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This page lists appearances of the Daleks' Restoration Empire in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Following the defeat of Davros in the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War, one member of the Dalek Supreme Council exterminates the others and dons a gold casing, proclaiming himself as the Dalek Emperor. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire)
The Daleks have detected ripples in time. The Dalek Emperor receives a message from the Dark Times, from the future version of a Dalek Drone who is currently in operation on Skaro as part of a Dalek Time Squad. He makes plans to invade the Archive of Islos to find out more about the Doctor's involvement in these ripples.
The Emperor leads the invasion of the Archive of Islos, with the Dalek Executioner and Dalek Prime Strategist by his side. In retaliation, the Archivians release a mysterious entity.
Following directly on from The Archive of Islos, the entity prompts the Daleks to evacuate Skaro. The Emperor sends the Prime Strategist to awaken a hidden army of Daleks, but is beaten there by the entity who attempts to manipulate the Strategist into turning against his emperor. The Emperor and Strategist flee once again.
Grey Daleks led by the gold-cased Dalek Emperor ally with the Tenth Doctor against the Hond. While most Daleks are slatted, one Dalek, the Prime Strategist, is unslatted and claims to be older than even the Emperor.
The Dalek Time Squad is dispatched to locate an earlier incarnation of the Doctor in order to use his TARDIS to reach the Dark Times. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire)
The Eighth Doctor is drawn to a planet where he is greeted by a Dalek.
The Daleks and the Eighth Doctor confront the Tenth Doctor in the Dark Times.
The Dalek Time Squad is present in the Dark Times.
The Daleks are in an alliance with the Eighth Doctor.