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This page lists appearances of Mike Yates in chronological order. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.


In the RAF[]

After an encounter with the Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard, Yates is assigned as a liaison to UNIT as they investigate a missing fighter jet, leading into Vengeance of the Stones.
RAF Lieutenant Mike Yates is asked to join UNIT, with a promotion from lieutenant to captain.

UNIT career[]

Liz has been working with UNIT for "a few months", and her complaints about her job here are similar to those that the Brigadier cites as her reason for leaving. The TARDIS console has also been removed from within the ship, as it was in The Ambassadors of Death.
Captain Mike Yates sees inside the TARDIS for the first time, and the Doctor mentions visiting the parallel universe from Inferno.
Liz decides to leave UNIT.
Liz officially leaves UNIT, Yates is promoted to from sergeant to captain, and the Doctor is in a new laboratory.
Liz has just recently left UNIT.
Set after Doctor Who and the Silurians.
Liz is called back to UNIT, and has been absent long enough for the Doctor to admit missing her company.
Liz has decided to tell the Doctor about her decision to officially leave UNIT, setting this after the Doctor found out from the Brigadier during Prisoner of the Sun.
Jo Grant joins UNIT as the Doctor's new assistant, just in time for UNIT's first open battle with the Master. The Doctor steals a dematerialisation circuit from the Master's TARDIS, stranding his new enemy on Earth with him.
Though the audio's blurb places it between The Dæmons and Day of the Daleks, Jo is still quite new to UNIT, and is unaware of the true nature of the TARDIS, setting this before The Claws of Axos.
The Master reclaims his dematerialisation circuit, and promptly leaves in his TARDIS.
The Master has a working TARDIS, setting this after The Mind of Evil.
The Doctor hasn't seen the Master since Deadly Reunion.
From a deal with the Master, the Doctor is able to restore his TARDIS back to working order, only to discover the Time Lords have programmed it to always return him to 20th century Earth.
The Mega received advice from the Master, setting this after he got his TARDIS working in The Mind of Evil. The Nuton Power Complex is referenced, setting this after The Claws of Axos.
After his failed escape attempt upon his defeat in Devil's End, the Master is arrested by UNIT.
Set between The Dæmons and Day of the Daleks.[source needed]
Set shortly after the events of Day of the Daleks.
Set between The Dæmons and The Sea Devils, as the Master is still in prison. The Brigadier mentions the Daleks, setting this after Day of the Daleks.
Set concurrently with The Curse of Peladon.
The Master changes the internal configuration of the Doctor's TARDIS, setting this after The Curse of Peladon, and before The Sea Devils, as the Master is sent to Fortress Island.
The Master is said to be locked up on a secure island, setting this shortly before The Sea Devils.
Authorial intent places this between Day of the Daleks and The Time Monster.[source needed]
Set three years after Spearhead from Space. The Doctor lists his work for the Time Lords, with The Mutants being the last one he mentions. This is also where UNIT acquires the manor house seen in The Three Doctors.
Jo recalls the Daleks and Ogrons, setting this after Day of the Daleks. Likewise, the Doctor confesses that sheep have never filled him with dread before, setting this before Verdigris.
Jo comments on the TARDIS's new interior design, which the Doctor dismisses as a "redecoration".
Ending leads directly into The Three Doctors.
The Doctor is switched with his seventh incarnation by the Monk. Jo refers to the crisis of The Three Doctors, but acts as if she hasn't travelled in the TARDIS yet, setting this shortly after that story.
The Doctor admits to Jo that he has come to find comfort in Earth since his exile was lifted, and that he reason he keeps returning is to see his friends there. Some of his abilities that were previously blocked by the Time Lords are still returning, setting this shortly after The Three Doctors.
The Doctor's exile has been rescinded recently by the Time Lords, setting this shortly after The Three Doctors. Jo and Mike plan to take trips into history for their dates, and Mike has accompanied the Doctor and Jo to other planets before, but is treating time travel as a new experience.
Set a week after Planet of the Daleks. The Doctor and Jo have spent the past few weeks trying and failing to get to Metebelis III.
Jo knows the Ice Warriors, setting this after The Curse of Peledon. Liz is in the same area as the UNIT HQ, and is acquainted with Jo, setting this after The Wages of Sin.
Jo is familiar with the Doctor entering comas, setting this after Planet of the Daleks.
The Doctor is attempting to take Jo and Mike to Karfel, leading into of Timelash.
The Doctor, Jo and Mike take a trip to Karfel, where they prevent the experiments of a scientist named Megelen on a local life form called Morloxes. (TV: Timelash)
Jo demonstrates her growing environmental awareness, setting this after Come Friendly Bombs....
Mike is displeased to find himself traveling in the TARDIS, suggesting he has already travelled within it. The Doctor tells Jo that she will leave him when she feels the time is right.
Set between Planet of the Daleks and The Green Death.[source needed]
Jo leaves UNIT, and the Doctor's company, to marry ecologist Professor Clifford Jones.
Following the events of The Green Death, Yates goes on leave from UNIT. (AUDIO: Council of War)
Yates has returned to UNIT and encounters the Fifth Doctor while the Third is having a break from UNIT.


Reunited with the Doctor[]

Yates is reunited with the Doctor in the late 2000s.
Yates attends Bernice Summerfield's wedding in April 2010.
Yates calls The Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey, who are in the year 46, from around 2010.
Set in December, Yates is reunited with the Doctor once more.
Yates joins the Doctor as his companion.
Yates is left on Earth while Mrs Wibbsey and the Doctor are sucked through a wormhole.

Rejoining UNIT[]

Set in 2012, Yates has been called back to UNIT.
Yates spends three months in a Hexford that's been dragged through a wormhole.
Mike has permanently retired to Hexford. He and Mrs Wibbsey haven’t seen the Doctor for two years.
After Tish Madoc's novel that revealed information protected under the Official Secrets Act, Mike left Happenstance Village for good.
Set in 2014, Yates is working for UNIT.
Follows on from The Screaming Skull.


Doris has been dead for some years. The Brigadier is a general and has already met Charley Pollard. Colonel Emily Chaudhry appears to be in charge of UNIT.