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This page lists appearances of Jenny in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Born in War[]

Jenny is created on Messaline from the Tenth Doctor's DNA during the Human-Hath War. She is killed protecting her father but is revived by the Source shortly after the Doctor's departure.
While wearing an army green t-shirt, Jenny is kidnapped by Adam Mitchell among companions of the Doctor but is soon freed by Frobisher. (COMIC: Endgame)
Jenny encounters the Doctor for the first time following The Doctor's Daughter, however she loses her memory of this encounter.

The Lost Dimension[]

Immediately after her departure from Messaline, her ship shuts down and Jenny is forced to reconfigure the ship's hyperdrive so that she can travel through wormholes in the ship. Recalling “adventures, friends and enemies to remember another time” during her journey, Jenny lands on Kulontor and spends six months building herself a new combat suit and acquires an abandoned Gallifreyan Bowship.
Jenny attempts to rescue Jack and Tara, but they are sucked into a white hole. Jenny is saved from the white hole by the Fifth Doctor. She crashes her Bowship into the St Luke's University library and meets the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts, and Nardole.
Jenny reunites with the Tenth Doctor, as well as the Ninth Doctor, while the white hole appears above St Luke's University.
Jenny helps the Eighth Doctor fend off Void possessed people. Her Bowship is destroyed after crashing through the wall of the Type 1 TARDIS. The Doctors offer to take her home before their TARDISes separate.

An Awful Lot of Running[]

While piloting the latest in a short run of spaceships under her ownership, Jenny almost collides with a Moon. Narrowly avoiding this, she instead accidentally crashes into Garundel's ship. Jenny created a device called the time hopper, using it to travel through time on a single trip with Noah.
Jenny and Noah arrive in a prison guarded by the Ood.
After travelling to Kamshassa, Jenny's time hopper burns out. She and Noah help the planet's natives to overthrow the Dragon Lord. Jenny steals a SporeShip which she names the Jenny One. Colt-5000 catches up with Jenny and Noah, leading directly into Zero Space.
Jenny had no intention of finding her father when first setting out on her travels. She knew that she would run into him one day, when the time was right.
Jenny is travelling with Noah and they lose another spaceship, suggesting a setting between Zero Space and Inside the Maldovarium. Jenny tells Christina de Souza that Chrstina is more likely to bump into her father than she is. Jenny is still in the same mind-frame as she was in Zero Space.
Jenny visits Dorium Maldovar and acquires the TARDIS that is cloaked as the planet beneath the Maldovarium. "Months" have passed since Zero Space and Jenny's current ship is the Jenny 7, however it is destroyed and she steals a new ship which she names the Jenny 8. Dorium points her in the direction of their next adventure. Dorium knows of COLT-5000 and offers to keep Jenny updated on her whereabouts.
Following Dorium's information, Jenny foils the Cyberleader's plans to create New Mondas on "New Damson". After the Jenny 8 is destroyed, Jenny starts to use a vortex manipulator, once the property of Dorium.
Inspired by events of Calamity Jenny, Jenny tries to rewrite the COLT-5000's history accidentally resulting in Noah becoming the COLT-5000 in Geraldine's place.

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