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This page lists appearances of Sam Jones in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, two Big Finish forums and the Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Joining the Doctor[]

Continues directly on from Doctor Who, with the Doctor completing his reading of The Time Machine. After a second bout with amnesia, the Doctor rescues a 16-year-old girl named Sam Jones from being attacked by drug dealers, and welcomes her company in his travels.
Sam takes her first trip in the TARDIS.
Sam has little experience with time travel, placing this early in her time as a companion.
The Doctor and Sam kill a vampire in 1976 San Francisco with the help of Carolyn McConnell, and leave a hypercube with her, should any vampires return. (PROSE: Vampire Science)

The War with the Enemy[]

After some time adventuring on his own, the Doctor collects Sam from the Greenpeace rally, telling her that he "just popped off in the TARDIS for a while".
The Doctor and Sam answer a call from Carolyn McConnell in 1997 San Francisco. It has been three years since the Doctor regenerated in Doctor Who, though Sam is only 17-years-old, and the Doctor claims to be 1012-years-old, though admits this might be incorrect.
Sam is still 17-years-old, and kills for the first time when she is forced to kill a Tractite in self-defense.
Six months have passed since The Eighth Doctors for Sam, and she has her first encounter with the Daleks.
Sam's "Jones-Richter Scale of trouble" from Genocide is used.
According to Sam, the events of War of the Daleks were "a couple of weeks ago".
Sam has not told the Doctor about her killing the Tractite in Genocide.
Set "several weeks" after Kursaal.
According to Sam, the events of Option Lock occurred "a while ago". When the Doctor appears to die saving the Moonbase, Sam gets taken away by Anstaar, separating her from the Doctor when he recovers.
The Doctor catches a glimpse of Sam from a distance, leading into Seeing I.
The Doctor and Sam are reunited on Ha'olam, with four years having past for Sam, while the Doctor spends "three-and-a-bit years" being locked away as a prisoner of the Oliver Bainbridge Functional Stabilisation Centre.
Stacy Townsend and Ssard from the Radio Times comic stories appear, and the Doctor recalls the events of The Dying Days.
The Doctor mentions the events of The Scarlet Empress.
The Doctor and Sam are joined by Fitz Kreiner, due to the Doctor taking pity on the fugitive due to the death of his mother. Sam has been traveling with the Doctor for "years" by this point.
Fitz leaves the TARDIS for two years, but only a week passes for the Doctor and Sam.
The events of Revolution Man are still fresh in Fitz's mind. Sam is 22-years-old. Ending sets up the events of Unnatural History, and begins a small arc of the TARDIS being unwilling to leave Earth until The Hour of the Geek.
Set "a couple of weeks" after Dominion and "a few weeks" after Revolution Man. A dark-haired Sam encounters a dimensional scar that alters her timeline, reworking it, giving her blonde hair, and creating the established timeline she experienced with the Doctor. The Doctor loses his shadow, and his Volkswagen Beetle is destroyed.
Sam decides to leave the TARDIS, and asks the Doctor to drop her somewhere near 1997, leading into Shock Tactic. The Doctor claims to be 1018-years-old.
Unnatural History occurred "a couple of months ago" for Sam. Fitz becomes stranded on 2593 Ordifica after being trapped in the Cold for six hundred years, and joins the Faction Paradox.
Sam choses to leave the Doctor while on 1996 Earth, and the Doctor decides to travel alone for a time after a traumatic battle with the Faction Paradox, which sees Fitz separate a part of his memories into a Remembrance Tank to become Father Kreiner, while the re-remembered Fitz agrees to join the Doctor and Compassion, a fellow remembered who was a member of the Remote.

Rewritten Biodata[]

The Council of Eight undid the changes done to Sam's biodata, reverting her to her original self. She died of a drug overdose in 2002.
The Doctor, Fitz and Trix MacMillan visit Sam's grave.

Removed from History[]

A person matching Sam's description was briefly seen by Charlotte Pollard while aboard the airship in the heart of the Time Vortex, its inhabitants kept in a limbo-like state having been removed from the timeline by the Doctor to preserve the Web of Time. She is wearing a T-shirt from Hyspero, suggesting that she was removed from the timeline at some stage following The Scarlett Empress.