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This page lists the events of Love & Monsters in chronological order. The bulk of this episode takes place over the early months of 2007.


Aged "three or four years old", Elton hears the Doctor's TARDIS and sees the Tenth Doctor on the night his mother died. As it turned out, the Tenth Doctor had stopped a Elemental Shade, which was responsible for the death of Elton's mother
Elton Pope survives the 2005 Nestene invasion of Earth, originally seen in TV: Rose.
Elton witnesses the Slitheen craft crash into Big Ben, originally seen in TV: Aliens of London.
Elton is woken up by the appearance of the Sycorax spaceship, originally seen in TV: The Christmas Invasion. That night, Ursula Blake attends the celebrations at Trafalgar Square where she takes pictures, one of which features the Tenth Doctor in passing. After Mr. Skinner identifies the Doctor in her photograph, she posts the image to My Invasion Blog.
  • "Christmas just gone"
Elton looks up the spaceship as the internet goes "into meltdown". Eventually he finds the image of the Doctor on Ursula's blog.
  • Elton meets with Ursula, sharing the story of his encounter with the Doctor. Soon after, Elton lends Ursula his camera to record him as shows her his old home which the Doctor had visited.
Based at Maccateer Street, Ursula's group meets weekly on Tuesdays. The meetings seen are seperated by changes in clothing. Following Elton's joining, LINDA is active for a minimum of 14 weeks, or 3 months, before it is finally destroyed.
  • Week 1 (9 January)
Skinner shares his theories on who the Doctor is.
  • Week 2 (16 January)
Bridget presents images of the police box associated with the Doctor.
  • Week 3 (23 January)
Bliss presents a sculpture based on the Doctor.
  • Week 4 (30 January)
Elton names the group LINDA.
Bridget cooks.
  • Week 6 (13 February)
Skinner reads from his book.
  • Week 7 (20 February)
Bridget confides in LINDA regarding her missing daughter.
  • Week 8 (27 February)
Bliss and Ursula sing and play instruments.
Victor Kennedy finds LINDA through their website before absorbing his secretary. (WC: Tardisode 10)
A "Tuesday night in March". Victor joins LINDA and absorbs Bliss.
  • Week 10 (13 March)
Elton asks for Bliss. Victor claims she is getting married.
  • Week 11 (20 March)
LINDA tracks the TARDIS to a sighting in Woolich. Elton finds the TARDIS and the Doctor dealing with a Hoix before running away, to Victor's anger. Back at the base, Victor turns LINDA's attention to the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler.
  • Elton's search leads him to meeting Jackie Tyler. The two quickly become friends.
  • Week 12 (27 March)
Victor absorbs Bridget.
  • Judging by change in clothing, Elton does DIY work for Jackie on seven seperate days. Ultimately, Jackie finds that Elton was using her to find the Doctor, and throws him out.
  • Week 14 (10 April)
Elton walks out with Ursula. Victor absorbs Skinner. Elton and Ursula come back for Ursula's phone and find Victor in his true form. Victor absorbs Ursula and chases Elton. The Doctor arrives, saves Elton and retrieves Ursula's face.
  • Aftermath
Elton concludes his video diary with Ursula.