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This page lists the order of stories set in the period of the New Earth Empire, based from the planet of the same name. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones visit the planet New Savannah.
The original Earth is ultimately destroyed by the Sun in an event witnessed by several dignitaries including the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler on Platform One. It is here that the Doctor first meets the Face of Boe, and Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17.
The Tenth and Fourth Doctors trick a Dalek ship from the Second Dalek War to fly into the exploding Earth.
The Sisters of Plenitude are still running hospitals across New Earth. The Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush land on a ship run by the Sisterhood, which is trying to find a cure for the human allergy of cats.
The Tenth Doctor visits the planet New Earth with Rose. The New Humans are set free by the Doctor, and the Sisters of Plenitude, including Hame, are arrested for their crimes. The Face of Boe informs the Doctor that they will meet for a third and final time.
The Doctor, now with the company of Martha Jones, returns to New Earth. The population of the Upper City has been wiped out by an airbourne drug. This also marks the Doctor's final meeting with and the death of the Face of Boe. Hame is now a Novice.
River Song attends the Face of Boe's funeral. Jack Harkness narrowly misses her.
The Tenth Doctor and Martha follow a distress call to New Earth where the Cybermen and the Judoon have joined forces to catalogue the inhabitants.

Invasion of the Lux[]

Senator Hame and Devon Pryce discover the Lux and their plan.
Senator Hame sends Devon Pryce, joined by the Tenth Doctor, to the New Forest to investigate the mysterious deaths of the tree inhabitants.
With the help of the Tenth Doctor, Devon visits New Caelum to investigate the new Lux Power solar panels.


Set at the end of Hame's life. Hame has given up her previous titles and has returned to a Novice.