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This page lists appearances of Martha Jones in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, anthology, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.


Adventures with the Doctor[]

Martha meets the Tenth Doctor at the Royal Hope Hospital, who offers her a single trip in the TARDIS after she helps him defeat the Plasmavore.
Follows on from Smith and Jones, with the Doctor taking Martha to see William Shakespeare. After foiling a Carrionite plot, the Doctor's execution is ordered by Elizabeth I, forcing him and Martha to flee.
Follows on from The Shakespeare Code, with the TARDIS escaping the Queen's men to New New York. The Face of Boe meets the Doctor once more and expends all the energy keeping him alive and dies, imparting the Doctor with his final message; "You are not alone." On Martha's urging, the Doctor tells her about Gallifrey and the Last Great Time War.
The Doctor takes Martha to see the final glimpse of Gallifrey, setting this immediately after Gridlock. Martha is kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, and the Doctor sends a message to Frobisher, leading directly into Façades.
Frobisher receives the Doctor's message, setting the stage for Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Martha from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
It is implied that Martha is still new to the TARDIS, judging from her dialogue about the sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor discovers that the Cult of Skaro survived the events of Doomsday. Ending leads directly into Evolution of the Daleks.
The majority of the Cult of Skaro are destroyed in their scheme, with only Dalek Caan escaping.
Martha is still on her "one trip" in the TARDIS, and has had a few adventures by this point, setting this between Gridlock and The Lazarus Experiment.
The Doctor returns Martha home after her extended trip, but sticks around after hearing of Richard Lazarus's experiments with ageing. After she introduces him to her family and helps him defeat Lazarus, the Doctor officially welcomes Martha aboard the TARDIS.
Martha doesn't have a TARDIS key, setting this before 42, with Smith and Jones being considered a recent happening.
Martha recalls the events of Daleks in Manhattan.
Martha recalls meeting dinosaurs, setting this after Made of Steel.
Set during the beginning of 42.
The Doctor upgrades Martha's mobile phone to a superphone and gives her a TARDIS key of her own, but is interrupted before he can tell her about regeneration.
Martha recalls the events of 42.
Set between 42 and Human Nature. (Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia)
Martha mentions the events of 42.
Using a Chameleon arch, the Doctor turns himself into a human to hide from the Family of Blood. Ending leads directly into The Family of Blood.
The Doctor returns from his human persona and traps the Family of Blood in time as punishment for their crimes.
Ending leads directly into The Screaming Prison.
Ending leads directly into Force and Fury.
Ending leads directly into Warriors' Revenge.
The Doctor is incapacitated by the green mists of Orion's Belt, forcing Martha to drive the TARDIS. (COMIC: Ground Control)
Ending leads directly into Jewel of the Vile.
Ending leads directly into Lock, Stocks and Barrel.
Ending leads directly into End Game.
Martha recalls the outcome of The Family of Blood.
Human Nature was the last time Martha felt patronised. Set "a couple of days" after Wishing Well.
The Doctor refers to the starship Brilliant from The Pirate Loop. Martha kisses the Doctor for the first time. The Doctor claims that Human Nature happened "a while ago".
Whilst dealing with "four things and a lizard", the Doctor and Martha briefly meet Sally Sparrow, who gives them a series of notes that she says will be useful to them at a later date. (TV: Blink)
The Doctor mentions "four things and a lizard", setting this after Blink. Martha has been travelling with the Doctor for a few months.
The Doctor and Martha are trapped in 1969 by the Weeping Angels, but use Sally Sparrow's notes to retrieve the TARDIS.
Set during Blink, while the Doctor and Martha are stranded in 1969, before their encounter with Billy Shipton.
The Doctor refers to being slapped by Martha's mother during The Lazarus Experiment. References to scarecrows imply a setting after The Family of Blood.
Ending leads directly into Second Wave.
Ending leads directly into Operation Lock-up.
Ending leads directly into Crime After Crime
Ending leads directly into Inhuman Sacrifice.
Ending leads directly into Crimes and Punishment.
Sequel to Gridlock.
The Doctor is expecting "a girl with a red balloon" to be inside the Mortal Mirror, setting this after The Family of Blood.
Stopping at the Cardiff rift to refuel, Captain Jack Harkness appears and jumps onto the TARDIS as it dematerialises, causing the ship to travel to the end of the universe to escape him. The Doctor finds out that Jack recovered his severed hand from The Christmas Invasion. The Doctor, Martha and Jack help the last of humanity reach Utopia to survive, but the head of the Utopia Project, Professor Yana, turns out to be the War Master in disguise. Accidently tipped off to the Chameleon arch by Martha, Yana reverts back to the Master, who regenerates and steals the TARDIS and the Doctor's severed hand.
Follows on directly from Utopia, with the Doctor using Jack's vortex manipulator to send him, Jack and Martha back to 2008 Earth, where the Master is Prime Minister and married to Lucy Saxon. The Doctor discovers Jack's affiliation with the Torchwood Institute. The Master successfully captures Martha's family, the Doctor and Jack, and ages the Doctor with the Lazarus technology in his laser screwdriver, but Martha is able to escape as the Master launches a Toclafane invasion that allows him to conquer the Earth.
Set between The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Set one year after The Sound of Drums. After Martha returns, the Doctor is able to topple the Master's regime and heal himself using the Archangel Network and Jack undoes the previous year's events by destroying the paradox machine. Before the Master can be taken into custody, he is shot by Lucy and dies due to refusing to regenerate. The Doctor burns his body, and Jack and Martha decide to remain on Earth to deal with the consequences of The Year That Never Was.

After the Doctor[]

Martha is wearing the red leather coat she wore throughout her travels with the Doctor.
Martha is soon offered a place in UNIT, believed to be due to the Doctor's influence.
Martha visits Torchwood Three on behalf of UNIT. She says she has a boyfriend who once saved her life.
Martha leaves Torchwood to return to UNIT.
Martha reunites with the Torchwood team following the deaths of Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato.
Martha summons the Doctor to assist UNIT in investigating the ATMOS factory. She confirms that she is engaged to Thomas Milligan, who she knows from the Year That Never Was The Doctor finds the Sontarans are behind the ATMOS plot, leading directly into The Poison Sky.
After foiling the Sontarans' plot, Martha bids the Doctor and Donna farewell in the TARDIS, which takes off of its own accord with her still inside, leading directly into The Doctor's Daughter.
The Doctor eventually gets Martha back home, and continues to travel with Donna.
Martha is among the Children of Time caught up in the invasion of Earth by the New Dalek Empire, leading directly into Journey's End.
After the Daleks are defeated, Martha leaves the Doctor again in the company of Mickey Smith and Jack, the latter of whom suggests that UNIT may not be the best place for her to help.
Martha recalls the events of Journey's End. She reveals to Gwen that she split from Thomas Milligan in December 2008. Gwen suggests that she fake her death and go freelance. Allusions are made to Martha's growing relationship with Mickey Smith.
The Doctor checks in on Martha.
Martha has officially left UNIT, but still works with them from time to time. However after a meeting with the Doctor, she decides to finally put UNIT behind her and go freelance. She calls Mickey and asks to help him with the Sontaran case he is working on, leading directly into The End of Time.
Working as a freelance alien hunter with her husband Mickey Smith, Martha and he are saved from a Sontaran by the Doctor.
Martha Smith-Jones visits Luke Smith's farewell party together with Mickey.
Martha calls the Eleventh Doctor to assist UNIT in Japan.
In August 2016, Martha is temporarily transformed into a gargoyle while her husband is assisted by the Ninth Doctor.
Martha and Mickey, with their son August, attend the funeral of Sarah Jane Smith.