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This page lists appearances of Rhys Williams in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.



Gwen joins Torchwood Three.
Gwen's first day on the job.
Gwen is still inexperienced with weapons. Set 66 years after 1941.
Ianto keeps something secret in the hub.
Several references are made to the events of Cyberwoman.
Set in October 2007.
Captain Jack Harkness places this story in the week ending December 24th.


Owen is visibly upset by the events of Out of Time in this story. He calls off his affair with Gwen.
Continues where Captain Jack Harkness left off. Jack disappears from Torchwood.
Gwen has started taking charge more in Jack's absence, in comparison to Captain Jack Harkness, where Owen was said to be second-in-command. Gwen is now engaged to Rhys.
Set between Meat and Adam.
Continues where Reset left off. Owen is resurrected, but with no lifesigns.


Set after Owen's undeath and before Gwen's wedding.
Continues where Fragments left off. Owen and Tosh die.
Norton Folgate is aware that Ianto will die soon.
The events of Dissected are referred to.


6 months later, Jack leaves Earth.


Jack returns to Earth.
Jack and Gwen are taken to America.
Jack and Gwen return to the UK, along with Esther after End of the Road. The New World through End of the Road flow into one another.
Takes place a few months after End of the Road.
Continues where The Gathering left off.





Gwen leaves Torchwood.

Late 2010s[]

Rhys refers to Gwen leaving Torchwood, placing this after Herald of the Dawn.

Alternate timeline[]


After Day One ~ Before Fragments