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This page lists appearances of the Judoon in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


2nd Century[]

Judoon, potentially time travellers, appear as part of the Alliance.

19th Century[]

The Sixth Doctor finds and rescues Captain Kybo stranded in Victorian England, being forced to work in a circus.

20th Century[]

Using a H₂O scoop, the Judoon relocate Balmoral Castle in the hunt for their fugitive. The Tenth Doctor warns them to never visit Earth again.
The Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough aide the Judoon in their search for the Eye of Akasha. The Doctor switches the Eye with his cricket ball and sends the Judoon on their way.

21st Century[]

The Judoon use a H₂O scoop to transport the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon whilst on the hunt for the Plasmavore going by "Florence Finnegan".
The events of the Royal Hope Hospital are recalled.
The Judoon are working with the Shadow Proclamation to investigate the missing planets.
Captain Tybo, with the help of Sarah Jane Smith and her friends, is hunting Androvax.
After Clyde Langer's jokes land him in hot water with Tybo, the rest of the gang entice him with sufficent food in order to free Clyde and see Tybo on his way.
The Judoon are among numerous alien species captured on the Krulius' starship.
An off-duty Judoon is seen at the Zaggit Zagoo bar.
After the previous defeat of the Krulius, their captured alien species, including the Judoon, are hypnotised and invade Bannerman Road. One such species is a Judoon.
The Judoon is present at the Shadow Proclamation when Colony Sarff breaks in, demanding to know the Twelfth Doctor's whereabouts.
A pair of Judoon reside on Trap Street, London.
Working for the Gallifreyans, the Judoon pursue the Doctor.
The Judoon apprehend the Thirteenth Doctor.
The Judoon's timeline has been corrupted by Divine Intervention. Kon Po and his team are splintered throughout the timeline, and are hunting Liv Chenka and Andy Davidson on Delivia, Helen Sinclair and Tania Bell on Flask, and the Eighth Doctor seperately yet simultaneously.
In this paradoxical timeline, Judoonia has been seemingly subjugated by the Earth Empire. The Judoon speak English, rather than Judoonese, as their primary language.

Future appearances[]

Rok Ma works alongside the Tenth Doctor and Nikki Jupiter in the investigation of the Invisible Assassin on New Memphis.
On Vallarasee, the Judoon are hired to protect the Fin city from tourists. The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble convince Junior Officer Clo to save the humans and the Fins when the air dome begins to collapse, in flagrant disregard of the Judoon orders.
A group of Judoon, potentially time travellers, are part of the Eleventh Doctor's army in the Battle of Demons Run.