep Breath, Death in Heaven) To finalize her 3W plot, Missy kills Clara's boyfriend, Danny Pink, in a car accident, then returns to the Scoundrels Club to gloat at her successful vengeance. (PROSE: Dismemberment)
Missy acquires three matrix data slices from Lucy Saxon.
Missy welcomes the Half-Face Man to the Nethersphere after his death fighting the Twelfth Doctor.
Missy greets Gretchen Carlisle in the Nethersphere after she is killed by Dalek antibodies.
Missy is seen by PC Matthew when he arrives in the Nethersphere after being killed by a Skovox Blitzer.
Missy keeps tabs on the Doctor and Clara as they face the Boneless.
Missy watches the Earth being protected from a solar flare by overgrown tress.
After watching the Doctor from afar, Missy meets the Twelfth Doctor for the first time when he and Clara visit the 3W Institute. She begins her Cyberman invasion and reveals her identity to the Doctor, leading directly into Death in Heaven.
Missy's plan is thwarted by the Doctor and Danny Pink, and Missy is seemingly killed by a Cyber-converted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, but in actuality just teleports away using her vortex manipulator.

Further schemes Edit

Missy comes out of hiding to reveal that she is still alive to the Doctor and Clara.
Missy meets Davros for the first time in the Dalek City.

After Skaro Edit

Missy has just escaped from the Daleks, setting this immediately after The Witch's Familiar. Missy repairs her TARDIS after it is damaged during a collision with a Gryphon ship.
Follows on from The Abominable Showmen.
Missy is travelling via vortex manipulator.
Missy is using her vortex manipulator, which is her main means of travel. She recalls River's method of wiping memories, setting this after The Bekdel Test. She primarily uses a Scottish accent, suggesting a setting after Deep Breath.

Imprisoned in the Vault Edit

Missy is captured by the "Enemies of Life" to stand trial, and is sentenced to be executed, leading directly into Extremis.
Missy is saved from her execution by the Doctor and Nardole. She is placed in a Quantum Fold Chamber.
Missy is taken to St Luke's University in the 1940s to be imprisoned by the Doctor, who hopes to rehabilitate her. (TV: Extremis)
Missy is being held in the Vault, and is beginning to reform her ways, though still insists on doing good in a sadistic way.
In 2017, Missy realises the Doctor had begun traveling again, and bangs on the Vault doors.
The Doctor has dinner with Missy.
Missy meets Bill Potts when the Doctor comes to her for advice on how to defeat the Monks.
Nardole releases Missy from the Vault so she can help him return the TARDIS to 1881 Mars.
Nardole says Missy cannot be let outside of the Vault again.
The Doctor allows Missy to accompany him, Bill and Nardole on a trip in the TARDIS. However, when she kills someone's during the trip, the Doctor realises that she's not yet ready to accompany them fulltime.
With the Doctor now trusting her more, Missy is asked to do maintenance on the TARDIS.

The final test Edit

Missy is taken to colony ship to test if she can be redeemed, but instead finds herself face-to-face with her "Harold Saxon" incarnation, leading directly into The Doctor Falls.
Set during World Enough and Time, when the Doctor, Nardole and Missy are taking the lift to Floor 1056.
Set after the prologue of The Doctor Falls.
Despite a relapse in personality, Missy decides to join forces with the Doctor after fatally wounding the Master, but is seemingly killed by her past incarnation before she can.

The Lumiat Edit

As she dies, Missy, tired of being evil, creates an Elysian field in order to kick start a new regeneration cycle and reconstructs her body into a distillation of all her goodness. This new incarnation takes on the name "the Lumiat" and seeks to do good in the universe, inspired by the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Lumiat)
The Lumiat foils several of Missy's schemes, leading Missy to believe she is the Doctor. They spend some time travelling together, with the Lumiat trying to act as a good influence on her. However, Missy soon grows bored of the Lumiat and mortally wounds her, before abandoning her in the middle of her regeneration.

In a male body again Edit

After regenerating into a male body, the Master learns the truth of the Timeless Child and destroys the Time Lord civilisation by ravaging Gallifrey. (TV: Spyfall)
The Master confronts the Thirteenth Doctor and Team TARDIS during an alliance with Daniel Barton and the Kasaavin. Pursuing the Doctor throughout Earth's history, the Master is left stranded and without a TARDIS in 1943 Paris, where he is also taken prisoner by the Third Reich.
After being trapped on Earth for 77 years, the Master is exiled to the Kasaavin realm. (TV: Spyfall)
The Master has made a psychic link with the Doctor, and is still taunting her with his knowledge of the Timeless Child, setting this before Ascension of the Cybermen. He recalls his time as Missy, even referencing her imprisonment in the Vault.
The Master catches up with the Doctor at the Boundary on Gallifrey, leading directly into The Timeless Children.
After forming an alliance with the Cybermen to create the CyberMasters from the bodies of the dead Time Lords, the Master and his Cyber-Army are apparently destroyed by Ko Sharmus with a Death particle.

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The "Exiled" Master Edit

The Master is the last being left alive in his universe, and is trapped for ten thousand years before being rescued by the Dalek Time Strategist of N-Space, leading directly into He Who Wins.
The "Exiled" Master and the "War" Master join forces, and the "Exiled" Master escapes into N-Space.

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The Master is in the same body as described in The Radio Waves, and is recognised by the Fifth Doctor.
The Master has "pale skin, prominent cheekbones, a neatly-trimmed black goatee, and voluminous hair with a widow peek", and is recognised by the Sixth Doctor.

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