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This page lists appearances of the Shadow Proclamation and their Judoon foot soldiers in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


A Judoon squad accepts an environmental clearance mission on the planet Reigate. When the mission goes wrong, Captain Kybo is stranded in Victorian England. This causes Kybo to be charged with desertion. When the Sixth Doctor learns of this, he decides to become his defence at his trial.
This story shows the Judoon transporting the courtroom to Mars due to them having no jurisdiction over Earth. Despite this, the novel Revenge of the Judoon, set in 1902, shows them having jurisdiction over Earth and losing that jurisdiction during the Balmoral Castle incident.
The Judoon use a H₂O scoop to move Balmoral Castle to an Earth desert. The Tenth Doctor orders the Judoon to never use a H₂O scoop on Earth again.
The Judoon are sent by the Shadow Proclamation to find the killer of the Child Princess of Padrivole Regency 9. Due to their previous encounter with the Doctor, they use the H₂O scoop to transport the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon, due to it being neutral territory.
Officers Ka-Pa-Lu-Yes and Igg-Cha-Sbr-Sil-No are tasked with finding "Florence Finnegan".
After the Daleks steal numerous planets and relocate them, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble visit the Shadow Proclamation to gather more information and locate the planets. Upon learning their location, the Doctor makes the decision to leave without allowing the Shadow Proclamation to declare war across the Universe.
The Tenth Doctor saves Emily Winter, whose death was previously a fixed point in time. This event is watched by the Shadow Architect and the Doctor is promptly taken into custody, leading into Fugitive.
The Tenth Doctor is put on trial by the Shadow Proclamation for rewriting a fixed point in time. After saving the Shadow Architect from a group of corrupt Judoon and Krillitane agents, she admits that his trial was false and sets him free. She forewarns the Doctor that he will need friends "when he knocks the fourth time".
Judoon officer Tybo is on the hunt for an escaped prisoner known as Androvax, who can inhabit human bodies. Sarah Jane and the gang decide to help him with his investigation for fear he may hurt other humans.
The Tenth Doctor is yet again on trial at the Shadow Proclamation during his investigation of the Darksmith Collective.
Under orders by Davros, Colony Sarff visits the Shadow Proclamation to interrogate the Shadow Architect and her Judoon agent over the whereabouts of the Twelfth Doctor.
The paradox moon appears above the Shadow Proclamation, interfering with their communications systems. The Shadow Architect begrudgingly allows the Thirteenth Doctor to investigate further.

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