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This page lists appearances of Iris Wildthyme in the order in which she experienced them — at least, to the extent that such an idea can ever be considered meaningful. This timeline is based upon observations of the Paul Magrs universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, as a general rule, that for each book or audio their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on The Chart of Autism and other sources that allow us to make observations. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]


While Panda officially joins Iris in AUDIO: Wildthyme at Large, he has often been seen accompanying her on previous occasions, because timelines are tangled wotsits and the past just isn't what it used to be.

Iris's incarnations[]

Iris's stories can be roughly sorted by her most important incarnations.

  • Lesbian novelist
  • Edith Sitwell Iris
  • Shirley Bassey Iris, AKA "Brenda Soobie"
  • Beryl Reid Iris
  • Jane Fonda Iris
  • Katy Manning Iris



A young Iris lives in the mountains of the Clockworks with Alison and hasn't met Panda yet. On one occasion, she and Ally elope to the fishing village at the base of the mountains, away from the eyes of her caregiver aunts. Iris lost her trust in Alison when she fell into the lake of predatory fish, only to see Ally looking down at her. laughing. (PROSE: First Meetings)
At 14 years old, Lilith leaves the Clockworks and discovers the Celestial Omnibus. She is met by Panda, who seems to know about her future. He tells her that her true destiny is to escape the Obverse in the bus and explore the Multiverse as "Iris Wildthyme". The newly christened "Iris" and Panda leave the Obverse in the bus. One of their first adventures is to New York City where they meet Andy Warhol, whom has already met a future Iris. He reassures her that she has made the right choice and she decides to continue travelling Panda. However she would later forget these early adventures. (PROSE: Wildthyme Beyond!)

"Edith Sitwell" Incarnation[]

"An old lady, with a long nose and a slightly drawn face."
"A hand waved feebly, and Andrew saw there was a little old woman lying on the ground, wrapped in a cream-coloured shawl, her white upswept hair blending perfectly with the snow. She raised her head, revealing a wrinkled shrewish face with bright intelligent eyes".

"Baby" Incarnation[]

"Brenda Soobie" Incarnation[]

Iris goes by Brenda Soobie.
Iris goes by Brenda Soobie.
Iris goes by Brenda Soobie.

"Beryl Reid" Incarnation[]

Travelling alone[]

Iris is currently travelling with Edwin Turner, who is still new to time travel. She encounters the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. Iris leaves Captain Turner behind to marry Bella Huntingdon.
Iris claims to have regenerated since her previous encounter with Sarah Jane Smith in Old Flames, but her physical appearance seemingly contradicts this.
  • PROSE: Being an extract from "The Amazing Adventures of Iris Wildthyme on Neptune"
Iris looks like Beryl Reid.
Iris collects houses.
Iris doesn't have her Katy Manning incarnation speech patterns. The previous story had Brenda Soobie, and the next two Iris's Barbarella and Katy Manning incarnations (respectively), so presumably this is her Old Flames body.

Adventures with Tom[]

Tom has recently joined Iris, and she is working for MIAOW.
Iris and Tom have been travelling together for a month. Iris recalls the events of Old Flames.
Iris and Tom have travelled together for a year.

Final days[]

Iris dies and regenerates into an incarnation resembling Jane Fonda.

"Barbarella" Incarnation[]

Early Adventures[]

Iris has recently regenerated, setting this shortly after The Scarlett Empress. She encounters the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones once again.
Iris is still working for the Ministry a decade later. (PROSE: Bafflement and Devotion)
Iris has recently been in the 1960s.
Iris is working as UNIT's scientific advisor in the 1990s.
Less than two months later, Iris goes on vacation. (PROSE: Bullet Time)
Iris looks like Jane Fonda.
An incarnation of Iris described as "a blonde sex astronaut", marries Michael Drake.

Travelling with Panda[]

Iris visits Greek Space with Panda and explains to him that she has multiple equally true pasts. Panda himself acknowledges that he remembers living a life where he hasn’t met her yet equally to his time travelling with her in the present. Panda hopes that the Clockwork canons don't discover the issues with their timelines.
Features Panda. "Her honey-blonde hair was huge, and one wondered how she'd managed to fit it into the bubble helmet that went with the now-sleeveless space suit she wore.
An Iris who looks like a young Jane Fonda. Though she's apparently from the Katy Manning Iris' future.
Note: This account depicts the Katy Manning Iris as the same incarnation as the Beryl Reid Iris.

"Katy Manning" Incarnation[]

Solo Adventures[]

Iris encounters the Fifth Doctor on Artaris.
Iris has blonde hair and calls people "chuck", suggesting this is the "Katy Manning" incarnation. She appears to be travelling alone.

Reunion with Tom[]

Iris is rejoined on her travels by Tom and she meets Panda for the first time, who also accompanied them.
Iris and Panda have only recently met, and they are still travelling with Tom. The events of The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme are recent. She recalls meeting Allis and Ballis, setting this after The Wormery.

Travelling with Panda[]

Tom has recently parted ways with Iris and Panda.
Iris meets Bernice Summerfield for the first time on Artaris. According to Many Happy Returns, Panda was locked in a cupboard for the duration of this adventure.
Following the events of The Plague Herds of Excelis, Iris and Benny attempt to leave Artaris but the Celestial Omnibus breaks down. After an encounter with a shapeshifter, they repair the bus and go on their way.
Iris drops Benny off on the starship Empress. (AUDIO: The Dance of the Dead)
Iris tells Panda that she comes from the Clockworks and stole the Celestial Omnibus and ran away.
Hilary Wildthyme mentions Bernice Summerfield as one of Iris's former companions, setting this after The Plague Herds of Excelis. Iris recalls the events of The Sound of Fear.
Iris tries to contact Hilary Wildthyme to ask for help, setting this after The Two Irises.
Panda disappears at the end of time and Iris goes looking for him. She discovers that he is on Pussyworld, leading directly into Future Legend
Panda recalls the events of The Land of Wonder.
Iris mentions the fate of the Omnibus, setting this after Future Legend.
Iris is shopping for TARDIS parts, presumably setting this during her period of extra TLC for the Omnibus.
Has Rex Halidom.
Iris tries to break into the City of the Saved and rescue her friends, probably including Rex, who appears in the story.
Iris and Panda recall their time working for MIAOW in the 1970s, setting this after The Land of Wonder. Iris meets Barbra for the first time.
Iris and Panda meet Señor 105 for the first time.
Panda and Iris are separated after Panda falls into the Time Vortex.
Panda and Iris are reunited following their separation in The Panda Invasion.

Chased across the Multiverse[]

Iris and Panda are being chased across the multiverse by a Monstron Time destroyer, which started following them shortly before they visited San Francisco, setting this after The Panda Invasion.
Iris activates the Randomiser on the Omnibus in order to evade the Monstron Time destroyer, setting this immediately after The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society.
Ending leads directly into Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme.
Iris recalls the events of The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society.

Continued travels with Panda[]

Features the Katy Manning incarnation of Iris. [1]

Stranded In Samhain[]

The bus is destroyed, but Iris and Panda manage to leap through its remaining window to a new destination.
Iris and Panda are separated in time following the events of A Grove Invisible. However both arrive in Samhain. Panda arrives in 1999 while Iris turns up 10 years earlier and waits out that time to be reunited with Panda. Iris will have to call in a few favours, but should be able to get the bus fixed.
Iris and Panda travel via the Shopkeeper's mirrors.
Iris isn't travelling in the bus.
Iris and Panda are still residing in Samhain and are using the Shopkeeper's mirrors as a means of travel, as the bus is still in disrepair.
Iris isn't travelling in the bus.
The bus reforms, allowing Iris and Panda to escape Samhain and resume their adventures across the multiverse.

Further travels with a Panda[]

Iris mentions Marlion, Excelis and Hyspero. She has been travelling with Panda for a long time.

Exiled on Earth[]

The Clockworks exile Iris and Panda to 1976 Earth. Iris takes the role of MIAOW's scientific advisor once again. Barbra is a former travelling companion of Iris's, setting this after Wildthyme Beyond.

Reunited with Captain Turner[]

Iris and Turner part ways, with Iris giving Turner a second chance at a life with Chloe Fothergill.

The end of the Party[]

Iris goes looking for Panda to reunite, but instead meets Arthur Bayer. She invites Andy onto the Celestial Omnibus as her new companion.
A good long time after her adventures with Simon and Panda, an older Iris briefly speaks to her old friends and reminds them to stand by her younger self. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)
Iris is dead, in her Katy Manning incarnation.

Future incarnations[]

An Iris who looks like a young Jane Fonda. Though she's apparently from the Katy Manning Iris's future.
The Wor Iris — young, with perfect hair, and ridiculous affected Geordie accent. She insists that she no longer deserves the name Iris Wildthyme.
Iris is travelling with Panda, and aware of the Wor Iris's actions.
Iris is "all teeth and [blonde] curls."
Iris is travelling with Panda. She regenerated into a teenager months ago. She has frizzy blonde hair. She claims to be "five hundred and bloody three" years old. She has slightly lost her taste for gin.
Iris has an American accent, and a streak of crimson in her platinum hair.
Iris is attractive and has hair "so dark it felt like looking into a black hole."
"…Miss Iris Wildthyme. I thought then for a moment about that strange old woman – her neat, trim figure, her bobbed hair, so black as to be almost purple in the firelight and her dancing, probing green eyes."
Iris was a smoker. She abandoned the bus thirty years before settling in India. She regenerates into an Indian incarnation with an ouroboros bindi, who also smokes.
A future Iris in her last incarnation.

Possible Future Irises[]

Phyllis Iris — "she’d always wanted to look like Phyllis from the Pruitts of Southampton. ‘…in fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I was the inspiration for Patrick Dennis’ book ‘House Party’ ... Despite her age, she was wearing a short green mini-dress with white gogo boots that came to elfish points in the toes. Her hair was a white wig made of candyfloss."
Puppet Iris — "It was a marionette with a long, exaggerated nose and chin, and permanently open painted-on eyes ... ‘I lost a cosmic wager over a game of interplanetary Kerplunk! and have to spent this entire incarnation in this form!’"
Drag Iris — "Now Iris was tall, dark skinned and had loads of honey-coloured hair. Well, a honey-coloured wig anyway ... ‘Who says I can’t be black? Or a man?’ She laughed. ‘I think I’ve been both, just not together. But the point is, I’m always a lady.’"
Carol Channing Iris — "She was very tall, wearing a slightly more feminine version of a man’s suit, in a gaudy floral pattern. She held an unlit pipe clasped between her teeth. Frothy white hair sat perfectly atop her head ... The Carol Channing Iris (as Tom now thought of her) walked over to the collapsed figure of the first Iris."

Awaiting placement[]

Iris: Fifteen[]

Iris has frizzy white hair and doesn't speak like her Katy Manning incarnation.
Iris has rum-coloured hair. She has recently parted ways with a companion and picks up a new one.
Iris is an old woman with messy purple hair and chunky white glasses.

Wild Thymes on the 22[]

"Katy Manning" Incarnation[]

Iris is reunited with Barbra and Jenny Winterleaf, setting this after The Dreadful Flap.
Iris recalls the events of Future Legend.
Iris is reunited with Bernice Summerfield, setting this after The Plague Herds of Excelis.
Iris recalls the events of Elementary, My Dear Sheila and Library Pictures.

Adventures with Jo Jones[]

Iris meets Jo Jones. Panda is "indisposed" in London 2010, while Iris and Jo travel back to the 1970s to meet the Third Doctor. Iris attempts to take Jo home but fails on the first attempt.
Iris is still travelling with Jo following the events of Find and Replace. Iris recalls meeting the Doctor and Sam on Hyspero.
Eventually, Iris returns Jo to 2010 and resumes her travels with Panda.

Reunited with Panda[]

Panda is writing a letter for the book being written about his and Iris's latest adventures, setting this after all the other stories in the anthology.

A Clockwork Universe[]

The Steam Lords have created a bubbled side universe that is expanding until it retrofits the Obverse to be more Steampunk. Iris wonders if Panda has always been a robot.
The Obverse is changed to become more Clockwork by the Designer, causing the omnibus to turn into an airship and Panda to become a robot. Iris defeats the Designer and the Obverse returns to normal.
The Obverse has transformed into a Clockwork universe, but both Iris and Panda are aware of the way of the Obverse used to be. Panda particularly is aware that he wasn’t always made of clockwork and wood.

Further adventures with Panda[]