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This page lists appearances of Santa Claus in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Timeline Edit

Santa meets the Doctor for the first time, in his first incarnation, while he is travelling with his grandchildren John and Gillian.
Santa meets the Second Doctor and is reminded of their previous encounter in A Christmas Story.
Set 24 December 1822. The Third Doctor takes Sarah Jane Smith to see Santa. The Doctor remarks that it’s been a few years since they last saw each other.
Santa encounters the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble after they rescue him from a group of Roboforms and Snowmen.
Santa encounters the Eleventh Doctor, and helps him defeat some Roboforms. The Doctor then helps him deliver presents using the TARDIS.
Santa visits the Twelfth Doctor following his separation from Clara Oswald, leading directly into Last Christmas.
A dream version of Santa battles Dream Crabs with the Twelfth Doctor, after what appears to be the original one bursts into his TARDIS.
The Thirteenth Doctor helps Santa to deliver presents in the TARDIS after his sleigh breaks down.

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