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This page lists appearances of the Seventh Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, the Big Finish forums and The Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Additionally there are statements on the back many BBC Past Doctor Adventures novels that state between which TV stories the novel takes place between. These can be used to narrow the field, but should not be viewed as the only placement for these novels.

Organisational aids[]

The Seventh Doctor's timeline is organised by companion, TARDIS, outfit, and personality. However, few indicators are absolute. His companions often leave and rejoin him, he switches TARDISes and TARDIS interiors multiple times, he sometimes explicitly wears the "wrong" outfit for a period, and his personality can be difficult to pin down. He's also seen removing his more "useless" memories in PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys, explaining errors in continuity he makes.

Stories where the Doctor travels alone are most often organised by personality: if he is more lighthearted, they can be placed early in his life or immediately before the end, while stories where he is more sombre are usually placed close to, but not immediately before, his death.

The Doctor switches from usually wearing his lighter jacket to usually wearing the darker one in AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games. His white linen suit is introduced in PROSE: White Darkness, though he might have worn it before. Stories where he wears his tweed jacket should be placed after PROSE: So Vile a Sin.

Stories where the Doctor travels in his alternate self's TARDIS take place after PROSE: Blood Heat and before PROSE: Happy Endings, but often which TARDIS he is using goes unmentioned, and what companions he is with are a more useful indicator. Stories where he travels in his black TARDIS take place after AUDIO: Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge and before AUDIO: Gods and Monsters. Stories where the TARDIS is white take place after AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari and before AUDIO: Gods and Monsters


Any stories where the Doctor is travelling with just Mel Bush must take place between TV: Time and the Rani and TV: Dragonfire, while any story with her and Ace must follow AUDIO: A Life of Crime.

Any stories involving a younger Ace must take place from TV: Dragonfire to PROSE: Love and War, while any story where Ace has combat-training must take place after PROSE: Deceit.

Any stories where he travels with Bernice Summerfield must take place between PROSE: Love and War and PROSE: Deceit, or between PROSE: Set Piece and PROSE: Happy Endings. Any stories where Ace and Benny's relationship is non-antagonistic must take place after PROSE: No Future.

Any story with Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej as companions must take place between PROSE: Original Sin and PROSE: So Vile a Sin. Any story featuring just Chris as a companion must take place before PROSE: Lungbarrow.

Any story where the Doctor and Ace travel with Hex must take place between AUDIO: The Harvest and AUDIO: Signs and Wonders.


The Doctor edits his more "useless" memories in Timewyrm: Genesys, which can explain anything he's forgotten from previous incarnations and adventures.

The Doctor Who Magazine comics start off with the Doctor travelling with Frobisher, who acts like Peri Brown has just departed, before he himself leaves the series. The early comics also portray the Doctor as he acted in Time and the Rani, until Nemesis of the Daleks sees him act as the manipulator he had become in the latter part of his television tenure.


Ace loses some of her memories in Timewyrm: Genesys and The Prisoner's Dilemma, which can explain anything she's forgotten from her previous travels.

Throughout their travels together, Ace continued to mature and come to terms with her past and how she coped with it. The early audios that have her and the Doctor traveling with Raine Creevy generally follow the characteristics established by the television series; an immature rebel who enjoys explosives and is often in the dark about the Doctor's plans.

In the Virgin New Adventures, Ace undergoes major character development after a fallout with the Doctor. It is this version of Ace that develops with the Doctor and Bernice Summerfield in the VNA series, after returning from fighting the Daleks with Spacefleet; She often identifies herself as a soldier, and is abrasive toward the Doctor and Benny, at least until No Future, where the three resolve their differences. Ace then becomes less prone to using explosives, more dedicated to TARDIS-life, and more accepting of the Doctor's manipulative nature, until she leaves again to become Time's Vigilante.

David Bishop, when writing Enemy of the Daleks, based Ace on the combat-trained "New Ace" from the New Adventures; this potentially indicates that the audio is set after Deceit.

The biggest complication surrounding Ace is her death in Ground Zero, in which she is shown travelling with the Doctor as he is seen in Doctor Who.

TARDIS interior[]

Following on from The Chameleon Factor, the TARDIS is changed to a beige design and retains it for most of the Doctor's continued travels.

At some point before The Armageddon Gambit, the Seventh Doctor gained another control room, with the time rotor connected to the ceiling instead of the floor.

While travelling in the TARDIS of an alternate universe version of his third incarnation, the Seventh Doctor had a transitional version of his Victorian parlour control room by Human Nature, as shown in the ebook art. Later, in Lungbarrow, his own TARDIS changes into a Victorian parlour design to resemble the Doctor's family estate in the House of Lungbarrow, and retains the look into Doctor Who.

However, in The Settling, the TARDIS is redecorated by the Doctor, Ace, and Hex to the Victorian parlour design seen in Doctor Who, though it reverts to the old design from Black and White to Gods and Monsters.

In Signs and Wonders, the TARDIS is damaged and resets to a white room without a console. The Doctor claims that it needs time to rebuild and that he should be able to restore the configuration.

Also, Excelis Decays claims that the Doctor apparently built the Victorian parlour design himself.

Furthermore, in Ground Zero, the elderly Doctor is using his old interior design until the TARDIS is damaged and forced to change the interior design, with the authorial intent being that it changed to the Victorian parlour design in the lead up to Doctor Who.

In The Monsters of Gokroth and The Moons of Vulpana, set after the Doctor's travels with Ace, the TARDIS interior has the 80s TV sound effects before changing to the TV Movie sound effects in An Alien Werewolf in London.


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Days like crazy paving[]

The Seventh Doctor's persona begins to emerge as his previous incarnation regenerates.
Immediately after regenerating from his previous incarnation, the Doctor is thrown into a confrontation with the First Rani on Lakertya. He claims to be 953-years-old.
Set immediately after Time and the Rani, with the Doctor bemoaning the loss of his scarf and umbrella on Lakertya, and still adjusting to his new body.
Set between Time and the Rani and Paradise Towers. [1] The Doctor has recently regenerated, as shown by the large amount of the lindos hormone in his system, setting this shortly after Time and the Rani.
The Doctor brings a new hatstand back into the TARDIS console room. He acts much like his sixth incarnation, suggesting he is still recovering from his regeneration.
Mel is wearing the same clothes she wore in Paradise Towers.
Pex's sacrifice from Paradise Towers is still on Mel's mind.
The Doctor's umbrella is damaged, with him suggesting it time he acquired a new one, setting this before Delta and the Bannermen, where the Doctor had replaced his whangee handled umbrella with one with a large red question mark designed handle.
The Doctor is carrying his question mark umbrella, setting this after The Warehouse.
After they meet Emil Hartung in Cairo, which Mel claims that is her first trip into the past, the Doctor realises he will have to leave Mel soon, so that her morals don't compromise his agenda. Despite several adventures with the Sixth Doctor establishing the contrary, Mel claims that this is her first trip into the past, setting this before Delta and the Bannermen. (PROSE: Just War)
Set between Paradise Towers and Delta and the Bannermen.[2] The Doctor is carrying his red umbrella, setting this after The Warehouse.
Set between Paradise Towers and Delta and the Bannermen.[3] The Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella, setting this after The Warehouse. The two versions of the story detail what happens when the Doctor is coerced into changing the past, but offers no conclusion about which of the versions is the "correct" one.
The Doctor and Mel broker peace on Prosper. (AUDIO: Maker of Demons)
The Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella, setting this after The Warehouse.
The Doctor still acts lighthearted, but Mel is starting to feel alienated by him.
Set between Delta and the Bannermen and Dragonfire.[4] The Doctor acts more brooding, something Mel claims to have never seen in him before.
Despite the Big Finish website placing this between Time and the Rani and Paradise Towers[5], the Doctor is carrying his red question mark umbrella, setting this after Delta and the Bannermen. The Doctor acts more brooding around Mel, setting this after The Fires of Vulcan.
On Iceworld, the Doctor and Mel bump into Sabalom Glitz again, and also meet a time-displaced 16-year-old girl named Ace. While Mel leaves to travel with Glitz, the Doctor offers to let Ace travel with him in the TARDIS, and she accepts.
TV: The Name of the Doctor
Set during the ending of Dragonfire: Episode 1. The Doctor is compelled to throw himself off a cliff side by the Great Intelligence, but an echo of Clara Oswald snaps him out of the trance.

Ending the Dalek civil war[]

Ace encounters the Daleks for the first time. She is carrying a baseball bat, which is super-powered by the Doctor via the Hand of Omega. It is later destroyed however. According to PROSE: Head Games, this was the first time she doubted the Doctor's motives.
PROSE: The Slyther of Shoreditch
Set during Remembrance of the Daleks: Part 2, before the Doctor visits Harry's café.
Immediately following Remembrance of the Daleks, the Doctor detects temporal abnormality at Coal Hill School in 2016. However, the TARDIS is attacked before he and Ace can tend to it. (AUDIO: In Remembrance)
The Doctor remains in the TARDIS while Ace visits Judith Winters in 1993, thirty years after Remembrance of the Daleks.
Ace learns that the TARDIS is stuck with the police box exterior due to a broken chameleon circuit, and begins questioning the Doctor's intentions and motivations. Her previous encounter with the Daleks was during Remembrance of the Daleks.


The Doctor and Ace visit 1926 Africa. The Doctor leaves Ace with an old friend, Naikosiai, while he attends to some business alone. (PROSE: Prelude Birthright) The Doctor takes up residence at Ercildoune in Scotland in the 13th century, using it as a base from which to set out on various travels for roughly two years. (PROSE: Birthright)
The Doctor visits 1909 London, and saves Barbara Wright's grandfather, Ernie Wright, from being arrested for a murder he did not commit. The Doctor claims that he has business to attend to in Soho, and then somewhere else "a long, long way away" from Soho.
The Doctor visits Margaret Waterfield at 39 Dean Street in Soho to warn her of Benny's imminent arrival. Next, he visits Coutts Bank in 1868 London with Victoria Waterfield. The Doctor asks Margaret what her favourite flowers are, knowing in advance the day she dies. (PROSE: Prelude Birthright) The Doctor arranges for flowers to be sent to Margaret Waterfield's funeral. (PROSE: Birthright)
The Doctor deletes the scan of his mind from the APC Net on Gallifrey.
The Doctor visits the court of Elizabeth I, and persuades the Queen to send Jared Khan on a fool's errand, spends five years teaching Mikhail Popov English in St Petersburg, knowing that he would help Bernice in London and arranges for Herbert Asquith to have Bernice Summerfield released from Holloway Prison. (PROSE: Birthright)
The Doctor's profile picture is of him on Iceworld, setting this after Dragonfire.
The Doctor leaves Ercildoune for the last time, shortly before the Charl Queen arrives looking for the TARDIS. He asks Jared Khan to travel through the glen and leaves him with advice to "follow the bonny bonny road should anyone give him the choice". Khan would later strike a deal with the Charl Queen. (PROSE: Birthright)
The Doctor returns to Africa to collect Ace. Though she tells him that he's been gone for hours, the Doctor responds that it "[felt] like years" for him. The Doctor and Ace leave for Terra Alpha, setting this immediately before The Happiness Patrol.

Early travels with Ace[]

Broadcasted out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule.
After leaving Terra Alpha, Ace asks the Doctor how he operates, and believes they come to an understanding. She is still new to the TARDIS at this point. The TARDIS arrives at its next destination, with the implication being that this leads into Silver Nemesis. (PROSE: Head Games)
Broadcasted out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Doctor Who, explaining how Ace is wearing Flowerchild's earring despite acquiring it in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Ace encounters the Cybermen for the first time. The Doctor spots a chess set in Lady Peinforte's home and realises that Fenric is orchestrating events in his favour.
COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen Prologue: The Seventh Doctor
In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Doctor finds Ace converted into a Cyberman during the events of Silver Nemesis.
Broadcasted out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders due to a delay brought about by the 1988 Olympics.
Resting in 1988, the Doctor reflects on the recent events of Remembrance of the Daleks, Silver Nemesis and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
The Doctor is depicted as wearing his cream jacket.
Ace has "only just come on board" the TARDIS, though has been aboard long enough to use up several cans of deodorant, and is exploring her new surroundings.
The Doctor does not have much control over events, and his relationship with Ace is more trusting, setting this in their early travels. Ace has encountered Nazis during her travels with the Doctor, setting this after Silver Nemesis.
The Doctor plays the spoons, which Master indicated he did less as he matured, setting this early in his travels with Ace.
Though she is absent, the Doctor is currently travelling with Ace.
Ace wishes to spend Christmas with the Doctor, who is reluctant and fails to see why it is so important to Ace, setting this early in their travels together.
The Doctor takes Ace to Rome during Saturnalia as a Christmas surprise. The Doctor's main priority is teaching Ace and, when they encounter danger, the Doctor sends Ace back to the TARDIS, setting this during their early travels.
The Doctor, out gift-shopping, mentions that Ace likes Charlton Athletic, which he learnt in Silver Nemesis.
The Doctor is wearing his off-white jacket. Ace is described as a teenage, is carrying a baseball bat, and has a Charlton Athletic badge pinned to her jacket.
Set soon after The Time and Tide.
The Doctor, who is beginning to lean towards his scheming ways, gives his white coat to Rebeekan, and begins thinking about changing it for a brown one.
The Doctor has not yet told Ace about regeneration, and she doesn't know who the Master is, setting this before Survival.
Set between The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and Battlefield, according to the official script release. The Doctor recalls his movements in 1963 from Remembrance of the Daleks, and has spent the past six months working as an MP. He continues to serve as an MP until October 1964, before travelling back to December 1963 to pick up Ace. Ian Gilmore only notices that he has time traveled because he is wearing "a different jacket" by the time he returns, which he wore whilst working as an MP.
The Doctor is currently travelling with Ace. (DWM 475) He helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, has a tea party with his other incarnations in the Under Gallery as a celebration. Due to a "glitch" caused by the TARDISes surrounding each other, he briefly ages to his Doctor Who appearance when saving Gallifrey. (DWM 477)
Ace visits New York City for the first time.
The Doctor is wearing his costume from Season 25 and Ace is described as a young girl. They have a conversation about Jack the Ripper which implies that Matrix hasn’t happened yet.
The Doctor and Ace attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.
The Doctor is wearing his brown jacket, and the TARDIS has the console room from the television series. According to the introduction, the events of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy happened "not so long ago". Ace convinces Mags to take a trip in the TARDIS.
The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver that fires laser attacks, and is wearing his white safari jacket. The Doctor and Ace visit Paris, New York City, Tokyo and Skaro. According to PROSE: Head Games, however, this is all just a simulation created by the Land of Fiction.

Temporary companions[]

After leaving Ace in the Cretaceous period,the Doctor spends some time travelling alone, (COMIC: Train-Flight) and is reunited with his old friends Peri and Frobisher. (COMIC: A Cold Day in Hell!) The Doctor and Frobisher eventually drop Peri off on Thoros-Beta and she returns to Yrcanos. (COMIC: Planet of the Dead)
Peri has recently left the TARDIS to stay with Yrcanos, leaving Frobisher feeling melancholic. After a final adventure together, Frobisher stays on A-Lux in the 41st century, while the Doctor departs with a female Dreilyn named Olla.
Olla is handed over to Skaroux, whom she stole money from, leaving the Doctor alone again. The Doctor reflects on the recent and successive losses of Peri, Frobisher and Olla.
The Doctor is time displaced with his third incarnation and arrives in UNIT HQ, where he is reunited with Jo Grant.

Solo adventures[]

The Doctor sends Death's Head into the "robot universe". (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head)
After colliding with him in the Time Vortex, the Doctor uses a TCE to shrink Death's Head to human size.
Feeling old and useless, the Doctor considers returning the Gallifrey for good. After saving the Culture, the Doctor feels a renewed sense of purpose and leaves looking for another adventure.
The Doctor is playfully juggling, suggesting this is set before he dedicated himself to being "Time's Champion".
The Doctor has Christmas dinner with his other incarnations, where he plays the spoons to entertain them.
The Doctor begins trying to get to Maruthea for Bonjaxx's birthday.
The Doctor is still attempting to attend Bonjaxx's birthday on Marathea.
The Doctor is depicted as wearing his cream jacket.
The Doctor is still attempting to attend Bonjaxx's birthday on Marathea.
The Doctor and Death's Head cross paths again, and come to an uneasy truce.
The Doctor is still attempting to attend Bonjaxx's birthday on Marathea.
While still searching for Banjaxx's party, the Doctor meets Abslom Daak, a professional Dalek killer. The Doctor believes Davros to be the Dalek Emperor, indicating that this is set after Remembrance of the Daleks.
The Doctor has begun wearing a dark brown variant of his jacket on a permanent basis.
The Doctor is acting as a representative for the Time Lords.
The Doctor is no longer trying to get to Maruthea, and is wearing his dark jacket.
The Doctor is wearing his brown jacket, and traveling with a benevolent Cyberman mechanic.
The Doctor is depicted with his brown coat. He gives his past incarnation the Hand of Omega, setting this after he sent it off to Gallifrey in Remembrance of the Daleks.
The Doctor carries a Telphin life-seed to Earth. (COMIC: Memorial)
The Doctor is wearing his dark jacket, and appears to be traveling alone.
The Doctor is wearing his brown coat and paisley scarf.
The Doctor is wearing his dark jacket, and appears to be traveling alone
The Doctor doesn't recognise the Eighth Doctor, setting this before The Shadow of the Scourge, where knew his successor's appearance.
The Doctor is depicted in his brown coat on the cover and he has a more jovial outlook, implying a setting before Nightshade, where he becomes more dedicated to his plans.
The Doctor is imprisoned at the Maximum security facility with his other incarnations.

Drawn to Earth[]

The Doctor faces the Kalik.
The Doctor writes in his diary about having just defeated the Kalik in Train-Flight. Having felt distracted lately, the Doctor decides he needs to find a way to concentrate, presumably leading into his retrieval of Ace.
The Doctor retrieves Ace from the Cretaceous period, and the two resume travelling together.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule. Ace meets the Brigadier for the first time in her life, while the Doctor meets him for the first time since his most recent regeneration.
Ace believes she is making a habit out of escaping from underwater spaceships, setting this shortly after Battlefield. She is still under the legal drinking age. Ace still believes that there are no secrets between herself and the Doctor.
Ace is familiar with the TARDIS and has been travelling with the Doctor for some time, but is surprised that the Doctor keeps secrets, suggesting a setting after Relative Dementias.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule.
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, as the serial's theme fitted well with the Halloween broadcast slot. Fenric's master plan reaches its climax, but the Doctor is able to best his foe again. Ace is gifted an authentic cap insignia of the Red Army by Captain Sorin.
While Ace is asleep, the Doctor travels back in time to apologise to baby Ace for the events of Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric, and for the pain "yet to come".
Broadcast out-of-production-order on John Nathan-Turner's orders, to accommodate real world timing into the broadcast schedule. The novelisation details how the Doctor and Ace have returned to Earth for the first time since The Curse of Fenric, which was a week ago. Ace encounters the Master for the first time on Cheetah World, and both become infected with the Cheetah virus, though Ace begins to recover by the serial's conclusion.
Set immediately after Survival.
Set shortly after Survival, with the last event that Zoe dreams before waking up being the Doctor's speech to Ace about having "work to do". The Doctor visits Zoe at the Wheel at allows Ace to visit it's chemistry lab.
Ace recalls the events of The Curse of Fenric and it has been months since her departure from Perivale and subsequent travels with the Doctor. Set between Survival and Fellow Travellers, according to Stripped for action?.
The Doctor is travelling with an unnamed companion, who is suffering from a hangover after a night of testing drinks from the TARDIS food machine. At the time this story was released, the only companions the Seventh Doctor had in any medium were Mel, Ace, Frobisher and Ly-Chee.
Stripped for action? and Interweaving with the New Adventures place this story after Timewyrm: Revelation however that placement contradicts the continuity of this story arc and many other stories. Ace visits the House on Allen Road for the first time.
Placement established by Stripped for action?. The Doctor mentions that he's recently been unable to take the TARDIS away from Earth, and this has been troubling him for weeks. He suspects that the Mandragora Helix is still in the TARDIS and has been drawing it to Earth alongside other creatures and forces to draw power from them, causing the events of Fellow Travellers, Battlefield and Train-Flight. Ending leads directly into The Mark of Mandragora.
The Doctor has been redecorating the TARDIS. Placement established by Stripped for action? and Interweaving with the New Adventures.

Work to do[]

Set between The Mark of Mandragora and Party Animals, according to Stripped for action?.
Set between The Mark of Mandragora and Party Animals, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Set between The Mark of Mandragora and The Chameleon Factor and after Survival, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor finally reaches Maruthea, just as his predecessor is leaving.
The Doctor remembers that his real reason to come to Maruthea was to tidy up loose ends with Death's Head. He stuns the original Death's Head and wipes his memory of his encounter with Death's Head II.
Set after Party Animals, according to Stripped for action?. The Doctor locates his old signet ring in the TARDIS control console and decides to resume wearing it. Complications caused by the ring result in the TARDIS interior changing to a new design.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. The TARDIS' chameleon circuit is inexplicably working, and has changed the TARDIS's form into a Cadillac.
The Chameleon circuit fails once again, setting this shortly after The Good Soldier. The Doctor and Ace are trying to get to Middlesbrough. Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor and Ace arrive in Middlesbrough, setting this shortly after A Glitch in Time. Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor is wearing his dark brown jacket underneath his duffle-coat, and Ace is described as looking no older than 20 years old.
Though he appears alone, the Doctor is currently travelling with Ace. He is wearing his brown jacket and comments that Ace believes he shows off with his foreknowledge of events.
Ace recalls her unwitting meeting with Omega years prior and before she even met the Doctor.
Though the book's blurb would place this between The Curse of Fenric and Survival, the Doctor has it noted that he should leave a settee for his younger self to land on in Perivale, a reference to Survival. Ace is in her late teens.
Ace has a conversation echoing another that she had "not so long ago" in The Curse of Fenric. The earthbound setting places this after Survival.
Ace is under 18-years-of-age and is familiar with UNIT and the Brigadier, setting this after Battlefield. Ace visits Prague for the first time, setting this before Sunday Afternoon, 848, 988.

Adventures with Ace and K9[]

The Doctor is switched with his previous incarnations, and Ace switched with various past companions, whilst facing the First Rani's plot to use a Time Tunnel at Albert Square.
The Doctor and Ace are traveling with K9. They have just left Albert Square, and are preparing to take part in a gameshow, interlinking this between Dimensions in Time and Search Out Space.

Travels with Ace and Raine[]

Ace has her first encounter with an Ice Warrior. The Doctor claims to have never delivered a baby before he delivers baby Raine Creevy. The Doctor tries to get Ace accepted into the Time Lord Academy, but she turns down the offer and is also rejected by the Time Lords.
The Doctor has been keeping an eye of Raine Creevy ever since he helped to deliver her, setting this after Thin Ice. After defeating the Metatraxi, the Doctor offers Raine Creevy the chance to travel in the TARDIS, which she accepts.
Raine's first journey is to Margrave University in 2001, where, she discovers that her father has died. Upset by the revelation, Raine decides to stay at Margrave for a short time.
It has been some time since the Doctor and Ace last saw Raine in Animal, and she decides to return to the TARDIS.
The Doctor, Ace and Raine have just left Smithwood Manor, setting this after Fellow Travellers. The Doctor reminds Ace of their conversation about delta v in Earth Aid.
Under unknown circumstances, Raine leaves the TARDIS again.

Avoiding Ace's death[]

The Doctor and Ace have just left the Blitz, setting this immediately after Illegal Alien. Ace is 17-years-old, and the Valeyard uses the Dark Matrix to briefly reawaken the Cheetah virus within her, presumably amplifying her continued difficulties with the virus. Months have passed since Survival.
Set immediately after Matrix.
Ace is depicted with the same character traits she showed in Illegal Alien.
Ace obtains a CD Walkman from Paul Tanner.
The Doctor and Ace meet Bev Tarrant.
Set sometime after Survival, according to the back cover. Ace is more experienced and confident, and knows more about future technology than she used too.
Ace refers to the recent events of Storm Harvest and The Genocide Machine. The Doctor refers to his encounter with the Master from Stop the Pigeon. The Doctor discovers Ace's future dead body, and tries to keep her out of danger, leading into Heritage.
It has been months since Ace went "anywhere interesting", and the Doctor is still paranoid about her potential death. Ace hasn't yet worn her special sunglasses from the New Adventures era, setting this before Timewyrm: Genesys.
Sequel to Illegal Alien. Set several weeks after Heritage, with the Doctor still recovering from Mel's death. Ace is killed by George Limb, but the Doctor manipulates events so that, when Limb's plans are thwarted by James Dean, the timeline recreates itself with Ace still alive, though slightly altered. Ace is described in a newspaper report as being in her "late teens or early twenties", or simply "about eighteen".

Timeline deviations[]

Sometime after Cheetah World, the Doctor and Ace's timeline becomes blurred and contradictory, particularly surrounding Ace's departure from the TARDIS, due to the interference of Irving Braxiatel. (AUDIO: Assassins) The interference to the timeline causes several conflicting accounts to occur simultaneously, such as Benny recalling both PROSE: Just War and AUDIO: Just War (PROSE: Dear Friend) On several occasions, it has been shown that Ace's timeline diverges into several different paths, none of which can be entirely reconciled with the others and are all presented as equal possibilities. Despite these contradictions, Ace is often presented as having memories from several of these fates. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders, Intervention Earth; PROSE: At Childhood's End) Therefore, it can be assumed that the interference done by Braxiatel to Ace's timeline and biodata has resulted in a tangle of conflicting yet equally true accounts of Ace's life with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Assassins)

"Quantum Anvil timeline"[]

Visiting a barren planet in 1990, the Doctor and Ace discover a Quantum Anvil, a weapon used to fracture a timeline into infinite possibilities. Ace is caught within the Quantum Anvil and sees several possible futures, such as the events of Ground Zero, the Virgin New Adventures, Gallifrey: Time War, the epilogue of Set Piece and a vision of herself flirting with a young man who could potentially be Hex or Jan Rydd. After discovering that the Doctor manipulated her into coming into contact with the Quantum Anvil, Ace decides that she will leave his company permanently soon.
In this first account of Ace's departure, set before the Virgin New Adventures, Ace returns to Earth in 1990, sick of the Doctor's manipulations. However, other accounts dictate that she did not leave the Doctor's company this early, with the contradiction attributed to Braxiatel's meddling with the timeline. (AUDIO: Assassins)

"Hex timeline"[]

Continued adventures with Ace[]
Ace references the events of Ghost Light.
The Doctor gives Clio a Blue Peter badge on Ace's behalf.
The Doctor and Ace go back in time to kill a dictator as a baby, but they are unable to go through with it.
Ace is carrying around the baseball bat that was destroyed in Remembrance of the Daleks.
Set "more than twenty months" before Timewyrm: Revelation. Ace recalls the events of The Curse of Fenric. The Doctor and Ace visit the House on Allen Road, setting this after Fellow Travellers. Ace is described as being a teenager.
Ace is described as being "about 20", and acts like a mentor to a group of teenagers.
Ace recalls the events of The Curse of Fenric. The Doctor and Ace have been travelling together for a few years.
The Doctor is described as wearing a light jacket with a patterned sweater.
Ace has already been traveling with the Doctor for several years.
The Doctor is wearing a waistcoat with a pocket watch attached. Ace is carrying her rucksack and a baseball bat.
Ace has been traveling with the Doctor for years. The Doctor and Ace are joined on their travels by Neil Hilton, who spends years with them.
Ace mentions the Daleks, setting this after Remembrance of the Daleks. The Doctor is wearing his beige jacket.
Ace is described as tanned, muscular and "more military than anything else". She and the Doctor are delivering a package to the Brigadier.
The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver.
Ace has faced the Daleks and Cybermen. She knows the Doctor can regenerate, setting this after The Light at the End. The Doctor knows Ace's full name.
Ace recognises the Master, setting this after Survival. After thwarting the Mater's scheme, Ace is kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Ace from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
The Doctor and Ace spend a month attempting to defeat CEREBRA.
Set after Survival.[6] The Doctor explains fixed points in time to Ace, and is manipulating events around one of them to get an outcome of his choosing, implying this is set during his time as "Time's Champion".
Ace recognises the Master and the Cheetah People, setting this after Survival.
The TARDIS has a large, yellow control room, and Ace is depicted more mature than in the television series. After defeating Kla-Shi-Kel, the Doctor and Ace are contacted by Group Captain Gilmore, leading directly into Operation Volcano.
Ace recognises the Master, setting this after Survival. She also has the baseball bat seen in The Armageddon Gambit.
The Doctor and Ace trap an Elder God. The Doctor is wearing his brown coat and plays the spoons.
The Doctor and Ace recall the events of 1963: The Assassination Games.
Ace refers to meeting Daleks and the Kandyman, setting this after The Happiness Patrol. She is getting sick of the Doctor manipulating her, suggesting a setting shortly before Love and War.
Set after Battlefield, with Ace already acquainted with the Brigadier.
The Doctor and Ace bump into Bev Tarrant again, after meeting her in The Genocide Machine, and she leaves with them in the TARDIS after they defeat the Master.
Bev travels with the Doctor and Ace for some time, before eventually being left in the 26th century. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)
At Colditz Castle during the Second World War, the Doctor and Ace are confronted by Elizabeth Klein, a scientist from an alternate timeline, who escapes her defeat as an anomaly. Ace decides to be called "McShane" from this story on, and still has the CD Walkman from The Fearmonger.
McShane references the recent events of Colditz and Dust Breeding, and meets her younger brother, Liam McShane, for the first time, having previously had no knowledge of his existence.
Joined by Hex[]
McShane tells Hex that she has been travelling with the Doctor "for a surprisingly long time." The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, and is convinced by McShane to let Hex join them in the TARDIS.
Hex has recently joined the TARDIS and still isn't used to the idea of time travel. He is concerned that the Doctor and McShane don't trust him as much as they trust each other, and visits his first alien planet.
PROSE: The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac
Set during the events of These Things Take Time.
Hex sees aliens and spaceships for the first time.
Set before LIVE 34, as Ace is still going by McShane.
Set before LIVE 34, as Ace is still going by McShane.
Shortly after being joined by Hex, the Doctor battles the Cragvar. After writing a letter to his nan, Hex claims that they are already moving onto their next adventure, and this time he might even be on the news, suggesting a setting immediately before Live 34. (AUDIO: Afterlife)
Prior to their arrival on Colony 34, McShane decided that "Ace" was her true name, and resumed using it. Reporter Ryan Wareing estimates Ace to be slightly older than Lulu, whom he estimated to be in her early-to-mid twenties.
The Doctor, Ace and Hex visit Világ. While Ace and Hex are shopping a few blocks away, the Doctor visits Evelyn Smythe in the hospital and tells her of his adventures with Hex.
The Doctor sends Hex and Ace to 1966 Monte Carlo to recover the Veiled Leopard. He has a brief encounter with his fifth incarnation, whom he argues with. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard)
The TARDIS interior has recently been redecorated, and now uses the sound effects of the Victorian parlour design from Doctor Who.
Ace and Hex mention the recent events of The Settling.
Hex recalls the events of The Settling. According to this account, Hex first encounters the Daleks a few months into his travels with the Doctor and Ace.
Nobody No-One has been pursuing the Doctor for the past few weeks, and is the cause of the number "45" being prevalent wherever the TARDIS lands.
Set during the early days of Hex's travels with the Doctor and Ace. The TARDIS interior has its Victorian parlour design, setting this after The Settling. Ending leads directly into World Apart.
Immediately after leaving Umbra, Ace and Hex become trapped on Nirvana for some time. Hex plans on revealing his romantic feelings for Ace.
The TARDIS interior has its Victorian parlour design, setting this after The Settling.
The TARDIS interior has its Victorian parlour design, setting this after The Settling.
Battling the Elder Gods[]
The Doctor sees a chess set in the sanatorium, and realises Fenric is preparing his return.
Ace has significant military and tactical knowledge, implying a post-Deceit setting. Despite the events of Natalie's Diary, Hex has his first encounter with the Daleks.
Hex is still reeling from the events that he witnessed on Bliss with the Daleks. The exterior shell of the TARDIS is shattered after the HADS is activated, and its colouration is stuck as white.
Follows directly on from The Angel of Scutari. Hex leaves the TARDIS crew after discovering that the Doctor had previously been witness to his mother's death. After learning from Aristedes that there is a Time Lord sarcophagus in the Forge archive, the Doctor and Ace decide to investigate.
Follows directly on from Project: Destiny, with the Doctor and Ace investigating the Forge archive. Hex has been travelling with the Doctor and Ace for a few years by now. Ace is incapable of flying the Doctor's TARDIS. Hex rejoins the TARDIS at Evelyn Smythe's prompting, before Evelyn passes away.
The Doctor goes to Alaska, setting this after Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.
Following their adventure in Alaska, Ace and Hex fall asleep in the TARDIS. While they sleep, the Doctor begins to grow the Black TARDIS. He later returns to it and decides to take it on a test run, starting with somewhere simple. (AUDIO: Black and White)
Using the Black TARDIS, The Doctor traps the Elder Gods Albert and Peggy Marsden in a time loop, hoping that they would learn what it means to be human. He mentions having two friends waiting for him.
The Doctor talks to the Black TARDIS about Gods and monsters, and how sometimes the lines are blurred between the two, suggesting a setting immediately after Protect and Survive. He then decided to take it on another test run to the Lorelei. (AUDIO: Black and White)
The Doctor meets Liv Chenka on the Lorelei while testing his new black TARDIS.
After leaving the Lorelei, the Doctor decides that the Black TARDIS needs to learn to follow specific coordinates and sets course for the planet Celdor. (AUDIO: Black and White)
The Doctor arrives on Celdor.
The Doctor reflects on his encounter with Nostradamus and notes that "sacrifices must be made." He then decides to visit 2020 London. (AUDIO: Black and White)
The Doctor is joined in the Black TARDIS by Sally Morgan after she helps him defeat the Mi'en Kalarash in 2020 London.
Two weeks into their travels together, the Doctor takes Sally to a cemetery planet where they fight zombie lizards. The Doctor decides to introduce Sally to Forge operative Lysandra Aristedes. Shortly after they travel to London and fight the Sons of Kai, led by Kai'lizakia, Lysandra agrees to travel with the Doctor and Sally. While Lysandra settles into the Black TARDIS, the Doctor stresses that she and Sally need to trust each other completely. (AUDIO: Black and White)
The Doctor is travelling in the Black TARDIS with Sally and Lysandra.
The Doctor leaves Sally and Lysandra alone in the TARDIS, and is soon kidnapped by Garundel. Meanwhile Sally and Lynsandra are met by Ace and Hex in the Black TARDIS, picking up from the end of Protect and Survive. The TARDIS is restored to its prime condition, and the Black TARDIS is destroyed. Hex feels as though death has been following him for weeks, presumably since his near-death experience in The Angel of Scutari.
Hex enters the Time Vortex to defeat Fenric, apparently killing himself in the process.
Ace no longer knows her age, setting this after Set Piece, where she knew for a fact she was 26-years-old. The Doctor has posited Lysandra to fight in a war in her native time, and Sally also leaves the TARDIS. The Doctor and Ace find Hex, living under the name "Hector Thomas", in Liverpool and take him with them in the TARDIS.
A few weeks have passed since Afterlife, with the Doctor and Ace taking Hector on a tour of all the universe's beauty spots.
The Doctor takes Ace and Hector to Greece to relax after the events of Revenge of the Swarm. After their vacation, Hector asks the Doctor to return him home, leading into Signs and Wonders.
Hector leaves the TARDIS and settles down with Sally to raise a family. Ace glimpses various futures where she is wearing a high collar, riding a motorbike in Paris in the 19th century, being surrounded by the Lobri and dying of old age in the TARDIS. The Doctor promises to teach Ace how to fly the TARDIS, leading directly into You Are The Doctor.
Reunited with Mel[]
The Doctor begins teaching Ace how to fly the TARDIS, as he promised to do in Signs and Wonders, setting this after Deceit.
The Doctor realises that the ongoing events of You Are the Doctor, Come Die With Me and The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel have been the result of the TARDIS searching for someone and decides to help it find them, leading directly into A Life of Crime. Ace refers to Hex having just left, setting this shortly after Signs and Wonders.
The TARDIS finds Mel on Ricosta. After being rescued from the Speravores, Mel rejoins the TARDIS crew.
The Doctor, Mel and Ace have just left Ricosta, setting this immediately after A Life of Crime. The TARDIS interior has its Victorian parlour design.
At least one week has passed since A Life of Crime.
The TARDIS was on its way to a party on Maruthea when the Doctor decides to change course and head to 2085 Earth instead. The Doctor refers to their recent encounter with the Galparians, setting this shortly after Dead to the World.
Mel delivers the TARDIS to Josiah W. Dogbolter, leading directly into The Quantum Possibility Engine.
Ace meets Narvin for the first time and learns about the Celestial Intervention Agency.

"Time's Champion timeline"[]

Trouble with the Timewyrm[]
The Doctor accidentally wipes the entirety of Ace's memories following an attempt to delete his own less useful memories. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)
When the Doctor restores Ace's memories, the first thing that she recalls is the events of Survival, and believes that the TARDIS has just left Perivale. She still feels some of the after-effects of the Cheetah virus. She knows about regeneration, and is aware that the Doctor has regenerated six times.
Set immediately after Timewyrm: Genesys.
PROSE: Endgame
The Seventh Doctor and Ace are observed visiting the Festival of Britain during Timewyrm: Exodus by an amnesiac Eighth Doctor.
Ace sees an animal in the TARDIS, foreshadowing Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.
The Doctor and Ace have "only just left Kirith", setting this immediately after Timewyrm: Apocalypse. Ace is now in her early 20s.
Visiting Ethan Amberglass whilst in hospital, the Doctor mentions the recent events of Timewyrm: Revelation.
Beginnings as Time's champion[]
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures. When listing the worst creatures she can imagine, Ace mentions the Daleks, the Timewyrm and the Cybermen.
Three years have passed since Ace left Perivale, and she hasn't seen her mother, Audrey Dudman, in the interim. The Doctor hasn't been to Alaska, and Ace has learnt how to swear in eleven alien languages. The TARDIS is damaged following an explosion in the console room. The Doctor sends Ace on a mission to Turkey while he takes care of some business of his own.
Ace spends at least three months in Turkey before she reunites with the Doctor, who has been operating out of Smithwood Manor and claims that the TARDIS is "waiting" after Ace inquires about how it is, following the damage done to it in Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible.
Set during Cat's Cradle: Warhead, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Set immediately after Cat's Cradle: Warhead, with the Doctor and Ace leaving New York City. The Doctor is repairing the damage done to the TARDIS in Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible. Ace can still feel the biological effects of being on the Cheetah planet. The TARDIS gets infected by demonic protoplasm.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
An opening annotation places this story directly after the consecutive events of Memorial and Nightshade, which is supported by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Ace recalls losing her memory, setting this after Timewyrm: Genesys.
The Doctor is making a cube in his lab that Ace must not know about, setting this shortly before Love and War.
Visiting Heaven[]
The Doctor is acquainted with Abslom Daak, setting this after Nemesis of the Daleks. Ace claims that the events of Nightshade occurred some months ago. In the audio adaptation, mention is made of Ace's brother, Liam McShane, whom Ace first met in The Rapture, and the Doctor uses a sonic screwdriver.
After saving Heaven, the weary Doctor travels alone in the Time Vortex for a long time, "visiting some worlds and drifting past others in the process." (PROSE: Love and War)
The Doctor is travelling alone without a companion and is trying to atone for his past mistakes.
The Doctor is travelling alone, and is in an introspective mood. He offers a World War I soldier a place in the TARDIS, but is turned down.
The Doctor is alone, wearing his dark jacket and in an introspective mood.
The Doctor has Excalibur in his TARDIS, setting this after Battlefield.
The Doctor appears to be alone, and in need of reassurance that some of his plans have worked out as he intended.
The Doctor watches Sonia Bannen being killed in a food riot. (PROSE: Parasite)
The Doctor attends the Brigadier's funeral.
The Doctor, wearing his cream jacket, salutes the Brigadier with his other incarnations.
Returning to the 26th century, Ace leaves the Doctor after realising that his manipulations resulted in the death of Jan Rydd, a man she had fallen in love with. Bernice Summerfield agrees to travel with the Doctor in her place, but only after he promises not to play games with her life.
First exploits with Benny[]
Benny ponders whether or not she wishes to stay with the Doctor, eventually deciding that she will, setting this shortly after Love and War.
Set between Transit and The Highest Science, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures. The Doctor says that Benny has just joined his company.
Set between Pureblood and Emperor of the Daleks!, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Set between Flashback and The Highest Science, according to Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor and Benny decide to investigate a Fortean Flicker, leading directly into The Highest Science.
According to Benny, the events of Love and War seem like quite a while ago.
As the Doctor leaves in the TARDIS, he calls out to Benny. Released prior to Set Piece, suggesting that this story takes place before Ace joined the TARDIS crew in Deceit.
The Doctor is alone with Bernice, wears his light jacket and the story was released before Set Piece was published, suggesting a setting between Love and War and Deceit.
The Doctor is wearing his brown coat, suggesting a setting before White Darkness.
The Doctor inexplicably has a sonic screwdriver.
The return of Ace[]
Several days following the events of The Pit, Benny wonders how much the destruction of the Seven Planets has affected the Doctor. Three years after leaving the Doctor on Heaven, Ace decides to return to the TARDIS, but no longer trusts the Doctor. The TARDIS is cured of the protoplasm infection from Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark.
The Doctor gives his age as 943-years-old.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The Doctor is in an antagonistic relationship with an Old One, setting this before his truce with them in Signs and Wonders. The Doctor begins wearing a cream linen suit and fedora.
Ace still keeps track of her age. The Doctor decides he needs a holiday, leading into Birthright and Iceberg.
The Doctor gives Bernice the keys to the TARDIS, and leaves her in control, having arranged for it to crash in Victorian London, leading directly into Iceberg. The Doctor's deceptions cost him Benny's trust.
Set concurrently with the events of Birthright, with the events of both novels occurring at the same time for the Doctor and Ace and Benny.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
Struggling with alternate timelines[]
A few months have passed since Deceit, but the events of Birthright are recent. The TARDIS falls through a puncture in the Time Vortex, and the Doctor later realises that someone is toying with time. The Doctor acquires a new sonic screwdriver from the possessions of his deceased alternate third incarnation, and also takes his TARDIS after his own TARDIS is lost in a tar pit.
Ace still does not trust the Doctor, nor does the TARDIS from the alternate world. The Doctor discovers that the one who created the Silurian Earth has successfully altered the flow of time in N-Space.
The Doctor fixes the chameleon circuit in his new TARDIS.
PROSE: Prelude The Left-Handed Hummingbird
Set during The Left-Handed Hummingbird. The Doctor is hooked up to the EEG Machine and has been for a few weeks.
Its been a week since The Left-Handed Hummingbird, with the Doctor spending most of this time in the sick bay. Benny decides to stay with the Doctor after struggling with her inability to trust him. The Doctor learns history is going to change again, and he sets out to find the cause, leading into No Future.
The Doctor discovers that Mortimus has been corrupting the timeline as a revenge stunt, but is able to defeat him and regain Ace's trust. He also smashes the chameleon circuit of his TARDIS with a hammer, destroying it. The Doctor thinks he killed the Master in Survival, despite having spoken of him in the present tense during Deceit.
Amicable travels[]
Set shortly after No Future, with the Doctor having found "a spring in [his] step" from his battle with Mortimus. The Doctor has had experience with delivering babies, setting this after Thin Ice.
Placement established by Interweaving with the New Adventures.
The TARDIS has been to Olleril recently, setting this shortly after Tragedy Day. As far as Ace knows, this is the first time she has seen an Ice Warrior. Benny, who has never been on Mars before this point in her life, takes a temporary leave of absence from the TARDIS.
Though the book's blurb would place this immediately after Survival, the Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit from White Darkness, and Ace is depicted with the confidence and general demeanour she had in the Virgin New Adventures. With Benny absent, this must take place during her brief leave-of-absence between Legacy and Theatre of War.
Benny returns to the TARDIS after her temporary leave-of-absence that started in Legacy.
The Doctor has dust and soil from Menaxus on his clothes, suggesting that this is set immediately after Theatre of War.
Ace refers to the recent events of No Future. Benny recalls the Royal Beast of Peladon, setting this after Legacy as well.
Set between All-Consuming Fire and Blood Harvest.[7]
The Doctor is wearing his white suit from White Darkness, though the TARDIS console room is the one from before Final Genesis.
Set after The Shadow of the Scourge.[8]
Ace's characterisation is same as in The Shadow of the Scourge. Ace encounters a Silurian, suggesting a setting after Blood Heat.
The Doctor sends Ace and Benny on a mission to Antarctica.
The Doctor, Benny and Ace spend a month in Liverpool in the early 1990s.
The Doctor, Benny and Ace end up in E-space, where they find Romana and return her to Gallifrey, where she opts to remain.
Some time has passed since Blood Harvest, with Ace getting trigger-happy due to the lack of "dangerous adventures". The Doctor and Ace's relationship has been strained in recent months, however it has improved following the events of No Future.
Final travels with Ace[]
The Doctor and Ace encounter the Master for the first time since Survival. Ace fatally shoots the Master, but he is able to regenerate into a new body. Ace considers leaving the TARDIS.
Ace has her head shaved clean.
Ace's hair has grown to a "comfortably long" length since the events of St Anthony's Fire.
Benny thinks to herself that a year ago, she couldn’t trust Ace but since then times have changed, presumably setting this roughly a year after Deceit. Ace is still thinking about when she'll leave the Doctor.
The Doctor visits Pietia Marichev in Russia and collects the Warlock mushrooms, setting this before Warlock.
The Doctor, Ace and Benny have been at Smithwood Manor for almost a year.
Ace is 26-years-old and the Doctor celebrates his 1000th birthday. After an ordeal with the Robot Ants, Ace leaves the TARDIS crew to become "Time's Vigilante".
Lone exploits with Benny[]
Benny hadn’t seen the Doctor for a few days, as he is hiding away and recuperating.
Set Piece was the Doctor and Benny's previous adventure. The Doctor has spent the last few weeks only communicating to Benny through scribbles and notes, and his hair has started going grey.
The TARDIS has only just left Gadrell Major, setting this immediately after Infinite Requiem.
A few weeks have passed since Sanctuary, but the Doctor and Benny have avoided each other during the interim. The Doctor changes himself into a human to understand Benny's grief over the death of Guy de Carnac. After he resumes his Time Lord identity, he is given a cat named Wolsey as a pet. The Doctor suggests taking Benny to the planet Oolis.
PROSE: Prelude Human Nature
Set during Human Nature. John Smith has recently started working with Joan Redfern.
The Doctor is wearing his linen suit, suggesting a setting after White Darkness.
The Doctor and Benny have been getting used to a less combative and more contemplative dynamic in the TARDIS since Ace left, setting this after Set Piece.
Joined by Chris and Roz[]
Shortly before meeting Chris and Roz for the first time, the Doctor rescues Kadiatu from a slave ship while Benny is asleep in her room. (PROSE: The Also People)
The Doctor and Benny visit Oolis, as promised in Human Nature. They are joined on their travels by Adjudicators Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej, who wish to escape the corruption and manipulation rife on Earth in 2975.
Three-odd subjective years have passed since Love and War. Two days have passed since Original Sin, though this time was spent inside the TARDIS.
Set immediately after Sky Pirates!.
Toy Soldiers was two weeks ago, Falls the Shadow was "many months ago." This story leads directly into The Also People.
Ending leads directly into Warchild.
Set immediately after Sleepy. Jason Kane proposes to Benny, and she accepts, leading into Happy Endings.
Benny leaves the Doctor's company after her wedding to Jason Kane. The Doctor retrieves his original TARDIS from the Charrl after it was lost to him during Blood Heat.
Lone travels with Chris and Roz[]
The Doctor, Roz and Chris have only just left Benny and Jason's wedding, setting this immediately after Happy Endings.
The Doctor, Roz and Chris have only just left Mars, setting this immediately after GodEngine.
The Doctor, Chris and Roz spend several months infiltrating a terrorist cell.
The Doctor is carrying psychic paper.
The Doctor, Roz and Chris spend a couple of months in 21st century Earth. The Doctor hints to Benny that he knows the circumstances of his next regeneration.
Set between Return of the Living Dad and The Death of Art, according to the book's back cover. In the audio adaptation, the Doctor mentions the events of The Day of the Doctor, and also starts to recall the events of The Sirens of Time when comparing notes on previous Multi-Doctor Events with the Fifth Doctor, the implication being that he is remembering the incident from the perspective of his two previous incarnations that were also involved.
Chris unsuccessfully pretends to be the Fifth Doctor, setting this after Cold Fusion. It has been a few days since they witnessed Benny's reunion with her father in Return of the Living Dad, and the Doctor has been wandering the TARDIS alone during this time.
When they arrive in New York City, the Doctor reassures his companions that the causal loop has been broken, setting this shortly after The Death of Art. Ending leads directly into So Vile a Sin.
Roz dies leading her sister's forces into battle against the army of Emperor Walid as part of Leabie's revolution. The Doctor suffers a one sided heart attack at her funeral, and has a vision of Death tormenting him about his coming demise, which he confirms he knows the criteria behind. The Doctor begins wearing the clothes from Doctor Who.
Final travels with Chris[]
Set several weeks after So Vile a Sin, but nothing much has happened in the interim.
The Doctor and Chris have recovered from the shock of Roz' death.
Set shortly after Eternity Weeps, with Chris still traumatised by Liz's death. The Doctor knows that "Time won't have her Champion for much longer."
Authorial intent sets this during The Room With No Doors, between the scene where the Doctor crawls out of his grave and his next appearance in the book.[source needed]
Champion's end[]
The Doctor leaves Chris behind to take Penelope Gate and Joel Mintz back to their proper homes, but decides to give them a spin in the TARDIS first. (PROSE: The Room With No Doors)
The Doctor obliquely claims to have lost someone in "a war", and to have kept someone else in it "for too long". He is most likely referring to Roz and Chris, respectively.
The Doctor is waiting for someone at the Café in Glebe from Set Piece. There, he meets Robin Yeadon, and the two discuss Ace and the events of Nightshade. The Doctor knows when Ace will die.
The Doctor catches up with a 37-year-old Ace following the defeat of the Voltranons.
The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit, setting this near Bullet Time.
The Doctor is wearing his white linen suit and appears to be travelling alone, with his mission being to talk a man with good intentions into killing himself because of foreknowledge of a possible future.
The Doctor is wearing his linen coat and using the Victorian parlour console room.
The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit, setting this near Bullet Time.
The Doctor has an encounter with Victoria Waterfield, but she doesn't recognise him.
The Doctor reunites with Chris after returning Penelope and Joel home. (PROSE: The Room With No Doors)
The Doctor returns to the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey, and also sees Ace there. Chris decides to travel alone using a Time ring given to him by Romana. The Doctor is sent on a mission by the Time Lords to pick up the Master's remains on Skaro, and is also given a new sonic screwdriver by Romana.
Many stories, such as Notre Dame du Temps and The Eleven, unambiguously establish that the Doctor did not immediately head for Skaro.
Moving on[]
The Doctor is wearing his linen suit, with a Santa Claus hat for the festive season.
The Doctor sets up a plan that involves using his eighth incarnation.
The Doctor is wearing his fedora.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from Lungbarrow, and is using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor has recently encountered Romana, and the TARDIS has been redecorated after his trip to Gallifrey in Lungbarrow. He is wearing a cream suit and knows he will regenerate soon, but intends to resolve his unfinished business first. The Doctor lands at his next destination, where he intends to pick up a specific object related to his past, implied to be the Master's ashes suggesting a setting immediately prior to Doctor Who.
Old friends reunited[]
The Doctor is trying to find Benny.
The Doctor finds Benny, and asks her to help him find Ace, who he had left on Gallifrey, setting this after Lungbarrow. The Doctor is wearing his cream linen suit on the cover, but dialogue describes him as wearing his question mark pullover.
The Doctor laments the separation of Benny and Claire Summerfield.
Ace asks the Doctor if she can stay with him until she is ready to return to Gallifrey, and the Doctor convinces Benny to join them for a while.
Benny takes a break from TARDIS travel to attend her son's wedding. (AUDIO: The Pyramid of Sutekh)
The Doctor is wearing a "light suit", implied to be his linen suit. Though she is only heard from afar, the Doctor is currently travelling with Ace.
The Doctor and Ace attempt to steal the Eye of Horus from a museum in Nazi Germany, but the Doctor is transported to Egypt.
The Doctor is reunited with Benny in ancient Egypt.
The Doctor is pulled into a time loop with Sutekh. (AUDIO: The Tears of Isis)
The Doctor is disintegrated, leading Benny to believe he has died.
Isis retrieves the Doctor from the time loop, causing the effect that made it appear as though he had died in The Pyramid of Sutekh.
The Doctor, Benny and Ace investigate a stolen Time Ring at the Trib Museum. They then monitor the thieves, Harmonious 14 Zink and his wife, 1V Magda. At some point around this time, Benny leaves the TARDIS again. The Doctor sends Ace on a mission to stop Zink and Magda discovering the secrets of a Cult before its time. She follows them to Erratoon. (AUDIO: The Prisoner's Dilemma)
While on Erratoon, Ace's mind is completely wiped. She is rescued by the Doctor and he tells her that he can restore her memories. However, she does not entirely believe him and is unsure if she should trust him. Ace refers to Happy Endings and Nightshade, and vaguely remembers Benny, placing this explicitly after Set Piece. After her memory is restored, Ace worries that whole chunks of her life might be missing and she would never know.

Other timeline deviations[]

The Doctor is older looking and is travelling with Ace. Ace is killed and the TARDIS's white interior is damaged, with the intent being that it is about to change into the Victorian parlour interior seen in Doctor Who. Any placement for this story will be contentious because of Ace's apparent death, though it is revealed in Sometime Never... that the Council of Eight were attempting to eliminate the Doctor's past companions, but they were thwarted by the Eighth Doctor, resulting in the restoration of multiple timelines and free will to the universe. Another explanation can be attributed to Braxiatel's manipulations that were established in Assassins.
In one timeline, Ace grows old and dies in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)

Alone again[]

The Doctor is alone and refers to his "younger days", setting this around the time he started feeling old. The Doctor is depicted as wearing his cream jacket on the cover, and laments that he has not had a proper holiday in a while.
The Doctor checks up on the Drashani Empire fifty years following his previous visit.
The Doctor is depicted as wearing his brown jacket.
The Doctor mentions having a best friend who is an archaeologist, referring to Benny.
Follows on from The Unknown. The TARDIS is using its Victorian parlour interior.
The Doctor is wearing a question mark patterned jacket (possibly intended to mean his pullover?) and is carrying a sonic screwdriver.
The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior, and the Doctor is depicted in his first outfit and youthful. His memory of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy appears to be hazy, setting this before The Monsters of Gokroth.
The Doctor is travelling alone, wearing his pullover jumper and has a sonic screwdriver.

Klein's revenge[]

While authorial intent places this after Kingdom of Silver[9], the Doctor is depicted as young looking, is wearing his linen suit and is wistful about travelling alone. After reuniting with Elizabeth Klein, the Doctor insists on her accompanying him on his travels so that he can keep an eye on her, knowing she will continue to pose a threat to history.
Set immediately after A Thousand Tiny Wings. The TARDIS is using its Victorian parlour interior.
After travelling together for a while, Klein takes her chance of revenge on the Doctor by stealing his TARDIS and abandoning him on the planet of the Vrill.
After Klein left him on the Vrill homeworld, the Doctor found time shifting around him until he arrived in an alternate timeline created by Klein, where he remained a prisoner for three days. After Klein is erased from history by the Time Lords, the Doctor visits UNIT to find a different version of Klein now working there.

Adventures with Mags[]

The Doctor believes he is getting old, but not old enough to stop having new adventures and new companions. He has decided to revisit old friends and resolve "old business". Ace is "somewhere else" and has been for some time. Mags joins the Doctor on his travels.
Mags has been in the TARDIS for a while, and the Doctor is helping her to control the wolf part of her.
After she and the Doctor respond to a space-time telegraph sent by Ace from Earth, Mags is bitten by a Sin Eater, and her wolf side disappears, with Doctor theorising that it won't return for "about a year."

Resolving old business[]

The Doctor spends a couple of decades in the Daleks' prison, presumably leaving him with his aged appearance from Doctor Who, and setting all stories with the older-looking Doctor after this one.
The Doctor is depicted with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
The Doctor is depicted with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
The TARDIS interior has been changed recently, and the Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
Set after Excelis Decays,[10] with the Doctor presented as older looking. He briefly considers returning to Gallifrey.
The Doctor sombrely reflects on himself cleaning up after his previous incarnation.
The Doctor traps Nobody No-One inside his head, but, after his younger self is killed, he "burns out of existence" when time catches up to him. He appears much more physically older than his younger counterpart. (AUDIO: A Death in the Family)
The Doctor uses the alias "Vaughn Sutton", setting this after Excelis Decays. He also makes vague references to Benny, Chris and Roz, placing this after Original Sin as well. The Doctor has just "burned back into existence", setting this immediately after A Death in the Family.
The Doctor thinks back to his recent failures in Excelis Decays, Project: Lazarus and Master.
The Doctor has stopped believing in the efficacy of imprisonment, setting this late in his life. He also starts a prison riot without thinking about the resulting injuries that will be caused because of it.
Following his previous visit to Betton Court, the Doctor travelled alone for a prolonged period of time, and acknowledges that Klaus would have travelled with him if he hadn't died. He gives the memories of his travels since his first visit to the house to the spirit of Klaus.
The Doctor refers to the events of Log 384 as happening "a long time ago".
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room. An encounter with the grey men makes the Doctor accept that they will be coming after him again, however he notes that time is on his side and begins preparing for the eventuality of their next encounter, which happens in his eighth incarnation.
The Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who. The Doctor decides to go into retirement, citing the fact that he seems to always been on call and can never settle in one place. The Doctor invites Jevvan to travel with him, but she declines.
The Doctor suffers a bout of amnesia, but recognises that the names Ace, Hex and Mel are important to him. The Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
The Doctor is wearing a green tweed jacket and is carrying a sonic screwdriver. He and Nimrod refer to the events of Project: Lazarus. The Doctor also mentions travelling with Hex.
The Doctor is wearing a tan coat and is carrying a sonic screwdriver. Following a brief adventure in a supermarket, the Doctor is reminded that everything matters and not just the bigger picture.
Set after Frozen Time.[11] The Doctor says that he is personal friends with Death, whom he met for the first time in Timewyrm: Revelation.
Set after The Death Collectors.
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room, and has a premonition of his upcoming death, though he doesn't recognise it as such. He has spent the past few years travelling with Cat, an android he created to act as his companion.
Set after The Death Collectors.[12] The Doctor is portrayed with the aged appearance he had in Doctor Who.
The Doctor discovers the fate of Sara, setting this after Kingdom of Silver.
Raine Creevy is travelling with an older Doctor, and Ace is on Gallifrey. The TARDIS is using its Victorian parlour console room. The Doctor encounters a new incarnation of the Master for the first time and is reunited with Elizabeth Klein, whom he has kept an eye on since the events of The Architects of History.

Search for the Persuasion machine[]

Set after Dominion, with the TARDIS control room having the Victorian parlour console room design from Doctor Who. The Doctor is nearing the end of his current life, and has been trying to eradicate evil before his end.
The Doctor recalls his previous encounter with Garundel in Black and White, which happened "a long time ago". The Doctor decides to track Kurt Schalk back to Earth, leading directly into Daleks Among Us.
The Doctor, Klein and Will follow Schalk's trail back to Minos where they are ambushed by a Dalek.

Nearing the end[]

The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room, and recognises the Master from Dominion. The Doctor gains a new companion in Jemima, but she is soon murdered by the Master. The Doctor manages to change history and save Jemima, and her family who go back to living a normal life.
Following a devastating incident, the Doctor decides that he can't be trusted with companions, and opts to travel alone. (AUDIO: The Resurrection of Mars)
The Doctor is wearing his cream jacket, but is visibly older. He visits Mel and is in high spirits. The two decide to take a trip in the TARDIS together.
Klein knows the circumstances of her birth and remembers being on a Dalek ship, setting this after Daleks Among Us. The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor is using the Victorian parlour console room, and recalls building it during Excelis Decays. The Doctor knows Benny, setting this after Love and War.
The Doctor is travelling alone and shares an adventure with Winston Churchill, who notes that the Doctor looks older than he did when they last met in The Lost Diaries of Winston Spencer Churchill. The Doctor parts on bitter terms with Churchill after he manipulates Churchill's failure in the general election.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.
The Doctor is illustrated with the aged appearance and clothing he had in Doctor Who, and is using the Victorian parlour console room.

Last days[]

The Doctor recruits Ace to help him defeat the Eleven. The Doctor learns from a Dark Citizen that his “last day” is soon approaching.
Set during the end of Dark Universe: Part 4. While the Doctor is speaking with the Eleven in his cell, the Doctor is cryptically informed of a task he has to complete for the High Council. This is presumably the task he was given in Lungbarrow, to retrieve the Master's remains from Skaro, setting this immediately prior to Doctor Who. (AUDIO: The Eleven)
Wearing his brown coat and Fair Isle pullover, the Doctor suffers from a bout of melancholy whilst dealing with loneliness. He decides to take a holiday to Metebelis III, but is promptly captured by an Eight Legs. However he is soon rescued by his next incarnation, who attempts to warn him about his impending death. He then makes plans to reconfigure the TARDIS interior into "something more gothic" and reread The Time Machine while awaiting the psychic message that his future self warned him about, setting this immediately prior to Doctor Who.
Transporting the Master's remains from Skaro to Gallifrey, the Doctor is shot in a San Francisco gang shootout. Taken to Walker General Hospital by Chang Lee, the Doctor dies when Dr. Grace Holloway's exploratory surgery damages his circulatory system. Despite the anaesthesia halting the process, the Doctor is able to regenerate into his next incarnation several hours later.
Set during Doctor Who, with the Doctor reflecting on his life as he inexplicably transports the Master's remains to Vancouver.

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