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This page lists multiple timelines featuring the stories which have taken place in universes other than that of The Doctor. In order to be featured, stories must be considered valid by this wiki This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Timelines should be ordered by the date of their first appearance in Doctor Who media.

For a timeline of N-Space see Theory:Timeline - Doctor Who universe.

Inferno universe[]



Parallel universe (Auld Mortality)[]

The Doctor re-enacts the events surrounding Hannibal's life in his Possibility Generator.
The Doctor visits Judaea many centuries before the main setting of the story.

Parallel universe (Sympathy for the Devil)[]


The Master is the last being left alive in the universe and is trapped for ten thousand years before being rescued by the Daleks from N-Space.


Divergent Universe[]

Pete's World[]


Pete Tyler coordinates Rose Tyler's mission to another Universe.
Pete Tyler coordinates Rose Tyler and Clive Finch's mission to another Universe.
Clive Finch coordinates Rose and Pete's mission to another Universe.
Pete coordinates Rose and Jackie's mission to another Universe.


Federation universe[]

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Set during Star Trek: The Original Series, between the episodes Operation -- Annihilate!, the finale of season 1, and Amok Time, the premiere of season 2.
Set during the fifth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, between the episodes The Outcast and Cause and Effect.