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This page lists appearances of Rose Tyler in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Before the Doctor[]

On the day of her father's death in 1987, the infant Rose Tyler comes into contact with her future self. Later in her childhood, Rose is told of this day by her mother.
"Santa Claus" anonymously gives her a bicycle, in Christmas, 1998.
Following New Year 2005, Rose is walking home behind her mother when she comes across an apparent drunk in the shadows who predicts that she will have a "really great year".
Rose meets the Ninth Doctor and Jack Harkness during an Auton attack in the 21st century. Controversially, the book ends with Rose being brought aboard the TARDIS with the astonished reaction to the size inside, but this can be seen as taking place before she met the Doctor in Rose from Rose's perspective.

Adventures with the Ninth Doctor[]

Rose meets the Ninth Doctor and leaves home to join him in the TARDIS.
Rose is taking her first trip in time, going into the future, where she witnesses the Earth come to a natural end. After the ordeal, the Doctor opens up to Rose about the outcome of the Time War.
Rose is taking her first trip into her past, meeting Charles Dickens on Christmas Eve 1869 in Cardiff. The Doctor's battle with the Gelth, specifically their destruction by Gwyneth, causes severe damage to a time rift in the Cardiff area. According to the Doctor, Rose is nineteen-years-old.
Rose has her first hairstyle and the same outfit she had between Rose and Aliens of London. The Doctor has the same jumper he wore in The Unquiet Dead.
Returning to the Powell Estate, Rose's mother, Jackie, discovers Rose has been travelling with the Doctor; a full year has passed for her and Mickey, but only a few days have passed for Rose. The Doctor claims to be 900-years-old. Ending leads directly into World War Three.
The Doctor is formally introduced to the Slitheen family by the one posing as Margaret Blaine and to Harriet Jones by Rose, following brief encounters during Aliens of London.
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
Set early in Rose's travels with the Doctor.
Rose thinks of Gwyneth from The Unquiet Dead and has travelled with the Doctor for more than a few days, setting this after World War Three.
Rose accuses the Doctor of not wanting to visit her mother, setting this after World War Three. Rose's visits to Earth's past and future are mentioned, and Rose is still uncomfortable with the idea that the Doctor is an alien.
Rose visits her first alien planet. The Slitheen family are mentioned, setting this after World War Three.
Jackie knows about Rose travelling with the Doctor, setting this after World War Three.
The Doctor's dreamscape for Rose includes the Powell Estate and Jackie Tyler, setting this after World War Three.
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
Rose now has her second hairstyle.
Rose mentions the events of The Monsters Inside.
Rose has changed her hairstyle. Inside the Vault of Henry van Statten in 2012 Utah, the Doctor encounters a Dalek for the first time since the Time War ended. On Rose's suggestion, the Doctor lets Adam Mitchell enter the TARDIS.
Follows directly on from Dalek, with the Doctor trying to return Adam home. However, after Adam proves his worth against the Bygone Horde, the Doctor decides to keep him around. The Doctor decides to take Adam to the far future, leading into The Long Game.
Adam takes his first trip into the future, going to the year 200,000, where he tries to filch information, causing the Doctor to return him home in disgrace. The Doctor theorises that someone is using Satellite Five to play a long game on the human race by providing a ninety year setback to their development.
The Doctor takes Rose to 1987 to be with her father, Pete Tyler, as he dies, but she tries to change history by saving him, resulting in a brief fallout between the two. They make up when Pete ensures his demise to set history back on track.
The Doctor is entertaining Rose in a café, most likely setting this after her emotional ordeal in Father's Day.
The Doctor mentions the events of Father's Day.
The Doctor and Rose visit the Powell Estate, setting this after World War Three.
The Doctor and Rose attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.
Rose and the Doctor are returning to the Powell Estate from the Moons of Fordice. The Doctor feels that his "old body is wearing a bit".
Adam returns for revenge on the Doctor by kidnapping Rose, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Rose from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
Rose and the Doctor meet rogue Time Agent Jack Harkness while dealing with a plague in 1941 London. Ending leads directly into The Doctor Dances.
Intending to sacrifice himself to destroy the Empty Child plague, Jack is saved by the Doctor and joins the TARDIS team.
Prior to this event, Jack had not visited Rose's time.
Jack tells the Unon that he has only just met the Doctor and Rose, setting this shortly after The Doctor Dances. The Doctor places his mind up for auction on Fluren's World.
Taggani mentions the Doctor putting his mind up for sale during Weapons of Past Destruction. According to Doctormania, this is set soon after Weapons of Past Destruction.
The Doctor and Rose bring Jack to the 21st century, setting this after Only Human.
According to the previously bio, some time has passed since Weapons of Past Destruction. The Doctor refers to the events of Weapons of Past Destruction and Hacked. After dealing with Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen's impersonation of him, the Doctor is called to San Francisco by Mickey Smith, leading directly into The Transformed.
The Doctor helps Mickey deal with a gargoyle mutation caused by a wormhole, but one gargoyle that Rose befriended goes through the wormhole, leading into Official Secrets.
Tara Mishra joins the TARDIS. Jack finds a picture of himself dressed as a 17th century priest among the UNIT files.
Follows on from Official Secrets, with the TARDIS crew investigating the painting found in the UNIT files and taking Tara on her first trip back in time. After finding out someone he had assassinated may still be alive, Jack takes his leave of the TARDIS team.
Jack's absence places this after Slaver's Song. Rose is less hostile towards Tara, but she is still considered a recent addition to the team.
The Doctor learns of the Sin-Eaters and frames himself for Tara's alleged murder to go undercover at the Hesguard Institute. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters)
The Doctor is arrested by the Judoon for Tara's murder, leading into Sin-Eaters.
Ending leads directly into The Bidding War.
The Doctor takes Rose to be healed from the events of The Bidding Wars, while Jack picks up Tara.
While reencountering the Margaret Blaine Slitheen, the Doctor's TARDIS severely damages the Cardiff rift. After a fight with Mickey, Rose learns that the heart of the TARDIS can be used to fulfill desires. With Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen regressed back into an egg, the Doctor intends to take her to a hatchery on Raxacoricofallapatorius.
Jackie mentions the events of Boom Town.
Rose has visited Woman Wept and Raxacoricofallapatorius, setting this after Boom Town. The TARDIS team spend a month on 23rd century New Vegas investigating the Whisper.
Set immediately before Bad Wolf, with the TARDIS team visiting Kyoto, Japan in 1336.
Being abducted back to Satellite Five, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks somehow survived the Time War and were the ones responsible for delaying the human race's development in The Long Game. Ending leads directly into The Parting of the Ways.
Finding that the Dalek Emperor has resurrected the Daleks by converting the human race, the Doctor sends Rose home to protect her from a delta wave he intends to use to kill both the humans and Daleks. Jack and the inhabitants of Satellite Five are all killed by the Daleks. Before the Doctor can be killed, Rose, having used the heart of the TARDIS to absorb the Time Vortex, returns and atomises the Dalek fleet, and restores Jack to life. To save Rose from the power of the vortex, the Doctor absorbs the energy, causing cellular damage to his body, forcing him to regenerate into his next incarnation.

Adventures with the Tenth Doctor[]

Set immediately after The Parting of the Ways, with the Doctor examining his new body and reassuring Rose that he is still the Doctor, before he suffers spasms brought on by the regeneration process, leading directly into The Christmas Invasion.
Recovering from his regeneration trauma, the Doctor repels a Sycorax invasion, losing his hand in a swordfight with the leader. He then deposes Harriet Jones as Prime Minister after she orders the retreating Sycorax ship destroyed.
The Doctor is still adjusting to his new body, and Mickey still harbours a small grudge against him.

It has been a few weeks since the Doctor regenerated, and Rose is still getting used to his new body

Returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor is forced to lodger with Mickey after he forgets to lock the time settings and the TARDIS jumps a time track without him. Mickey mentions the Doctor's recent regeneration, and the two begin to form a strong friendship.
The Doctor hunts down and defeats an Elemental Shade in the 1970s, but not before it kills Elton Pope's mother. (TV: Love & Monsters)
Rose is admiring a bracelet given to her by Mickey, setting this before School Reunion.
The Doctor and Rose leave the sunny Powell Estate for more adventures, starting with New Earth. After Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17 helps him uncover a conspiracy at New New York Hospital, the Doctor learns from the Face of Boe that he will learn a secret message when he meets the Face again. Cassandra alludes to the Doctor's recent regeneration, stating some of his parts are "unused".
Set before the Doctor gets the in-flight stereo working in Tooth and Claw. Rose is wearing her outfit from New Earth.
Rose dreams of the events of New Earth. Jackie alludes to the Doctor's recent regeneration.
The Doctor mentions the events of New Earth.
The Doctor and Rose save Queen Victoria from a werewolf at Torchwood House.
Following an encounter with dragons, the Doctor and Rose nearly return to London in answer to a call from Jackie in 2007. Mickey is still around the Powell Estate, setting this before School Reunion.
The Doctor encounters a Dalek for the first time since The Parting of the Ways. The Doctor and Rose unsuccessfully attempt to visit the Moon. Rose is aware of her being the Bad Wolf entity, setting this at least after Tooth and Claw.
The Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III while investigating the Krillitane at Deffry Vale High School with Rose and Mickey, which results in K9 sacrificing himself and being replaced with a newer model. With some prompting from Sarah Jane, the Doctor accepts Mickey's request to join the TARDIS crew.
Set during the events of School Reunion, when the Doctor reactivates K9.
Mickey takes his first trip in the TARDIS, which lands on a 51st century spaceship filled with Clockwork Droids stalking Madame de Pompadour in 18th century France.
Set during The Girl in the Fireplace. After partying with Madame de Pompadour, the Doctor and Arthur encounter a hand reaching out a portal aboard the ship, but it fails to reach the Doctor. Hearing Rose calling for his help, the Doctor decides to deal with the hand at a later date.
Falling through a crack in time into a parallel universe where Rose's father is a wealthy businessman, the Doctor sees the rise of the parallel universe's Cybermen. Ending leads directly into The Age of Steel.
The TARDIS team help the Preachers destroy John Lumic's Cyber-factory, with Pete killing Lumic to avenge his Jackie. Having witnessed the death of his counterpart, Mickey decides to stay and help the Preachers fight the ongoing Cyberman threat.
The Doctor and Rose learn that the survivors of Platform One are disappearing. Ending leads directly into Hyperstar Rising.
Ending leads directly into Death Race Five Billion.
Ending leads directly into The Macrobe Menace.
Ending leads directly into The Hunt of Doom.
Ending leads directly into Reunion of Fear.
Rose is aware of K9, setting this after School Reunion.
Rose recalls the events of Rise of the Cybermen.
The Doctor mentions the events of New Earth.
Rose mentions meeting Queen Victoria, setting this after Tooth and Claw.
Mickey's absence indicates this takes place after The Age of Steel. The Doctor and Rose's dynamic indicates they have been traveling together for awhile before The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 2.
Rose does not believe in the devil, setting this before her encounter with the Beast in The Impossible Planet.
Rose encounters the Ice Warriors for the first time.
The Doctor and Rose are trying to get to the Galapagos Islands.
Rose is familiar with the Ice Warriors, setting this after Cold Vengeance.
The Doctor and Rose are separated from the TARDIS while aboard Sanctuary Base 6 on Krop Tor; a planet orbiting a black hole. The Doctor meets the Ood for the first time. Ending leads directly into The Satan Pit.
Rose is told by the Beast that she will "die in battle so very soon." After the Doctor ensures the Beast's demise, he finds the TARDIS beneath Krop Tor and he and Rose depart.
The Doctor and Rose battle a Hoix, as witnessed by Elton Pope, whom the Doctor almost recognises. (TV: Love & Monsters)
The Krillitane are mentioned, setting this after School Reunion. Rose notes that she has "seen enough of hell lately", implying that this is also set after The Satan Pit.
The Ood are mentioned, setting this after The Satan Pit. Rose considers The Stone Rose to be a recent happening.
The Doctor and Rose confront Elton Pope after he upsets Jackie, and help him and LINDA kill the Abzorbaloff, at the cost of most of LINDA. However, the Doctor is able to preserve Ursula Blake in the concrete.
The Doctor mentions being banished from England by Queen Victoria during Tooth and Claw.
The Doctor can feel that "a storm is approaching", foreshadowing Army of Ghosts.
Rose visits the Moon for the first time, setting this after I am a Dalek.
The Doctor says, "allons-y", for the first time. Uncovering a ghost conspiracy during a stop at the Powell Estate, the Doctor, Rose and Jackie travel to the Torchwood Institute. Separated, the Doctor and Jackie learn of Torchwood's history, while Rose finds Mickey undercover in the Void Ship room, preparing to fight a Cyberman invasion. Ending leads directly into Doomsday.
Joining with Pete and the Preachers again, the Doctor opposes the Cybermen until the Cult of Skaro provide a common enemy for the Preachers and Cybermen to fight together. Sending Jackie and the Preachers back to "Pete's World", the Doctor and Rose banish the Daleks and the Cybermen to the Void, only for Rose to nearly fall in as well, saved only by Pete's intervention, but permanently trapping her on the parallel world.

After the Doctor[]

Being years ahead of N-Space, Pete's World witnesses the darkness created by the detonation of the Reality bomb prematurely.
After a year in Pete's World, Rose takes her first trip to other universes using the Dimension cannon. She encounters an alternate version of Clive Finch who accompanies her back to Pete's World.
Temporarily manifesting in her home world again, Rose comes across Donna Noble while searching for the Doctor.
An image of Rose calling out for the Doctor appears within the TARDIS.
An image of Rose calling out for the Doctor appears while he is occupied within the Crusader 50.
Working with UNIT in an alternate world created by a Time Beetle attached to Donna, Rose enables her to set history back on the right course, preventing the Doctor from being killed prematurely.
Rose returns to her home world in time to witness the invasion of Earth by the New Dalek Empire. Her reunion with the Doctor is interrupted when he is shot by a Dalek, forcing him to regenerate. Leads directly into Journey's End.
Following The Stolen Earth, the Doctor avoids changing by channeling his regeneration energy into his severed hand which, through contact with Donna, is transformed into a biologically human duplicate of the Doctor. After the reality bomb is thwarted and the Daleks defeated, Rose bids farewell to the Doctor again as she returns to Pete's World with Jackie, now with the company of the second Doctor, while Mickey returns to his home Earth.