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This page lists appearances of Rory Williams in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Early life[]

Rory is friends with Amy Pond and Mels since childhood. As young adults, Mels helps Amy realize that Rory has always had feelings for her.
Engaged to Amy, Rory meets the Eleventh Doctor.

Early adventures[]

Occurs concurrently with the cold open of The Vampires of Venice.
Hoping to prevent Amy's adventures from ruining her engagement, the Doctor brings Rory aboard the TARDIS, taking the pair to 1580 Venice as a wedding gift.
After being toyed with by the Dream Lord, Amy realises how important Rory is to her.
Reference is made to Amy's Choice, and the Doctor is trying to get Amy and Rory to Rio, setting this shortly before The Hungry Earth.
Failing to get to Rio, the TARDIS crew find a tribe of Silurians under 2020 Cwmtaff. Taking Alaya prisoner, the Doctor goes to negotiate peace in the Silurian city, leading directly into Cold Blood.
After Alaya is killed, her sister, Restac, begins a war campaign, forcing the Silurian leader to put the Silurians back into hibernation. While fleeing to the TARDIS, the Doctor is distracted by another crack in time, and fishes a burnt and destroyed piece of the TARDIS out of it. Rory is killed by Restac while saving the Doctor's life, and is then wiped from existence by the cracks, causing Amy to forget him.

Guarding the Pandorica[]

Following a message from River to 102 Stonehenge, the Doctor and Amy find the Pandorica and discover it is opening and transmitting a signal that is summoning the Doctor's enemies. Finding Rory alive as a Roman Centurion, the Doctor is able to frighten away his enemies, but River's piloting of the TARDIS is hijacked. As the TARDIS begins to explode with River still inside, Rory, who is actually an Auton, shoots Amy dead and the Doctor is imprisoned in the Pandorica by an alliance of his enemies, leading directly into The Big Bang.
The Doctor is freed by the Auton Rory, and places Amy in the Pandorica to heal her.
The Pandorica is taken from Stonehenge to Rome in 118 (TV: The Big Bang) and Rory follows it there. (AUDIO: Gladiator)
Rory becomes Caesar.
Rory abdicates his title and finds the Pandorica, pledging to bring it back home via France.
Rory transports the Pandorica from Rome to London, setting this after I, Rorius.
As Harold Godwinson's favoured general, Rory protects the Pandorica during the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
Meeting up with Rory and Amy again in 1996 using River's vortex manipulator, the Doctor saves River from the TARDIS and launches the Pandorica into the eye of the explosion to reboot the universe. As the Doctor's timeline unravels, he revisits the events of Flesh and Stone and The Eleventh Hour, where he says goodbye to Amelia before going into the crack. However, his words to Amelia cause Amy to remember the Doctor and the TARDIS back into existence at her wedding reception. After the celebrations conclude, the Doctor takes Amy and Rory, revived to his old self by the reality reboot, for more adventure in the TARDIS.

Extended honeymoon[]

Rory recalls the recent events of The Big Bang.
The Doctor drops Amy and Rory off on a Honeymoon planet. (TV: Death of the Doctor)
To save a honeymooning Amy and Rory from a crashing space liner, the Doctor has several adventures with Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew, during which he marries Marilyn Monroe. After changing Kazran for the better, the Doctor collects Amy and Rory from their honeymoon.
While Rory helps the Doctor with maintenance aboard the TARDIS, he gets distracted when Amy tries to ask the Doctor a question, causing the TARDIS to land within itself, leading directly into Time.
The Doctor uses the time differentials caused by the TARDIS landing in itself to find out how to free the TARDIS.
Amy mentions her wedding from The Big Bang.
Rory recalls the events of Cold Blood.
The Doctor and Rory mention the events of The Big Bang.
The Doctor says that the TARDIS is "still playing up" after the recent events of Spam Filtered.
The Doctor eventually deposits Amy and Rory back home eight months after their wedding for them to enjoy their married life. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)
Amy and Rory, dressed similar to how they were in their earlier travels, are kidnapped by Adam Mitchell among companions of the Doctor but are soon freed by Frobisher. Leads into Endgame.
While the first eleven Doctors work to rescue their companions from Adam and the Master, Amy and Rory find the Eleventh Doctor with a "new girl".
Rory and Amy attend a meeting of the Doctor's various companions, organised by Alice Obiefune, who served as the Eleventh Doctor's companion during the time in which the Ponds were enjoying married life. Clara Oswald is also present.

New adventures with the Doctor[]

Answering a mysterious summons, the Doctor is reunited with Amy, Rory and River, and takes them to 1969 Washington DC on the summoner's orders. Assigned to work with Canton Delaware by Richard Nixon in investigating a mysterious caller, the Doctor finds that the caller is a little girl in an astronaut suit, whom Amy, after claiming to be pregnant, shoots to "save [his] life", leading into Day of the Moon. The Doctor claims to be 909-years-old, and has not met Jim the Fish yet.
Rory spends three months travelling through the United States, searching for Silents.
After three months of pretending to be prisoner of the government, the Doctor compares notes with Amy, Rory, River and Canton, and learns what "the Silence" are, and that they are behind the astronaut conspiracy, as well as the Aickman Road plot from The Lodger. Amy claims to have been wrong about her pregnancy, but the Doctor still looks into it, with conflicting results. The Doctor shares his first kiss with River.
The Doctor faces Professor Saurian for the first time.
The Doctor is still investigating Amy's possible pregnancy.
Amy and Rory are still having the discussion they had at the end of The Curse of the Black Spot.
When a solar tsunami forces the TARDIS to St John's Monastery in the 22nd century, the TARDIS crew learn about Gangers, and witness the beginning of a Ganger revolution, leading directly into The Almost People. The TARDIS is still confused as to whether Amy is pregnant, and the Doctor is cloned.
After secretly switching places with his Ganger, the Doctor learns that Amy watched a future version of himself die. After the Doctor's Ganger sacrifices himself to end the Ganger threat, Amy, who is revealed to have been a Ganger since before The Impossible Astronaut, goes into labour, leading into A Good Man Goes to War.

Discovering the origin of River Song[]

Building a small army of Rory, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax, Dorium Maldovar, the Judoon and Avery's crew, the Doctor rescues Amy and her baby, Melody Pond, from Madame Kovarian. However, Melody had been switched with a Ganger beforehand, and Kovarian escapes with her, as Dorium is decapitated and Strax is killed in battle. River arrives and subtly reveals that she is Melody to the Doctor, who makes a quick exit in the TARDIS, promising to find the Ponds' baby.
The Doctor is summoned back by Amy and Rory and, after she hijacks the TARDIS to 1938 Berlin, sees their childhood best friends, Mels, regenerate into River Song, who is then hunted down by the Teselecta. Ensuring events lead to Melody's development into River, and the Doctor departs with Amy and Rory for more adventures. From the Teselecta, the Doctor learns that the Silence is plotting to assassinate him to prevent the "First Question" being answered, and that he will be killed by River at 5:02pm at Lake Silencio on 22 April 2011.
Set during the bike chase scene in Let's Kill Hitler.

Search for Agent 99[]

The Doctor learns about a missing man known as Agent 99.
The TARDIS crew are looking for Agent 99.
The Doctor uses the Tryptic Thought of Crystals of Lossk to locate Agent 99's telepathic signature to locate him. Finding Agent 99 on Quiox, he asks the Doctor to return him to Earth, leading into Agent 99.
The Doctor discovers that he had been set up on his search for Agent 99 by a secret council who wanted to use Warp Agent 99 to conquer the galaxy. With Amy and Rory taken prisoner, the Doctor is unable to stop the council from using Agent 99's powers to free the Koth-Kulaar from his exile, leading directly into Dimension Warp.
As the Koth-Kulaar destroys every living thing on Earth, the Doctor rescues Amy, Rory and Agent 99, who sacrifices his life energy to send the Koth-Kulaar into oblivion.

Further adventures with the Doctor[]

Amy refers to the Atraxi, "vampires in Venice", the Silurian city, the Pandorica and her honeymoon with Rory.
Set concurrently with Rory's Adventure.
Set concurrently with Amy's Escapade.
The Doctor faces the Atomon for the first time.
The Doctor feels a rage he hasn't felt since A Good Man Goes to War.
The Doctor mentions the recent events of Air Force Gone.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory are joined in the TARDIS by Kevin, a robotic copy of a Tyrannosaurus rex, who wants to find a better role in life beyond the resort complex he worked for.
Ending leads directly into Space Squid.
Kevin decides to stay at Nebula Base as its new chief of security.
Amy and Rory comment on meeting pirates again, and the Doctor is disappointed that the captain hasn't heard of him, setting this between The Curse of the Black Spot and The Wedding of River Song.
Rory recalls seeing Cybermen marching, perhaps referencing the events of A Good Man Goes to War.
Set between The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. (Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia)

Left on Earth[]

After an unpleasant experience on a prison ship, the Doctor leaves Amy and Rory behind to ensure their safety.
The Doctor watches Amy and Rory from a distance.
The Doctor uses the Teselecta to fake his death, but River is able to stop herself destroying the robot, causing time to collapse. To ensure that time goes back on track, the Doctor marries River, and the timeline resumes its original course. Amy and Rory retain memories of the alternate world, and are informed by River that the Doctor survived.
After repaying his debt to Madge Arwell, the Doctor is encouraged to return to Amy and Rory for Christmas.
The Doctor and Strax come to visit Amy and Rory at their house.
The Doctor and Strax are visiting Amy and Rory at their house.
The Doctor leaves a message for Amy and Rory to explain why he will be late for their April meet up. He tells them about seeing Florinall 9 and Mata Hari, and they hear him crash landing into ancient Greece.
The Doctor and River are visiting Amy and Rory for a "family holiday".
The Doctor and River act like a married couple.
The Doctor and River act like a married couple. The house they were in during Take a Bow (Tie) is revealed to be Amy and Rory's.
The Doctor gives Amy and Rory an upcoming anniversary present, setting this after The Big Bang. He's also wearing his long coat, first seen in Let's Kill Hitler.
The Doctor has just left from visiting to Amy and Rory in June, accidently leaving behind an Ood he rescued from the Androvax conflict.
By July, the Doctor receives a call from Rory alerting him to the misplaced Ood, and promises to retrieve the Ood after dealing with power drainage within the TARDIS.
Amy and Rory are travelling in the TARDIS with a pair of Ood.
In August, Amy and Rory separate.
Answering a call for help, the Doctor is captured by the Daleks, and sent to the Dalek Asylum with Amy and Rory by the Parliament of the Daleks. Assisted by Oswin Oswald, a stranded Junior Entertainment Manager converted into a Dalek, the Doctor destroys the Asylum, fixes Amy and Rory's marital problems and has his existence erased from the Dalek Pathweb.
The Doctor and River are staying with Amy and Rory for Christmas.
The Doctor is planning Amy and Rory's schedule. River is present.
Rory is traveling in the TARDIS. The Doctor and River act like more of a married couple.
After saving 1334 BC Egypt from giant locusts, the Doctor and Queen Nefertiti are summoned to 2367 by the Indian Space Agency, who alert the Doctor a Silurian Ark on a collision course with Earth. With the aid of Nefertiti, John Riddell, Amy, Rory and Brian Williams, the Doctor kills Solomon the trader and saves the Earth.
Set during Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, with the Doctor arriving to collect Amy and Rory, but landing in May by mistake, and leaving after realises he has "popped up in the wrong order".
The Doctor picks River up for a date at Amy and Rory's house. Amy and Rory know River is their daughter, setting this after A Good Man Goes to War.
Amy references the events of A Good Man Goes to War.
While trying to take Amy and Rory to a Day of the Dead festival, the Doctor finds the town of Mercy, Nevada under threat from the Gunslinger. After persuading the Gunslinger to seek redemption, Amy asks for her and Rory to be returned home, as their "friends are going to start noticing that [they're] aging faster than them." The Doctor claims to be 1200-years-old, is noted by Amy to have been traveling alone for a while before this adventure, and recalls when Rory left his phone charger in Henry VIII's en-suite.

The Year of the Slow Invasion[]

After mysterious cubes appear around the world, the Doctor is introduced to UNIT's new Head of Scientific Research, Kate Stewart, and decides to stay with Amy and Rory to observe the cubes. After four days with no progress, the impatient Doctor leaves to go on some solo adventures to "restore sanity". Amy tells the Doctor that she and Rory believe they have been traveling with him for ten years.
Set during The Power of Three, when the Doctor is performing odd jobs around the Ponds' house.
The Doctor returns to the cubes in June, nine months after he left. He takes Amy and Rory to the Savoy Hotel in 1890 for their anniversary, but finds a Zygon plot to foil in the hotel. In a return trip to get Rory's phone charger from the King's en-suite, Amy accidentally marries Henry VIII. (The Complete History vol. 71)
It is Amy and Rory's anniversary.
Amy mentions her tendency to accidentally fire handguns when holding them, something that happened during A Town Called Mercy.
After seven weeks of adventures, the Doctor returns Amy and Rory to their anniversary party moments after they left. After a chat with Brian, the Doctor decides to stay with Amy and Rory to better monitor the cubes, promising to be more patient.
Rory takes the Doctor to watch a football match.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory are setting up fireworks.
In July, the cubes start activating. After telling Kate he has figured out she is the Brigadier's daughter, the Doctor talks with Amy about her and Rory wanting to stop traveling with him, and tracks down the cubes' master: the Shakri. After foiling the Shakri's plot, the Doctor makes to leave alone, but Brian persuades Amy and Rory to travel with him.

Final adventures with the Doctor[]

During a trip to 2012 New York City, Rory is sent back to 1938 by a Weeping Angel. Following his trail, the Doctor and Amy encounter River and discover that New York has been overtaken by the Weeping Angels. After Amy and Rory create a paradox to defeat the Angels, a straggler sends them back in time beyond the reach of the TARDIS, separating the Doctor from them forever.

Living in the past[]

Set in 1939. Rory and Amy are thinking about adopting a child. Rory has grown a pencil moustache in an attempt to better fit in with the time.
Set in 1946. Rory and Amy have just adopted baby Anthony and are about to bring him home.
Rory writes a letter to his dad to inform him of their situation. He mentions adopting Anthony in 1946 and includes a photograph of his son as a baby. (NOTVALID: P.S.)
Rory and Amy have already adopted Anthony.
Set in 1969.


In 2020, Rory and Amy celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary by returning to Cwmtaff and waving to the Doctor and their past selves from a distance. The placement of this event is problematic, as Rory and Amy are shown to have left their native time period by the 2010s in The Power of Three.
The Doctor takes Rory in the TARDIS to visit River at Stormcage, while Amy stays at home to look after her mum. Rory and Amy have been visiting River at Stormcage for several years, setting this in Series 7.