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This page lists the appearances of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

The only Sherlock and Watson pairing to have appeared in Doctor Who fiction are Big Finish's cast of Nicholas Briggs (Sherlock) and Richard Earl (Watson) who appeared in All-Consuming Fire and The Worlds of Big Finish. As such, this page consists of a secondary timeline which also covers this pairing in their non-DWU stories, mainly as a part of Big Finish's Sherlock Holmes series.


Watson tells Arthur Conan Doyle of the events of All-Consuming Fire. Holmes does not appear.
Holmes and Watson attend Bernice Summerfield's wedding in 2010
Holmes and Watson meet Iris Wildthyme.
Watson does not appear.
Holmes does not appear.
Holmes does not appear.
Watson does not appear.
Sherlock reads The Book of the Enemy and his entire life is turned into fiction.
The fictional Sherlock dies of old age.


Big Finish timeline[]

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Watson serves in Afghanistan while Sherlock and Lestrade meet for the first time.
Set shortly after Watson's arrival back in England.
Holmes uncovers the mystery of Jack the Ripper.
Set in October.
Set in November 1888. Watson notes that Holmes has solved three cases this Autumn, including the Baskerville affair.
Set from April to May 1891. Holmes and James Moriarty are apparently killed at Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.
Set in August 1892. Holmes has spent over a year crossing wits with Colonel Sebastian Moran, one of Moriarty's employees. Meanwhile in London, John is given a mysterious letter.
Set in September, and only days after Poppyland, Holmes travels to Tibet.
Follows on directly from At the Gates of Shambhala.
Not long after The Man in the Moonlight, Holmes returns to London to reveal the Society's hoax to the public. Colonel Moran and Helenna Eidelmann, members of the Society, escape England and are pursued by Holmes. Three months later, Mary Watson is murdered in front of John at Pargetter Square.
In February 1894, Holmes tracks down Mary's killer and forces him to start a new life in Tibet.
  • NOTVALID: The Reification of Hans Gerber
  • NOTVALID: The Adventure of the Gatekeeper's Folly
  • NOTVALID: The Adventure of Bermondsey Cutthroats
Sherlock meets Dorian Gray.
  • October 1921 - The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes (frame)
Holmes and Watson tell each other of the events that occurred during Sherlock's apparent death. The Society begins to act again.


  • NOTVALID: The Master of Blackstone Grange
  • NOTVALID: The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency
  • NOTVALID: The Fiends of New York City