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This page lists the order of stories featuring the Paternoster Gang, consisting of Vastra, Jenny Flint, and/or Strax. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Timeline Edit

Origins Edit

During the first seven minutes of his life, Strax receives a full education on various subjects such as the Doctor through the Sontaran Subliminal Education Matrix.
In the 1880s, Silurian warrior Vastra is awaken during the construction of an extension of the London Underground, and is convinced not to give into revenge by the Doctor, and instead integrates herself into humanity's culture. (PROSE: Madame Vastra) Against the Doctor's advice, she performs as The Sensational Scaled Siren for Henry Gordon Jago, (COMIC: The Lost Dimension) and also performs in Jago's "Monstre Gathering". (PROSE: Madame Vastra)
Jenny Flint is hired as Vastra's maid after she and the Doctor save her from the Tong of the Black Scorpion. (PROSE: Madame Vastra) Jenny and Vastra eventually start a romance. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

1881-1886 Edit

After saving Queen Victoria from a Zygon plot, Vastra gains the title of "Madame" and takes up residence at Paternoster Row (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)
While Vastra is in Egypt, Jenny helps the Doctor defeat a Kraal plot to replace Prince Bertie with an android duplicate in 1881. (PROSE: Madame Vastra)
Vastra and Jenny battled some CyberNeomorphs in Japan's history. (PROSE: Madame Vastra)
Set in 1886. Vastra and Jenny discover an island of quarantined Silurians with the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

1888 Edit

Set in 1888. After consuming Jack the Ripper, Vastra and Jenny are recruited by the Eleventh Doctor to partake in the Battle of Demons Run, alongside Rory Williams, Strax, Dorium Maldovar, and the crew of the Fancy. During the battle, the Headless Monks decapitate Dorium and kill Strax. Strax claims to be nearly 12-years-old.
Shortly after A Good Man Goes to War, Vastra and Jenny revive Strax, and invite him to join them in Victorian London, an offer he accepts after some hesitation.
While the story is claimed to be set in 1884, Strax is living at 13 Paternoster Row, setting this after A Good Man Goes to War, which took place in 1888. Vastra and Jenny are celebrating their second anniversary as a couple.
Strax is traveling with the Doctor, going with him to visit Amy Pond and Rory Williams.
Strax is traveling with the Doctor, going on a "pub crawl" across the universe with him and Rory Williams.

1889 Edit

Vastra has a sonic screwdriver, and Strax claims to nearly be 13-years-old, setting this almost a year after The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later.

1892 Edit

On 26 November 1892, Vastra calls the Eleventh Doctor to ask for his help, but he turns her down. (AUDIO: Regeneration Impossible)
Set during winter 1892. After he retires from adventuring, the Paternoster Gang try to rouse the Doctor's spirits, but he continues to mourn the loss of his companions.
Strax is still talking about his Moonite theory, setting this shortly after The Great Detective.
After a case involving identical twins, a poison undetectable to science and an ancient Egyptian curse, Jenny notices it is snowing in the absences of the clouds, setting this shortly before The Snowmen. According to Jenny, Strax is still "new" to dealing with people.
Set during Christmas 1892. While facing down Walter Simeon and the Great Intelligence, the Doctor assists the Paternoster Gang with the aid of Clara Oswin Oswald, but she dies in the process of defeating the Intelligence. However, at Clara's funeral, the Doctor tells Vastra and Jenny that she had died before, and then left in his TARDIS.

1893 Edit

Set in 1893. While infiltrating Sweetville, Jenny finds the Doctor in the company of Clara Oswald, and exact double of the deceased Clara Oswin Oswald.
Set in 1893. Given the space-time co-ordinates to the Doctor's tomb on Trenzalore, the Paternoster Gang are kidnapped by the Great Intelligence, facing the villain for the first time since The Snowmen. After the Intelligence enters the Doctor's time stream, Clara follows to defeat it, scattering herself throughout history, though the Doctor is able to save her.
Set in 1893.
Set in 1893.
Set in 1893.

1894 Edit

Set during February 1894.
Set during spring 1894.
Set Thursday 8 March, giving the possible in-range years as 1888, 1894, and 1900. Jenny uses her Sonic gauntlet, and Vastra uses her Sonic hat-pin from Deep Breath. Vastra says that Jenny is "getting the hang of [investigating]", implying that this story is set early in their detective work together.
Set in June 1894.
Set during September 1894.
The Deptford power station is said[who?] to "not [have] been running long", setting this during or after 1889, based on the real world information. Strax has been thought Cockney rhyming slang by Jenny. Jenny uses her sonic gauntlet from Deep Breath.
Jenny takes Strax for an "afternoon break", a concept he seems unfamiliar with.
3 September was "about three weeks ago". When Strax ages forty-two years, he states that he must be "nearly sixty", meaning he is actually "nearly" eighteen, setting this six years after A Good Man Goes to War when he said he was "nearly 12", giving the present date as 1894 at the latest. Strax is clumsily employing his Cockney slang, setting this after A Photograph to Remember.
Set in the early Autumn of 1894.
Set on 15 November 1894.
Set on 12 December 1894.
Set during December 1894.
Set on 22 December. While on holiday in Scotland, Strax becomes involved with Oliver and Lucy Davis' fight against Missy.

1895 Edit

Set on 14 February 1895.
Strax spends some time with Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot in 1895.
Set in 1895.
Set in 1895.

1896-1897 Edit

Set during early 1896.
Lord Salisbury is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Real world evidence would place this sometime between 1895 and 1902.
Set during summer 1897.
Set during autumn 1897.

1898 Edit

Strax uses his sonic lorgnette from Deep Breath.
Vastra uses her sonic hat-pin from Deep Breath.
While guiding a crashing spaceship away from London, Vastra is alerted to a dinosaur appearing in the Thames, leading directly into Deep Breath.
Information displayed by the adverts in the The Times can be used to place this story between January and September 1898. The Paternoster Gang meets the Twelfth Doctor for the first time, and helps him and Clara recover from his thirteenth regeneration.

1899 Edit

Set during January. The Paternoster Gang solve a case with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, setting this after Deep Breath.
Vastra meets Winston Churchill in 1899.

Awaiting placement Edit

These entries are placed here until evidence presents itself that provides a clue as to where they happen in relation to other entries. Some of these are part of ongoing storylines that could present evidence towards the end of the plot.
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