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This page lists appearances of Irving Braxiatel in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline.

Timeline[edit source]

Life on Gallifrey[edit source]

Braxiatel is a tutor at the Academy.
Braxiatel has just returned from some ambassadorial missions.
Hallan and Darkel are around.
Braxiatel has been collecting for centuries.
Braxiatel falls through the Axis and arrives on Dellah, where he meets Bernice Summerfield for the first time, leading directly into his appearance in Dragon's Wrath.
Braxiatel meets Bernice Summerfield for the first time from his perspective.

Legion[edit source]

Having learned the reputation of his other self, Braxiatel decides to lay low and find a new home for himself. He briefly considers running a museum or collection before settling on the White Rabbit on Legion. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman)
Braxiatel is on Legion with Peter, he leaves Bernice as message telling her to go to Legion.
Braxiatel has come from Gallifrey and believes that he is in a different universe to his own.
Braxiatel plans to use the Epoch in order to find his way back to Gallifrey.

Dellah[edit source]

The Collection[edit source]

Set during Parallel Lives.
Brax and Benny die in his timeship. Benny survives when history is redrafted, and guesses that he has as well. What happens to his timeship is never directly mentioned - but Adorable Illusion says that the Collection planetoid vanished.

The Time War[edit source]

Braxiatel has a timeship.
On Romana's orders, Braxiatel travels back in time to prevent her regeneration on the Moros. The Watchmaker sets Braxiatel's timeline onto it’s true path.
Leads directly into Soldier Obscura.
Braxiatel decides to run from the Last Great Time War.
Braxiatel briefly returns to the War to help Romana, before going back into hiding.

The Future[edit source]

In 3610 the Collection is in ruins.
Brax runs the Collection in the 40th century.
Flashback to this story in The Wake uses Brax's usual voice.

Alternate Braxiatels[edit source]

Regenerator[edit source]

Hound[edit source]

Unplaced[edit source]

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