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This page lists appearances of the Renegade Time Lord known in their eleventh incarnation as the Eleven in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Early incarnations[]

The Eight[]

The Eight regenerates into the Nine.

The Nine[]

Post-regeneration, the Nine briefly poses as a new incarnation of the Doctor.
Set immediately after The Crucible of Souls. The Nine is newly regenerated.
The Nine is still imprisoned following Companion Piece and he still has River Song's Vortex Manipulator.
The Nine is travelling with an Abway called Thana.
The Nine regenerates into The Ten.

The Eleven[]

The Eleven regenerates from the Ten.

Ruling over Molaruss[]

The Eleven is married to Miskavel and encounters the Sixth Doctor and Constance Clarke.

Imprisoned on Gallifrey[]

The Eleven is captured by the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
Caleera's flashbacks to meeting the Eleven while he's imprisoned.
The Eleven escapes.

Joining the Doom Coalition[]

Running from the Ravenous[]

The Eleven agrees to join the TARDIS crew in order to escape the Ravenous.
The Eleven is killed by three incarnations of The Master and regenerates into the Twelve.

The Twelve[]

Ending leads directly into In the Garden of Death.
Ending leads directly into Jonah.
Begins shortly after Jonah with the Twelve being imprisoned in the Omega Arsenal following the Uzmal incident.