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This page lists appearances of The Master in the order in which they experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

Early life[]

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The War Chief[]

Some accounts imply that the War Chief was an incarnation of the Master, (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons, Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon) although others state that they are separate individuals. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties, A Brief History of Time Lords)
The War Lord encounters the Time Lord who will become his War Chief in a Trastevarian jail, after the Time Lord regenerates from his injuries. (PROSE: Save Yourself)
The War Chief matches wits with the Second Doctor when he lands in the War Games, until he proposes an alliance with the Doctor to double-cross the War Lords and seize their powers for themselves. When his treachery is discovered, the War Chief is apparently executed.
Continuing on from The War Games, the War Chief undergoes a faulty regeneration from his execution, manifesting as two bodies fused together. Convincing the remaining War Lords that his treachery was a misunderstanding, the War Chief frees them from their time loop prison, and takes them to Nazi Germany, where he becomes an occult advisor to Adolf Hitler, with the intention of replacing him as Führer with Heinrich Himmler. When the Seventh Doctor exposes his plans, the War Chief is caught in an explosion at Drachensberg castle and is briefly glimpsed by Ace with a "young, tall, dark and satanically handsome" appearance.

Public enemy[]

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Thirteenth incarnation[]

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In Tremas' body[]

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In Bruce Gerhardt's body[]

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Fourteenth incarnation[]

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In the body of a child[]

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The War Master[]

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As "Harold Saxon"[]

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The Lumiat[]

In an aborted timeline, the Lumiat projects herself to Missy to warn her of the dangers of an entropy wave. She asks Missy to give over her remaining regenerations, but Missy refuses.
The Lumiat foils several of Missy's schemes, leading Missy to believe she is the Doctor. They spend some time travelling together, with the Lumiat trying to act as a good influence on her. However, Missy soon grows bored of the Lumiat and mortally wounds her, abandoning her in the middle of her regeneration.

In a male body again[]

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Other universes[]

The Unbound Master[]

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Currently unplaced[]

These entries are placed here due to being part of ongoing storylines that have yet to offer sufficient enough evidence to be placed in a specific part of this Doctor's timeline, unless further evidence arises in the stories to come.

Awaiting placement[]

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The Doctor Who Annuals Master[]

The Master is in the same body as described in The Radio Waves, and is recognised by the Fifth Doctor.
The Master has "pale skin, prominent cheekbones, a neatly-trimmed black goatee, and voluminous hair with a widow peek", and is recognised by the Sixth Doctor.