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This page lists appearances of Rassilon in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Timeline Edit

War Against the VampiresEdit

Old Time Edit

Rassilon overthrows the Pythia.
The Rassilon Era begins with Year Zero.
Rassilon meets the Eleventh Doctor and he becomes a pilot for a Type 1 TARDIS.

Matrix projection Edit

Rassilon prepares his tomb in the Death Zone.

Consciousness in the Matrix Edit

In the Divergent Universe Edit

Time War Edit

Rassilon is resurrected for the Time War in the body of Admiral Valerian.
In the same incarnation as in The End of Time, Rassilon forms the Alliance of Races to oppose the Hyperions.
In the same incarnation as in The End of Time, Rassilon tricked the Count D'if into erasing himself from time in a game of Rassilon Roulette.
Rassilon converted Borusa into a probability engine during the Time War.
Priyan tells Engin that Rassilon is initiating the Ultimate Sanction, placing it just before The End of Time.
Set on the last day of the Time War. Rassilon's attempt to enact the Ultimate Sanction is repelled by the Doctor and the Master. Rassilon is Lord President.
The General mentions that Rassilon's plan has already failed.

Post-War Edit

Rassilon is in a new incarnation after being attacked by the Master. He is deposed by the Twelfth Doctor and banished from Gallifrey.
Rassilon is no longer President. He attempts to regain control of Gallifrey but they betray him. He works with the Twelfth Doctor to undo time and prevent him from forming an alliance with the Cybermen.

Currently unplaced Edit

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