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This page lists appearances of Narvin in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.



Narvin is serving as sub-coordinator under Vansell, the current the coordinator of the CIA, setting this before Zagreus.

Early days as Coordinator[]

Once coordinator of the CIA following Vansell's death, Narvin asks Romana to use the Oubliette of Eternity one last time, on the planet Bellascon. (AUDIO: Erasure)
Narvin is the coordinator of the CIA and has met the Doctor before. Here he appears to meet Ace for the first time, placing this before Enemy Lines.
Narvin claims to be co-ordinator of the Celestial Intervention Agency and "advisor of presidents". He is willing to commit genocide and sacrifice thousands of Time Lords to save Gallifrey, suggesting a setting before his friendships with Leela and Romana.

The Timonic Fusion Device[]

The Return of Pandora[]

Civil war[]

Exploring alternate Gallifreys[]

Return to Gallifrey Prime[]

Becomes deputy coordinator.
Narvin tells a story of an encounter with the Doctor to Leela, and admits that when they first met, he wouldn’t hear a bad word said about the CIA. Narvin and Leela have been friends for a few years now. Leela and Narvin visit the House of Heartshaven setting this after Panacea.

Preparing for war[]

Deputy Coordinator in the Time War[]

The Time War is ongoing but Livia is still President of Gallifrey, setting this between Celestial Intervention and Desperate Measures. Narvin says that the Master used to work for him, setting this after The Devil You Know. He also shows great disdain for the Master, implying a post-Devil setting once more.
The Master reverts history to before From the Flames.
Rassilon is resurrected.
Follows on directly from Desperate Measures.
Narvin works for the CIA. The Master and Doctor, who are seemingly concurrent to Narvin, refer to Rassilon's resurrection. Narvin seemingly considers the Master an enemy, rather than an ally, setting this after The Devil You Know.
After the events of The Castle of Kurnos 5, Narvin and the Doctor devise a plan to stop the Master.
Narvin and Romana flee from Gallifrey and the CIA are disbanded.

Banished from Gallifrey[]

Immediately after Unity. Narvin becomes separated from Leela but reunited with her at the end.
Takes place during Deception between Narvin’s separation from Leela and reunion with her.
Narvin and Livia detonate a Battle TARDIS with them aboard to save Gallifrey.

Currently unplaced[]