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* [[AUDIO]]: ''[[Little Doctors (audio story)|Little Doctors]]''
* [[AUDIO]]: ''[[Little Doctors (audio story)|Little Doctors]]''
: Zoe as only recently joined the TARDIS crew, and is wearing her silver cat suit for the first time.
: Zoe has only recently joined the TARDIS crew, and has yet to see the TARDIS land perfectly. She is wearing her silver cat suit.
* [[PROSE]]: ''[[Outstanding Balance (short story)|Outstanding Balance]]''
* [[PROSE]]: ''[[Outstanding Balance (short story)|Outstanding Balance]]''

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This page lists appearances of the Second Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is based in part on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as DocOhoReviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks Database, Whopix, the Big Finish forums, The Whoniverse and the Divergent Universe forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Limiting factors


Time placement of Second Doctor stories has a lot to do with looking at the companions. Any story featuring only Ben Jackson and Polly Wright must take place before TV: The Highlanders; any story featuring Jamie McCrimmon must take place after TV: The Highlanders. Any story with Victoria Waterfield must take place after TV: The Evil of the Daleks and before TV: Fury from the Deep. Any story with Zoe Heriot must be set during or after TV: The Wheel in Space.

Where it gets tricky is when the Second Doctor is with un-televised companions, or with Jamie alone. A lot of these stories are often said to occur during Season 6B, a fan-opined spot on the timeline after the Doctor's trial on Gallifrey in The War Games, as the Second Doctor is not seen regenerating into his third incarnation in that serial. Thus it is possible to imagine, as TV Comic writers and Terrance Dicks did, that the Second Doctor survived for an unspecified period of time after The War Games.

TV Comics placement

The Second Doctor's travels with John and Gillian are very problematic to place in the Doctor's timeline, as they are inexplicably traveling with him by The Extortioner, with no explanation given as to how this relate to their travels with the First Doctor. A possibility emerges, unintentionally, in The Nameless City where the Doctor has not seen the Master in a long time despite being close set to The Dark Path but Jamie doesn't know the Doctors origins, meaning it cannot be set in season 6b. Thus there is a gap during the event of The Dark Path and Nameless City, without Jamie, which is perfectly placed by the John and Gillian travels.

The stories Conundrum and The Land of Happy Endings hypothesise that these adventures are either stories created by The Master of the Land of Fiction or the Doctor's dreams.


A new body

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
Set immediately after The Tenth Planet, with the Doctor adjusting to his new body as he faces the Daleks on Vulcan.
Whilst leaving Vulcan, the Doctor, Ben and Polly briefly encounter an apparition of a Charley Pollard from an alternate timeline.
The TARDIS has just left Vulcan, setting this immediately after The Power of the Daleks. The Doctor meets Lilith on Kirith.
The Doctor has only just regenerated, and is mourning the loss of his old signet ring.

New adventures with Ben and Polly

Set shortly after The Power of the Daleks, with Ben finally accepting the Doctor's change of appearance.
The Doctor's memory is still hazy after his regeneration, setting this shortly after The Power of the Daleks.
No explanations are given about the absence of Ben and Polly.
References are made to the Doctor's recent regeneration.
The Doctor claims this is the first time the TARDIS has ever managed a short hop.
Three weeks have passed since The Power of the Daleks.
The Doctor creates a temporary sonic device, and resolves to begin work on a permanent version when he gets back to the TARDIS, leading to the creation of the sonic screwdriver.
Ben and Polly are well adjusted to the Second Doctor, setting this shortly before The Highlanders. The Doctor says that he has not been in America for some time, setting this before Wonderland as well.
The Doctor unlocks a door with a prototype sonic screwdriver, setting this after The Murder Game.

Joined by Jamie

The Doctor, Ben and Polly meet Jamie McCrimmon, who joins them aboard the TARDIS.
Set immediately after The Highlanders, with Jamie marvelling at the sight of the TARDIS interior.
Set immediately after The Underwater Menace. Ending leads directly into The Macra Terror.
In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Doctor is partially converted into a Cyberman during The Moonbase.
Ben and Polly are showing Jamie around the inside of the TARDIS.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Yes Men. Polly still has short hair, setting this shortly after The Macra Terror.
Set between The Macra Terror and The Faceless Ones.[1] The Doctor has only recently regenerated.
Set between Resistance and The Faceless Ones.[source needed]
Jamie and Ben refer to the events of Resistance.
Jamie refers to the events of the The Selachian Gambit.
The Doctor is teaching his companions how to fly the TARDIS, and they recall the events of The Yes Men.
Despite the events of The Feast, Ben and Polly claim this is their first visit to London in their past, suggesting this takes place before The Roundheads.
Jamie has started to consider the TARDIS to be home, setting this late in his early travels.
Having landed on the day they left, Ben and Polly decide to remain behind at Gatwick Airport. Ending leads directly into The Evil of the Daleks.

Looking after Victoria

After her father dies protecting him from the Daleks, the Doctor takes on the orphaned Victoria Waterfield as a companion.
Victoria is introduced to the TARDIS, setting this immediately after The Evil of the Daleks. The Doctor tells her that he is "around 450-years-old" in Earth terms.
Set in an aborted timeline during The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 1, when Jamie and Hayden entered the weapons testing room.
Victoria has not fully accepted her new life aboard the TARDIS. She recalls visiting Telos, setting this shortly after The Tomb of the Cybermen.
While authorial intent places this between The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep [2], Victoria is still very new to seeing other time periods. The Doctor also gives Victoria a brief talk regarding the extraordinary nature of her new life as a time traveller, echoing the conversation that they had in The Tomb of the Cybermen.
Victoria has only been travelling with the Doctor for a short time, setting this shortly after The Tomb of the Cybermen.
The Doctor has not encountered a Yeti before, setting this before The Abominable Snowmen.
Jamie tells Victoria he has not yet learned to write.
Victoria is teaching Jamie to read, starting with letters.
The Doctor still feels "new" to his body. Jamie has learned to write in English, albeit not very well.
The Doctor meets Professor Edward Travers and faces the Great Intelligence for the first time at a Tibetan monastery.
Jamie initially thinks that the TARDIS has only landed further up the Tibetan mountain, setting this immediately after The Abominable Snowmen.

Missions with Jamie

The TARDIS console room is still a mess from the previous landing in The Ice Warriors. Meeting another Time Lord called Pavo, the Doctor and Jamie are asked to visit Joinson Dastari, while Victoria decides to remain with Pavo to study graphology. The Doctor is given a Stattenheim remote control.
The Doctor and Jamie almost visit the Space Station Camera, but leave immediately upon seeing the Sontarans attacking. (AUDIO: The Black Hole)
Jamie gets his first look at the Stattenheim remote control, setting this before The Two Doctors. Since Jamie is not described as an adult, and considering the The Two Doctors follows directly on from World Game, with no plausible gap in between, this must occur during The Black Hole.
The Doctor and Jamie visit the City of Owls and help out the people of Mackenzie. (AUDIO: The Black Hole)
The Doctor and Jamie leave a reminder for the Seventh Doctor. The Doctor has dark hair, and notes that Jamie has received an education during their travels together.
After "a couple of weeks" of adventures, the Doctor and Jamie return for Victoria, and learn that "Pavo" was the Monk in disguise. After assisting the real Pavo in foiling the Monk's plan, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria have their memories of the events erased.

Final adventures with Victoria

Set between The Ice Warriors and Enemy of the World, according to the back cover. The Doctor uses his new sonic screwdriver, which he had previously resolved to create in The Murder Game.
The Doctor refers to the tropical beach as "a welcome change", setting this before The Enemy of the World.
Set between The Ice Warriors and The Enemy of the World, according to the author's notes.
Victoria sees an hallucination of her deceased father for the first time, setting this before Father Figure.
The TARDIS arrives on an Australian beach, leading directly into The Enemy of the World.
Set immediately after The Enemy of the World. The Doctor has his first formal encounter with Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
Set during The Web of Fear: Episode 2. Depicts the moment the Doctor was introduced to Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.
Continues on from the ending of The Web of Fear: Episode 6.
Set shortly after The Web of Fear, with London still recovering from the Yeti invasion.
Victoria welcomes a peaceful change from "the horrors of the London Underground", referring to The Web of Fear.
Set between The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep.[3] Upon learning that they are near Tibet, Jamie wonders if the TARDIS crew will encounter more of the Yeti from The Abominable Snowman.
The Doctor is testing his new sonic screwdriver, setting this just before Fury from the Deep.
Set on Earth, shortly before Fury of the Deep.
After seeing far too much death in her travels, Victoria privately decides that she will leave the TARDIS soon.
Victoria has been on the TARDIS for several months now, and starts thinking about leaving.
Immediately after Twilight of the Gods, the Doctor reunites with an old Time Lord friend, who succumbs to his inner darkness and becomes the Master. Victoria decides that she shall leave the TARDIS at their next stop on Earth. Any story set on Earth where Victoria is considering leaving must take place before this story.
The Doctor learns Venusian aikido on Venus.
Set shortly before Fury from the Deep.
Having found a surrogate family, Victoria parts with the Doctor and Jamie.

Solo adventures

The Doctor leaves Jamie in 1967, (COMIC: Invasion of the Quarks) most likely due to their disagreement on Victoria's departure. (TV: The Wheel in Space) All stories which have the Doctor traveling alone and with little control over the TARDIS can be set here.
On Rimba, the Doctor meets the Guerners. (PROSE: The Sleeping Beast)
The Doctor helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, has a tea party with his other incarnations in the Under-Gallery as a celebration.
The Doctor encounters the Blenhim and destroys their fleet. (COMIC: The Mark of Terror)
The Second Doctor is collected by the Tenth Doctor to assist in the defeat of the Sirens of Time, suggesting that this does not take place during a time he has control over his TARDIS. He doesn't mention being with any companions.

John and Gillian

The Doctor somehow reunites with his two grandchildren, John and Gillian, and travels with them for a while. (COMIC: The Extortioner)
The Daleks recognise the Doctor from their encounter with him during The Power of the Daleks.
To protect them from the Quarks, the Doctor enrolls John and Gillian at the University of Zebedee, and then reunites with Jamie by happenstance, who rejoins the Doctor aboard the TARDIS. The Doctor knows the Quarks by reputation only, setting this before The Dominators.

Travelling with Jamie again

All stories that feature Jamie as a young man, and which have the Doctor with little control over the TARDIS, must be set between Invasion of the Quarks and The Wheel in Space.
Jamie is still affected by Victoria's departure, setting this shortly after Fury of the Deep.
The Doctor knows that the Master hates him, setting this after The Dark Path. It is likely that this takes place after his travels with John and Gillian, to account for why the Doctor hasn't seen the Master for a "long time", while Jamie hasn't been traveling with the Doctor for very long.
The Doctor addresses the whole world on television, leading him to be "known on the Earth", as would be referenced in The War Games.
The Doctor and Jamie imprison Arkinen on Earth in the hope that he can be rehabilitated. (AUDIO: The Old Rogue)
The Doctor and Jamie attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Zoe joins the duo

Zoe Heriot hides aboard the TARDIS when it departs the Space Station W3 and joins the Doctor and Jamie in their travels.
Set immediately after The Wheel in Space. The Doctor recounts the events of The Evil of the Daleks to Zoe.
Set immediately after the The Evil of the Daleks repeat.
Zoe is more "accustomed to breathing the canned atmosphere of the Space Wheel", setting this shortly after she stowed aboard the TARDIS.
Zoe experiences uncertainty for the first time in her life, and Jamie notes that it has not been long since she joined the crew of the TARDIS, setting this near the start of her travels.
Zoe is in her clothes from The Wheel in Space, and Jamie worries if the TARDIS is low on mercury again.
Zoe and Jamie are wearing their clothes from The Wheel in Space.
Zoe has only just recently joined the TARDIS crew, while Jamie estimates that he has been travelling with the Doctor for "two or three" years. The Doctor explains to Zoe what the Hostile Action Displacement System is, setting this before The Krotons.
Zoe has only recently joined the TARDIS crew, and has yet to see the TARDIS land perfectly. She is wearing her silver cat suit.
Zoe is wearing her silver cat suit.
Zoe notes that she has only been travelling with the Doctor for a short time, and that her hair has recently been cut into a bob, setting this before The Dominators.
The Doctor and Zoe are forced to project their minds as part of assassination attempt by Atrika, possibly leading into The Dominators.

The Land of Fiction

The Doctor is exhausted from projecting mental images, setting this immediately after Fear of the Daleks. Ending leads directly into The Mind Robber.
Set during The Mind Robber.
The TARDIS is still rebuilding itself, setting this immediately after The Mind Robber. The Doctor returns to the Land of Fiction, only to be recruited into the events of The Three Doctors. The transition into his future appears to affect his memory, as he recognises Sergeant Benton from The Invasion, despite that event being in his near future.
Set immediately after the TARDIS finishes rebuilding itself after The Mind Robber. According to Jamie, only a few weeks have passed since The Web of Fear. The Doctor is reunited with the newly promoted Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and introduced to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. He also meets Corporal Benton for the first time.
Set directly after The Invasion with the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe observing the fallout of the destruction of the Cyberfleet before pursuing a sole surviving ship to Isos II.
The TARDIS is being repaired after being damaged by its escape from the Land of Fiction.
Set sometime after The Three Doctors, with the Doctor replacing his destroyed recorder.

A busy few weeks

Zoe refers to the recent events of The Dominators. Jamie has been travelling with the Doctor for "years now." Zoe's assimilation into the World Federation of Women may account for her sudden wardrobe change in The Krotons.
Jamie mentions witnessing a volcanic eruption on Dulkis, setting this after The Invasion.
Jamie and Zoe aren’t familiar with regeneration.
Jamie and Zoe are wearing their outfits from The Krotons.
The Doctor is repairing the HADS, setting this shortly after The Krotons.
Jamie recalls the events of The Dominators.
Set between The Krotons and The Seeds of Death.[source needed] Zoe is mentioned as having been separated from the Doctor and Jamie.
Jamie mentions the Ice Warriors, and Zoe doesn't react to it, setting this before she encounters them in The Seeds of Death.
Set between The Krotons and The Seeds of Death.[4] Jamie apparently plays football for the first time in his life, despite the fact that he played the sport in The Yes Men. This can be explained by the fact the majority of this story is made up by Zoe based on a 150 year old foreign office report of the events in Uzbekistan, along with prompts given to her by Jen.
Set before The Seeds of Death.[source needed]
Set shortly before The Seeds of Death.[source needed]
Before he was in the Multivarium, the Doctor was fighting the Ice Warriors on the Moon with Jamie and Zoe, setting this during The Seeds of Death.
Jamie believes the TARDIS hasn't left London due to it landing during the rain, setting this immediately after The Seeds of Death.
The TARDIS crew have recently encountered the Ice Lord Slaar, setting this shortly after The Seeds of Death.
The Doctor investigates some mysterious robberies on behalf of UNIT. (AUDIO: Tales from the Vault)
Zoe is mentioned to have stayed behind in the TARDIS.
Set between The Seeds of Death and The Space Pirates, according to the back cover.
Last of the Cybermen sets Echoes of Grey between The Seeds of Death and The Space Pirates.
Zoe recalls meeting the Krotons, setting this after The Krotons. Zoe is 16 years old, and claims to have "just started travelling with the Doctor".
Last of the Cybermen sets The Apocalypse Mirror between The Seeds of Death and The Space Pirates and after Echoes of Grey.
Last of the Cybermen sets The Wheel of Ice immediately before The Space Pirates.
The TARDIS crew have just left the LIZ 79, setting this immediately after The Space Pirates.
The Doctor is switched with his sixth incarnation by the Monk. This adventure explicitly takes place a few weeks after The Isos Network, and a few days after The Space Pirates.

Final adventures with Jamie and Zoe

Zoe has been travelling with the Doctor and Jamie for a few weeks.
The Doctor recalls the recently established UNIT, setting this after The Invasion.
Jamie alludes to the events of The Mind Robber.
The Doctor is traveling with Jamie and Zoe, but makes them stay in the TARDIS upon seeing the armed guards.
The events of The Seeds of Death are mentioned.
Conversation about the vortex suggests that this is set after Vortex of Fear.
The Doctor has faced the Krotons, setting this after The Krotons.
Zoe has met the Ice Warriors, setting this after The Seeds of Death.
Zoe recalls the events of The Invasion.
Zoe mentions the T-Mat from The Seeds of Death. She and Jamie are kidnapped Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Jamie and Zoe from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
The Doctor does some exploring on his own while Jamie and Zoe are taking in the sights.
Set long after Year of the Drex Olympics, with the Venusian aikido skills the Doctor practiced having gone "rusty". Zoe recalls facing Cybermen, Ice Warriors and the Quarks.
Zoe has encountered the Ice Warriors, setting this after The Seeds of Death. Jamie references having visited space prisons, setting this after The Prison in Space.
Zoe mentions the Brigadier, setting this after The Invasion.
Foreshadows The War Games.
Jamie tells Provost Curtis that he has encountered Ice Warriors, Robot Yeti, and space pirates.


Needing their help to stop the War Lords, the Doctor surrenders his location to the Time Lords.
Set during The War Games: Episode 9, just before the Doctor uses the hypercube.
The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are attempting to flee from the Time Lords.
The Doctor is fleeing from the Time Lords.
After Jamie and Zoe are returned home with their memories of him wiped, the Doctor stands trial before the Time Lords. His sentence is an exile to Earth in the 20th century and an enforced regeneration.

After the trial

Follows directly from The War Games, with the Doctor's sentence revoked on the condition that he works as a "hired gun" for the Celestial Intervention Agency, with Serena acting as his companion, though she is killed during their first mission.
Set during World Game, after the Doctor asks to be sent to World War II to see if the soldiers from the War Games have been sent home.
The Doctor has flecks of grey in his hair.
The Doctor visits the Brigadier at a UNIT reunion, though he claims to be "bending" the Laws of Time to do so. The Doctor remembers Jamie and Zoe's memories being wiped during The War Games. He has flecks of grey in his hair.
The Doctor has a tint of grey in his hair, setting this near The Five Doctors.
The Doctor has grey-hair and is travelling alone, setting this shortly before The Two Doctors.
After taking a few stops along the way, the Doctor returns to the Celestial Intervention Agency, though now sports grey hair brought on by stress. The Doctor bargains to have Jamie returned to him to ensure his silence on Serena's death. Ending leads into The Two Doctors, with a grey-haired Doctor and an older Jamie going to meet Joinson Dastari at the Space Station Camera.

Working for the CIA

Working with Jamie

All stories that feature Jamie as a young adult, and which has the Doctor in control of the TARDIS and able to remember afterwards, must be set during Season 6B.
Jamie is wearing his clothes from The Two Doctors.
Jamie still believes Victoria to be away on her graphology studies, as he said in The Two Doctors, but the Doctor is using his sonic screwdriver, which he didn't use until Victoria left in Fury from the Deep, thus placing this story in Season 6B.
Set shortly after Helicon Prime.
The Doctor and Jamie go back in time to kill a dictator as a baby. However, the Doctor is unable to go through with the act. (PROSE: Categorical Imperative)
The Doctor has complete control of the TARDIS, placing this in Season 6B.
The Doctor and Jamie are explicitly working for the Doctor's people.
After these adventures, Jamie is returned to his own time by the CIA, and the Doctor continues his adventures alone. (AUDIO: Helicon Prime) Presumably, his travels with Jamie caused his hair's stress-induced greyness to return to its old black colour. (COMIC: Action in Exile)

Working alone

The Doctor is noted to have a "pitiful" demeanour as he departs on his own. He is also investigating, implying a Season 6B setting.
The Doctor has control of the TARDIS, and dispenses justice for a murder, implying a Season 6B setting.
The Doctor recognises the Master in Tremas's body, setting this after The Five Doctors. His hair is black instead of grey.
The Doctor is sent on a mission to Karn by the Time Lords, who offer to annul his death sentence. However, he discovers that the Time Lords have been sending him on missions and wiping his memory several times over, with no intention of rescinding his exile. His memory is wiped again and he is prepared for another mission. The Doctor notes the battered appearance of the TARDIS console, implying he has been sent on many missions by the Time Lords by this point.
The Doctor prevents Santa Claus from damaging the Web of Time, implying a Season 6B setting.
The Doctor is investigating a time distortion, setting this during Season 6B.
The Doctor prevents a Golem from taking its revenge on humanity prematurely, setting this during Season 6B.
Sequel story to The Invasion. The Doctor describes the Brigadier as an "old soldier", setting this after The Five Doctors.

Hiding in luxury

Unable to hide behind CIA protection, the Doctor has his sentence of exile to Earth enforced, but he is able to escape before he can be forcibly regenerated. (COMIC: The Night Walkers)
Recently exiled, the Doctor takes up residence in the Carlton Grange Hotel in London during the 1960s.
The Doctor claims to be 500-years-old.
Ensnared by a Time Lord trap, the Doctor is forced to regenerate into his next incarnation by scarecrows animated by the Time Lords.
Set during the Doctor's regeneration.

Currently unplaced

These entries are placed here due to being part of an ongoing storyline that has yet to offer sufficient enough evidence to be placed in a specific part of this Doctor's timeline.

Awaiting placement

These entries are placed here until evidence presents itself that provides a clue as to where they happen in relation to other entries. Some of these are part of ongoing storylines that could present evidence towards the end of the plot.


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