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This page lists appearances of the planet Kaldor. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


29th century[]

According to the behind the scenes feature, this was intended to take place several months after The Robots of Death.
Iago has recently become a member of Uvanov's staff.
Takes place shortly before Death's Head.
Set ten years after The Robots of Death and three years after Corpse Marker.
Three days have passed since Checkmate.

Liv's year back on Kaldor[]

The events of The Sons of Kaldor is still in Kaldor's future. Liv settles on Kaldor. People on Kaldor would later refer to this as "the shopping mall incident".
Set directly after Escape from Kaldor. The Sons of Kaldor are active on Kaldor.
A week has passed since Escape from Kaldor.
The Robots of Death occurred "some years back". The events of The Robots of Life were "about a month ago", setting this before Love Me Not. Liv and Tula do not appear.
Set a couple of months after The Robots of Life.
Liv and Tula do not appear. Some time has passed since Toos and Poul, with Poul now living in Kaldor City.
The events of The Sentient were five months ago, while Liv has been following up leads on the Sons of Kaldor for a few months, as she pledged to do in Do No Harm.
The events of Circuit Breaker were four months ago. Uvanov left the Kaldor City Company five years ago, setting this after the Kaldor City series.
Some time has passed since Circuit Breaker.
Two months have passed since A Matter of Conscience.
The Eighth Doctor and Helen Sinclair return after a year to pick up Liv. (AUDIO: Escape from Kaldor)

Later history[]

Set three years after the Sons of Kaldor coup on Kaldor.
Kaldor City appears to be located on Japetus.