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This page lists appearances of Jackie Tyler in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.


On Earth[]

Jackie's marries Pete Tyler in a wedding ceremony witnessed by the future Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor. Pete later dies on 7 November 1987 while their daughter Rose is still a baby. Jackie later tells the young Rose of this day.
Following New Year 2005, Rose is walking home behind her mother when she comes across an apparent drunk in the shadows who predicts that she will have a "really great year".
Jackie receives a call from Rose, who she believes is still at work. Rose, having joined the Ninth Doctor in the future, is in fact calling from the year 5,000,000,000 via the superphone.
Jackie meets the Ninth Doctor on the the day following the destruction of Rose's workplace: Henrik's.
Jackie is shocked to see the return of Rose who, though only traveling with the Doctor for a short while, has been missing for a whole year from her perspective. Ending leads directly into World War Three.
Rose leaves with the Doctor again but promises she will be back soon.
Jackie knows about Rose travelling with the Doctor, setting this after World War Three.
Rose and the Doctor are returning to the Powell Estate from the Moons of Fordice. The Doctor feels that his "old body is wearing a bit".
Jackie knows that Rose is travelling with the Ninth Doctor, setting this after World War Three. The Doctor and Rose are travelling with Jack, setting this before Boom Town. Jackie loses her memory of her meeting with Jack.
Jackie mentions when Mickey took a trip to Cardiff.
Jackie and Mickey help Rose return to save the Doctor in the year 200,100.
Jackie and Mickey meet the newly regenerated Tenth Doctor on Christmas.
Set during the events of The Christmas Invasion, Jackie briefly meets the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and Mike Yates while her Doctor, Rose and Mickey are on the Sycorax ship.
The Doctor is still adjusting to his new body, mentioning how he was getting used to his new teeth.
Returning to the Powell Estate, the Doctor is forced to lodger with Mickey after he forgets to lock the time settings and the TARDIS jumps a time track without him. Mickey mentions the Doctor's recent regeneration.
The Doctor and Rose leave the sunny Powell Estate for more adventures.
Rose dreams of the events of New Earth. Jackie alludes to the Doctor's recent regeneration.
Following an encounter with dragons, the Doctor and Rose nearly return to London in answer to a call from Jackie in 2007.
Jackie learns from Rose and the Doctor that Mickey has gone away.
Mickey's absence indicates this takes place after The Age of Steel. The Doctor and Rose's dynamic indicates they have been traveling together for awhile before The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 2.
Jackie befriends Elton Pope but falls out when she finds out that he was using her to get to the Doctor.
Since the events of Wednesdays for Beginners, Jackie has developed a friendship with Captain Jack. He takes her on her first trip into space. Jackie mentions that people are always looking for the Doctor and Rose, but are never after her suggesting a post Love and Monsters setting. Jackie mentions that Rose has been travelling with the Doctor for just over a year.
Jackie meets River Song after she moves into the Powell Estate. Jack comes to visit her.
Jackie, along with the rest of the world, witnesses the appearances of ghosts of dead loved ones whom she introduces the Doctor and Rose to when they return two months later. Stowing aboard the Doctor's TARDIS, Jackie accompanies him and Rose as they trace the ghosts to Torchwood One in Canary Wharf.

Parallel Earth[]

Reunited with Mickey, Jackie meets the Pete Tyler of a parallel world where she and Rose remain behind after the Void is closed. The Doctor is able to make contact just long enough to say goodbye to Rose, three months into Jackie's pregnancy with Pete's child.
Jackie temporarily returns to N-Space as she joins the Children of Time to stop the New Dalek Empire. While Mickey stays behind, Jackie returns to Pete's World with Rose now accompanied by the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor. Pete is on the nursery run with their son Tony Tyler.

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