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This page lists appearances of Irving Braxiatel in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline.


Early collecting[]

Braxiatel leaves the Time Lords to seek out "obscure facts" for his "vast and comprehensive database".[quote 1] (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)
Braxiatel is seemingly contemporaneous with the Time Lords from TV: The Three Doctors.[quote 2] He takes a brief diversion from his knowledge collection to start an arms limitation conference known as the Armageddon Convention, hosted in 1609 on his floating island of Laputa, near Venice. The conference is his idea, but is conducted with the blessing of the Time Lords.[quote 3] Having spent 20 years organising it[quote 4], it all quickly falls apart and has to be rescued by the Doctor and his companions. After the conclusion of the convention, Braxiatel stays on Earth to start a collection of artefacts, [quote 5] seemingly the Library of St John the Beheaded;[quote 6] part of his dream to one day start a universal collection.[quote 7]

In Gallifreyan poltics[]

Braxiatel confides with Romana I during a field trip during his time as a tutor at the Academy. (AUDIO: Lies)
Braxiatel has just returned from some ambassadorial missions.
Hallan and Darkel are around.
Braxiatel has been collecting for centuries.
Braxiatel falls through the Axis and arrives on Dellah, where he meets Bernice Summerfield for the first time. Whilst Brax of Dellah goes on to experience Dragons' Wrath, Irving of Legion says that he had only this one conversation with Benny.


Braxiatel meets Bernice Summerfield for the first time from his perspective.
Braxiatel acquires the planetoid KS-159. He plans to start setting up the Braxiatel Collection there.
The Braxiatel Collection is now up and running on KS-159.

The Collection[]

Braxiatel recruits Benny into joining the Collection during an excursion to Blackpool. (AUDIO: Many Happy Returns)
Benny has recently joined the Collection.
The Collection has only just been started and is very disorganised. Benny has only been there for a few weeks.
Takes place on Christmas Day, after Step Back in Time.
Braxiatel makes a silent cameo, sharing a drink with Benny following her experience on Tysir IV.
Set during Parallel Lives.
Brax and Benny die in his timeship. Benny survives when history is redrafted, and guesses that he has as well. What happens to his timeship is never directly mentioned - but Adorable Illusion says that the Collection planetoid vanished.


Having learnt the reputation of his other self, Irving decides to lay low and find a new home for himself. He briefly considers running a museum or collection before settling on the White Rabbit on Legion. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman)
Braxiatel is on Legion with Peter, he leaves Bernice as message telling her to go to Legion.
Irving has come from Gallifrey and believes that he is in a different universe to his own.
Irving plans to use the Epoch in order to find his way back to Gallifrey.

Returning to Gallifrey[]

Braxiatel rescues Romana III from Omega.
On Romana's orders, Braxiatel travels back in time to prevent her regeneration on the Moros. The Watchmaker sets Braxiatel's timeline onto it’s true path.

The Time War[]

Leads directly into Soldier Obscura.
Braxiatel decides to run from the Last Great Time War.
Braxiatel briefly returns to the War to help Narvin, before going back into hiding.
Braxiatel rescues Romana from Unity, leading into Beyond.
Braxiatel is killed by the Ravenous after being manipulated by an older version of himself. According to the Ravenous, The Watchmaker failed to fix Braxiatel's timeline completely. The Older Braxiatel escapes the Time War via the Beyond.

Re-establishing the Collection[]

Brax runs the Collection in the 40th century.
Flashback to this story in The Wake uses Brax's usual voice.

Alternate Braxiatels[]





  1. Braxiatel believed that perfect knowledge led to peace, and so he had left his people and travelled, seeking out obscure facts to add to his vast and comprehensive database.
  2. The last thing I want to do is to start changing things now" He shrugged. "Of course, this is all their fault. If they had told me that I was talking to a Doctor from a different time stream and that they were going to wipe his mind of everything that had happened during the Omega crisis then I would have chosen a later incarnation."
  3. "I couldn't organize all this without help," Braxiatel said, nodding toward the buildings and jungle of Laputa on the viewscreen. "I needed assistance, and my own race wouldn't cooperate. They gave me their blessing, of course, and they helped me find the Doctor - not that they did any more than they had to on that front of course, like telling me that they were going to wipe his memory just after I handed him the invitation. Oh yes, and they declared this area of space and time closed for the duration of the convention, but apart from that, I was on my own."
  4. It had seemed like such a simple idea, but putting it into practice had taken almost twenty human years.
  5. Braxiatel nodded. "I'll probably stay on Earth for a while, though: I've been building up a little library of suppressed manuscripts which I'd like to find a decent home for. I think I'll stay out of politics and stick to collecting."
  6. "You have some manuscripts," Braxiatel replied, "plays that did not find favour with the Monarch. Rather than see them lost with your death, I would like to see them placed on display in a library that I am in the process of building."
    "A library? Of my works? Why?" Shakespeare was having to concentrate harder and harder on the conversation.
    "The Library of St John the Beheaded," Braxiatel said quietly, "is dedicated to preserving works of science, literature and philosophy that would otherwise be lost. Your plays Love's Labours Won, The Birth of Merlin and Sir John Oldcastle might not survive your death if someone does not act to preserve them now."
  7. Knowledge was his speciality. He collected it assiduously. It was his most profound desire to have all of the knowledge in the Universe in one place at one time: a huge Library that any member of any intelligent race could consult without let or hindrance. A dream, of course, but an achievable one.