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This page lists appearances of The Corsair in the order in which they experienced them. It relies on much speculation to fit semi-contradictory sources together, and should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy.

Limiting factors[]


  • The Sixth Corsair was a white skinned woman with long dark hair. She dressed like a buccaneer and carried both a sword and a pistol. She liked to visit pubs, preferably those that were noisy and messy. She refused to travel with companions, concerned with how temporary they are. (PROSE: Old Friends) [1]


Sixth Incarnation[]

In a white female body, The Corsair meets the Thirteenth Doctor for the first time and helps her save a Star Whale from the Hoarder. She recalls waking up in a bank vault with the Doctor.

Seventh Incarnation[]

In a dark skinned female body, and while travelling with a Parrot companion, the Corsair steals the Hand of Omega on behalf of the First Doctor, as a favour for the Thirteenth Doctor, setting this after Old Friends. She hopes to be "strapping" and "muscular" in either her next incarnation or the one after that.
The Seventh Corsair was present on Clarkor Nine when a Dalek scout ship landed. The following day, the Daleks discovered that their suction cup and weapon arms had been unscrewed and removed in the night, and fused together into the shape of an insulting word in Skarosian. (REF: Eleven Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Corsair)

Ninth incarnation[]

In an incarnation described as "a strapping, big fellow", the Corsair visits a Supreme Ruler and collects a feather belonging to his parrot companion.
While working for the Time Lords on the Fourth Universal Survey Expedition, the Ninth Corsair arrives on an intelligent asteroid that calls itself House. Before he realised that he was trapped, his TARDIS had already been killed and eaten by House. He recorded a distress message on a Hypercube, but before he could send it he was killed by House. (REF: Eleven Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Corsair)
The Eleventh Doctor receives the Corsair's hypercube and investigates it’s origins. Arriving in the bubble universe, the Doctor discovers that House has killed the Corsair. Although the Corsair doesn’t appear, his severed arm does and now belongs to Auntie, while his spine and kidneys have been transplanted into Uncle.

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