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This page lists appearances of the Nestene Consciousness and Autons in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Limiting factors[]

Across their history, the Nestenes have been known to be both in alliance and in conflict with time-active powers, if not a time-active power themself, to the point that they were embroiled in the Last Great Time War. As such, their appearances cannot be ordered according to linear history alone.


Early history[]

20th Century[]

The Nestene Consciousness attempts to invade Earth but is confronted by the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors, and banished to the past by a Weeping Angel.
The Nestene Consciousness attempt their first invasion of Earth, which is ultimately thwarted by the Third Doctor and UNIT.
The Nestene Consciousness allies itself with the Master and attempts a second invasion of Earth.
The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond stumble across Auton activity in a village after a Nestene sphere falls nearby. Together, they close all portals opened by the Nestene and the Doctor puts the Sphere into hibernation and places it onto the uninhabited planet of Bakelite.

21st Century[]

During the Last Great Time War, the Nestene is allied with the Time Lords.
After being almost destroyed in the Time War, the Nestene plan to infiltrate planet Earth. This plan is ultimately defeated by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
In an alternate telling of the 2005 Nestene invasion of London, the Ninth Doctor and Jack Harkness are investigating the Autons in Henrik's. Rose meets Autons for the first time.
In the aftermath of Rose, the last remnants of the Nestene Consciousness considers starting an alliance to defeat the Doctor, leading to the events of The Pandorica Opens. It notes that the process may take fifteen years or more.
The Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller discover sentient Autons, unaware of their true identities, that are living the same day over and over again in Thorington, Suffolk.
Majenta Pryce, travelling with the Tenth Doctor, discovers deactivated Auton bodies among other alien technology in the Bestiary in a UNIT base.
The Nestene attempt a global takeover using human businessman Simon Devlin as their ally. The global might of UNIT defeats them.
The Autons take their revenge on the human race after their defeat in Rose by infiltrating and using the Hyperville shopping centre as a base to take over the Earth. They were defeated by the Tenth Doctor and Kate Maguire.
The Autons launch an attack on Earth. It is thwarted by Jo and Clifford Jones.
The Nestene's alliance, which it envisioned in Revenge of the Nestene, comes to fruition. The Eleventh Doctor discovers a group of Nestene Duplicates disguised as Roman soldiers, forming part of the Alliance. When the universe was rebooted by the Doctor, this group of Autons was erased from history.
The Autons participate in the Siege of Trenzalore.