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This page lists the appearances of various Supreme Daleks in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Pre-Time War[]

The "original Dalek leader", the Dalek Supreme rules the Dalek City in the era following the Neutronic war. It is destroyed when Ian Chesterton overloads the power feeds to the Dalek City.
A black Supreme Controller leads the Dalek Earthforce in the mid-22nd century. It is destroyed when the 22nd century Dalek invasion is defeated in 2167.
A black Supreme Dalek orders the extermination of the First Doctor and his companions for their role in "delay[ing]" the conquest of Earth.
A black Dalek Supreme leads the Daleks in the year 4000.
During the 26th century conflict against the Thals, a gold and black Dalek Supreme is a member of the Supreme Council.
During the Dalek-Movellan War, the Supreme Dalek is leading the Daleks while Davros is retrieved from Skaro.
Following the Dalek-Movellan War, the black Supreme Dalek oversees the rescue of Davros from his imprisonment.
The Supreme Dalek is leading the Daleks as they capture Davros on Necros.
The black Supreme Dalek leads the Renegade Dalek during the civil war against the Imperial Daleks following Davros, the Emperor Dalek. After being informed of the destruction of Skaro by the Seventh Doctor, the Supreme Dalek self-destructs.

Post-Time War[]

A red Supreme Dalek leads the New Dalek Empire created by Davros. It is ultimately destroyed by Jack Harkness.
A New Dalek Paradigm is created by surviving Daleks, witnessed by the Eleventh Doctor. Of the first five new Daleks, their leader is the white Supreme Dalek who is distinguished by its deep voice, similar to the Dalek Emperor and the earlier, red Supreme Dalek. The five Daleks successfully escape through a time corridor, proceeding to rebuild their race.
All subsequent instances of the white Supreme Dalek speak with a standard Dalek voice.
Having acquired the Eye of Time, a white Supreme Dalek enters the city of Kaalann on Skaro, intending to rebuild the Dalek Empire. It is destroyed in a confronation with the Doctor.
A Supreme Dalek leads the Daleks on their attempted take-overs of the SS Lucy Gray in their efforts to recover their lost Time Axis. They are destroyed when their ship is sent into the sun.
A Supreme Dalek leads the Daleks in the Alliance.
A dying, white Supreme Dalek is found by the Doctor.
In an alternate 2106, the Supreme Dalek is subordinate to a Dalek Emperor. Hacking into the Dalek transmat systems, the Doctor and River Song send the Supreme Dalek to the North Pole.
The Paradigm's original Supreme Dalek is subordinate to the Prime Minister of the Daleks.
A red Supreme Dalek leads the Daleks on the recreated Skaro.