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This page lists appearances of the Tenth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, anthology, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.[1]

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Limiting factors Edit

Any story with Rose Tyler travelling must be after TV: The Christmas Invasion and before TV: Army of Ghosts. Any story with Martha Jones travelling must be after TV: Smith and Jones and before TV: Utopia. Any story with Donna Noble must be after TV: Partners in Crime and before TV: Turn Left.

Though multiple stories that predate TV: Journey's End feature the Doctor travelling alone, TV: Smith and Jones and TV: Partners in Crime both strongly imply that it hasn't been long since the Doctor travelled with Rose and Martha respectively.

Timeline Edit

A new body Edit

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
Set immediately after The Parting of the Ways, with the Doctor examining his new body and reassuring Rose that he is still the Doctor, before he suffers spasms brought on by the regeneration process, leading directly into The Christmas Invasion.
Recovering from his regeneration trauma, the Doctor repels a Sycorax invasion, losing his hand in a swordfight with the leader. He then deposes Harriet Jones as Prime Minister after she orders the retreating Sycorax ship destroyed.
Set during the events of The Christmas Invasion, after the Doctor's TARDIS is taken aboard the Sycorax ship.
Set during the events of The Christmas Invasion.
Shortly after Christmas dinner with the Tylers and Mickey, the Doctor goes to join the celebration in Trafalgar Square, where his photograph is taken by Ursula Blake. (TV: Love & Monsters)

New adventures with Rose Edit

The Doctor is still adjusting to his new body, and Mickey still harbours a small grudge against him.
Returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor is forced to lodger with Mickey after he forgets to lock the time settings and the TARDIS jumps a time track without him. Mickey mentions the Doctor's recent regeneration, and the two begin to form a strong friendship.
The Doctor hunts down and defeats an Elemental Shade in the 1970s, but not before it kills Elton Pope's mother. (TV: Love & Monsters)
Rose is admiring a bracelet given to her by Mickey, setting this before School Reunion.
The Doctor and Rose leave the sunny Powell Estate for more adventures, starting with New Earth. After Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17 helps him uncover a conspiracy at New New York Hospital, the Doctor learns from the Face of Boe that he will learn a secret message when he meets the Face again. Cassandra alludes to the Doctor's recent regeneration, stating some of his parts are "unused".
Set before the Doctor gets the in-flight stereo working in Tooth and Claw. Rose is wearing her outfit from New Earth.
Rose dreams of the events of New Earth. Jackie alludes to the Doctor's recent regeneration.
The Doctor mentions the events of New Earth.
The Doctor and Rose save Queen Victoria from a werewolf at Torchwood House.
Following an encounter with dragons, the Doctor and Rose nearly return to London in answer to a call from Jackie in 2007. (AUDIO: Wednesdays For Beginners)
The Doctor encounters a Dalek for the first time since The Parting of the Ways. The Doctor and Rose unsuccessfully attempt to visit the Moon. Rose is aware of her being the Bad Wolf entity, setting this at least after Tooth and Claw.

Joined by Mickey Edit

The Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III while investigating the Krillitane at Deffry Vale High School with Rose and Mickey, which results in K9 sacrificing himself and being replaced with a newer model. With some prompting from Sarah Jane, the Doctor accepts Mickey's request to join the TARDIS crew.
Set during the events of School Reunion, when the Doctor reactivates K9.
Mickey takes his first trip in the TARDIS, which lands on a 51st century spaceship filled with Clockwork Droids stalking Madame de Pompadour in 18th century France.
Set during The Girl in the Fireplace, after the Doctor partys with Madame de Pompadour and before he saves Rose and Mickey from the Clockwork Droids.
The events of School Reunion and The Girl in the Fireplace have occurred in the past week.
According to Mickey, 1 February 2007 is "not exactly far flung" from when he joined the TARDIS crew, and, though he has been traveling with the Doctor and Rose for a while by now, he is still treated as a recent addition. After the TARDIS falls through a crack in time into a parallel universe where Rose's father is a wealthy businessman, the Doctor sees the rise of the parallel universe's Cybermen, leading directly into The Age of Steel.
The TARDIS crew help the Preachers destroy John Lumic's Cyber-factory, with Pete killing Lumic to avenge his Jackie. Having witnessed the death of his counterpart, Mickey decides to stay and help the Preachers fight the ongoing Cyberman threat.

The Platform One mystery Edit

The Doctor and Rose learn that the survivors of Platform One are disappearing. Ending leads directly into Hyperstar Rising.
Ending leads directly into Death Race Five Billion.
Ending leads directly into The Macrobe Menace.
Ending leads directly into The Hunt of Doom.
Ending leads directly into Reunion of Fear.

Further adventures with Rose Edit

Rose is aware of K9, setting this after School Reunion.
Rose mentions meeting Queen Victoria, setting this after Tooth and Claw.
The Doctor recalls meeting the Sisters of Plenitude, setting this after New Earth.
The Doctor mentions the events of New Earth.
Rose recalls facing Cybermen, setting this after Age of Steel.
Rose does not believe in the devil, setting this before her encounter with the Beast in The Impossible Planet.
Rose encounters the Ice Warriors for the first time.
The Doctor and Rose encounter the Vashta Nerada.
The Doctor and Rose are trying to get to the Galapagos Islands. They meet a Silurian.
The Doctor and Rose encounter Primords.
The Doctor and Rose visit California, where they meet a Saturnyn.
Rose complains about encountering aliens every time they try to go on holiday. They meet an Ice Warrior, setting this after Cold Vengeance.
Rose recalls the events of Rise of the Cybermen.
The Doctor and Rose are separated from the TARDIS while aboard Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor; a planet orbiting a black hole. The Doctor meets the Ood for the first time. Ending leads directly into The Satan Pit.
Rose is told by the Beast that she will "die in battle so very soon." After the Doctor ensures the Beast's demise, he finds the TARDIS beneath Krop Tor and he and Rose depart.

Final adventures with Rose Edit

The Doctor and Rose battle a Hoix, as witnessed by Elton Pope, whom the Doctor almost recognises. (TV: Love & Monsters)
The Krillitane are mentioned, setting this after School Reunion. Rose notes that she has "seen enough of hell lately", implying that this is also set after The Satan Pit.
The Ood are mentioned, setting this after The Satan Pit. Rose considers The Stone Rose to be a recent happening.
The Doctor and Rose confront Elton Pope after he upsets Jackie, and help him and LINDA kill the Abzorbaloff, at the cost of most of LINDA. However, the Doctor is able to preserve Ursula Blake in the concrete.
The Doctor mentions being banished from England by Queen Victoria during Tooth and Claw.
The Doctor can feel that "a storm is approaching", foreshadowing Army of Ghosts.
Set during the events of Fear Her, when the Doctor is trapped by the Isolus.
Rose visits the Moon for the first time, setting this after I am a Dalek. The Doctor has been trapped inside a drawing before, setting this after Fear Her as well.
The Doctor and Rose visit a planet with flying stingrays. (TV: Army of Ghosts)
The Doctor says, "allons-y", for the first time. Uncovering a ghost conspiracy during a stop at the Powell Estate, the Doctor, Rose and Jackie travel to the Torchwood Institute. Separated, the Doctor and Jackie learn of Torchwood's history, while Rose finds Mickey undercover in the Void Ship room, preparing to fight a Cyberman invasion. Ending leads directly into Doomsday.
The Doctor is currently dealing with "ghosts", setting this during Army of Ghosts, most likely while he is preparing the triangulation device.
Joining with Pete and the Preachers again, the Doctor opposes the Cybermen until the Cult of Skaro provide a common enemy for the Preachers and Cybermen to fight together. Sending Jackie and the Preachers back to "Pete's World", the Doctor and Rose banish the Daleks and the Cybermen to the Void, only for Rose to nearly fall in as well, saved only by Pete's intervention, but permanently trapping her on the parallel world.

Adventuring alone Edit

The Doctor is still upset about losing Rose, and is beginning to indulge in his darker urges.
After saying a proper goodbye to Rose at Dårlig Ulv Stranden, and informing her that she and Jackie are legally deceased in their home dimension, the Doctor encounters a bride in the TARDIS console room, leading directly into The Runaway Bride.
The Doctor returns the bride, Donna Noble, to her wedding reception, only to find it to be a scheme by the Empress of the Racnoss. After the Empress's defeat, the Doctor invites Donna to join him, but she declines, afraid at how far he went to defeat the Empress, but advising him to find someone regardless.
The Doctor is taking a break from his travels.
The Doctor gives Grayla a lift away from her home planet, Grått, but decides not to take her on as a companion, feeling that she has her own path to take without his help. (COMIC: The Whispering Gallery)
Sequel to Doomsday. Ending leads directly into Drones of Doom.
Ending leads directly into Enemy Mine.
Ending leads directly into Time of the Cybermen.
Ending leads directly into The Sky Below.
Ending leads directly into Beyond the Sea.
Ending leads directly into Lonely Planet.
The Doctor is reunited with Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

Detours with Martha Edit

The Doctor accidentally destroys his sonic screwdriver while trying to expose a Plasmavore to the Judoon. He convinces the Judoon with help from a Royal Hope Hospital medical student, Martha Jones, after the hospital is H₂O scooped to the Moon, and offers her a single trip in the TARDIS after he replaces his screwdriver with a near identical model.
The Judoon recount the events of Smith and Jones.
Follows on from Smith and Jones, with the Doctor taking Martha to see William Shakespeare. After foiling a Carrionite plot, the Doctor's execution is ordered by Elizabeth I, forcing him and Martha to flee.
Following on directly from The Shakespeare Code, the TARDIS escapes the Queen's men to New New York. The Face of Boe meets the Doctor once more and expends all the energy keeping him alive and dies, imparting the Doctor with his final message; "You are not alone." On Martha's urging, the Doctor tells her about Gallifrey and the Last Great Time War.
The Doctor takes Martha to see the final glimpse of Gallifrey, setting this immediately after Gridlock. Martha is kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, and the Doctor sends a message to Frobisher, leading directly into Façades.
Frobisher receives the Doctor's message, setting the stage for Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Martha from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
Martha is still on her "one trip" in the TARDIS, and has had a few adventures by this point, setting this between Gridlock and The Lazarus Experiment. The Doctor is initially trying to get Martha back home, but, after their encounter with Nathan Hobb, he decides to extend their detour.
It is implied that Martha is still new to the TARDIS, judging from her dialogue about the sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor discovers that the Cult of Skaro survived the events of Doomsday. Ending leads directly into Evolution of the Daleks.
The majority of the Cult of Skaro are destroyed in their scheme, with only Dalek Caan escaping.
The Doctor returns Martha home after her extended trip, but sticks around after hearing of Richard Lazarus's experiments with rejuvenation. After she introduces him to her family and helps him defeat Lazarus, the Doctor officially welcomes Martha aboard the TARDIS as his traveling companion.

Official travels with Martha Edit

Martha doesn't have a TARDIS key, setting this before 42, with Smith and Jones being considered a recent happening.
Martha recalls the events of Daleks in Manhattan.
Martha recalls meeting dinosaurs, setting this after Made of Steel.
Martha recalls meeting Carrionites, setting this after The Shakespeare Code.
Set during the beginning of 42.
The Doctor upgrades Martha's mobile phone to a superphone and gives her a TARDIS key of her own, but is interrupted before he can tell her about regeneration.
Set between 42 and Human Nature. (Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia)
Martha recalls the events of 42 and The Infinite Quest.
Martha mentions the events of 42.
The Doctor and Martha encounter Chelonians. Martha recalls the events of Gridlock.
Using a Chameleon Arch, the Doctor turns himself into a human to hide from the Family of Blood. Ending leads directly into The Family of Blood.
The Doctor returns from his human persona and traps the Family of Blood in time as punishment for their crimes.

Battles in time Edit

Ending leads directly into The Screaming Prison.
Ending leads directly into Force and Fury.
Ending leads directly into Warriors' Revenge.
The Doctor is incapacitated by the green mists of Orion's Belt, forcing Martha to drive the TARDIS. (COMIC: Ground Control)
Ending leads directly into Jewel of the Vile.
Ending leads directly into Lock, Stocks and Barrel.
Ending leads directly into End Game.

Further travels with Martha Edit

Martha recalls the outcome of The Family of Blood.
Human Nature was the last time Martha felt patronised. Set "a couple of days" after Wishing Well.
The Doctor refers to the starship Brilliant from The Pirate Loop. Martha kisses the Doctor for the first time. The Doctor claims that Human Nature happened "a while ago".
Whilst dealing with "four things and a lizard", the Doctor and Martha briefly meet Sally Sparrow, who gives them a series of notes that she says will be useful to them at a later date. (TV: Blink)
Martha has been travelling with the Doctor for a few months. The incident involving "four things and a lizard" was a week ago.

Trapped in the past Edit

During a visit to Wester Drumlins, the Doctor and Martha are transported back to 1969 by the Weeping Angels, leaving them stranded in the past. (TV: Blink)
Set during Blink, while the Doctor and Martha are stranded in 1969, and before their encounter with Billy Shipton. The Doctor is constructing his timey-wimey detector, while Martha has recently started working in a shop.
Trapped in 1969 by the Weeping Angels, the Doctor and Martha rely on the help of Billy Shipton and Sally Sparrow's notes to retrieve the TARDIS. Sally is ultimately able to get the TARDIS to return to the Doctor, with her actions also trapping the Weeping Angels responsible for the ordeal in their Quantum-locked state.

Final travels with Martha Edit

The Doctor refers to being slapped by Martha's mother during The Lazarus Experiment. References to scarecrows imply a setting after The Family of Blood.
Ending leads directly into Second Wave.
Ending leads directly into Operation Lock-up.
Ending leads directly into Crime After Crime
The Doctor recalls the events of Shipwreck!.
Ending leads directly into Inhuman Sacrifice.
Ending leads directly into Crimes and Punishment.
Sequel to Gridlock. Martha encounters the Cybermen, setting this after Made of Steel.
Martha recalls meeting Judoon, Daleks and pig-people.
The Doctor is expecting "a girl with a red balloon" to be inside the Mortal Mirror, setting this after The Family of Blood.
The Doctor recalls the events of Agent Provocateur.

The return of the Master Edit

Stopping at the Cardiff rift to refuel, Captain Jack Harkness appears and jumps onto the TARDIS as it dematerialises, causing the ship to travel to the end of the universe to escape him. The Doctor finds out that Jack recovered his severed hand from The Christmas Invasion. The Doctor, Martha and Jack help the last of humanity reach Utopia to survive, but the head of the Utopia Project, Professor Yana, turns out to be the Master in disguise. Accidentally tipped off to the Chameleon Arch by Martha, Yana reverts back to the Master, who regenerates and steals the TARDIS and the Doctor's severed hand.
Following on directly from Utopia, the Doctor uses Jack's vortex manipulator to send him, Jack and Martha back to 2008 Earth, where the Master is Prime Minister and married to Lucy Saxon. The Doctor discovers Jack's affiliation with the Torchwood Institute. The Master successfully captures the Doctor, Jack and Martha's family, and ages the Doctor with the Lazarus technology in his laser screwdriver, but Martha is able to escape as the Master launches a Toclafane invasion that allows him to conquer the Earth.
Set between The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Set one year after The Sound of Drums. After Martha returns, the Doctor is able to topple the Master's regime and heal himself using the Archangel Network, and Jack undoes the previous year's events by destroying the paradox machine. Before the Master can be taken into custody, he is shot by Lucy and dies due to refusing to regenerate. The Doctor burns the Master's body, and Jack and Martha decide to remain on Earth to deal with the consequences of The Year That Never Was, while the Doctor reclaims his severed hand from Jack.

Shields down Edit

Set during the ending of Last of the Time Lords, right after Martha leaves the TARDIS.
What seems to be the Titanic crashes into the TARDIS, leading directly into Voyage of the Damned.
The Doctor repairs the TARDIS and stops the spaceship Titanic from crashing into Buckingham Palace with the help of Astrid Peth, who sacrifices herself in the effort. During a brief trip the Earth, the Doctor encounters Wilfred Mott for the first time, and gets to say, "Allons-y, Alonso", fulfilling a wish he made in Army of Ghosts. He claims to be 903-years-old.

Solo adventures Edit

The Doctor is in despair about being alone, suggesting that a companion has recently left him.
The Doctor is travelling alone.
The Doctor claims to be 904-years-old.
Ending leads directly into Quarsian Mission.
Ending leads directly into Android of Death.
Ending leads directly into Cold Assassin.
Ending leads directly into Designs of the Dust.
Ending leads directly into A Suitable Showdown.
The Doctor crosses wits with Majenta Pryce at the Hotel Historia, and ensures her arrest for tax evasion.
Sequel to Voyage of the Damned.
The Doctor is travelling alone.
The Doctor takes part in a polar expedition on Grothendar. (COMIC: Wormhole)
Sequel story to The Idiot's Lantern. The Doctor mentions that he is "not mad about angels", suggesting a post-Blink setting.

Early exploits with Donna Edit

The Doctor is reunited with Donna while investigating Adipose Industries. Having regretted turning down his invitation, Donna invites herself aboard the TARDIS as the Doctor's newest companion. The Doctor identifies Martha as his previous companion, and learns that a planet has gone missing.
The Doctor gives Donna a tour of the TARDIS, setting this early in their travels together.
The Doctor and Donna are dealing with the fallout of Partners in Crime. Donna is still adjusting to life in the TARDIS.
Donna takes her first trip in the TARDIS, arriving in Pompeii on the eve of Mount Vesuvius's eruption. Realising that it is a fixed point in time, the Doctor causes the eruption, with Donna's support, but saves a single family from the destruction of Pompeii. The Doctor learns that another planet is missing, and is informed that "she is returning" by Lucius Petrus Dextrus.
Donna visits her first alien planet, the Ood Sphere, where she and the Doctor free the Ood from enslavement. Ood Sigma tells the Doctor that his "song must end soon".
Donna claims she is still "a bit new" to meeting aliens, setting this early in her travels in the TARDIS.
Donna recalls the events of Planet of the Ood.
Donna refers to the events of The Fires of Pompeii and Planet of the Ood.
Donna recalls the events of The Doctor Trap, and notes that this is only the third time that she has met robots, setting this before Pest Control.

Helping Martha Edit

While teaching Donna how to pilot the TARDIS, the Doctor is summoned by Martha to assist UNIT in investigating the ATMOS factory. Donna visits her family for the first since Partners in Crime, and the Doctor is formally introduced to her grandfather, Wilf. The Doctor finds the Sontarans are behind the ATMOS plot, leading directly into The Poison Sky.
After foiling the Sontarans' plot, Martha bids the Doctor and Donna farewell in the TARDIS, which takes off of its own accord with her still inside, leading directly into The Doctor's Daughter.
Arriving in a Human-Hath War on Messaline, the Doctor's DNA is taken to create a female clone; Jenny, who appears to die shielding the Doctor from a bullet. Donna learns the severed hand in the TARDIS once belonged to the Doctor.
The Doctor eventually gets Martha back home, and continues to travel with Donna.

Having a fun time Edit

Donna is getting used to the TARDIS arriving in the wrong place, and sees an angry mob for the first time, which the Doctor tells her she'll get used to, setting this early in her travels.
Donna is in contact with Wilf, setting this after The Sontaran Stratagem, but appears to still be adjusting to life in the TARDIS. According to this account, this is Donna's first encounter with the Ice Warriors.
Donna still appears to be getting used to the responsibilities of time travel, as the Doctor has to tell her not to use her camera phone openly during a visit to the past, setting this early in her travels. Donna calls Wilf and mentions her adventures with the Doctor to him, setting this after The Sontaran Stratagem.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Poison Sky.
The Doctor and Donna rescue various historical figures from an insane computer in 800 Belgium.
Ending leads directly into Merchant of Menace.
The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie, and learn the circumstances of her disappearance. The Doctor recalls the events of The Lonely Computer.
Donna knows Martha, setting this after The Sontaran Stratagem.
Donna knows of the Sontarans, setting this after The Poison Sky.
The Doctor and Donna are preoccupied with "dinosaur business" while the Doctor is helping Shakespeare write The Tempest.
Donna recalls facing the Sontarans, setting this after The Poison Sky.
The Doctor and Donna attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Enemies in time Edit

Ending leads directly into Sting of the Serpent.
Ending leads directly into Attack of the Rats.
Ending leads directly into The Zantraan Invasion.
Ending leads directly into Swarm of the Zenith.
Ending leads directly into Prey of the Zenith.
Ending leads directly into Lair of the Zenith.
Ending leads directly into School of the Dead.
Ending leads directly into Ghosts from the Past.
Ending leads directly into The Battle for Time.

The Library Edit

Answering a distress call, the Doctor meets someone from his personal future, River Song, in the Library, and fights off the Vashta Nerada with her. Ending leads directly into Forest of the Dead.
Set during Silence in the Library, when the Doctor is admiring the Library before River Song arrives.
Set during Silence in the Library, just as the Doctor teleports Donna into the TARDIS.
The Doctor watches River sacrifice her life to rid the Library of the Vashta Nerada, but is able to save her consciousness by uploading it into the Library computer system.

Last exploits with Donna Edit

After leaving Donna at her home for a visit to recover from her ordeal at the Library, (AUDIO: Out of this World) the Doctor is captured and frozen by the Collectors. (AUDIO: The Chiswick Cuckoos)
The Doctor psychically contacts Donna to rescue him from the Collectors. After defeating the Collectors, the Doctor and Donna are reunited and continue their travels together. Donna has been travelling with the Doctor for months by now.
Donna knows that she shouldn't read about her future in books, setting this after Forest of the Dead.
Donna visits Wilf, setting this before Midnight. The Doctor and Donna are still recovering from the recent events of Forest of the Dead. Donna mentions having had two husbands, setting this between Forest of the Dead and Death and the Queen. The Doctor and Donna recall meeting Gully during Time Reaver. Wilf teases Donna about being in a relationship with the Doctor, suggesting this is set before Wilf had gotten to know the Doctor better.
Donna has already visited Mercury, Venus, Pluto, the rings of Saturn and seen the death of the Mestophelix Galaxy.
Donna recalls meeting "talking skeletons", setting this after Forest of the Dead. Sylvia doesn't know the truth about Donna's travels with the Doctor and believes that they have recently been in Dubai. The Doctor and Wilf begin to develop a friendship.
Set between The Poison Sky and Midnight, with Donna off vacationing without the Doctor. The Doctor has a good relationship with Wilf and shares a week long adventure with Sylvia.
Donna visits Sylvia and Wilf, setting this before Midnight. The Doctor has a good relationship with Wilf, and Wilf has gained a high admiration for the Doctor.
Donna encounters the Judoon for the first time.
The Doctor and Donna recall the events of The Fires of Pompeii.
The Doctor learns that a moon has gone missing. According to Wilf in The Stolen Earth, Donna makes her last contact with home before Journey's End during this story.
The Doctor and Donna encounter the Cobalite.
The Doctor and Donna encounter the Judoon, setting this after One Mile Down.
The Doctor and Donna arrive at a garden centre at Christmas time.
The Doctor and Donna spend Christmas Eve in the TARDIS.
According to this account, Donna encounters the Ice Warriors for the first time during a trip to Draconia.
The Doctor claims to be 903-years-old.
Donna reflects on how far she has come as a person since first meeting the Doctor, setting this late in her travels.

Reunions and farewells Edit

After learning that Donna was sent to a parallel world by the Trickster's Brigade, the Doctor realises he and Donna are being linked together and is told a message from Donna about Rose, leading directly into The Stolen Earth.
After Earth goes missing, the Doctor tracks down the missing planets to the Medusa Cascade, where he finds UNIT, Torchwood 3 and the Bannerman Road gang repelling an invasion by the New Dalek Empire, spearheaded by Davros and Dalek Caan. Rendezvousing with Rose and Jack, the Doctor is struck by a Dalek gunstick and begins to regenerate, leading directly into Journey's End.
The Doctor averts his regeneration by siphoning off the remaining energy into his severed hand, which makes contact with Donna, growing into a new Doctor and giving Donna the mind of a Time Lord. After learning that Caan had manipulated the timeline to get the Doctor and Donna together for this purpose, the new Doctor destroys the New Dalek Empire and returns the stolen planets. After exiling the new Doctor to Pete's World to be with Rose, the Doctor is forced to erase all trace of himself from Donna's memory to prevent her brain from burning up, and returns her home.
Set immediately after Journey's End. The Doctor discovers a message left in the TARDIS data banks left by Donna in case she was forced to part with him, telling him to find someone else and to not travel alone.
Set almost immediately after Journey's End.
The Doctor is depressed by Rose's absence, setting this after The Runaway Bride, but he also mentions Lilith and knows about the Hath, setting this after Series 3 and Series 4 as well. As the Doctor is too depressed to even leave the TARDIS, this most likely takes place shortly after Journey's End, where the Doctor lost Rose again and ended up in a depressed state due to Donna's fate. After being comforted by Rose-the-Cat, the Doctor decides to find a new companion.

Moving on Edit

Set immediately after The Eyeless, with the Doctor having just departed Acropolis. He also recalls the recent events of Journey's End.
According to the Doctor, The Poison Sky was "not long ago".
The Doctor has traveled with Donna Noble, setting this after Journey's End.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
Ending leads directly into Flight and Fury.
Ending leads directly into The Living Ghosts.
Ending leads directly into Extermination of the Daleks.

Quest for the Eternity Crystal Edit

The Doctor discovers the Eternity Crystal, and takes it to prevent the Darksmith Collective from having it.
The Doctor loses the Eternity Crystal to the Darksmith Agent.
The Doctor recalls the events of Martha in the Mirror. After retrieving the Eternity Crystal, the Doctor begins tracking down Brother Varlos, the person who constructed the Crystal.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Fires of Pompeii. Having tracked Varlos to Flydon Maxima, the Doctor enlists the help of his daughter, Gisella, who tells him that Varlos had settled in 1895 Paris, leading directly into The Vampire of Paris.
Arriving in Paris, the Doctor and Gisella see Varlos killed by a Time Vampire, leading directly into The Game of Death.
Tracking the Darksmith Agent to the Silver Devastation, the Doctor and Gisella find out that the Agent has been destroyed. Ending leads directly into The Planet of Oblivion.
The Doctor and Gisella are trying to find out who employed the Darksmith Collective to construct the Eternity Crystal. Ending leads directly into The Picture of Emptiness.
The Crystal is legally returned to Gisella by the Shadow Proclamation. However, Gisella betrays the Doctor and hands the Eternity Crystal over to the Darksmith Collective, leading directly into The Art of War.
Following Giselle to 2009 London, the Doctor discovers the Collective's employers are the Krashok, that Gisella was an android created by Varlos all along and had been reprogrammed by the Darksmith Collective to give them the Eternity Crystal when she and the Doctor collected it. Ending leads directly into The End of Time.
After he frees her, the Doctor destroys the Eternity Crystal and defeats the Krashok. The Doctor wishes to continue travelling with Gisella, but she leaves him to pursue her studies at the Space Brain.

Early ventures with Heather Edit

After she helps him defeat the Mozhtratta, the Doctor is joined by Edinburgh University student Heather McCrimmon.
The Doctor finds himself dealing with the fallout of the missing planets plot from The Stolen Earth.

Joined by Wolfie Edit

The Doctor and Heather are joined by Wolfgang Ryter.
After briefly being turned into a werewolf, Wolfie decides to leave the TARDIS and is returned to Salzburg.

Last ventures with Heather Edit

Heather begins sporting her hair in a bobbed hairstyle.
Returning to Edinburgh University, Heather falls into the Mozhtratta's trap and is rendered unable to travel in the Time Vortex, ending her time in the TARDIS.

No more companions Edit

By this point, the Doctor has firmly sworn off having travelling companions.
Ending leads directly into Metal Mania.
Ending leads directly into Dark Side of the Moon.
Ending leads directly into The King of Earth.
Ending leads directly into The Rebirth of Corah.
Ending leads directly into The End.
The Doctor recalls meeting Xylem Maple Dorm when he was a young cleric. The Doctor meets Devon Pryce for the first time and decides to stick around New Earth and investigate the Lux, leading into The Skies of New Earth.
The Doctor has been investigating the Lux in New Caelum before being reunited with Devon. Following the defeat of the Lux, the Doctor departs New Earth with the promise to return and help should the Lux return.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.
After escaping San Helios with the aid of Lady Christina de Souza, the Doctor is warned by psychic Carmen that his "song is ending", that "it is returning" and that "he will knock four times." The Doctor is still adamant about not travelling with companions.

Lonely exploits Edit

The Doctor has realised how much he misses traveling with a companion.
The Doctor is beginning to feel lonely in the TARDIS and longs for a new companion to share his adventures with.
The Doctor meets June at the Acropolis and offers to take her to see it when it was new. Along the way, the Doctor answers a distress call and they end up encountering the Slitheen instead. Eventually, the Doctor does take June to Ancient Greece as promised, and offers her one last trip back home.
The Doctor is beginning to long for a companion to help him again.
The Doctor misses having a regular travelling companion.
The Doctor claims to be experimenting with travelling alone. The Doctor clicks his fingers to shut the TARDIS' doors, commenting that he's getting better.
While foiling the Trickster's plan to get Sarah Jane married, the Doctor gets an in-person introduction to Luke Smith, and also meets Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra. The Doctor is warned by the Trickster that "the gate is waiting" for him.
The Doctor has met Christina de Souza, setting this after Planet of the Dead.
The Doctor is still troubled by Donna's fate.

Early escapades with Gabby Edit

Authorial intent places this shortly after Planet of the Dead,[2] with the Doctor having "just rejected Christina de Souza as a potential companion".[3] The Doctor starts traveling with Gabby Gonzalez after she tells him that "no song should end too soon".
Gabby takes her first trip in the TARDIS, landing in the future on Ouloumos, her first alien planet. The Doctor decides to let Gabby stay with him permanently and offers her another chance at a "first trip", leading directly into The Weeping Angels of Mons.
The Doctor and Gabby face the Weeping Angels during World War I.
Gabby's experiences in World War I inspire her to return home to Sunset Park to see her friends and family for the first time since Revolutions of Terror.
Set between Echo and The Fountains of Forever, according to the The Fountains of Forever graphic novel.
The Doctor and Gabby are still in New York following the events of Echo. The Doctor and Gabby meet Cleopatra Hunsicker and Dorothy Bell for the first time. Ending leads directly into Spiral Staircase.
Ending leads directly into Sins of the Father.
The Doctor and Gabby encounter Anubis, who gives them "five thousand time cycles" to figure out a way of safely collapsing the Circle of Transcendence, and promises to look in on their progress.
The Doctor refers to the recent events of The Next Doctor. Gabby takes her first trip to Paris, where she and the Doctor had encountered the Cybermen before the "Multi-Doctor event".
Set during Four Doctors.
Set during Four Doctors.
Anubis looks in on the Doctor and Gabby for the first time since they made their arrangement in Sins of the Father. He has grown impatient of the Doctor's lack of communication with him.
Ending leads directly into Arena of Fear.
Cindy Wu joins the Doctor and Gabby in the TARDIS.

Escapades with Gabby and Cindy Edit

Cindy has just joined the TARDIS crew and is settling into her new room, setting this shortly after Arena of Fear. The Doctor is rigging up a new rift detector.
The Doctor has completed building his rift detector. The Doctor and Gabby have just escaped the Arena of Fear and decide to take Cindy on her first trip in the TARDIS, which is also Gabby's first trip to the United Kingdom, setting this almost immediately after Arena of Fear. The Doctor uses a time scope to defeat the Witch, leading directly into The Infinite Corridor.
Upon returning to the TARDIS following their encounter with the Wishing Well Witch, the Doctor decides that they are in need of a holiday and elects to take Gabby and Cindy to New Orleans, but the TARDIS malfunctions due to stress put upon it by the use of the time scope. The Doctor suspects that Anubis has been toying with them.
The Doctor, Gabby and Cindy spend two weeks holidaying in New Orleans, though the Doctor spends most of this time inside the TARDIS. The Doctor and Gabby encounter the Nocturnes for the second time. Ending leads directly into Music Man.
Roscoe Ruskin, whom was in a romantic relationship with Cindy in New Orleans, is killed by the Nocturne.
The Doctor drops Gabby and Cindy off at Sunset Park so that Cindy can recover from Roscoe's death. During this time, the Doctor looks in on Cleo and they share several adventures together, including attending the Ogrons poet society and visting the Guild of Unfeasible Mirthcasters. (COMIC: Revolving Doors)
Gabby notices how antsy the Doctor is getting during their stay in Sunset Park while Cindy recovers from Roscoe's death, and decides to slip away with him for an adventure. Gabby takes her first trip to London, and begins to realise how little she knows about the Doctor. The Doctor encounters an unconscious Martha, but leaves before she wakes up.
Cindy rejoins the Doctor and Gabby on their travels, and still considers herself a "TARDIS newbie", setting this shortly after Arena of Fear. Anubis is rejuvenated and begins using the name "Noobis".

Joined by Noobis Edit

Set immediately after Old Girl. Noobis, feeling lonely and grieving for Dorothy, decides to join the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy on their travels. Cindy is cloned and kidnapped by a Red TARDIS, leading directly into Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth.
The Doctor, Gabby and Noobis follow the Red TARDIS to Ancient China, where they rescue Cindy and her clones. Ending leads directly into Vortex Butterflies.
The Doctor sends Cindy's clones out into the world, where they eventually become Cindy's own ancestors. Reunited, the Doctor, Gabby, Cindy and Noobis continue their travels.
During their travels together, the Doctor, Gabby, Cindy and Noobis encounter fake Cybermen that re-enact the Cyber-Wars, visit a world where fruit is used a currency, and also visit the Xenopsychology Library of Aramuko. Noobis decides to take a break from travelling in the TARDIS in order to stay on Aramuko for a while. (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)

Final escapades with Gabby and Cindy Edit

Cindy has not yet encountered a spaceship.
After telling her that he does not wish to talk about Donna, the Doctor confesses to Jenny that he hasn't checked up on Martha in a while and should catch up with her soon.
The Doctor, Gabby and Cindy visit London together, setting this after Revolving Doors.
The Doctor drops Gabby and Cindy off at a house owned by him in Willesden in 2009, and asks Sarah Jane Smith to look after them. Sarah Jane has a photo of herself and the Doctor on her wedding day, setting this after The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. Ending leads directly into The Good Companion.
While on Ouloumos, the Doctor receives a message from Cleo, and takes Cindy in the TARDIS to visit her. After Gabby is kidnapped by the Red TARDIS, the Doctor, Cindy and Cleo reunite with Noobis on Aramuko, and then find Gabby and Marteek. Gabby falls from the TARDIS into the Time Vortex, where she is rescued by the Moment, who is currently paving the way for the Tenth Doctor to assist in saving Gallifrey during The Day of the Doctor.
Set concurrently with The Good Companion.

Helping Majenta Edit

Going undercover at Thinktwice, the Doctor encounters Majenta again, and learns she has lost her memory. She invites herself to travel with him as his patient.
The Doctor learns that Majenta was once betrothed to Wesley Sparks.
Assisting UNIT, the Doctor and Majenta find her old assistant, Fanson, who dies after telling Majenta that he had wiped her memories to spare her from her past.
The Doctor and Majenta visit New Old Detroit.
Majenta's attitude towards the Doctor has grown noticeably friendlier.
The Doctor notes that he doesn't take companions on anymore, explaining that Majenta is merely a job to him, and is warned about his approaching demise by the ghostly girls. Ending leads directly into The Crimson Hand.
The Doctor learns that Majenta was part of Crimson Hand criminal group. After sacrificing her life to destroy the Crimson Hand device, the Doctor is able to resurrect Majenta and leaves her on New Old Detroit to start a new life.

Meddling with time Edit

While attending a party in 1926 Hollywood, the Doctor saves a young actress called Emily Winter and a runner called Matthew Finnegan from a fire. They ask to travel with him, but he turns them down, obliquely claiming his last companionship "didn't end well". Leaving Hollywood, the Doctor is arrested by the Shadow Proclamation, leading into Fugitive.
The Doctor is arrested for preventing the fix point in time that was Emily's death, but escapes. He returns to Hollywood to collect evidence, a Terronite Transference machine, and decides to bring Emily and Matthew with him this time. Kraden mentions "the darkness" that's coming, and the Shadow Architect tells the Doctor he shouldn't be alone "when he knocks the fourth time", foreshadowing the events of The End of Time.
The Doctor mentions Christina, setting this after Planet of the Dead. Emily and Matthew have just recently joined the Doctor. The Advocate attacks the TARDIS to steal the Terronite technology and place doubt about the Doctor in Matthew's mind. The Doctor is summoned by Martha Jones, leading directly into Don't Step on the Grass.
The Doctor is still angry with Martha for nearly engaging the Osterhagen Project in Journey's End, and is aware that she has married Mickey, despite Martha not disclosing this to him. After his faith in the Doctor is completely lost, Matthew leaves the TARDIS to travel with the Advocate.
The Doctor decides its time to deal with the Advocate and get Matthew back, leading directly into Final Sacrifice.
Set two weeks after Tesseract. Matthew and the Advocate's minds merge to form a fifth-dimensional being called the Tef'Aree, who reveals it had manipulated events to ensure its own creation. After he leaves Emily behind on Earth, the Doctor heads off for an adventure on Mars, leading directly into The Waters of Mars.
After trying to alter a fixed point in time concerning Adelaide Brooke on Mars, the Doctor sees a vision of Ood Sigma, heralding his upcoming demise, which he starts running from.

Delaying his fate Edit

Set shortly after The Waters of Mars, with the Doctor visiting the Cathedral of Contemplation whilst avoiding answering Ood Sigma's summons, where he crosses paths with his fourth incarnation. The Tenth Doctor still refuses to travel with companions, but the Fourth Doctor advises him to reconsider, and he decides to delay travelling to the Ood Sphere for a little longer.
The Doctor is unfazed by his killing of Gom, implying this takes place near the end of his life, specifically after The Waters of Mars.
The events of Silence in the Library are considered a recent happening by the Doctor.
The Doctor vaguely comments on the amount of people heralding his upcoming death.
Set after The Waters of Mars, with the Doctor marrying Elizabeth I, something he would recall doing while avoiding Ood Sigma during The End of Time. He claims to be 904-years-old.

Final adventures Edit

The Doctor is called back to New Earth to help defeat the Lux once and for all.
The Doctor runs into Christina de Souza again while on a "last holiday", setting this shortly before The End of Time.
The Doctor tells Mason Valentin that there's "something [he's] been avoiding" and then leaves after saying his "time's up", leading into The End of Time.

Death Edit

Answering Ood Sigma's call, the Doctor learns of the Master's resurrection in 2009. Trying to find him, the Doctor runs into Wilf, and realises they are still connected. The Doctor claims to be 906-years-old, and joins forces with Wilf to stop the Master. Realising that the Master is a pawn in Rassilon's plan to destroy the universe to survive the Time War, the Doctor is able to send the Time Lords back into the war with the Master's aid, but has to sacrifice himself to save Wilf from a radiation shield about to be flooded with radiation from the Immortality Gate. With the regeneration process starting, the Doctor returns Wilf home and goes to get "his reward".
The Doctor visits his old companions, such as watching Jo Grant sail down the Yangtze River. (TV: Death of the Doctor)
The Doctor saves Martha and Mickey from a Sontaran and Luke from being run over by a car.
The Doctor visits Hame on her deathbed, and witnesses her pass away. He mentions that he is on a "final journey" after being "poisoned", setting this during his reward in The End of Time.
The Doctor saves Heather and Wolfie from a meteorite creature built from museum parts during his reward in The End of Time.
The Doctor travels to the Zaggit Zagoo bar to set Jack up with Midshipman Alonso Frame, and has Verity Newman sign his copy of A Journal of Impossible Things.
After years of searching, the Doctor finds Carla in the new timeline. (PROSE: The Haldenmor Fugue)
After borrowing a pound from Geoff Noble, the Doctor buys a rollover-winning lottery ticket as a wedding gift for Donna, and presents it to Sylvia and Wilf.
Set near the end of the Doctor's reward in The End of Time, with the Doctor already in the process of regenerating, and just barely holding it back.
After visiting the 2005 Powell Estate to see Rose one last time, the Doctor, with encouragement from the Ood, regenerates into his next incarnation in the TARDIS.

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Time Lord Victorious Edit

Set between a delayed comic[4] and The Waters of Mars.[5] After an adventure with the Thirteenth Doctor caused a reality-altering paradox from the breaking of the First Law of Time, the Tenth Doctor finds himself with amnesia in a universe where the Last Great Time War never happened. He allies himself with the Daleks against the Hond.
The Doctor is trying to do good in the universe, when he is tracked down on a desert planet by Brian the Ood who has spent a great deal of time trying to find him.

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