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This page lists appearances of the Ninth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]

Any story featuring Rose Tyler must be after TV: The End of the World, while stories featuring Captain Jack Harkness must be after TV: The Doctor Dances.

Likewise, any story featuring Adam Mitchell must take place between TV: Dalek and TV: The Long Game, and any story with Tara Mishra must come after COMIC: Official Secrets.


A new start[]

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The newly regenerated Doctor takes in his first moments of life after regenerating from his eighth incarnation.
Wearing an Edwardian outfit, the Doctor grapples with being the last of the Time Lords while wandering a building development on Totter's Lane, where he is watched by Steven Hudson. He later tries to trade his Edwardian gear for a pair of jeans and trainers with H.J. Hardeman at an Oxfam in Sheffield. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
After sometime lodging at the Eighth Doctor's Camden flat with his eighth incarnation and "Reg" during 1969, the Ninth Doctor is evicted and given a lift to Earl's Court by Little Sister Ceol of Faction Paradox.
Set during Now or Thereabouts. While leaving the Camden flat, the Doctor takes Fitz Kreiner's leather jacket and TARDIS key, and departs back to reality in the TARDIS from Earl's Court.

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The Doctor regenerates from his war incarnation at the conclusion of the Last Great Time War. According to the novelisation, he smashes every mirror in the TARDIS afterwards, vowing never to look at his new face. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Skulking in the shadows[]

The Doctor spends a week admitted inside a psychiatric institution during the summer of 1962, disappearing with the psychiatric ward's head, Sirius Drake, after a "mysterious fire" destroys Drake's private quarters. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
The Doctor is hunting down a relic from the Last Great Time War to prevent a species from inadvertently wiping themselves out. While he is protecting those standing near him, the Doctor is more reclusive and neutral to the wider battle around him, and has some lingering fury on matters of the Time War. He notes that he is "getting old".
The Doctor attends a Christmas gathering with his other incarnations. He appears to be in a foul mood.
Authorial intent states that the Doctor is "fresh from the Time War", setting this shortly after The Day of the Doctor.[1] Indeed, the Doctor is noted to be weary from "his own people's conflict".
Still hiding from the pain of the Time War, the Doctor saves a robot clown and, after a week of trying to repair it, sets it loose in the TARDIS corridors. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)
Having still only just regenerated,[quote 1] the Doctor is still trying to forget his war incarnation, but has a much jollier mood to him.[quote 2]
The Doctor is imprisoned at the Maximum security facility with his other incarnations.

Healing from the Time War[]

The Doctor is searching for somewhere to relax and forget the regret he feels for his role in the Time War. He is even still using the War Doctor's sonic screwdriver, but dismantles it to seal the rift at the heart of Galen. The Doctor believes he is still being punished for his role in the Time War, "even after all [this] time", implying that some time has passed since The Day of the Doctor. The Doctor offers the psychic Adriana Jarsdel a chance to travel in the TARDIS, but she sacrifices herself to free the Compassionate when she sees the presence of "someone else" in the Doctor's future.
Travelling alone, the Doctor finds a compost bin made from a Dalek Casing in the Blue Peter garden after searching for it for some time, and destroys it with a Blue Peter badge.
The Doctor attends the Brigadier's funeral.
The Doctor salutes the Brigadier with his other incarnations.
The Doctor tries to get rid of a Time War artifact at 1883 Krakatoa. He becomes trapped in a time loop with Dr. Althea Bryce.

Embracing a second chance[]

While still plagued by the Time War, the Doctor has his blue-emitter sonic screwdriver, setting this after The Bleeding Heart. He becomes a guest of the Daniels family after crash landing in their back garden. Though he is haunted by his memories of the Last Great Time War, and feels hardened by the experience, meeting Connie Daniels helps him to feel like himself for the "first time in ages", presumably since The Night of the Doctor. The Doctor decides to make the most of his second chance following the Time War, and gains a liking for the word "fantastic".
The Doctor is travelling alone and misses having a companion. The TARDIS' mirrors are still destroyed, due to the TARDIS respecting the Doctor's wish to not see his face, setting this before Rose. He says "fantastic", setting this after Battle Scars, and recalls the recent events of The Day of the Doctor.
The Doctor visits Chepstow Castle, does contract work for Helva Soprano's firm of architects using designs with dimensional transcendentalism, and talks about Halley's Comet at the London Planetarium during the 1980s. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
The Doctor talks with various Buddhist monks in Tibet, attends the Royal Wedding, and poses as a photo-journalist in "the north east" in the mid-1990s. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
The Doctor has Christmas dinner with his other incarnations.
The Doctor attends a party with River Song. (AUDIO: A Brave New World)
The Ninth Doctor unites with his other incarnations to help a group of people seal the Time Fracture.

Investigating the Ravagers[]

Set before Rose.[2] The Doctor investigates a series of time eddies appearing across history, and enlists Sphere of Freedom galley chef Nova to help him find who's responsible for them. However, Nova is taken by a time eddy, just before the Doctor discovers Audrey Mohinson is behind the rouge time eddies. He attempts to escape, but Audrey uses a time eddy to send him to a neutron star, leading directly into Cataclysm.
The Doctor is able to pilot the TARDIS away from the neutron star, and tracks down Nova through the time eddy. When they go to confront Audrey, the Doctor accidentally crosses his own time stream, unleashing the Ravagers from the neutron star. Travelling to the past to stop Audrey, the Doctor and Nova only manage to provoke Audrey, leading directly into Food Fight.
The Doctor travels down his own time stream to prevent himself from crossing his time stream in regards to his confrontation with Audrey, allowing him to help her peacefully return the Ravagers to their neutron star. With the timelines reset, the Doctor offers Nova a trip through time and space, which, despite her not properly remembering the Doctor, she accepts. According to the Doctor, the Time Lords are "long dead".

Solo adventures[]

The Doctor plays the spoons with Marcus Butler's father and his skiffle band in the 1960s, and acts as one of Marillion's support acts by playing guitar the night Fish "mysteriously left the band" in 1987. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk) He is also present at the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (TV: Rose)
The Doctor is reluctant to hug a stranger, setting this long before The Long Game.
Artie Berger senses a lingering grief within the Doctor, and the Doctor himself claims that he is "still trying to remind [him]self" of who he is.
Although he claims to currently be a solo traveller, the Doctor does invite Fred aboard the TARDIS, though she turns him down in favour of her other duties. The Doctor spends ninety years immobilised as a statue.
The Doctor visits the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 during the American Civil War, and finds himself wearing a Union Army captain's uniform and Confederate colonel's uniform, while standing next to an "slightly out of place" converted field hospital and injuring his arm. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
The Doctor was aiming for 1925 when he ended up arriving at Duberry Hall in 1936. He rides a horse for the first time in his ninth incarnation.
The Doctor notes that he is in Scotland "again", suggesting a setting shortly after Girl, Deconstructed.
The Doctor finally arrives in 1925 to visit the set of Metropolis. He recalls having a tough time getting the TARDIS there, alluding to the events of The Hunting Season and The Curse of Lady Macbeth.
The Doctor has a statue made of him in 2500BC Egypt, and argues with his seventh incarnation at a university campus. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)

Solitary exploits[]

While "in command" as "a man who knows himself, (DWM 485) the Doctor still isn't familiar with his new body when he meets Rose Tyler at Henrik's, seemingly catching the first glimpse of his face in Rose's mirror when he goes to the Powell Estate to retrieve an Auton's arm. (TV: Rose)
The Doctor receives Sally Sparrow's Christmas homework after swordfighting with Sontarans. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)
The Doctor tends to Honoré Lechasseur's injuries.
The Doctor delivers letters for Peri Brown and Erimem from his fifth incarnation to Clarrie. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)
Trapped in 1985, the Doctor uses Sally's homework to retrieve his TARDIS.

Temporary companions[]

Weeks after first meeting her, at least according to the novelisation, the Doctor is reunited with Rose Tyler when he thwarts the Nestene Consciousness's invasion attempt. He offers Rose a place in the TARDIS, but she declines.
Immediately after being rejected by Rose in Rose, the TARDIS alerts the Doctor to the threat of the Starmen. The Doctor has become "calibrated" to his latest body. Ali convinces him to go back for Rose, leading directly into the final scene of Rose.
The Doctor returns to the moment he left Rose, in order to inform her that the TARDIS also travels in time. Rose then says goodbye to Mickey Smith and joins the Doctor inside the TARDIS. (TV: Rose)
The Doctor informs a new companion, presumably Rose, of the dangers and joys that come with traveling in the TARDIS.

Early adventures with Rose[]

Rose takes her first trip in time, going into the future, where she witnesses the Earth come to a natural end in 5.5/Apple/26. After the ordeal, the Doctor opens up to Rose about the outcome of the Time War.
Rose is taking her first trip into the past, meeting Charles Dickens on Christmas Eve 1869 in Cardiff. The Doctor's battle with the Gelth, specifically their destruction by Gwyneth, causes severe damage to a time rift in the Cardiff area. According to the Doctor, Rose is nineteen-years-old.
Rose recalls the events of The Unquiet Dead, and still considers the TARDIS translation circuits to be a novelty, suggesting this is set early in her travels with the Doctor.
Returning to the Powell Estate, Rose's mother, Jackie, discovers Rose has been travelling with the Doctor; a full year has passed for her and Mickey, but only a few days have passed for Rose. The Doctor claims to be 900-years-old, setting this roughly one-hundred-years after The Day of the Doctor. Ending leads directly into World War Three.
The Doctor is formally introduced to the Slitheen family by the one posing as Margaret Blaine, and to Harriet Jones by Rose, following brief encounters during Aliens of London. The Doctor invites Rose's boyfriend, Mickey Smith, onboard the TARDIS, but he declines.
Set during World War Three, while the Doctor, Rose and Harriet are being chased by Slitheen.

Continued adventures with Rose[]

The Doctor and Rose trap something in a Megalithic tomb in Newgrange, and serve as best man and witness to Charlie Pocket's Las Vegas wedding in 1992. (NOTVALID: whoisdoctorwho.co.uk)
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
The Doctor and Rose spend a few days in 1924 London to visit the British Empire Exhibition. Rose thinks of Gwyneth from The Unquiet Dead.
Rose accuses the Doctor of not wanting to visit her mother, setting this after World War Three. Rose's visits to Earth's past and future are mentioned, and Rose is still uncomfortable with the idea that the Doctor is an alien.
The Doctor has a curry night with Rose, Mickey, an Auton, and the burping wheelie bin from Rose.
Rose visits Justicia, her first alien planet. She and the Doctor both recall the events of World War Three, and encounter the Slitheen family again.
The Doctor's dreamscape for Rose includes the Powell Estate and Jackie Tyler, setting this after World War Three. The Doctor and Rose visit an alien planet, setting this after The Monsters Inside.
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
Rose still has her first hairstyle.
Rose is used to being trapped in alien prisons, suggesting a setting after The Monsters Inside, where she was imprisoned on Justicia.
Set between World War Three and Dalek. (DWM 569) Rose has her first hairstyle, knows little about the Doctor and has yet to talk to him about the Time War in any depth.

Temporary association with Adam[]

Rose has changed her hairstyle. Inside the Vault of Henry van Statten in 2012 Utah, the Doctor encounters a Dalek for the first time since The Day of the Doctor. On Rose's suggestion, the Doctor lets Adam Mitchell enter the TARDIS.
Follows directly on from Dalek, with the Doctor trying to return Adam home. However, after Adam proves his worth against the Bygone Horde, the Doctor decides to keep him around. The Doctor decides to take Adam to the far future, leading into The Long Game.
Adam takes his first trip into the future, going to the year 200,000, where he tries to filch information, causing the Doctor to return him to 2012 in disgrace. The Doctor theorises that someone is using Satellite Five to play a long game on the human race by providing a ninety year setback to their development.

Further adventures with Rose[]

Shortly after expelling Adam from the TARDIS[3], the Doctor reunites with Althea Bryce the day after he stole the atmosphere destroyer from her. (AUDIO: Her Own Bootstraps)
The Robot Rose recalls a series of past adventures up to The Long Game, suggesting a setting shortly afterwards.
The Doctor takes Rose to 1987 to be with her father, Pete Tyler, as he dies, but she tries to change history by saving him, resulting in a brief falling out between them. They make up when Pete ensures his demise to set history back on track.
The Doctor is entertaining Rose in a café, most likely setting this after her emotional ordeal in Father's Day.
Although he is depicted as travelling alone, the Doctor alludes to having a friend, presumably Rose, that he needs to pick up from the Spice Girls world tour of 1998 when he leaves Lichyrwick. He most likely left Rose there as a treat following her emotional ordeal in Father's Day.
Rose now has her second hairstyle, and she and the Doctor visit an alien planet, setting this after The Monsters Inside.
The Doctor and Rose visit Mars.
The Doctor mentions the events of Father's Day.
Rose has her second hairstyle.
The Doctor and Rose visit the Powell Estate, setting this after World War Three.
Adam returns for revenge on the Doctor by kidnapping Rose, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Rose from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.

The Kotturuh crisis[]

The Doctor and Rose visit an alien planetoid in the Dark Times, setting this after The Monsters Inside. Rose has her second hairstyle, and is turned into a Vampire. The Doctor is able to create an antidote, and leaves her on an isolated jungle moon to recover with Centia.
Accompanied by vampires on a coffin ship, the Ninth Doctor teams up with the Eighth Doctor in order to stop the Tenth Doctor's alterations to history in the Dark Times.
Immediately after The Knight, The Fool and The Dead, the three Doctors engage in the Battle of Mordeela.
Set during All Flesh is Grass, after the Battle of Mordeela.[4] The Doctor is travelling with the Vampires.
The Daleks attack the coffin ship. The Ninth Doctor escapes the attack with his eighth incarnation.
The Eighth and Ninth Doctors are searching for the "Time Lord Victorious" together.
Several weeks after the Battle of Mordeela, the Ninth Doctor and his eighth incarnation track down the Tenth Doctor, and then have to pull their resources to protect Gallifrey and the Space Lords from the Dalek Time Squad. After a successful Defence of Gallifrey, the Vampires settle on Birinji and the Doctor parts company with them.
The Doctor, battered and bruised, returns to collect Rose from the moon he left her on after she has recovered from her vampirism. (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty)
Set immediately after Monstrous Beauty, with Rose still recovering from her ordeal with the Great Vampires. To cheer her up, the Doctor tells her the story of the tailor's son and Death, as told to him by Barbara Wright during his first incarnation. The Doctor and Rose have a conversation about death being fixed, setting this after Father's Day.

More adventures with Rose[]

The Doctor is currently travelling with Rose. (DWM 475) He helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, has a tea party with his other incarnations in the Under Gallery as a celebration.
The Doctor was dealing with the Slitheen when he was recruited by his other incarnations, setting this after World War Three.
Rose and the Doctor are returning to the Powell Estate from the Moons of Fordice. The Doctor jokingly compares Jackie to a Dalek, suggesting a setting after Dalek.
After the Doctor properly explains the Laws of Time to her, Rose purchases a Stranglers album her mother had always wanted from 1977 Piccadilly Circus and sneaks it into young Jackie's room, slightly altering history, but with no lasting effects. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)
The Doctor and Rose attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.
The Doctor recalls the events of Father's Day, and is beginning to experiment with changing history in the post-Time War universe after slipping away from Rose at the Zaggit Zagoo bar. He also admits to himself that Jackie deserves more of his respect.
Jackie knows about Rose travelling with the Doctor, setting this after World War Three. Rose hasn't had a need for money in "months", suggesting that is how long she has been travelling with the Doctor.

Joined by Jack[]

Rose and the Doctor meet rogue Time Agent Jack Harkness while dealing with a plague in 1941 London. Rose indicates that she hasn't been on Earth for at least five days, and is rethinking her relationship with Mickey. Ending leads directly into The Doctor Dances.
Set during The Empty Child, just after the Doctor realises Rose has wondered off.
Intending to sacrifice himself to destroy the Empty Child plague, Jack is saved by the Doctor and joins the TARDIS team. The Doctor apparently dances for the first time in his ninth incarnation.
Set during The Doctor Dances.
The Doctor is abrasive towards Jack, setting this early in their travels together.
Jack visits 21st century London for the first time, and the Doctor is still abrasive towards him.
The Doctor is traveling with Jack Harkness, setting this after The Doctor Dances, and the pair combats an Auton attack in the 21st century, setting this after Only Human as well. Controversially, the Doctor and Rose Tyler appear to meet each other in this story, with the book ending with Rose being brought aboard the TARDIS with the astonished reaction to the size inside, but this can be seen as taking place before she met the Doctor in Rose from her perspective.

Memory fiasco[]

Jack tells the Unon that he has only just met the Doctor and Rose, setting this shortly after The Doctor Dances. The Doctor places his mind up for auction on Fluren's World.
Set soon after Weapons of Past Destruction, according to the introduction of Doctormania.
The Doctor and Rose bring Jack to the 21st century, setting this after Only Human.
According to the introduction, some time has passed since Weapons of Past Destruction, and the Doctor refers to the events of Hacked. After dealing with Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen's impersonation of him, the Doctor is called to San Francisco by Mickey Smith, leading directly into The Transformed.
The Doctor helps Mickey deal with a gargoyle mutation caused by a wormhole, but one gargoyle that Rose befriended goes through the wormhole, leading into Official Secrets.
Jack finds a picture of himself dressed as a 17th century priest among the UNIT files. Tara Mishra stows away in the TARDIS, thus becoming a member of the TARDIS crew.
Set immediately after Official Secrets, with the TARDIS crew investigating the painting found in the UNIT files, and taking Tara on her first trip. After finding out someone he had assassinated may still be alive, Jack takes his leave of the TARDIS team.
The Doctor learns of the Sin-Eaters and frames himself for Tara's alleged murder to go undercover at the Hesguard Institute. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters) He is quickly arrested by the Judoon. (COMIC: Slaver's Song)
Tara is still a new addition to the TARDIS crew, and Rose is still hurt by Jack's recent departure.
Jack's absence places this between Slaver's Song and Secret Agent Man. Rose is less hostile towards Tara, but she is still considered a recent addition to the team.
The Doctor, Rose and Tara use Memgram to track down Jack. Ending leads directly into The Bidding War.
While connected to the Memgram, Rose has a vision of her cyber-conversion in Supremacy of the Cybermen. After defeating the Cybermen, Jack rejoins the TARDIS and Tara decides to remain on Nomicae to help nurse those injured in the attack.
The Doctor takes Rose to be healed from the events of The Bidding Wars, while Jack picks up Tara from Monicae. The Doctor and Rose meet Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint, while Jack and Tara end up on Skaro after the Doctor and his other incarnations end the threat of the Type 1 TARDIS.

Final adventures[]

Prior to the events of Boom Town, the Doctor, Jack and Rose eat Kronkburgers together, and Jack saves the Doctor from an assassination attempt by River Song.
The Doctor realises that the words "Bad Wolf" have been reappearing to him since The End of the World for the first time. After a fight with Mickey that ends with them breaking up, Rose learns that the heart of the TARDIS can be used to fulfil desires. While arresting the Margaret Blaine Slitheen, Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, the Doctor's TARDIS severely damages the Cardiff rift. With Blon regressed back into an egg, the Doctor intends to take her to a hatchery on Raxacoricofallapatorius.
The Doctor has just dropped off Blon's egg on Raxacoricofallapatorius, setting this immediately after Boom Town.
Jackie mentions the events of Boom Town.
Rose has visited Woman Wept and Raxacoricofallapatorius, setting this after Boom Town. The TARDIS crew spend a month on 23rd century New Vegas investigating the Whisper.
Set immediately before Bad Wolf, with the TARDIS crew visiting Kyoto, Japan in 1336.

Last stand on Satellite 5[]

Being abducted back to Satellite Five, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks have survived the Time War and were the ones responsible for delaying the human race's development in The Long Game. Ending leads directly into The Parting of the Ways.
Finding that the Dalek Emperor has resurrected the Daleks by converting the human race, the Doctor sends Rose home to protect her from a delta wave he intends to use to kill both the humans and Daleks. Jack and the inhabitants of Satellite Five are all killed by the Daleks. Before the Doctor can be killed, Rose, having used the heart of the TARDIS to absorb the Time Vortex, returns and destroys the Dalek fleet, and restores Jack to life. To save Rose from the power of the vortex, the Doctor absorbs the energy, causing cellular damage to his body, forcing him to regenerate into his next incarnation.
Set concurrently with The Parting of the Ways, showing the Doctor's confrontations with the Dalek Emperor from the Emperor's perspective.
Set during The Parting of the Ways, after the Doctor tells Jack the delta wave will kill both humans and Daleks alike.
Set during The Parting of the Ways, when the Doctor threatens to activate the Delta wave generator. He decides not to do so after a mental conversation with the Moment.
Set shortly before the Doctor's regeneration, as he looks back on his life.

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  1. "I hadn't long regenerated when my friend Plex – a member of a religious order of hermits -- told me his plan."
  2. "I was still running from an old face; from an old voice in my head."